Tuesday, August 31

eRm today is a busy day. shant elaborate on it further for now cos gonna bathe then go for tuition le. psl performance on stage... then eRm went back to gmps. den see walk walk explore and oso take pictures... then ya... lyk dat bahx. later then blog more.

btw i think and am sure that LuRve tastes sweet... haha -> does lurve taste sweet, sour or bitter?. I have no idea at first la... budden hmmm i think it tastes sweet... think only... cos i have yet to taste it myself.. hmmmm haha yup yup... aiya cannot fall in love la... maybe i dun have the eRm tiao jian lo. or maybe fate is not on my side...

leave everything to fate..

learn to accept it.

be contented

and u will be the happiest person on earth.

i am crapping again... la la la

gtg byeeeee

Saturday, August 28


uRghhh i am feeling kinda eRm terrible now... no idea why... but i shall give this entry a cheerful start bahx...

this morning woke up at 745 den wash up... then sit dad's car to sch lo... reach sch... walk straight to art club room. then saw dawn and jia min outside looking at the art club notice board.

I went in and put my bag den came out then suggested that we go foyer and waited for those who havent come... as in ying jie them la.. hehex i am such a nice girl yea?

then chi ching came, jue hui is next then charmaine. yup.. then mr kiw walked past behind us.. holding his briefcase. then he caught chi ching wearing ankle socks den he gave a lecture then chi ching followed him up to his office...

we were standing aside at the foyer there.. dumb founded lor... dunno wad to do.

then after chi ching went up to the office then we just walked back to the art club room..

den lin xin and the committee giving out the art club tee that we ordered. then mrs koh said need to start sculpture thing cos the instructor aka shi fu are there already.

then we spent the morning digging out the plasticine inside the plaster... its not easy kks... my hands and fingernails are terribly dirty lo. then my hand pain, pinky got blister... budden i think my piggie will look quite nice la... jue hui veh fast dig hao le... i took a longer time.. den after that went toilet to wash my hands den change into art club tee...

art club tee is quite nice la... design veh cute... just that its white in col0ur and abit transparent. budden really shuldnt make white colour.. cos wait easily dirty...

but horz must appreciate seniors' effort la... give them a round of applause.. .wheeee

eRm then went for break.. i ate noodles and buy a bottle of pokka green tea. eRm then went back to art room... then eRm do camp cheers and dance... i veh enthu haha... then i scream cheers no body ans de lo.. sadness... but gradually got jm and charmaine they all started enthu a bit.. .den we do chiku cha, hokey pokey and chicken dance... rawKs mAn... =)

den sing all those cheers then 12pm went inside art room to tidy up budden we still continue to slack den 1230 le... then lin xin and i went to sec 3 walless classroom for psl rehearsal... then eds pple there sho we went to the study area... then slowly many psl come le... then we rehearse then npcc pple went running about, singing hokey pokey until totally ridiculous haha... buden they sing as they run... sho quite difficult la. den i saw nigel and weizhou. nigel shout veh loud leh. like thunder like that... he is mr dunmanian wad hor? haha then cos npcc pple there we go to the area at the spiral staircase there. then rehearse then went downstairs to hear xinni and jerrade play piano and sing.. den went upstairs rehearse - sing with actions... xinni, lin xin and another senior veh enthu... den we rehearse somemore.. then charmaine and jue hui and my dear junior, ching yi came and find me. then they went downstairs to eat lunch. sihui dismissed us at 145 lyk dat.. luckily cos my mother coming at 2pm for dhp talk.

then went canteen for charmaine they all... then went to foyer pick my mother.. .then wait for charmaine's father come then we went upstairs

in the hall, i sat beside jue hui and her parents... den my mother sit beside me then ms's mother sit beside my mother... den ms was walking around keep taking photos lo

then the talk starts...

shant elaborate cos its kinda boring

i am kinda confused whether i wanna go anot lo. most probably going la... hmmm just give it a try man...

then after that take bus home lo.

yup art club was reallie fun today...

then just now went to parkway buy teachers' day gifts... i think i spent quite a lot lehz... budden i think its worth it la. =)

i was actually sorting out the gifts de... then sort half way then decided come online...


i think that life ish just sho unfair...

why are some girls sho chio... while i am totally humph haha

why are some girls sho slim and tanned while i am totally humph humph

somemore horz the geog test sho unfair... the newater thingy i dunno how to do cos i never go newater plant humph humph humph

this world ish just sho unfair...

wads the point of talking about equality yeah?

its reallie unfair

btw two timing sux lo...

not me two timing la

budden it still sux

maybe it dun sux... but it definitely dun rawk at all

not gonna care anymore

just gonna get on with life

just life, family and friends.

LuRve oNe but nOt tWo (!!!!!!!)
fInD oNe aNd Be tRuE (!!!!!!)
iF yOu fInd oNe cUte aNd cOoL
sTiCk tO iT LiKe sUpeR gLue!

hehex cute har ? heeeeeee

i am gonna start believing in myself this very moment

there is no one other than yourself whom you can reallie trust yea?

yUp yUp...

just gonna get on with my life... and continue to be a jay chou fan-freak hehex..

i am gonna just be like huazelei...

wo dui bie ren de shi qing mei you xing qu..

not reallie la... i do care abt my friends of both genders...

cos friends are impt

and loneliness definitely dUn rAwK aT aLL....

yuP yuP =)

Tuesday, August 24

my day

hmmm today is considered a good day bahx... i went to sch then i ate meat bao.. same as clara then after i alight from my dad's car, i felt sho full lo.. totally bloated sia urghhh then went to classroom put bag... faster rush upstairs to take books from locker then went down again.. slack for a while before going to the parade square for flag raising... hmmm den maine, jia min and i were talking or rather urging pei yu not to do something haha.. shall not go into detail abt that

went back to class for science... ms yap taught abt dna and genetic engineered stuff... i was kinda confused budden i will jia you de! haha

then went to pe... played hockey.. it totally rocks lo then i kept looking out to see if there is any volleyball or football heading for my head lo.. haha then eRm we dribble the hockey ball around cones... then sat down to watch the guys play the hockey match.. they damn scary de lo haha

then went back to class... danced hokey pokey as we walked back to class cool huh? hee then mrs george came in for english... eRm continued to tell us more abt n.s. stuff.. we are doing argumentative essay on it wahah sho interesting lo i think ns... i mean its cool you noe for the guys to go thru the passage to man hood and be more manly.. haha

then bell rang, joey and i prepared our geog files and wb to hand in to mrs george... then during recess, i did lotsa stuff... i was updating my chines file content page.. then went upstairs to find kang qi accompanied by pei yu.. to tell her that i cant attend the psl meeting after sch as i have oral.. then came down... then taught xuAn xuAn abt science.. then scolded wang xuan for calling pple asshole... then mrs george came in and back in my seat i was. wahaha

then mrs george told us to read the geog bk.. and highlight and label then she asked who took the application form for student council... Then we said mrs lim absent for many days le... then she started asking those who going for other sch's ip... then she suddenly asked wad is my cca lo... then she said wad help me take form from mrs lim for me.. haha then eRm she started telling us abt the president scholar from dhs... that he was the head prefect last time.. and dunno the first prefect from gep class... then continue with leson.

