Sunday, April 30

Dad's Bday Dinner

Went to this particular restaurant for the bday dinner. I am not mentioning the name. It's not going to be nice, judging from the contents I am going to talk about.

Alright I didnt enjoy the dinner. Neither did my parents, brother and grandmother. All because of this particular waitress or should I say, manager, who totally dampened our celebration mood. My family has been going to the restaurant ever since I was a toddler and everytime my dad has foreign clients, he would bring them there for dinner. He even has a membership.

But last night, the service was such a disappointment. It was downright lousy. To think there were tourists patronizing the restaurant. Oh man what a disgrace.

'Customers are always right.' Does this phrase still apply to the service industry these days? Dont misunderstand, I am not saying all services in Singapore are LOUSY. There are some really good services which really start the customers day off right. But that restaurant yesterday was... DISAPPOINTING.

No smiles. No manners. No apology after taking the wrong order. Raising off voice even when the customer hadnt raise his voice. Wow what an attitude. What a good example for the rest of the waitors hor? Wow I am fascinated cann?

All the side dishes like fish and vegetables came before the supple food dish. How to swallow that down when we are already so full?


Another thing, the cloze passage jls gave us regarding the number of elderly serving and working made me observe ab0ut the situation in the restaurant last night. True enough. And their attitude is definitely better. But really they should be at home enjoying life instead of toiling their lives away. Sigh. Think about it.

There's CS concert later. Gonna start doing my work since I've wasted the whole of yesterday slacking. Kaes gtg have lunch. Cya.

Saturday, April 29

Going out for Dad's Bday dinner =D

Yo yo! I should be getting ready to go out. My hair's not combed... my bag's not packed. But nvm. Didnt run 2.4km yesterday. What a disappointment. I was determined to finsh the run once and for all laa. Booo.

Went for a facilitator meeting for BSP camp at Singapore Sports School and yes the school is in WOODLANDS! Ah. The journey there took about 1 hour or so.

Yea I dont think I have time to blog in details about it now. But anyway I am going out for my dad's belated bday dinner. Jus now he was boasting about how great he did in his running in NS. ah. How come I didnt inherit his stamina?!

He started talking abt it cos he saw me reading this library book on running... LOL I was bored that time at the library so I jus borrowed it laa. Thought it could give me some assurance while running my 2.4km.

Alright I gtg. More posts tmr. Cya.


Thursday, April 27

Tadaa. Presenting my new blogskin

Alright. Finally done. Yay. I feel a sense of accomplishment overwhelming me. whoa.

YY commented that the new blogskin is nice. thnks (: Spent 1 hour or so doing it. The quizes I took last time kinda ruined the skin but oh well nvm. I should be contented with my achievement =)

Ok it's about midnight. Yes my blogskin is done. Cross out. My email's sent. Cross out. Uh but my Maths assignment's not complete. Guess I am off. Tata.

Some things to say before my departure:

1)My brother and I got a GNC gift card as a birthday present for my dad. Thinks he likes it. Whee.

2) Aquamarine's really nice but well just remember not to eat a saucey burger inside a dark cinema.

3) Yun Yin's birthday is on 4 May. 4 May. 4 May. 2 days after shumin's birthday and 3 days after labour day. You know what to do hor.

4) Gift preparation - Shumin's bday, YY's bday, Mother's Day.

aquamarine. presents. shopping. blogskins

ah I am finally back blogging. The reasons being me feeling like blogging and secondly because Jingles has been complaining to me about how stagnant my blog is. Boo. Ok today's a great day excluding all the tests, silence, stomachache, messy hair blah blah blah.

Watched Aquamarine movie with PY at Cineleisure. Both of us were rather surprised that there were actually three boys sitting directly in front of us in the cinema. Yes its surprising to find boys watching this type of girly movie...

Anyway today's my dad's birthday and I bought him a present worth 30 bucks. Whoa its so far the most expensive gift I have ever bought. But it's worth it cos MY DAD'S THE BEST =D

then erm shopped around but didnt take neoprints... yep hmmm I was also on a lookout for twin's bday prezzie.

hey ppl!! Shu Min's birthday is on 2 May. 2 May. 2 May!!!! The day after Labour day. The second day in the month of May. LOL you know what to do. At least...

