Sunday, September 25

second day with bandages

woke up this morning with terribly stiff wrists. my parents finally got a new aircon for my room. and i kept forgetting to blog abt so here it is. its sanyo starmex and its super cooling wooohoo. but it definitely doe not do any good to my wrists argh. revised maths for the test tmr and when i was like taking down notes the medicine inside the bandage which somehow is yellow in colour actually smudged onto my notebook. ahhh did i mention it in yesterday's entry? there were like at least 6 pages having yellow smudges.

removed my right wrist bandage jus now in the evening. my right wrist is ok le. yayy. but i think i overused it since my left wrist is still in bandages. i washed my hand and accidentally splashed water onto the bandage. the medicine inside then stained the initally white bandage argh. disgusting. cant believe i hafta wear it to sch tmr ahhh. and right i can only turn it to a certain angle if not it will start hurting. argh. was thinking of getting a new watch. preferably casio futurist watch lorhs. but now hand in bandaged how to wear. dorts. my left hand better has enough energy to hold a ruler tmr if i have to draw a linear graph ><

its even starting to hurt now. i am pretty sure that that physician exerted way too much force on my pathetically fragile arm. wahhh. i can still remember vividly the pain i went through yesterday :'(

gonna study for maths. exams are like so near the corner. later~

Saturday, September 24

angel with injured wings

ahhh my wrists are in bandages now. yes both lehs. so terrible right. haiya. so irritated lorhs cos the bandage very tight. went to see physician jus now. omg he rubbed and turned my forearm lorhs. both right and left and then bandaged it. i look hilarious now. i can still type and sms. and move but i am advised not to but i cannot stay still so dun care le.

i am removing the right bandage tmr. oh pls lorhs. theres a maths test on like monday? and i have morning duty. i dont wan to look funny with two bandaged wrists standing at the main gate. the left bandage will be left on still a while later bahhs. cos theres a bruiseee on it. argh. regretted going to see the physician in the first place. such a meannieeee right. i was struggling not to scream jus now lorhs. and i was like practically closing my eyes.

he made me experience the worst pain ever in my life. yes in my erh 15 years of life. trust me the pain is too overwhelming le. so overwhelming that my arms have no strength at all argh.

although i am injured dont worry i can still protect ppl and grant this wishes. an injured angel is still an angel. hehehe furthermore i am jelly's angel (:

Friday, September 23

fun dayy

hm stayed up till like 4 plus to complete LA essay and Chinese reflection yesterday. Went for morning duty as usual. Super tired but not that tired. After duty went to change into pe attire then played basketball during pe. whooohooo basketball rawks and the feeling of playing basketball again is totally wonderful! i actually managed to shoot in like twice. then we played the abc game. then tried some random three pointer shot. then went back to match. and you noe wad. i actually managed to snatch the ball when it was being passed. its like a miracle cos it has never happened before. so proud of myself heheeh.

after pe was LA. watched this jap macbeth film. the song sang inside were like super longgg and that lady macbeth walked funnily. the film is not bad jus that abit dull cos its black and white. did chinese presentation for csp and my grp happened to be after darren's grp and thats not a good thing cos they are pro ppl who can crap without summarized script. argh. but i think my grp did our best le. whatever. girl powerr! at least our presentation was quite smooth going except for my part when i kept stuttering out english words. and lost where i was in the script. according to darren i acted cute. grr whats the prob lorhs.

hmm stayed in class during recess which explained why i was so hungry when school finally ended. geog lesson was fun. and there seemed to be alot of comments when i spoke up. ahh. miss pear oso very cute. she went haha when hongyi was being called by mrs phua. LOL

after school ms devi held the bali briefing in 3J and those not going had to leave the room. i left the room and walked at least thrice past my own classroom and not being let in. hahas. sought refuge in 3i with shue ling. went for lunch with her and shumin. met mufeng. apparently my rate of eating has decreased rapidly and i am now the slowest to finish my lunch whether its noodles or rice. usually is rice. my digestive system got problem lehs. hahas

after that went back to classroom. both my right and left wrists were abused LOL yes abused. and i screamed super loud, so loud that i think everyone at the corridor can hear laa. whatever la.

after that was cpa skit rehearsal.... till around 4 plus. took bus home with shumin and shueling.

today's pe lesson really rawks. basketball rawks too. calories-burning. and not forgetting the taking place of a miracle wheee.

i am proud to announce that i have become Jelly's angel. wheeee. i am angel no. 4 in the cpa skit and i just made a halo and a wand. i think its super cute and i did not disappoint art club i hope. hehes.