Mrs george is actually quite nice... last time i veh scared of her... now hmmm not that scared le

then ms tan came in for lit... give out lit test paper... oh well... i did fairly well again lo... I got one mark lower than the highest in class... i totally flopped the first ques oh man...

then is chinese... usually stuff lo...

then after sch got chinese oral

omg its sho scary and difficult lo... i totally have no idea on wad to say abt the topic i choose... then wang lao shi was like staring at me? then i was veh nervous and finally managed to crap out some stuff... i realised that i am quite good at crapping wahah... then finished updating chinese file content page in class... then went upstairs to put books in locker cos my dad coming to fetch me liao...

then saw jing hui.. asked him wad the psl meeting abt... then he said abt teachers' day performance lo... ya... then put my books le rushed all the way downstairs.. then just saw my dad's van drove in. then when i reached the eR... i forgot the name for the place outside the office haha.. .then get onto the van after making a face at myself in the reflection of the mirror wahaha.. then realised that normen's father and mother in the car beside my dad's van haha they dunno me la... then my dad drove out of sch lo... ya

such a busy day rite? hmmm

btw i have been feeling veh happy and cheerful nowadays lehz.. have no idea why.. got feeling of being in love?? pls lo.. like real... hMmmm anyone pple stop asking me abt wad two timing stuff or wadso ever... i am not gonna say anything out.. haha

kks gtg le... brother irritating me to use com urghhh irritating de lo...

__))** I LoOkEd aT yOu. yOu LoOkEd aT mE. aM I tHiNkiNg tOO mUcH aNd iS oVeR sEnSiTiVe? oR iZzIt tRuE hUh? I aM tOtaLLy BluR... You rEfErRing tO mE oR waD? dUn mAke mE hApPy fOR nTh HoRz. sTiLL uNsUre aBt mY fEeLinGs yeT tHoUgH waHaHa... LiFe sTiLL gOeS oN..

oh man i am bored and have started to crap again... hhmmm i guess i realie gonna go le... byebye

btw tata young roX... all her songs sho nice de lo... esp the sexy naughty bitchy me... haha its just a song. tata young oso quite chio wor.. anyone got her cd?? hhehex kks cya

Saturday, August 21

i am rainbow yay

i am emerald

! You are most like An Emerald !Caring, giving, - and very emotional. You're the
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quiz- how caring are you

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omg pls lo (refer to the previous quiz) i definitely dun flash my panties to the guys now!!! and i dun observe other girls' boobs.. i am straight okie and not that pervertic ahhhhhh that quiz is sick! haha

sexual appeal quiz


What's your sexual appeal?
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Friday, August 20


yOyO... just returned back from level camp today... I have only one thing to say.. cAmP rAwKs!! I am starting to miss it now... all the games, instructors and of cos the camp fire. eRm my face is entirely burnt now, especially my nose... more tanned la... then i have aches and mosquitoes bites everywhere lo... well i dun think i wanna elaborate on the camp... cos its like veh long... but fun. how i wish that the camp could last forever... hmmm

I was in Section A- Aries... and my group name is Anthrax which shows that we are deadly poisonous wahaha our instructor was Sidney... she veh chio and tanned de worz. My group members included:

mE!! duH
Pei yu
Teck Kian or wadever.. that guy who kept calling me art club girl!! urghhh
Jastine's friend - dunno his name
Wei Ting
Mei Hui
yue zhi
jaslyn - dunno how to spell
Shane or wadever

Donovan's friend - dunno his name oso
Xin Ying
Cheng Meng

We were a great team kks... and i succeeded doing one of the high elements wheeeee

Then we sang, screamed, cheered and danced... CaMp rAwKs lo

We did chiku cha, hokey pokey, chicken dance and many different claps...

then we sang all those nice nice songs...

Waved our light sticks during campfire wheeee

This level camp is the best lo~!!!

Got westlife songs and all the nice nice hip hip songs...

Anthrax go!
Anthrax go!
Anthrax Anthrax
Go Go Go!! wheeeee*clapp clapp haha

cAmP rAwKs lo...

I lay my love on you
its all i wanna do
everytime i breathe
i feel brand new
you open up my heart
show me all your love
and walk right thru'
as i lay my love on you...

oOpS... ((_*= I think i am starting to fall in love with you.. yeSh you.. buDdEn wAd AbT hIm? TeLL mE wAd I ShOuLd dO... yOuR cUte, hE's sEh.. aNd bOtH oF yOu vEh cOoL... caUgHt bEtWeeN tWo sAdNeSs =(

haha ish this nice?? like poem like that right? cool har? Have you ever been caught between two? how do you feel? hmmm

I. mIsS .cAmP
cAmP. jUsT. RaWkS. rAwKs. RaWkS
I. LuRvE. cAmP

Tuesday, August 17

hUh (?_?)

wad happened huh (?_?) the two entries i typed yesterday was published suddenly hahaha...


i hope this get published successfully lo... yesterday i write two long entries abt my day... thousand over words and the entries just disappeared.. wL okie i just briefly talk abt my day in sch yesterday... got two assembly one abt sexuality talk, show us video on abortion process and wad pple think of sex. second assembly is after recess... ms loh told us abt dhs student council and how to apply for it lo. I am gonna apply bahx... but havent get the form hmmm then mr ng tell us abt dhp.. then give forms to those phase one pple who are offered a place in dhp. I was called lo... ya like that bahx...

hmmm today is an interesting day bahx... hmmm science learn abt chromosomes and dna all that. then pe... play hockey. Learning to dribble... then when i dribble around and stand near the volleyball net then suddenly a volleyball landed right on top of my brain aka head... veh the pain lo wad the... then i felt giddy for a second then my heart started beating quickly and the next thing i noe there is tears in my eyes... then i sat down on the floor then all my classmates were crowding around me... then the guys who were playing the volleyball came over and said 'sorry la' then i think li ern scolded them asshole then those seniors actually scolded her the four letter words and they apologize until so bu gan yuan.... sho bad. Then ms tan came over and the first thing she said.. hit by volley ball? not hockeyball rite? haha then okie la. then she asked me to sit in the shade and rest for a while cos i suffering from shock only... haha i cant imagine if i was hit by hockey ball lo.. i think i will suffer from concussion. then ms tan asked me whether the guys got apologise i said got. then ms tan say if they never i go and whack them hahah... btw thx li ern... hehex...

then went back for english.. but mrs george used it to teach geog... then recess and after recess geog again... then lit.. and ms tan gave out boxer's eulogy lo. Did fairly well bahx... then she compared me with xijing to see who is more mature... then she kept urging those pple who lit is good to take lit next year... my lit is quite okie la... but i dunno lehz...i cant even decide wad combi i taking next year except that i want triple science wahaha Erm then was maths... then clara and i mis-labelled the slant height of the pyramid... then our answers were wrong lo then after that was chinese... wrote zuo wen for competition. Wang lao shi showed a pic of a hand holding onto a small foot. haha... need us to imagine stuff out lo... then after that went home lo... took bus home just now ... cos dad not free...

wheeee tmr ish cAmp!!! wow wow wow... my stuff sorta finish packing le...except for some things like sports shoes and light sticks all that lo... haha dun miss me worz pple... hmmm 3 days no sch.. budden got alot of assignments lehz... sadness.

