Wednesday, June 23


yEsH~! The words didnt overlap.. yay! Btw i just found a piece of paper telling me abt my love attitude? I think i copied it out from an email last time bahx. well well let see...:

Your love attitude is adventurous, charismatic and spontaneous. You're creative and adoptable and you can come up with the most exciting and sometimes daring things to do. Your quick intelligence and way with words help get you out of the problems that come with being flirtatious and playing hard to get. You need to pay close attention to your personal values because you love to try new and different things and easily go along with the crowd and the consequences can put extra strain on your relationship between a boy. You like guys who have great bodies and good looks, along wtih exceptional brain and high grade. It helps if they are highly athletic or, involve in as many activities as you, otherwise you might get bored. Variety is the key to your love attitude.

wow! The paragraph of words reads me like a well well i like guys with great bodies and good looks? eRm i have no comments lol. But i guess this paragraph of words somehow brings out the inside me. hmmm not bad. =)

i am bored

y0y0z i hope that this entry gets published successfully without the words overlapping... erm yesterday was a somehow busy but yet not that busy day... hahax i went for tuition in the afternoon.... den i found out that i somehow got the time mixed up... lucky i settled everything. wheez ya den erm after tuition i took bus home den watched true heros... den do hw ya thats all bahx... i feel that my life is getting reallie boring sadness. But i must say that friendster is reallie interesting... i just received two testi from nur and cindy... budden none from my cousin! he said he will write for me de.. =( I wanna more testi!! Actually planned to go out with vivian and elaine tomorrow but vivian couldnt make it... so i am going out with my mother and brother tomorrow to watch Jack Neo's movie... the best bet... I wanted to watch windstruck with elaine and vivian de but sigh. iS the title of the show windstruck? I dunno hahax... it is a korean movie and starred the girl who acted in my sassy girl... wahh that girl damn chio lorz... long hair fair complexion wow she is almost perfect. let me submit this entry before i write more abt my life... i wanna see whether the words overlap... lol i noe this is lame kks

Saturday, June 19

a dAy aT tHe bEaCh!!

wheeez i went to the beach today with my mother, brother and my friends. We had a fantastic time there. Then yesterday... erm nth much happened... Went for tuition like that only lorz. Oh ya i went to the asian civilisation museum wahahax. It was kinda fun. Well as for the day spent at the beach today, i shall not elaborate here for now cos' i gtg soon... Need to complete my hw soon... sadd hols gonna be over s00n =( nVm i l00king forward to seeing all my classmates and teachers (???) once again... Btw i cycled a two wheeled bicycle!! Embarrassingly, i just learnt how to cycle a bicycle when i went to my class chalet in year 2002. Den I havent have the time to display my talent... lol Today right... I cycled at the beach for erm... 4 hours? or close to 4 hours cos there were some time which i spent resting... btw now my legs and backside lol hurts... cos of that bike. The seat is too hard bahx. My hands hurt too.. from gripping the bicycle t00 hard. kkz i shall elaborate more tomorrow. Oh the whole i had a fabulous day!! but its tiring too... byebye goodnight!!

Thursday, June 17

wHeEz a dAtE wItH cInDy !

yAy!! mY nEw blog!! NicE aNot? tHis is my first attempt in changing the template so i think its not too badly done. Yesterday went out with Cindy, my primary school friend. We had so much fun!! Very long never see her.. She is really tall. I think 172cm tall. And I am only 163 cm tall... sadness *sobbs* When i reached home yesterday, it was already quite late, so though i came online, i didnt write abt my day out. hehex We met at the mrt station at 1130. I thot I was late so i speed-walked all the way there. When i reached, Cindy is not there yet. lol I am almost always a few minutes late when meeting to go out. hahax that's me! ok den we went to bugis. Cindy and i went to edge on the third floor. She wanted to buy some tee. So i just shop around with her lorz. Then she bought a black tee. Then we just shop and shop. Then being a thoughtful girl lol, cindy bought a bdae prezzie for her friend. Ya, den she even got it wrapped up nicely with bear bear wrapping paper (",) Then we went to mos burger for our lunch...Both of us ate teriyaki chicken burger and we were like so full. lol After that we went to isetan to shop for more tee. But it was kinda boring cos all the shirts so ex de. Den we went out of isetan and headed for pretty in tokyo. We went in to change coins den we took neoprints at the hello kitty neoprints machine. It was reallie very fun!! We didnt really thot of any poses beforehand so it was like twins and guns and hug. Oh ya we cling arms too!! Den we went outside to decorate. Cindy decorated two I did two too. yA... hehex. After that we went to a shop den i saw a cute cute organizer with a kitty on it. Its yellow in colour and its reallie kawaii neh! And sumore its sold at half price wow! I bought it together with a packet of organizer paper... oso kawaii kawaii de. Btw as we were shopping around, we got just so much things to talk about!! Just like old friends. =)