being an angel is no easy task. tsk tsk the making of the halo is already tedious work. thats so true can.i tried making the halo with a clothe hanger and my hands mei you li and i ws afraid that the veins will start popping out like what happened in the afternoon. ask shumin shes my eye witness LOL. then my brother gave me some thinner and lighter wires cos the clothe hanger right, not only issit hard to bend into a circular shape, it is too heavy for my head and gave me a headache. hahas i managed to make the halo and it is now resting in my paper bag with my skirt and wand. i am an angel~ lalala

btw a big thank you to shumin and shue ling for being my saviour today ;)

Sunday, September 18

mooncake festival celebration and hsk exam

i am gonna type really really fast cos i am only giving myself like around 15 minutes to blog. so much has happened the past few days. there was mooncake festival celebration in school on friday.

friday was a fun day. but it rained in the morning. it was creepy cos i had just started my morning duty at the maingate every morning from tuesday onwards till i think the end of this term. then i was thinking about what if i would have to report for duty if it was raining or do i have to take umbrellas to shelter my fellow peers into the school. i was quite sure it wld be the latter laa. then the next day it rained. it wasnt raining when i reached sch at around 7 but it started drizzling at around 720 and i was holding this pathetically heavy umbrella at the school gate. it was windy and my umbrella was swaying from side to side. but it was the first time i didnt perspire while doing duty tho. my shirt was wet due to the rain.

it was an interesting experience. it was afterall my first time doing maingate duty in my history of being a student councillor. and i think i was kinda blur while performing my duty. sigh i have more to learn though i am the assistant ic. hehehes.

first period after flag raising was pe but since it was raining so no pe. did bio essay ques and chatted with twin. we had some interesting and lame argument but i cant remember what it was now. after that was LA. was late for the lecture. and i was sinful. i didnt pay full attention during the lecture. argh

after LA was CSP. went back to class. the six of us pia csp powerpoint presentation the previous night and jh was such a smartypants to get a fabulous website. applause for jh. and yy was nice. i nearly couldnt get braces cos my mom NEARLY changed her mom. ohgosh. yea i noe. promises are meant to be broken but disappointments are really terrible, not to mention that i have suffered so many times of disappointments this year.

but we didnt get to present csp. realised that the presentation is only next week. hahas csp lesson was really interesting this time and this was the first time which i didnt feel sleepy. watched videos and listened to an laoshi. finally able to understand the lesson. FINALLY~~

after csp was recess. erh i cant remember where we went or did. i think we went to the canteen issit? i think so. after recess was geog. and i said sth stooopid which made me seem really dumb and the others laughed non-stop. i dunno if i should say it here but i think no. cos it wld only emphasize on my dumbness. and oh pls it has completely nth to do with jin huang shi cuo kaes. my mouth jus couldnt communite effectively with my brain at that time.

ms pear told us more abt the make-up geog test next thurs and the guys were arguing with her to use the average score for the test. grrrr.

there was an sc meeting after sch at the cluster training room. after that went for lunch. ate two honeydews and a strawberry biscuits due to temptation by jingles. went to the hostel canteen to help arrange the tables and prepare the place for the mooncake making. sth creepy happened and i think it really scared jingles. hahas. cos we were tying the plastic table cloth or whatever to the legs of the table then one of the end with no tears actually jus appeared ON the table. ok this is a lousy explanation so forget it.

after that i went to the library to look for jelly, yy and yl. and they actually thot i didnt see them so they pretended to be transparent by lying on the table =.- lol after that we went to parkway and yy and yl taught me and jh a game they always played. its really nice and i am proud to say that both me and jh have finally mastered it. practice makes perfect mahhs =P

the lyrics of the game goes:
apples on a stick
gonna make me sick
gonna make my heart go
two four six

not becos its dirty
not becos its clean
jus becos she kisses the boy
behind the magazine (yy,yl and jh like to change this part of the lyrics ><)

boys and girls
coming out to play
here comes (name) in a
short short skirt

she can do the rhythm
she can do the beat
but i bet ten bucks
that she cant do this

close your eyes and
count to ten
if you mess up
your a big fat hen

one two three
four five
six seven eight

nine ten
big fat hen
big fat hen
big fat hen

LOL cute right. jus that i was get teased by the edited lyrics booo.

went to pp then shopped around. ate lunch then bought lanterns. i ate until super bloated. and sad to say i didnt manage to get a watch. sigh. i wanted a casio watch but looking at the amount of money i had left. it is one big fat hope. i cant possibly ask money from my parents cos i really wld get a whole lot of nagging in return. i should be contented. yes i should.