Monday, August 16


wL... i just typed a thousand word long entry and it just disappeared.. i am seriously pissed off... i dun wanna type sho long anymore...i will just summarise up haha... today got 2 assembly one abt sexuality... and the other abt dhssc. Sexuality talk show 2 video one is abt an interview of teenagers' opinion abt sex... some of there ans are sho disgusting lo. Then the other video shows the process of abortion of a 12 week old baby... the baby head was crushed lo. i was kinda numb after watching it. The purpose of showing us the abortion process is of cos to tell us dun luan luan gao la... i mean its reallie ridiculous to have sex before marriage... humph its not cool kks. Then the speaker told us abt her own life experiences... then the talk on dhssc show us the application form for student council lo... i was previously a psl ... now have to re-apply. the form is like those when you apply for vip like that lo... awards, achievements everything lo. Somemore got shortlisting of applicants and interview them. Charmaine and i are applying sho exciting.. hope we get in. then after that got talk abt dhp. Gave out survey forms to see how many pple wanna go dhp. Then gave out forms to phase one pple... who have been offered a place for dhp. I was called lo. I guess i am going la. Dhs sho near my house... i noe its abt chinese budden i am chinese wad.. sho wads the problem... even if i not going dhp i will be going hcjc lo... which is oso chinese. Hcjc previously got the association thingy but neber go haha. everything not confirmed la

then eRm got english test, got back science and maths tests... did fairly well but can do better... normen get highest for science lo... sho smart de. hmmm ya should be like that bahx... oh ya i veh excited abt level camp.. havent pack stuff yet.. hmmm just now i crap alot abt camp lo... but since that entry ish gone i shall not elaborate... hmmm byebye cya


today... hmmm went to sch. Btw i cut my fringe yesterday and it looks disastrous. Damnit the short lo... Nvm it will grow. I hope so bahx. But its like sho spirit-dampening to think that i will be going to level camp in this hair style. haha then when i reached sch, pple were asking me why i cut my hair well well...

Then first lesson was chinese. Did usual stuff lo den was maths... mrs lim taught abt cone... reminds me of ice cream yum yum

Then it was assembly at the auditorium. The speaker was Ms sarah cheong (?_?). She talked abt sexuality. haha she let us watch a video abt sex and life which interviews pple abt their opinions abt sex... Some of their answers are reallie disgusting and ridiculous lo. Then next was a video showing us abt the process of the abortion of a baby 12 weeks old. The baby body is separated then its head was crushed. .. omg i felt kinda numb after watching it lo. The purpose of showing us the abortion process is to tell us not to luan luan gao la.... i mean its totally ridiculous to have sex before marriage lo. Then the speaker told us abt her own life experience... quite sad lo. She just wanted to educate us and not to repeat her mistakes bahx.

Then recess time came. I stayed in class to do yu xi. Then the bell ring and we proceed to the hall for our second assembly. Its abt dhssc which is the student council. It combines the prefects, psl and cca exco. Then ms loh showed us the respective duties and responsibilities and the application form. The application form resemble that of the vip application form for thru train lo... awards, achievements, results and everything... hmmm then applicants will be short listed then go for interview. I was previously a psl... but now think have to re-apply again lo. Charmaine is applying with me yay!! mAine, you rawk... Everything abt the dhssc sounds fun except maybe the process of filling up the application forms and the interview bahx. Hope i get in. Then after that was abt dhp... dhs having thru train. Then we were given survey forms to see how many pple want to go dhp so that they will try to have more classes so as not to disappoint us. Then the teacher say abt wad phrase one thingy then he started calling out names for the phase one pple who already have and are offered a place in dhp. I was called lo. Before i was called i felt scared haha. I think i am going for it bahx... I going to the dhp talk on the 28 with my mum... ya sho i think i most probably going... ya la maybe the dhp ish abit too chinese but its like wads the problem i am a chinese rite? And if i dun get in, i will go to hcjc which is also chinese and no harm wad... somemore dhs sho near my house yay!! but maybe the main problem is whether i can cope anot bahx haha well everything is not confirmed la.

Then rushed to science lab for science... ms yap gave out science test... i think i did fairly well la. Budden can do better... normen get highest lo. sho smart de hmmm

Then after that went back to class for english... had grammar and vocab test... didnt noe abt it lo. Then mrs george was fed up becos many pple never bring their geog wb which she has reminded us to bring...hmmm ya thats abt my day bahx.

i still havent pack things for level camp lehz... then its like sho exciting de lo... budden abit scared cos we gonna get wet and gonna fly in the sky lo... it sounds scary..budden it has been a long time since i last went to camp or chalet.. Went to 6 charity gathering chalet... then stayed there overnight.. veh fun lo... after the chalet went to escape hmmm fun fun fun. Then pri 5 went to prefect camp then that was sho shiok lo.. we stayed in fort canning hotel and 3 girls to one room. The guys more cham... ten guys to one dorm. haha Then reallie veh fun lo... the seniors all veh nice and funny de... I remembered i was in the same group as samuel bahx.. then our in charge were rieke and sheena jie jie... not reallie in touch with them le. Then p4 went to gb camp... wahahah i crie cos i was homesick... then its fun la... we get wet and have to wash toilet... i remembered we said farewell to mrs chan and ms chee ya... then we did the friendship dance... hmm ya veh fun... I think the upcoming level camp will be even more fun!! cos i think so la... there are sho many challenges waiting for us lo... budden still abit scared... dunno wad programmes we are having just noe that they are challenging... den dunno who we sharing tents or chalet with... hmmm budden 3 days veh fast will pass de... then i think i will miss camp then wahahah...well well... kks gonna go maths test corrections le... byeeeee cya

Saturday, August 14

flag day

today ish art club flag hoo. Last night i set my alarm clock - 630. And well well i did woke up at 630 den i fell asleep again and wake up at seven... wahahah t hen wake up brush teeth and do the usual stuff like wash face change into pe tee and shirt wear shoes blah blah... den tie hair. Then my mother accompanied me in my dad's car to wheelock place in orchard cos she scared i get lost... haha i did lo. Then i am supposed to meet the other art club members and seniors at orchard mrt station budden the problem is there are two exits. Well i went to the one feeling the other shopping malls and sadness, it was the wrong exit. Lucky my mother tell me lo den i took my dad's car and alighted at the other exit haha then once i reached there those mosquitoes started having their breakfast... hmmm guess my blood is reallie sweet huh.

Then we proceeded to the wheelock place lo just crossed a road and we reached le. There is the borders book store worz. Then we saw dawn and jue hui they all. Then we go and sign in and take our donation bags. Then we saw mrs koh and i greeted her lo haha then there is this friendly and humorous guy who is from the salvation army who brief us on the flag day lo. Then he said we can go to any part of singapore and ask for donations except for changi airport and mrt stations etc. He say go as far away from orchard as possible la. haha

Then chi ching stomachache. She was kinda pale looking. Then when we reached mrt station, charmaine and her went to toilet. Then dawn, vina, jue hui, jia min and i were standing outside unable to decided where we wanna go. Then finally we splited into two groups

Jia min, vina, dawn and me - one group - go city hall
Chi Ching, jue hui, charmaine- another group - go bugis

Then we proceeded to our destination lo. When we reached city hall horz... there was hardly any single soul in sight den we walked and walked walked to the hotel there then at least go some pple la... then i think i started askin for donations ya then we were okie lo...

