Saturday, August 14

flag day

today ish art club flag hoo. Last night i set my alarm clock - 630. And well well i did woke up at 630 den i fell asleep again and wake up at seven... wahahah t hen wake up brush teeth and do the usual stuff like wash face change into pe tee and shirt wear shoes blah blah... den tie hair. Then my mother accompanied me in my dad's car to wheelock place in orchard cos she scared i get lost... haha i did lo. Then i am supposed to meet the other art club members and seniors at orchard mrt station budden the problem is there are two exits. Well i went to the one feeling the other shopping malls and sadness, it was the wrong exit. Lucky my mother tell me lo den i took my dad's car and alighted at the other exit haha then once i reached there those mosquitoes started having their breakfast... hmmm guess my blood is reallie sweet huh.

Then we proceeded to the wheelock place lo just crossed a road and we reached le. There is the borders book store worz. Then we saw dawn and jue hui they all. Then we go and sign in and take our donation bags. Then we saw mrs koh and i greeted her lo haha then there is this friendly and humorous guy who is from the salvation army who brief us on the flag day lo. Then he said we can go to any part of singapore and ask for donations except for changi airport and mrt stations etc. He say go as far away from orchard as possible la. haha

Then chi ching stomachache. She was kinda pale looking. Then when we reached mrt station, charmaine and her went to toilet. Then dawn, vina, jue hui, jia min and i were standing outside unable to decided where we wanna go. Then finally we splited into two groups

Jia min, vina, dawn and me - one group - go city hall
Chi Ching, jue hui, charmaine- another group - go bugis

Then we proceeded to our destination lo. When we reached city hall horz... there was hardly any single soul in sight den we walked and walked walked to the hotel there then at least go some pple la... then i think i started askin for donations ya then we were okie lo...

Then there were reallie little pple cos its like 9 in the morning... haha

Then we decided to go bedok interchange. Actually is i suggest one la then the mrt trip to bedok was 15- 20 minutes long. Then when we alight, to our utter disappointment, there were already other students there lo... then jia min and i go together, then vina and dawn go together... split again la. We were able to find a place to ask for donations la... not bad lo. We stood outside mr bean then afte a while, we took a break and as i was tempted i bought soya bean milk to drink haha

Then we continued asking for donations. Then horz an auntie made a remark which set me thinking... when she donated she told me that the salvation army veh rich lehz... well i dunno abt it cos i am not part of it. i am just helping it and getting my cip points and of cos indirectly helping the old folks homes and childrens homes la. ya then we were supposed to return to wheelock place at 12 so dawn, vina, jia min and i meet at 1130 then headed back to wheelock. Then jia min's donation bag was slightly heavier than mine... then all four of us leg pain lo... due to too much walking hmmm we walk all around bedok lo.. then got see some shuai ge... but they never donate to me la haha then eRm we reached wheelock place then found out that chi ching went home le.. she reallie not feeling well. Get well soon chi ching.. .take care.

Then we returned our donation bags then go shopping... We waited for jue hui's dad to fetch her first... cos we wanted to go taka and heeren. Then jia min was dragged by charmaine to come with us. We wanted to go heeren to take neoprints then i wan to buy those funky badges to clip on my bag. Then we walked over to taka cos my mother said heeren is opposite taka...

then there were many those temporary stores outside taka... then got one sell cute cute stuff one. I was looking at this cute cute winnie the pooh water bottle then jia min asked me something then i said a bit too loudly that i dunno where is heeren then the store holder heard me then told us that heeren is opposite and further down.. haha thanks to my loud voice wahaha then we proceeded there lo. On the way horz... jia min saw two pple wearing the 'are u mad' tee. Then after that we saw the heartware network store!!!! Wheeee they are selling me to you bears at 20 bucks each with a paper windmill... then got a round round paper for you to write your wishes to singapore then will be hanged on a big big singapore flag... i will not have enough money to shop if i buy it so i didnt buy then we go heeren...

then we spend like half an hour walking around and around around and aroun searching for the print club... cos charmaine dunno how to go and she misled us wahahaa then we take neoprints.. jia min dun wanan take... i tell you horz, the first time we took neoprints was the worst experience i have ever had... we were not prepared lo..then the neoprint machine just go snap snap snap lo... wL... then somemore worst comes after worse... we were supposed to choose the photos that we wan.. then charmaine, being an hyperactive girl went to accidentally touched that over sensitve screen and pressed the ok... then all our pictures turn out to be the same lo... charmaine felt guilty haha dun blame her la... she didnt do it deliberately lo. then we decided to take another one. Then the other one was much more pleasant experience... we did london bride, dance, make a wish and the best is the group hugggieeesss wheee then jia min felt impatient with us cos i think she is bored then she went back by herself first i hope she is not angry worz... we were just too engrossed in shopping and photo taking... then erm we just shop at heeren then after that go heeren eat lunch - kfc.. then i bought a cute pencil case pink one... with hearts all over de... ELLE de worz..hmmm Then its lyk dat lo ya...

oh ya then vina took taxi home then charmaine, me and dawn take mrt. Then horz we actually took the one in the wrong direction... ahhhh omg... we took towards newton. haha from there we quickly switched back lo... newton can go to hcjc worz haha ya thats abt it lo...

then just now went to carrefour... bought camp stuff and a new miniature fan for my bed room. Bought two skirts and a track pants... and also a sleeping bag worz... hmmm then there the plasma tv got show jielun's mtv... cool dao yao ming!! haha

budden jay's cd was sold at only 17.90 there ... i bought at mj 18.90 sadness... but since its jay's cd... no problem la.... then eRm ya should be like that bahx... oh ya... ate duck rice and drank peel fresh guava juice veh nice... haha kks thats abt it... quite late le .. somemore my brother is coming to sleep in my room... =.=!!! urghhh irritating my legs veh tired and pain... i massage it at the massage machine at carrefour leh.. haha damn shuang...

BeCoS yOu cArE sO wE cAn Be ThErE - tHe SaLvAtiOn aRmy (i think the quote ish something like that la...)


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