returned back to school. then erh played the game in cls then proceeded to the basketball court for the celebration. played truth or dare with yl, yy and jh. and i got asked a stoooopid question by jingles. argh and of cos i replied with a stupid answer ;)

after that we were given peanuts, titbits, pomelo and mooncake. i was really bloated so only ate a little mooncake cos it was made by my twin, and abit of pomelo. then played concentration game and dare and dare with cecilia and the others. and stoooopiiiiidddd darren kept mumbling numbers to me then i couldnt concentrate and hence i had to do dare. argh. meanie eh. it was super malu. all thanks to him laa.

after that there was the viewing of baby photos of our teachers and staffs. then the karaoke session. whooohoooo mr sng rawks! mr low rawks! tong hua lehs. i was like screaming when i saw the mv. and the guys were like unfeeling or sth. i cant rmb why. but they were criticizing the mv when it rawks lorhs.

zhang fan and li ke sang too. after that the celebration ended. so sad. sigh

had hsk exam on saturday. i tink i flopped it. and i discovered that my concentration level had really become worse. ahhh. thats abt it. and this blogging session took 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes boo.

Sunday, September 11

helplessly helpless

i am feeling so super helpless now. i dunno why. jus that i cant visualize my thoughts properly and i am like wasting my life away without getting anything constructive done. argh. why arh. why is life so unfair.

i SERIOUSLY need to quieter study environment. how can i concentrate when all the birds are chirping away happily like nobody's business. its a bad thing already that i havent start on anything for the eoy exams and according to jingles, the exams are like only 20 days or even less away. ahhh. help!

jelly's hse and yy's hse are definitely ideal studying environment. i am so envious. but other than envying what else can i do. i noe maybe i should quit being a sedentary creature and maybe walk to the nearest community library and relax and study there but i cant even be bothered to leave my room. gosh. whats happening. my life's in a mess. everything's in a mess.

mr helmi and ms loh havent post the online lessons which they talked abt. and the physics exam practice paper is like soooooo difficult. i have so many things undone and what am i doing? blogging?

i cant relax so dont tell me to relax. i will appreciate that.

and when life's so disastrous, does wishing upon a star help at all?

i think NO. but maybe crying for help does. HELP.

Saturday, September 10

random thoughts

i am starting to miss my hair in Germany during May and June. argh i have no idea why but my hair looked very very nice in the photos taken there. hey i am not being bhb. jelly also agreed with me. I wouldnt want to mention about the condition of my hair in london and paris. it was a disaster. thats why i am amazed that my hair were so nice in germany. ah. miracle. according to jelly and yy, my hair looked dry but it isnt. My hair has become smoother ever since i used Lux super rich. ohwells. hmm just some random thoughts laa.

anyway i might be getting braces after all. perhaps at the end of this year. ah. nothing can be confirmed till after the exams.

well life is getting alot more than i have expected. when i was in primary school, i just prayed hard that i would get into my dream school which is dhs at that time and after that i will go to a jc then to nus and then to work and perhaps get a boyfriend and marry blah blah blah. I did get into dhs but i never expect myself to enter the thru-train prog and skip o'level. My dream jc in secondary two was hwa chong and i die die oso must go hwa chong but now i am going to a dhs jc? erh theres nothing wrong about that. jus that it wasnt wad i expected.

and i have always wanted to be a teacher since i was a toddler. i admired my teachers from kindergarten till primary school and i kept telling myself that i would be a teacher next time. but now? the first ambition which comes to my mind is not teacher but doctor, a specialist in some areas in the medical field, perhaps a gynae or dermatologist etc etc. things do change.

I hate changes. i just do. why must things change. why cant everything just stay the same. changes can be good. changes can be bad. but still they are changes. haiya.

just went to long beach at marina for dinner jus now. super bloated now. and i am feeling sinful. hm there was these two brothers who were talking really loudly at a table next to ours. they were talking like they were the only ones in the restaurant. its their eldest sister's bday i think. hmm but they were quite entertaining eh. heheehee

watched kindred spirit in the afternoon. that muchuan is so dorts. so da nan ren zhu yi. MCP laa. put up such a brave front when he is so weak inside. do you noe that sometimes when one appears hard on the outside but soft in the inside can be very hurtful, especially when they say words to prove their 'braveness'? like 'i dont need you laa', 'dont cry. i hate to see you crying', 'it would be even better if you leave', 'i have never loved you before' etc etc.