Then there were reallie little pple cos its like 9 in the morning... haha

Then we decided to go bedok interchange. Actually is i suggest one la then the mrt trip to bedok was 15- 20 minutes long. Then when we alight, to our utter disappointment, there were already other students there lo... then jia min and i go together, then vina and dawn go together... split again la. We were able to find a place to ask for donations la... not bad lo. We stood outside mr bean then afte a while, we took a break and as i was tempted i bought soya bean milk to drink haha

Then we continued asking for donations. Then horz an auntie made a remark which set me thinking... when she donated she told me that the salvation army veh rich lehz... well i dunno abt it cos i am not part of it. i am just helping it and getting my cip points and of cos indirectly helping the old folks homes and childrens homes la. ya then we were supposed to return to wheelock place at 12 so dawn, vina, jia min and i meet at 1130 then headed back to wheelock. Then jia min's donation bag was slightly heavier than mine... then all four of us leg pain lo... due to too much walking hmmm we walk all around bedok lo.. then got see some shuai ge... but they never donate to me la haha then eRm we reached wheelock place then found out that chi ching went home le.. she reallie not feeling well. Get well soon chi ching.. .take care.

Then we returned our donation bags then go shopping... We waited for jue hui's dad to fetch her first... cos we wanted to go taka and heeren. Then jia min was dragged by charmaine to come with us. We wanted to go heeren to take neoprints then i wan to buy those funky badges to clip on my bag. Then we walked over to taka cos my mother said heeren is opposite taka...

then there were many those temporary stores outside taka... then got one sell cute cute stuff one. I was looking at this cute cute winnie the pooh water bottle then jia min asked me something then i said a bit too loudly that i dunno where is heeren then the store holder heard me then told us that heeren is opposite and further down.. haha thanks to my loud voice wahaha then we proceeded there lo. On the way horz... jia min saw two pple wearing the 'are u mad' tee. Then after that we saw the heartware network store!!!! Wheeee they are selling me to you bears at 20 bucks each with a paper windmill... then got a round round paper for you to write your wishes to singapore then will be hanged on a big big singapore flag... i will not have enough money to shop if i buy it so i didnt buy then we go heeren...

then we spend like half an hour walking around and around around and aroun searching for the print club... cos charmaine dunno how to go and she misled us wahahaa then we take neoprints.. jia min dun wanan take... i tell you horz, the first time we took neoprints was the worst experience i have ever had... we were not prepared lo..then the neoprint machine just go snap snap snap lo... wL... then somemore worst comes after worse... we were supposed to choose the photos that we wan.. then charmaine, being an hyperactive girl went to accidentally touched that over sensitve screen and pressed the ok... then all our pictures turn out to be the same lo... charmaine felt guilty haha dun blame her la... she didnt do it deliberately lo. then we decided to take another one. Then the other one was much more pleasant experience... we did london bride, dance, make a wish and the best is the group hugggieeesss wheee then jia min felt impatient with us cos i think she is bored then she went back by herself first i hope she is not angry worz... we were just too engrossed in shopping and photo taking... then erm we just shop at heeren then after that go heeren eat lunch - kfc.. then i bought a cute pencil case pink one... with hearts all over de... ELLE de worz..hmmm Then its lyk dat lo ya...

oh ya then vina took taxi home then charmaine, me and dawn take mrt. Then horz we actually took the one in the wrong direction... ahhhh omg... we took towards newton. haha from there we quickly switched back lo... newton can go to hcjc worz haha ya thats abt it lo...

then just now went to carrefour... bought camp stuff and a new miniature fan for my bed room. Bought two skirts and a track pants... and also a sleeping bag worz... hmmm then there the plasma tv got show jielun's mtv... cool dao yao ming!! haha

budden jay's cd was sold at only 17.90 there ... i bought at mj 18.90 sadness... but since its jay's cd... no problem la.... then eRm ya should be like that bahx... oh ya... ate duck rice and drank peel fresh guava juice veh nice... haha kks thats abt it... quite late le .. somemore my brother is coming to sleep in my room... =.=!!! urghhh irritating my legs veh tired and pain... i massage it at the massage machine at carrefour leh.. haha damn shuang...

BeCoS yOu cArE sO wE cAn Be ThErE - tHe SaLvAtiOn aRmy (i think the quote ish something like that la...)

Friday, August 13

love note

))_=*^ wE hAvE fEeLiNgs fOr eAcH oThEr rIghT? jUsT wAd aRe wE wAiTiNg fOr? fOr eArTh tO sToP mOvIng Or fOr tHe oZoNe LaYeR tO fInIsH dEpLetInG? LoOkIng aT yOu fRoM aFaR I FeLt a tReMeNdOuS fEeLiNg oF sAdNeSs rUsh tHrOuGh mE, kNoWiNg tHaT yOu aRe nOt mInE bUt iTs LiKe I tHiNk wE dO LiKe eAcH oThEr... oR iZzIt mY wIsHfUl thInKiNG aNd oNe sIdEd LoVe? I sErIoUsLy hAvE nO idEa aNd aM wAiTiNg foR yOu tO cLarIfY wiTh mE. YoU mAke mY wOrLd gO rOuNd. yOu aRe my sUnShIne... mY oNe aNd OnLy sUnsHiNE... ....

LoVe nEed cOuRaGe... I cErTaInLy dUn hAvE iT... hMmm wHeN i TaLk to yOu, a tInGe oF haPPiNeSs rUsH tHrOuGh mE. hOw I wIsH tIme cOuLd sToP rIgHt thAt sEcOnD. mAyBe wE aRe JuSt fRiEnDs mAybE wE aRe a LiTtLe bIt mOre oR LeSs tHan tHat... bUt wHeN I LoOk iNtO Ur eYeS yOu sEeM tO bE TeLLiNg mE tHe UnHeArD... aRe yOu mIsLeAdIng mE oR dO yOu rEaLLy mEaN iT?

To my friends who are... playboy/girl type
Never say 'I love you' if you dont care
Never talk about feelings if they arent there
Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart
Never look in the eye when all you do is lie
The cruelest thing a guy can do to a girl is to
Let her fall in love when he doesnt intend to catch her fall...
And it works both ways

(pLaY boy/girL... nOt gOOd... dOnt cHeAt fEeLiNgs AnD breAk hEaRtS LaRh)

aRe yOu tHe pLaYbOy tYpE? aRe yOu gOnnA LeT mE fAll In LoVe aNd dOnT InTeNd tO cAtCh mE wHeN i fAll... (mAyBe I aM tOO fAt La haha bUt.. dun tAke My wOrds LitEraLLy pLs)

yoyo... haha nice anot, the above? haha if after reading it, you think that i have a stead or a crush... let me tell you..

yOu aRe aBsOLuTeLy RrRrRrR rOnG!! wRoNg...

haha the above are just some of my craps you noe... yUp yUp... btw i have two lame jokes for you..

When you are a baby, wad do you drink?
Ans: Milk - absolutely right

When the cow has babies, wad do the calves drink?
Ans: mIlk - right

What do cow drinks?
Ans: MiLk?

dOng dong... wrong wrong cow drinks water not milk wahaha izzit funny? =.=!!!

oKie heres another one which i found on the net

Which mouse has two legs?
Ans: Mickey mouse - yup correct

Which duck has two legs?
Ans: Donald duck

Dong dong... wrong... all ducks have two legs!!! haha Am i right? haha ya wad all ducks have two legs.. wahaha you are sho gullible heeheee i am a lame person wahaha but i certainly brought some laughter to you right? smile smile...

hahaha recipe to make annabel

How to make a AnNaBeL
5 parts intelligence
3 parts silliness
3 parts
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add lustfulness to taste! Do not overindulge!


i am super cool wheee

Am I cool or uncool? [CLICK]
You are Super-Cool!
Woah! Step back - the future's so bright for you it's blinding me! You are the coolest of the cool. Everyone looks up to you as the benchmark for being coooool. The fonze was your grandfather. Any cooler and you'd freeze! WOO it's chilly in here.
Cool quizzes at

hUh? i super cool arhz.. wahaha

today... black friday

yoyo... today is 13 the friday wahaha i just ate a packet of hello panda.. .and am feeling greeeeaaaatttt today basically my day was fine

morning wake up earlier than past few days cos need to go sch and do science ws cos i forgot to bring my workbook home. ate 2 coffee bread on the way to sch. for your info, i always eat my breakfast on my way to sch in my dad's car... most of the time la.