Den I suggested going to plaza singapura cos bugis got nth to shop le de. On the mrt we still keep talking. Den i told cindy that i got two years never go ps le. (ps = plaza singura ) She did not look convinced. hahax den i suddenly remembered that I went there last year for 5566's autograph!! wheeez lol but it was raining at that time. okie let me continue... We shop around at plaza singpura den got nth to buy le. I suggested movie den we walked to the gv cinema excitedly. Then it was 3.40pm at that time. Jackie Chan's movie, around the world in 80 days is at 3.55pm but... sad to say there is only the first row left. So we decided to watch the movie at 4.20pm. We took the centre in the third row from the front. Its kinda near the screen but nvm la. After buying the movie tix, we went to carrefour and bought goodies to eat when watching the movie. I was hurrying behind cindy den accidentally bumped into a lady. I said sorry then you noe wad? that lady actually 'tsk' at me. I am pissed off. Somemore she showed me that not happy look. hahax cant be bothered with her man! cindy bought a lot of biscuits. I bought a strawberry pocky pocky, a bear bear choco biscuits and a packet of marshmallow. Den we paid and went back to gv. We bought drinks. I should have bought the mineral water at carrefour cos a bottle of mineral water costs 2.20 bucks at gv!! urghhh sho ex. Nvm la. We smuggled the goodies we bought into the cinema, found our seats and settled down. I sat beside a guy with her gf. den beside cindy is oso a guy. Den we were like very uncomfortable like taht lorz. Cannot move abt freely lol. Jackie Chan's around the world in 80 days just roX rAwKs rOcKs!! MUST WATCH!!

The movie goes like this: The movie starts before the century or duno wad la. Den some policemen were chasing jackie chan. He is called Lau Xing in the movie i think. lol Den he ran out of a building den a horse carriage came into sight. So he hid himself beside the carriage, holding on to the carriage. Den he went inside the carriage and changed into a suit. Wow shuai dai le!! hahax. The carriage is dunno wad tailor de. so got clothes inside mahx. Den the poliemen continued searching for him lorz. Den one of them recognized him in his suit den he had no choice but to climb up a big tree. Den there is this 'mad' scientist who is carrying out an experiment. den lau xing unfortunately happened to drop down from the tree. Ya and lau xing got to know this scientist called Phileas Fogg. And the climax of the movie begins!

I shall only mention abt the beginning and the ending of the movie here. If i tell you everything then you dun haf to watch the movie le. Okie er then part of the climax is that Mr fogg is forever inventing all kinds of stuff. Then he took up a bet with the director of the royal academy of science totravel around the world in 80 days. If he succeeds, he will then be the director of the royal academy of science. But if he fails.... His so called laboratory has to be demolished and he must never make any new invention in the future. So this bet is reallie crucial to mr fogg.

Ya then there are some characters in the movie i wanna tell you. Firstly there is jackie, known as passepartout and lau xing in the movie. He told mr fogg that he is passepartout becos of some reaons. Go watch the movie and you will find out!! Then the scientist is mr phileas fogg. Then there is karen mok!!! She is known as Fang general in the movie. A reallie bad villain who attempted to prevent jackie and fogg from completing their journey around the world in 80 days. She wanted fogg to lose the bet!! sho bad rite? Ya abt that le lorz.

Btw there is main theme of the movie and its abt the jade buddha. Ya i shall not say anymore things abt it. Go watch the movie!! wheez. yup its reallie very nice. And horz, dun sit too far back cos i personally think that for this particular movie, sitting near to the screen has its advantage though its kinda tiring having to look up.. heeheez. ya.
Oh ya i didnt noe that the fang general was karen mok when i watched the movie yesterday. I only thot that she looked familiar. I only found out that she was karen mok when i read the article in life! today. Go check out Life! last page. You will see karen mok's outlook in the movie. She has looooonnnng finger nails. lol

Then this movie is reallie very funny and comical. It oso brings with it some romance and kissing muack! hahax It can be classified as a comedy. Cindy and I kept laughing thru-out the movie. wheeez As for whether mr fogg win or lose the bet, go find out yourself!!

After the movie we just shopped around and cindy bought a shirt for her mother. She so nice and sweet!! hahax den went to mj to see cd. She told me abt a singer called ocean. But he never showed his face in the album. I think his songs are nice! After that we went to op!! wheeez op rawks all the time!!! Cindy tried on a light pink blouse. It looks nice on her. As she was in the fitting room, i walked around the shop, looking at spagetti straps dresses, bareback shirts... *sobbs how i wish i have the figure to wear them. hahax Then i looked at the skirts wow reallie nice ... and ex! hahax Den a pair of pink slippers caught my eyes. I tried size 8 on. It fits my feet perfectly, just like cinderella's glass slippers... hahax I wanted to take a size bigger but cindy and the salesgirl urged me not to. I paid for it. Got 20% off. wheeez

ya den after that we went downstairs. Cindy bought two boxes of tako octopus. I bought one box with chicken and ham. I never eat before. But cindy said its nice so i decided to try. Den we walked to the mrt station from the underground tunnel. Den we took the wrong escalator down and ended up at harbourfront mrt hahax den we walked back and reached dhoby ghaut mrt station... phew lol den we took the mrt to city hall then switched to the train opposite. On the way, i gave cindy a me to you bear keychain. She kept half i kept half. ya!! Arent i sweet ? *winks! hahax ya its my day out with cindy and it was reallie fun!!! I spent lots of money too hahax hope to go out with cindy again. Cheryl and kl supposed to go out with us de. But they cant make it. But never mind. We can go out together next time.

This morning i woke up, den watched tv from 1030 to 1300. Later have to do my hw le. School opening soon...I slack too much le =( hahax kkz wow this is a long entry worz... and horz rmb to watch the jackie chan movie if not you are sure to regret de!! Cos its recommended by me!! Annabel! hahax kkz i will update more soon bye for now