argh. i was like scolding that muchuan when watching the show. so disgusting. so unfeeling!! so insensitive!! guys can be really insensitive at times. it is a fact. better realise your insensitivity before its too late. think about it.

and and and guys like to make use of ppl. yes. that is definitely a fact. they make use of ppl like those ppl owe them in their previous lifetime. just like how muchuan made use of xiaomei. making use of her then scolding her in front of everyone. such a bastard. what a jerk. he only realised the importance of xiaomei after she left and that he cant live without her. isnt he a bit the slow eh? not appreciating when she is there for him. only to worry when she is gone. what can i say. sometimes you have to use your brain. speak after the words go through your brain. think before you speak. filter those swearing and scolding. follow your heart. express yourself.

argh. jus some random thoughts. i am not feeling really strongly about whats written but they do make sense kaes. guess i am off to completing geog project. cya

Friday, September 9

picture post

Image hosted by

friends are forever (:
we share laughters, joy, giggles, screams, cries and huggs

Image hosted by

and this is the korean drama series which i want to watch desperately now. hahahas its the latest cannn.

Image hosted by

and this is the book cover of the tragic but nice book which i mentioned about in the earlier entry. go and borrow from the library or buy it. and you heart will definitely goes all out to the protagonist in it. confirm guarantee plus chop ;)

slacky day

hm finally had a good night sleep last night. after all the projects and everything. LA film is definitely grp5's pride laa. showed it to everyone when we met up for csp proj at jelly's hse yesterday. i was super late for the discussion cos my dad went to his office to get some stuff before driving me there. it was raining and my op slippers are really really old and i nearly slipped while walking to my dad's car. scary. super scary then my mom told me to get a new pair of slippers when i went to tm later in the afternoon.

hmm then met up with the others. we didnt do much constructive stuff before eileen came or maybe you can count watching my grp's LA film and the NGs as constructive. perhaps not but definitely ENTERTAINING (: gimme excess of it... awww hahas

hmmm laptop really rawks. and jelly's hse rawks even more. i went to her house like at least 6 times and its almost like my hse LOL. her mom's really nice. so we slacked slacked then went to tm for lunch at yoshinoya then shopped around. yl rushed back to sch for her fen zu. ohya we did alot of quizzes at before leaving the house for lunch. the quizzes really rawk but not really accurate at times.

lunch at yoshinoya rawks. except that me and jelly abit the mountain tortoise laa. cos we never eat before cannn. i only frequent places like mac and kfc laa hmm shopping time after lunch but but not really in the mood for shopping. dunno why. hot dog rolls were selling really cheap at polar but too bad we only saw the offer after having our lunch. ah wad a waste.

by the time we went back to jh's hse its already like four plus. hmmm and we stayed at her house for dinner. my second dinner at her hse. thank you uncle for the nice nice duck rice and chicken rice. super paiseh lorhs. i shall invite jelly to my hse for dinner the next time my grandma cooks chicken curry. whee

hmm today was mainly the tidying of my room and doing of chemistry stoichiometry worksheet i managed to complete one whole part by myself this time round after brainstorming throughout my lunch. lunch consisted of macaroni and meatballs wheee.

read the book yy helped me borrow from the library. its a really nice book. titled shi huo de tian tang. its really really nice but the story's a tragedy. it was so heart wrenching when i read it jus now and i got so carried away then i didnt even bother to stop and do my geog reflection. and now i have only typed a short para for the reflection cos i am blogging and chatting away at msn. hahas.

love is but an embellishment in life.
with it you get joy
without it you will still enjoy the sweetness of life

friends ahhh they are the necessity of life
they fill and multiply the joy and happiness in your life
they divide and share your sorrow and blues
they get rid of your worries and troubles
they calm you down and melt your anger away
and and and
they are always there for you (:

you have got a friend in me. yayy i care.

Thursday, September 8

a romantic personality quiz

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I am...
Coretta Scott King

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What kind of lover are you?