Then reached sch then do ws lo.

First lesson was geog. We watched a video tape on acid rain... then she taught abt environment crisis. I was paying atttention throughout the lesson cos my geog was not veh good la. Then comes lit. we did unseen prose. about round and flat characters and minor and main characters all that blah blah. Then we did character analysis. Got hw lehz. sho many exercises somemore... never mind jia you nehx!!

Then it was recess. I ate my wang wang xue bing lo. Then charmaine hit my head with her book then i screamed at her. Then i screamed at mengshuen too. He was a sucky big mouth. I hate him. Not going to talk to him ever again. Budden i think i not that angry but still abit angry.. wanna noe wad happeneD? go ask him yourself lo Then charmaine was angry cos when i called her she didnt respond

then it was science. ms yap taught abt bacteria and virus. Quite interesting... budden last year ms chew teach before le. only that this year more detailed then it was english

English... got compre test then i took out 4 foolscap haha cos i scared not enough.. then i read through the compre... then do lo. Then when left 35 min then i started on the summary i was scared that i couldnt finish in time lo. Then mrs george said '5 minutes left' i just started writing out my actual summary then i rushed writin the whole thing until my hand pain. My thumb still pain now lehz. Then i finished writing my summary den mrs george came beside me and talk to clara... dunno abt wad. Then she suddenly asked me who we nominated for the most innovative teachers award... i said i not sure. then she said that she wanna thank those students who nominated her cos she was one of the three teachers who got the innovative awards.. .wow wow actually mrs george quite friendly and nice... not as fierce as i think.

Congratulations Mrs George!! =)

ya then she talked to joey after her lesson... wahaha i think we nominated her de. haha she is reallie innovative lor she always used rally robin and all that to teach us. Then is maths. Mrs lim was reallie comical. she brought in empty containers in the shape of prisms then she started pouring red cherry drinks into the container to let us noe the vol of a pyramid lol. she even dripped some on the floor i think haha mrs lim is a good teacher... but sometimes she reallie veh funny de then she asked us to go home and cut out a cone then gave us some hw.

after that was music. we waited like 10 min outside the music cos 2F havent come out. Then when they come out we went in then grace, amelia, suyee and constance perform. They sang 'you light up my life' and did a storm(?_?) performance... veh interesting and entertaining...then jessie and audrey performed then we said byebye to mdm ong then went straight to the auditorium for the level camp briefing. All the sec 2 has level camp next wed to fri... all except normen lo. He fractured his leg mahz. Budden now he can use his clutches to walk liao just now during dunno whose lesson i said class stand then he oso stand up haha scared me manz

Ya den we went into auditorium den peiyu and i same group we are A1 haha our group. Then we went to sit down on the A1 seats lo. Then got other peepz for other class... some i noe some i dunno or i noe them they dunno me haha

Got Everin from 2C (i dun think she noe me la)
This girl from 2A duuno her name de... last time is in my chinese oral workshop class de
Kelvin from 2H (dunno him de... budden saw him at mavis before)
Andy from 2G (fellow art club members)
Justin from 2E - normen's brother

thats all bahx

then the briefing by the serivce provider was even more entertaining lo. his name was glenn and he has been organizing camps for pple for 6 years if i am not wrong... then he veh cool de worz

I noticed that his leg muscle resemble those of a a soccer player haha

then he brief us on the things we need to bring all that... and that includes undergarment

then group c was clapping away. Then ya he kept telling us funny stuff that happens at camp like this guy who used the refrigerator as da air con. We have to bring a whole lot of stuff like sleeping bags all that...and we are gonna fly... fly in the air or some challenging stuff then we have to buy long track pants. sadly i dun haf one so i am gonna buy then next wed my group have to wear track pants to sch lo with pe shirt cos we will start our activity once we reach there... its so exciting lo.... i think its gonna be fun we are gonna stay in chalet 8 to a room for one night then the next night we sleep in tents... alternately lo.its sho exciting lo. then after the whole thing... miss cheong (?_?) asked all the girls to stay back to talk abt some really personal stuff commonly known as period. haha then we were all like sho sianz like that. i mean we are not that interested la. i think those guys are more interested than us. Ya i think i shall not elaborate abt it. It is not interesting at all kks... and in case any guys happened to read my blog.
i was laughing throughout the briefing cos it was so funny de lorz

Then after that charmaine, jia min and i went to the canteen to have our lunch. Then leanne came and joined us. she sprained her ankle...

Leanne.. must take care worz!! get well soon!! i wanna see you at camp wahahah

then i bought porridge and HL milk wahaha then went back to class lo... kept asking leanne whether she was okie. haha then go back class and slack slack pack my books and go upstairs and put in locker then we looked at charmaine's neoprints... then we went home lo. Smsed my mother to asked my dad come and fetch me but sadness my dad was busy so i hafta take bus.

As we walked towards the sch gate bus 158 zooomed past... sadness me and charmaine went opposite to take lo. Its the same except that it tour arnd the condo at the end then pass the front of our sch again lo. Then we talked abt camp on the bus... how we gonna pack all those stuff wad bag we bringing then charmaine hafta alighted lo... then i alighted at my stop then crossed the overhead bridge and walked to my block lo ya... like that lo. thats my day... basically a reallie fun and fine day. yup yup =)

Wednesday, August 11

heart of gold

gold heart
Heart of Gold

What is Your Heart REALLY Made of?
brought to you by

sunday child

I am Sunday's Child
What day are you?

wow wow =)

my day

today ish a bad day... a really bad one. I woke up with a red eye wahaha i guess i rubbed it too hard last night... den i woke at at 645 lo... thats like sho terribly late. Then i reached sch i was sho tired.. then the whole day in sch my eyelid keep twitching... veh xin ku lehz. aiya then just now i waited at the foyer for my dad to fetch me, mr kiw walking here and there.. haha dunno waiting for who. Then suddenly i heard someone shouting well well it was nigel then mr kiw was looking at him hahaha good for him

btw anyone out there reading my blog has adobe photoshop? if yes can you pls kindly lend me? cos horz i learning it for my art... need to practise cos i am kinda hopeless at it worz.

oh ya today the whole day i was feeling tired and dizzy and hungry.. dunno why will feel hungry lehz... sth is seriously wrong with me lol

tmr got maths test and grammar tests... sigh wish me all the best...

i veh tired now le wanna sleep worz. haha

i still got he wb and geog comic strip havent do lehz. sigh sigh

this friday got level camp briefing...

wow wow sho exciting

then saturday got eRm Cip at wheelock place at orchard...

go support me horz pple...