I know (:
JH knows (:
YY knows (:
YL knows (:

ok ok that was jus plain lame. Anyway I gtg get a new blogskin cos I forgot to upload the picture of my present blogskin and its gone now... bummer.

things to do:
1) change and personalise blogskin
2) maths assignment on differentiation (halfway completed)
3) send emails
4) more bloggings to do!!
5) off to the dreamland i go =)

Sunday, April 16

the extreme sports i should try

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how selfish i am

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i am a blueee flower

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whee 190506 da vinci code = pg

whee. its not NC16. Its not M18. Neither issit R21.

It is PG. Yes PG!!!


be a part of the phenomenon (:

(if you dunno what i am talking abt, refer to the previous entry (: )

Thursday, April 13

da vinci code

whee. I managed to finish reading the Da Vinci Code novel today. and whoa I must say. I am impressed by the many twists and turns in the story. I was picturing all the actions in my mind, practically to the extent of watching a movie. I love the novel. I cant believe that I actually procrastinate to read it, thinking that it's a awfully boring novel =S it proved me wrong. I bought the novel last year before I went on the Germany trip and actuall brought it along on the trip but I only read a few chapters of it. After returning to Singapore, the book was left on the book shelf and finally when I knew that the movie is airing soon I decided to understand the story plot before catching the movie.

Afte reading the novel I am dying to watch the movie. And after viewing the trailer I am even more thrilled to watch the movie laa!!! (: I am just worried about the rating. Apparently it is going to be released on 19 May and if you happen to remember my date of birth, you will know why I am worried. LOL. Worst to the worst let it be NC16 and not M18!! Please....

I am really looking forward to the movie and I think this is the first time I am so thrilled about an upcoming movie =D

combined sports meet was ok... hehehe not too bad laa. There's band concert tmr. Shu Min and I are going for the night one... Having dinner together... oops. means i cant catch the 7pm Channel 8 show... which happens to be the finale episode tmr. argh. nvm I will just have to trouble my brother again to record the show for me.

alright. thats abt it. Shall read up more abt the Da Vinci Code movie and I want to go to Paris again!!! ^^

Wednesday, April 12

geog test over. sports meet next.

it is currently 11.11pm but I dont feel worried about staying up late... why? cos I get to sleep late tomorrow (not too late)... thanks to the combined sports meet (:

I have to report in school at 1030am though. I am one of the student councillors involved in cheerleading and I have no idea how I am going to do cheering when I havent totally recover my voice since yr1 orientation this year. My voice has since sounded rather different and breaks rather easily but ohwells.

I've to make shakers for cheerleading and there is coincidentally no green beans at home so I have to wait till tomorrow morning to make the shakers laa.

The combined sports meet will be held at Jurong stadium and the four schools participating in it are all in the East. Such an irony har? But other than the Kallang Stadium I think Jurong stadium is the only stadium that can accommodates all the students from the four schools laa so ohwells.

Hm I dont know if I should be looking forward to the sports meet tomorrow as we will be under the sun for around 5 hours which is not good news, judging from how easily I get sunburned. Boohoo. But I am all prepared for the 'crisis'. My sunscreen lotion is ready to be put into my bag =D

I am currently blog-hunting and friendster-acc-hunting now... Maybe I will go do some quizes and post them here. Anyway more about the sports meet tomorrow. cya.

Sunday, April 2

what do ppl envy abt me

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geog assignment

currently doing geog assignment now and I dont have a good feeling about it. There is a high probability that I will get a big fat zero for this assignment and it's no surprise. The reasons being, firstly I feel like I havent attended any geography lessons since the start of the year. Secondly my foundation for physical geography was not good. Last but not the least, I prefer human geography to physical geography.

One very very bad thing is that there will be a geography test 2 weeks from now. And neither do i have a good feeling abt it. I dont even know if I would be motivated to study for the test or not. But no matter what, i will study. cos I may not be the best. But at least I try my best.

If I am able to complete the geog assignment by tonight, hopefully before campus superstar airs, then i shall treat myself to a movie tomorrow. WHEE. i am dying to go to bugis and get birthday presents for my friends.

I also need a couple of binder notebooks and some new black and blue pens. Yep alright i shall get back to completing my geog assignment. cya.