Wednesday, September 7

whoooo i am in a better mood

whoooo i am in a better mood right now. wheee sorry for the sudden mood swing in the previous entry. it was typed in com lab 1 in school just now. when i was typing away, yy, yl and jh were playing some games which seemed fun but i wasnt in the mood to join in sigh antisocial. hahas after cutting off the previous entry, i started on my proposal for CPA publicity. i have so many things to do so i better get them done fast and quick if not i will be super stressed and moody when everything has to meet the deadline.

after a while, yy and yl left. then jh and i discussed about geog and decided to go somewhere for lunch. we went to the school canteen to see if theres the peanut biscuits which jh has this ultimate craving for but the vending machine was practically empty boohoo. then i suggested going to tm for lunch. hahas then took bus 158 and mrt there. chatted alot on the mrt. actually i was the one ranting and whinning most of the time laa. so much had happened these few days and i seldom get the chance to pour my sorrows out. LOL. thanks alot to jelly hor. paisehh for making your ears suffer.

then we decided to eat mac after some consideration. ahhh dont remind me. yes i noe calories but whatever. i think i took nearly half an hour to finish my chicken burger. my appetite's getting really funny lately. i get hungry easily. perhaps due to the fact that my stomach's producing more and more hydrochloric acid. but when i alas buy food and about to start munching, i dont feel like eating anymore and even feel kinda full. weird huh. oh no eating disorder? i suppose not la. i realised that those ppl who sit outside the mac at tm are mostly smoking. hm

after makaning, er i took a really long time btw and poor jelly waited for me. hahas and i wasted like half a packet of regular fries. my appetite is really... dorts. anyway after that both of us headed for popular. i went to buy a blue pen and erh to waste time? though geminis are supposed to hate wasting time and doing nothing but hey i was shopping. then we were astonished at the number of new assessment books then we become guai kias and started flipping through the books. LOL then i was going crazy over chemistry assessment books. cos chemistry rawks, mrs phua rawks, mr lee rawks. i love chemistry to bits and shreds and pieces bwahahas. then we sat down behind a shelf and jh was looking thru this geog book. we were trying to karp info for our geog hols proj laa. heheehee. then i saw this nice looking casco chemistry book and when i turned to the back u noe who i saw?

i saw a photo of our former principal MR TAN THIAM HOCK. and that chemistry reference book was written by him u noe!! after his retirement in jan this year. omg he loves chemistry as much as i do and mrs phua does. LOL then me and jh took a book each and studied it. we found out that it is quite useful. no no correction. VERY useful. hahas i am getting that book thats for sure. heeee and u should too. i mean if you are all studious and stuff yeps. u wil feel motivated by just knowing the fact that the book is written by someone u noe. heee

after one hour or so in popular we decided to go home. at that point of time both jh and i were broke and we only had enough money to take bus/mrt home. so cham right. haiya.

the mrt journey home was no doubt lonely and bored. its plain misery to be alone on the bus or mrt. geminis cant stand loneliness not even for a second. hahas at least thats true for me. hm then i came home. was really fed up with my computer and laptop cos one is spoiled and the other cant connect to internet. then jus now suddenly brain juice rushed to my brain and i realised that the firewall in my laptop must have hindered the connection to internet so smarty me uninstalled the firewall and yay the internet connection is back. and everyone's feeling happy for me cos i was whinning in sch just now that its gonna be a torture for me not being able to log on to the net. unable to log on to the net means no chatting at msn, means no blogging, means no fun, means no horoscope-checking every day. ahhhh i cant survive.

i will be meeting up with the others tmr to do csp proj at jelly's hse. hahas i am going to her house for the second time this week i think. and its kinda a long story to start from last saturday so i will just highlight some 'climax' of the events that had happened. hmmm sunday was a travelling day. singapore tour to be specific.

on sunday morning i realised i cant load the video into my lousyyyy computer and i promised yuhan that i will return her the camera at 930 pm at bedok mrt if i did not remember wrongly. then early in the morning i started calling up ppl and asking them how to upload the video then i asked yy if i can load the video to her computer and niceeee yy agreed so my mom took me and my bro to bedok by taxi. the taxi driver was really humorous and entertaining. i was in a bad mood and he really did cheer me up a little.

upon reaching i met yy then went to her house and started uploading. did not noe what to do at first but eventually know le. then the video was taking like forever to upload, practically one or more hour. then yy had to go for her tuition so i was alone in the study room uploading the video. i felt very bad cos so early come and trouble ppl then her maid very nice. prepared garlic bread and milo for me. then munched on the bread as i waited for the video to load then my mom was waiting downstairs for me lorhs. then then i was super super late to meet yuhan so i asked my mom to bring the camera to peixin's hse and pass to them. then i continued uploading the video when it finally completed i rushed to eugene's hse to learn how to edit the video. the bus ride was scary. i was supposed to take bus 608 from bedok interchange initially, as instructed by wj but but the bus service dont operate on weekends and to think i still waited for like erh 15 minutes for it. lucky i noe hokkien and the nice auntie beside me speaks hokkien. dialects just rawk laa.