Tuesday, August 10


Pink info
Your Heart is Pink

What Color is Your Heart?
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Monday, August 9


haha i am angel... that means i am not that evil... wahaha


wow wow its sho true lo... i expected tulips or rose.. haha tulips yay!! btw the tulips balloons i bought at the hcjc carnival still alive... but have become smaller... hahaha


I LoVe RaSpbErrY IcE cReAm Lo!! JuSt aTe oNe wiTh BiScUiT oN sAtUrdAy WheN i wEnt tO thE bEaCh wheee

my day

happy birthday singapore!!

i am bored... just now watched the national day parada at home... kinda envious of those pple there at the stadium.. then jj lin jun jie sing the 'home' until sho pop de. I dun listen to his songs. Budden he looks cute and shuai lehz. haha quite hip hop la... then saw shanice from the kids central.. haha she sho cute. Normen's sister oso called Shanice. she oso veh cute. last time i remembered i spelled her name as shaness... omg sho paiseh.

ouch my ear is itching... whos talking bad about me?? haha

its eleven plus le...

i havent complete my sch work

havent started on my tuition hw and i have tuition tmr

wow wow i am sho organized har?

btw i just came across this online diary... it sounds reallie cute although it is scolding pple la...

check it out:

har? flamesonly...

oic they are flaming someone.. wow wow exciting lehz

gtg le byeeeeee

Sunday, August 8

yO yO

finally just completed my maths... my eyes veh tired. wearing contacts mahz. I still havent got a chance to wear it to sch cos i always sleep veh late. not good for eyes. And i just check out =a blog. wow wow that 'person' 's english is sho good but too bad that it didnt use it to good use. It used it to shoot pple off manz. wow wow. Sho civilised... fIrst time see such a 'civilised' animal... making my jaw drop. wow wow. = O


hMmm eRm oh ya.. i realised that i am quite fat.. haha i am always fat la. gonnna jian fei!!

Tonight ish xi ling men final episode worz. so exciting ... Then got fireworks at esplanade but not sure whether going anot lehz. My uncle and auntie going... my cute little cousin oso going sho my mother maybe going... as for me.. i am still not sure.

I havent listen to jay's latest cd yet.

Btw he appeared in the Life! yesterday. wow wow sho cool de lo. He talks like seh seh de. He said he is male chavinist and that when he has a girlfriend he will use their photo sticker as the album cover page... wow wow. thats sho cool and seh lo. Hmmm i LuRvE jAy!! wheee bUddEn got too big an age gap la. nVm i shall just admire him and be his die-hard fan forever... I have all his cds you noe... not reallie all la... but those main ones. =) wheee jAy.. jia you!!

hMmm i havent have my lunch... hungry now. fOOd... i wan foOd!

just now from morning until 1 plus... i kept sneezing and using whole lot of tissue papers. Its was a reallie bad flu but now i am alright... rainbow after rainstorm


tO mY fRiEnDs

To my friends who are... single

LoVe is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you just let it fly, it will come to you when you least expect it. LoVe can make you happy but often it hurts. LoVe's only special when you give it to someone who is really worth it. So take your time and choose the best...

(pssst that appeals to me too... haha taking my own sweeeet tImE Lo... oR rather waiting for the right one... wheee)

To my friends who are... not so single

LoVe isnt about becoming someone else's 'perfect person'. It's about finding someone who helps you become the best person you can be.

(yEsh yesh exactly... hmmm)

To my friends who are... playboy/girl type

Never say 'I love you' if you dont care
Never talk about feelings if they arent there
Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart
Never look in the eye when all you do is lie
The cruelest thing a guy can do to a girl is to
Let her fall in love when he doesnt intend to catch her fall...
And it works both ways

(pLaY boy/girL... nOt gOOd... dOnt cHeAt fEeLiNgs AnD breAk hEaRtS LaRh)

To my friends who are... married

LoVe is not about 'it's your fault' but 'i m sorry'
Not 'where are you' but 'i m right here'
Not 'how could you' but 'I understand'
Not ' i wish you were' but 'i am thankful you are'

(wOw wOw... toUcHiNg aNd mEaNiNgFuL...)

To my friends who are... engaged

The true measure of compatibility is not the years spent together but how good you are for each other...

(hMm sHoRt aNd sWeEt aNd tRuE... [= )

To my friends who are... heartbroken

Heartbreaks last as long as you want and cut as deep as you allow them to go. The challenge is not how to survive heartbreaks but to learn from them.

(yEaH ExAcTly... hEaRtBrEaKs aRe nOt rEaLLy sUch bIg dEaLs yeA? JuSt fOrGiVe aNd fOrgEt...)

gtg le... its midnight already... i shall continue the 'tO mY fRiEnDs...' tMr kkS? NiTez...

Saturday, August 7

_mY dAy_

i woke up at 10.05 in the morning den ate wanton noodles for breakfast. I wanted to start doing my hw at first budden i realised my room is in a terrible mess and that my study table has no space for me to do my work... sadness. Sho i started tidying my room.... from 11 plus until 2 plus. Den parents came home. I went to bathe then set off on our trip to the beach. When we reached there it was already 4 plus lo. The sun is shinning brightly lo. We rented 3 bikes then started cycling around lo. The bike that my mother and i got were mountain bikes den feel abit uncomfortable riding it. My dad just fetched us there then went shopping... then we rode around for 1 and a half hour den return the bike den wanted to work to mAc. Mac is far. Cos we were at the hawker centre that area. then we saw my father den we went to my grandfather's house for dinner. yay! reached there, then eat beehoon with curry and duck meat for dinner while watching the show at channel u from 7 to 8pm. That show RaWks... its abt a doctor solving crimes and operating on corpses... veh exciting worz... then went home lo. Ya didnt touch any work =( i came home den bathe again. Then started tidying my shelves and table again... now the shelves are neater.. but my study table is still in my mess. i sneak on the com to update haha life is getting boring worz. hmmm i wanna go shop shop lehz. Tmr afternoon going to see my auntie's new house in simei... wow wow excited lehz... then maybe can go tm and shop shop. who noe? I have decided to be a neat and organized freak from now on... but theres quite hard to achieve wor.

nVm... just jia you... gambatte nehz..!!

Friday, August 6

national day celebration

today was a fun and interesting day! I woke up at 630. then went to sch in my 'singapore' red shirt. Den reach sch eRm den started slacking? yA then went to parade square den got wad opening ceremony izzit? then eRm went back to class den we got face painting competition. haha then we paint red and white all over our faces and arms and fists... haha then i was paint-covered then jia min like sho scared of me haha. Cos she scared i dirty her shirt. bTw ish jia min angry arhz? i dunno lehz... = [ how? siGh eRm i hate to make her angry kks... haha but i am bad tempered myself la. so do i apologize or wad? errrrrr

then eRm went to hall for celebration... got inter class competition. i think all the classes were great... 2D especially and 1D!! wheeee haha then we sing 'xin lian xin' then we started holding hands and swaying den started running about in circle... haha with hands on the person in front's shoulder. then eRm we went home lo. Then i went to loo aka toilet to clean off the paint on my face but not on my arm cos the looooo too mani pple. Then i went to bus stop den waited for bus 158. Then the bus finally come and everyone was squeezing and rushing up the bus. i was squashed! Totally suffocated lo. lol Then lucky yun jing helped me up the bus...thx thx girl. you rawk. hehex then the bus was packed like sardine then i was standing in the front part of the bus with my hand behind me, grabbing to the pole or wadever. It was plain torture kks... i alighted at the aljunied mrt then speed-walked to gmps. Then when i reached got no sec sch students... so i tried to contact ting ting...

I didnt go back with meng shuen, tian wei, nigel and nicholas. Cos ms and tw got dunno wad computer club thing den nigel decided to be an ungrateful freak haha... then nicholas totally dunno abt it and its all ms' fault cos he neber ask nick.

Then ting ting sms me that she just dismissed then ms and tw came den we went to staffroom to look for mdm nah lo.

Then i was talking to ms tong den mr ng walked past... greeted him lo.

Then went in to find mdm nah. Then they kept talking abt IT stuff and i hafta admit i was kinda bored...

Ms kept taking photos of mdm nah haha mdm nah veh cute...

ms is lame lo. he even took a picture of my hands pressing the buttons of my handphone.

Ya then i received a call from ting ting that the bus that she boarded broke down half way den have to wait for another bus to fetch her.... eR thats bad ya?

then after a while she came den we talked to mdm nah den after that we went to find mrs tok.

Then we saw mrs soh and mrs chia and mrs lim shirley and mrs lim choon num and many other teachers la...

Then mrs tok came out and talked to us den we chatted then....

mEnG sHuEn'S cAmErA fInaLLy cAmE tO gOOd uSe.


i suggested that we take a photo together lo. Then ms chung was standing nearby so we asked her to be our photographer.

btw ms chung cut her fringe. I dun recognize her at first... she looks like a jap. reallie kawaii nehx! =)

then we took a pic together lo. Mrs tok stood next to me then ting ting stood on my left then i made a twins sign with my left hand..

haha then snap... the photo was taken and mrs tok hafta go. She havent taken her lunch... neither have we

so tw, ms and ting and i went to mac for lunch

ate filet o fish set meal. yUm YuM

chatted as we eat lo then ms veh bad he dunno say wad i got alot of fats then can float or wadever... =.= sarcastic guy manz...

anyway going back to gmps reallie is just sho... wow the feeling is so familiar... qing qie gan.

Its like i feel i am home.. I mean i feel home at dhs too la... But the feeling of home in gmps is warmer ? lol jk. but i studied in gmps for 6 years mahz. of cos the feeling of belonging is deeper lo.

Anyway sadness this year only 4 of us from 6 charity'02 went back... sigh

then just now i bought jaychou's cd from mj. Qi Li xIaNg...

I seriously duno that jay chou released new album until yesterday when stella told me during music. i think it must be becos too busy den i kept thinking that jay's yi fu zhi ming just released lol. or maybe becos i just bought the finding jay that cd... thats why

I havent listen to the qi li xiang yet but i am sure the songs are nice... of cos la... jay sing de lehz!! seh bo...

zHi yOu zhOu jIe LuN cAi nEnG cHaO yUe zHoU jIe LuN

cool yeah? =) wheee

oh ya tmr no art club yay!! hehex can slack... hmmmm i wanna go shopping lehz... veh long neber go le..

Then sec two level camp round the corner... 2 more weeks or maybe less than that... cool har? =) sho seh and exciting lo. ya shiok man

__))^^* aBsEnCe mAkEs oNe'S hEaRt gO fOnDeR bUt tHaT dOeSnT wOrK fOr mE... cOs eVeN iF yOu aRe aBsEnT... yOuR PrEsEnCe WiLL aLwAyS bE iN mY hEaRt aNd mAkE mY LuRvE fOr yOu gO dEePeR aNd dEePeR... *#mOmEnTs oF sWeeTnEsS...#*

Thursday, August 5


bAcK! yUm yUm.. sWeeT sYrUp...soFt dOu hUa wah is your mouth watering? =) =.= hahax better stop my crap... btw i think that lame jokes can reallie crack me up you noe... i mean make me laugh.. oh pls i am not a nut. lol funny ? wheeee hahax fine fine. eRm bTw now pple like easily get sick lehz. MuZ tAkE cArE hOrZ PpLe...

eRm eRm hmmm so wad do i say eRm Oh ya i think i am reallie mean today. haha becoming a mean girl lo. Dunno why la but i feel veh bad... i think its must be due to the cruelty of the teenage world bahx.

dEn today music was eRm okie la but kinda terrible. Mdm ong was angry apparently becos all of us didnt bother to bring pens and papers for the music proposal and she had to provide us. Den heard from stellalalaa that jay chou release new album on 3 aug. WeLL wEll i reallie simply have no idea abt it. it has been a long time since i stepped into cd rama, sembawang or music junction. I havent buy cds for a long time le... sho i am gonnna buy jay chou's de. He rAwKs

Den we doing gui ji for music bahx most probably la. I wanna learn piano lehz... i dun wan to take music and theory exams though i just wanna learn for fun and especially learn how to play jay's song like an jing, shi jie mo ri... wow wow

sigh but i have no music talent. i learn piano in p1 or p2 bahx den quit after a while cos its like veh ma fan.. have to go to the music sch every... once in a week. den my piano teacher quite fierce but also quite nice. yEp

sho exciting... a long weekend awaits me... wheeee wow wow i am sure that i am gonna slack slack and do more slacking lol

Today after sch i was damn pathetic kks....

I was abt to carry my books up to my locker on the second floor. Then clara and meng shuen long bang their books. it was such a big and heavy stack that i have difficulty walking lo. Then suddenly the stack of dhp talk reply form dropped. plop... then i thot there will be any kind soul to help me budden to my disappointment... lol then i bend down... careful not to drop the books... pick up the forms den rush to the locker. sigh

sho eRm tmr i will be wearing my hang ten singapore red shirt... to sch with my sch skirt.. gonna celebrate singapore's birthday den i think we are doing some painting eg face painting bahx... den goin back to gmps, my dear pri sch. Then after that go where nehx? i have no idea too.. lol oh ya amelia's bday is on the 8 aug. Maybe giving her the present tmr... or next wed bahx...

HaPpY bIrThDaY sInGaPoRe!!

__** I aLwAyS cAuGhT yOu sTaRiNg aT mE... dOeS iT havE a HiDdEn mEaNiNg... a mEaNing thAt yOu LiKe me? I thInk wE bOtH haF fEeLiNgS fOr EaCh oThEr... JuSt tHaT wE dUn sHoW iT... aI (L.O.V.E) yAo dAo sHeNg sHuO cHu LaI...bUt I aM sHy... aNd sCaReD tHaT mY iNtUiTiOn iSh wRoNg... tHe oNlY tHiNg yOu cAn dO iSh mAkE tHe fIrSt mOvE... heeS. HoW dO I cAtCh yOu sTaRiNg aT mE? WeLL... bEcOs I wAs sTaRiNg aT yOu t00! =^^

yO yO

yesterday got acc... den horz after two groups present their presentation, lu lao shi questioned me and joey abt our opinions abt bgr. Joey is chairperson den i monitress mahz. Then i was like stammering away. I got many things to say de but duno how to phrase lol. Talk to teacher must careful abit la... if not wait say wrong things. Actually horz i think bgr is not encouraged la budden its reallie sweet you noe... as in sweet at a more mature age like 18... not at 14. I have reallie decided to put studies as my first priority... everything comes after that yep. I mean its like sec sch crush or bgr dun reallie last yeah? Its not fruitful de. After my observations. As long as guys see chio girls they go gaga... they may even forget they live on earth or that the earth revolves round the sun? lol yEp TrUe LuRvE iSh hArD tO fInD. maybe except in fanfic bahx.