then eugene told me to take bus 14 then i boarded the bus and went around aimlessly cos i have never taken bus 14 before. yes i dont stay in bedok mahs. then he told me to alight after seeing a starbucks on the right. so throughout the whole bus journey, my head was tilted to the right and looking out for that magical starbucks. the bus journey took like forever too lorhs and finally i saw that enlightening starbucks and alighted. it was raining super heavily and i did not have an umbrella with me so niceee jelly came to the bus stop to fetch me. then we went to eugene's hse lorhs. then realised that the video sending from yy's hse is too big and it might take forever to finally receive it so jh and i walked in the rain with a small umbrella to a bus 14 bus stop near siglap and boarded the bus and alighted at tanah merah mrt then took mrt to aljunied. my dad fetched us from aljunied and i went home to get the usb cable for my zen neeon. then my mom gave us bread and a packet of soya bean milk each and jh and i felt like we were in germany hahas. the packed lunch we used to have ahh memories ~

then my dad fetched us to yy's hse to save the video in my zen then we walked in the rain again to find a bus 14 bus stop and headed back to eugene's hse. argh all the travelling. then learnt editing there. yupps then after that took bus 14 to tanah merah mrt and took mrt home. before taking bus i dropped by 7-eleven to buy snickers. my stomach was growling mercilessly at that time but after buying it stopped growling so i put the snickers bar into my bag. reached home at around 745 super late lorhs. then jh editing the film. my zen was with her.

we arranged to meet up at 9am at her house the next day. i reached at 8am to help her with the editing. that night, shumin, jh and i all slept at close to 3am. argh LA... ohya that night my parents bought me a compaq laptop from the comex exhibition at suntec. yayyy my mom and dad rawk. and believe me, the laptop is a great saviour to our LA project cos it has windows media player.

then the next day which is monday we met up at jh's hse. jh and i walked towards changi road to fetch jess cos she overshot. hahas she did not alight at the right bus stop and i think it was partly my fault cos of my slow sms. hehe. then we did storyboard and all but realised that we cant finish by 12pm. so we decided to postpone till erh 5pm but we still cant finish. ohya jh's mom prepared lunch for us. then jess and shumin left for their cca etc. then her mom prepared snacks for me hahas i felt pampered. then we did till like at night then still cant finish. and i forgot abt my chemistry tuition so i didnt go cos LA oso havent finish mahs. then i ate dinner at jh's hse. so paiseh lorhs. thnks to jh's dad. thnk you uncle and auntie and jh's sister, gwendolin.

then we did the film editing until 10 plus then my dad came to fetch me. as the film editing stuff were saved in my laptop i brought home to complete. and it was super late when i reached home and i only started editing at eleven plus. and the whole editing process actually extended till morning 6am. yeah after that i went to slp and supposed to wake up at 645 am as i was meeting jh in sch at 715am. so yea 45 minutes of slp but unforunately i couldnt wake up in time. jh's phone call woke me up at 8 plus. sorrie guys. overslept too tired liaos. then rushed to sch. my dad really rawks. he has been ferrying me around these few days. showed jh and shumin the film and alas we handed into mr ken and i headed home. then took a nap from like 12 plus to 5 pm when i was awakened by shueling's phone call. i did not even eat the lunch my grandma bought. so i ate it as dinner instead. argh. finally all's over. sigh.

some random thoughts:

~ love's but an embellishment in life...

~ good things are worth the wait

~ nothing is impossible

~ insincere sorry-s are no cure
saying sorry is so common and easy and you wont noe when a sorry is a truly sincere one.

~happy moments are as short-lived as the sunset

~ girls should doll themselves up for the sake of themselves and not the guys.

~ignorance is bliss

~ taking initiative wont shorten your lifespan.

~ this world is UNFAIR.

~ someone with perfect grades need not necessary has the perfect attitude.

~ friends are the rainbow of my life

~ its really hard not to complain and rant and whine when life is being really unfair to you as well as your close friends.

~ its no use dreaming if your dreams will all be dashed by reality in the blink of an eye.

long time no blog ahh change of lifestyle

i am in school now in com lab 1. argh havent update for a long time cos my computer died. its a long story. so much had happened since i last blog. i havent even enjoyed my holidays since the start, instead the holidays seemed to have so much more to do than normal school days. i am tired. really tired of everything. tired of my life. tired of homework and projects. tired of COMPUTERS! but but i am not tired of horoscopes, friends and family (: whee.

i cant really remember what happened on 3 sept saturday but i think i went to parkway to buy uriage skincare products and they added up to nearly 90 bucks and it was my own allowances. argh. auntie jenny wasnt there when i reached but i just took the products as instructed by her. after that erm we went to the hawker centre at old airport road to makan LATE dinner argh.

yy just reminded me that we attended debate at mediacorp in saturday afternoon. then i remembered i met up with my LA group members in the morning/afternoon to film LA. talking about LA just made me wanna scream. i still have alot to say about it though we had already handed in the film. and yes its a LONG LONG story. and if you are the patient sort or dont have the time or just plain not interested at all... i advised you not to read on.

Well and if you are still reading on, you better prepare yourself for lotsa crap and complaining. before i start whinning, i think i should reward you with the details at the debate held at mediacorp. well so yes we filmed before the debate but we wasted some time tidying our chemistry file and doing the worksheets/ corrections etc. and i actually tidied two chemistry file. yes not ONE but TWO. your eyes not playing trick on you. argh wj was super late for the filming and when we started filming, alot of people had started arriving for the debate in school and it was really hard to ask the people around to keep quiet for the filming. and duh it was embarrassing to act in front of soooo many people.

jess and the others suggested a scene on the bus journey to mediacorp but unfortunately we got all separated and i sat with peiyu on the bus. chatted with her and showed her a bit of our film. upon reaching mediacorp we started discussing about LA filming and as usual all the problems started pouring in. and i was almost hoping that i could stop breathing and all the troubles would just go *poof and gone. urgh.

the debate was nice. the eight debaters were from different universities in different countries. one of them was from NUS yayy Singapore's pride but erh he cant really sing or maybe he just cant sing jay's song. haiya. i dun feel like blogging anymore. sorrie for the sudden change in mood and causing disappointment. i promise i will continue to blog about all the events that happened in the past few days but i think it will be a long wait cos yes my computer died and my new laptop seemed to have problem connecting to internet.

life's getting on my nerves but at least i still have my tv and my friends. argh

love is but an embellishment in life. it is not as important as bread as it doesnt ensure your survivial. lol have a nice day~

Friday, September 2

I was supposed to wake up at 5am this morning to mug for today's geography test but apparently i couldnt get myself out of bed in time and i slept for another one and a half hour before getting out of my comfy bed. by then i had already wasted the time i could have mug for geography. was supposed to study geography last night but when yy told me online that junyang was performing onstage for Project Superstar, i just chionged to the other room with tv and didnt bother about my computer and homework, not to even mention revision can.

ahhh and that was a sin. ohgosh i just remember i havent done my LA reflection which is supposed to be due today but whatever, i shall pia it tonight and place it in Mdm Nora's locker tomorrow. ah thats abit of digressing but never mind. yes wasting time sleeping instead of studying when it was the actual day of the crucial geog test is indeed a huge sin. after watching Project Superstar last night, i tidied my chemistry file but got fed up after a while cos the content page does not tally with the worksheets i had with me at that time (and so i didnt hand in today. argh)

Anyway Project Superstar last night really rocks my socks like crazy. Junyang totally rocks my whole universe and galaxy when he sang the theme song of the teenage drama Tian Shi Wo Ai Ni (am i right or erh wrong?) And the duet with Shi Sin Huey, Wu Ding, was really NICE. yes NICEEEEE in cap locks and lotsa eeeee (: gosh they behaved like couple lorh. Hope Candyce did not give Junyang a piece of her mind. whoa. hahas kidding eh.

I am really hoping for a re-telecast (is there such a word) of last night's Project Superstar's Finals. It really rocks. Hm Perhaps excluding the announcing of the champion. I was kinda disappointed though i have lost interest in Project Superstar ever since Junyang was eliminated. It sorta dashed my hopes you know. And when the results showed that Weilian had emerged as the champion well it was definitely an unexpected ending. Not that I discriminate Wei Lian. I seriously think that he is a true hero with courage and perseverance. I admire him for who he is and how he overcomes his handicap. Just like Lena Maria, the girl who is born with no arms. I dont have much preference between Kelvin and Kelly. They are already champions since they have emerged out from the so many contestants.

My heart totally sank without the will to struggle when i realised that Junyang was eliminated. I mean he was really good not to mention his element of cuteness (hey sounds familiar eh?) and charisma. His vocals is really good and strong and he is a pro in singing love songs. ah. thats my junyang. my superstar forever and ever. He just rocks. TOTALLY.