yA kks den today... eRm got tests la.. chinese and science.. i think i am dead. Science still okie la. Chinese i was totally dumb haha i mean aiya its okie la. okie den eRm tomorrow national day celebration until 1030 den going back to gmps with nigel and meng shuen they all. Dunno whether nigel going back anot la... he said he maybe going bowling. sHo baD rIte? i sho excited abt seeing mdm nah and mrs tok and mrs soh and all the teachers again!! veh long neber see them le... i think since the prefect workshop bahx? ya but this year is kinda busy so dun reallie have time to think and miss them as much as last year hehex. but i am sho excited...

i asked my dad to buy tou hua come back gimme eat but he still havent come back lehz. hmmm

okie erm then i went for tuition straight after sch lo. Then today teach.. sexual reproductive system.. whoa its a reallie interesting chapter lo. i mean its becos of this reproductive system then i can be here updating my blog and you can be reading my blog rite? Dun think y y la.

yA then i take bus home lo. Then on the bus horz there is lady wearing spects with reallie big eyes staring at me lehz... I felt reallie uncomfortable... den horz after a while she closed her eyes and fell asleep.. phew. I take bus veh scared de. Cos last time when go vjc carnival horz i met a weird lady who is a drug addict bahx. den horz that was a reallie terrible and horrible experience for me. Thats why when i was on bus 171 to hcjc carnival with c'maine.. i veh scared oso. hahax

yAy!! dad's back... gonna eat my dao hui (hokkien for dou hua) brb

Tuesday, August 3


yoyo here i am again. btw the you are my sunshine song horz... i learnt it when i was in p1 nehz. ya then sho many years i still remember. wad a good memory i have wow. =) eR ya then erm nth to blog le lehz. oh ya btw i am becoming a mean girl nowadays... i think that the mean girls movie has influenced me lol not reallie la. I think i am becoming bad be cos i am not that good little girl who gets bullied anymore... i am gonna stand up for myself and 'shoot' anyone who bullies or make use of me... I learnt to be tough and hard hearted though i kinda you noe... erm feel sad and sorry and guilty.. budden life is like that... eRm i gtg le.. byebye anyway have you guys heard this year's national song sang by jj lin jun jie? I just downloaded yesterday and i think its sho cool... it is like a pop song.. =) whee you guys should check it out yeah? kks see ya. byebye!

))(( LiFe iS fUll oF cOiNcIdEnCeS aNd sUmdAe tWo PaRa//e/ LiNes mIghT eVeN mEeT~_^


today is a day.. eRm the third day of August... Singapore's 39th birthday is only 6 days away!! wow... sho exciting!! hAppy bIrthday Singapore!! I LuRvE sInGaPoRe!! wheeez...

today eRm... i went to sch in my dad's car as usual la... then horz as i was eating my bread, i saw that the clouds in the sky were exceptionally unique. They are not like those fluffy cotton wool... they are like cotton wool stretched over the sky... its sho beautiful!! =) then Erm... reached classroom.. go upstairs take books.

oh ya.. my right hand is bruised lol. Me and charmaine saturday went hwa chong carnival rite? Then we do henna mahz... den mrs george says 'no tattoo' then i veh scared mrs george will scold me sho i attempted my very best to rub off the henna... first try the thing came off... i was ecstatic kks... Then i rubbed and rubbed and rubbed den the skin came off with the henna.. then finally my hand is bruised... sadness =[

okie eRm den first period was science den followed by pe... Pe we played hockey... I sho scared charmaine will hit my bruised hand!! hahax just kidding.

Then eRm went back for english...

Then its recess...

then its geog. And this is the 'scary' part

I was partner B den mrs george called me to ans her ques

Then suddenly she shouted 'EXCELLENT'

Then clara they all say that she called me good girl or sth?


Then it was lit...

And tell you sth

Starting from lit.

Lessons were complete and total torture.

Maybe not that for us but for the teachers.

Ms tan was reallie angry. Cos eR we made her angry?

Its like aiya dunno how to say.

But it can be seen that ms tan felt sad.

I mean i reallie sympathize with her.

I am having second thoughts abt teaching as a career you noe hahax

Not reallie... being a teacher ish reallie cool...

A doctor wouldnt be too bad... bio ish reallie interesting...

okie then ms tan was sho fed up that she just let us do the assignment all by ourselves. pheW lucky i copied down some notes earlier if not my mind will be a complete blank lo. then mrs lim came in for maths. she was also upset cos we super noisy. Then in came wang lao shi and she was fed up with 2D's noise pollutants

Well well... three teachers upsetted in a row...

eR then oh ya i just found the lyrics for you are my sunshine song... Here it goes:

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You never know dear
How much i love you
So please dont take my sunshine away...

The other night dear
As i was sleeping
I dreamt that you were by my side
When i awake
i was mistaken
so i hang my head and cried

You told me once dear
you'd always love
and no one else could come between
And then you left me and found another
You have shattered all my dreams...

I think that the first verse is more happy... then the rest ish like sad sad de.

How i wish that my sunshine will always be there for me... lol.

eR then i went home after sch lo.

Today alot of hw lo... then thursday still got tests then can happily celebrate national day.

budden horz... must remember xian ku hou tian mahz... after tests den got 5 days no school worz... cool horz?

Friday half day of sch only worz... wheeez


Sunday, August 1


today i woke up at 10 exactly... den i realised that my watch was not on my wrist... so i searched up and down and finally realised that i didnt even wear it the night before =.= lol den i watch tv, guess guess guess. Then i watched the show after that on channel u den i do my hw lo. I just returned from Meng Shuen's mother opening ceremony of her hair salon. Got buffet den the fruit tart veh nice... ya den erm next time wh0ever wanna have a hair cut or wadever go her shop kks... hahax advertise for her. Ya then i just came back from there lo. Anyway do i look like a jap?? Looks like mehz? I dun think so lo okie la maybe i am fair thats why. I am gonna get tanned kks...

I have just fallen in love with cyndi wang's 'ming tian jian'

How can love lose to time?
I cant hear anymore
I thought it will never change
Our usual 'see ya tmr'

Letting go of your hand
Returning to the starting point
Heart will be broken
But it will heal
I will learn by myself to walk out of the past
All the best to tomorrow...

sadness.. this song ish sho sad

Anyway i just found out that love and steading ish sweet...


not that i have a stead now la... NEVER kks

At least not now when i am in dhs.

Maybe wait until jc la...

My friend have a stead

then its like wah sho cool...

I got crushes before la.

But its only one sided so it tastes salty!

i like sweet feelings worz...

tian mi mi... wheee

Its the guys duty to give flowers to girls and

Its a girls privilege to receive flowers from guys... hahax

okie i shall talk abt other things...

ErM next next week art club having flag day...

yay finally!!

going orchard i think...

Then anyone has any idea abt the heartware network thing outside takeshimaya this month?

Tell me kks if you noe...

eRm oh ya.. tmr going for national day celebration.. sphere thingy.

Sigh this week got 3 tests lehz den national day celebration.

Who is going back gmps on friday?

I am definitely going back.

I miss gmps.


btw anyone have michael learns to rock the 'take me to your heart album'?

I think the songs are nice

the henna still on my hand lehz how arhz?

tmr dunno will get scolding anot worz


oh ya next friday those peepz going back to gmps you all wanna play cball?

I can bring my volley ball lehz... =)

veh long neber play le.. =(

[d0eS LuRvE tAsTe sWeEt, sOuR oR sALtY? I dUnNO bUt I hOpE It tAsTe aS sWeEt As cHoCoLaTe.. yUm yUm]