My heart went all out to Shi Sin Huey when i saw how strong she was despite being eliminated. Her smile remained as radiant as ever and she did not drop a tear. Her sister was crying, her fans were sobbing and crazy me was tearing like nobody's business in front of the television set. She really had the potential and talent and of cos determination and courage. She did not cry and thats one reason which made me cry harder. She was so strong. Super. My idol. Our good example. I am proud of her and i am sure her fans are too.

I have no preference between kelly and kelvin since they are both really good except that kelly might be a bit better. She has the style, the charisma and everything a superstar needs to possess. As for kelvin, his singing can really touch one's heart and well up tears in the eyes. I had no preference between the both of them but majority of the people i know had expected kelly to emerge as the champion. Its pretty obvious that kelly is popular and well-liked by the judges and those comments given by the judges were like guarantee-ing her the championship in Project Superstar. I am sure she was disappointed by the results. But still she is another brave girl as she was all smiles last night although she didnt win. Kelvin looked abit sad when waiting for the results to be announced and he definitely had not expected himself to beat kelly. His hard work and efforts put in had definitely paid off. He is our hero. yayy

i am glad that both kelvin and kelly got signed up by music company which will groom them into superstars yayy!! heard from jh that junyang will be getting a contract and will have his album released soon. I am waiting VERY patiently lehs. hahas. good things are worth waiting for.

Before the results were announced last night, the 4 male finalists sang David tao's My anata. Derrick was really cute. ultimate element of cuteness (familiar?) junyang was so charming ahhh. and the four of them rawk really.

next up was a performance by the 8 male and female finalists. They sang a song which i cant remember and SHE"s tong kuai. They danced too. And Candyce was practically always standing next to junyang. hahas. ah ah. All of them rawk. Silver's smile is really attractive. Sin Huey is beautiful. Candyce is sweet-looking. yayy and of cos junyang rocks~

so now that its fate that kelvin is the champion of superstar. we should just accept it and not grumble. i mean its really not easy to join a competition with so many potential singers when you have a disability and have to face all the criticism by media and public. yups he is a true hero who deserves our admiration and respect. So now we should believe in him to give us the best music and performances and i wish him all the best here in his future endeavours (:

alright so much digressing. now back to my life. decided to pin out my fringe today cos i wld hate to see my acne worsen. its really terrible now. argh. i am getting some new skincare products. soon. maybe tomorrow. went to school. managed to hear my horoscope on the car. That DJ produced aries wrongly laa. boo.

reached school then pia geog. ahhh. terrible. pe was terrible. wt, jess, gj, ruth and i joined nicholas and kenny's team for volleyball. did warm up and i got smacked on my chin by the vball >< then game started and i was really bored cos its either the ball did not come to me or i wld jus scream when the ball came in front of me. I even served the ball ahhh and it went directionless again. the vball had an attitude problem.

initally playing against juehui's team then switched and played against erh yunyin's team. mr tan was playing in her team and i was super scared that the vball wld come to me and i was waiting desperately for the bell to ring.

hm after pe was LA. mug geog. i noe its kinda disrespectful but aiya. i managed to listen to a part of the lecture though hee.

CSP was much of mugging for geog as well. There was these really embarrassing incidents which i dont think there is a need to announce here laa. hahas. super embarrassing. jh bully me!! hahas. sm and yy oso. booo =P

recess was mugging and finally geog!! ahhh i cant finish the test lorhs. omg omg. and i wrote so untidily for every single question and i think not all that were in my mind were written down in ink. argh. the points all rushed to my brain faster than i could pen them down. my hands are slow.

after geog did file tidying and packing etc. then had art club committee meeting. it was the first and it was the best! ideas kept pouring in and there was practically not a moment of silence. esp with me, cecilia and chip around, wad do you expect. hahas. we discussed from one plus till around 3 plus. and we changed venue from sec 3 study area to the canteen cos we were intimidated by the npcc. hahas no no =X cos we wanted to have lunch.

after the meeting, we went to computer lab for video editing. had to go down to the staffroom to ask mr ken for permission. and he was nice! although he dunno us he still helped us and even asked about our film. Thank you Mr Ken (:

we realised that we could not upload the films into the computer so we went down to the canteen. saw yy and yl. then got to know that yy lost her phone then we went around searching for her phone. but couldnt find. sigh dont be sad kaes (: whoever is that meanie who took her phone out of greed, you be careful. you wont be able to have a good night sleep tonight. just you wait kaes bully my 'mommy' LOL

i think i gtg and get started on LA film. tata.

to yuhan and jm: get well soon (: