Saturday, February 26

dumbo wid biggest problem. lols

hiiii. todae kanna niao until veh cham lorhs. hahas shall elaborate in details later. i shall do some quick blogging cos have to do research for chemistry project on er. nanotechnology ?? o.O

alright. this morning woke up at 930. supposed to wake up at 900 de. then still karp some more sleep. hahas. then at 1000. my dad fetched me and my mom to school for talk on the europe trip. the speaker was angela. travel agent. very nice and humorous lady. she used my name as an example for wad to write on the luggage tag lehs. make me so paisehh hahas.

the talk was supposed to last for 2 hours but shorten to one hour. then mr loh oso told us abt his experiences in paris. he went there for 4 times. yepps. then angela passed a list around to indicated our diet. i dun eat beef and mutton. hahas. then gave her passport photo. then me and my mom took bus home. after that. changed then er watched the xun yi cao show. veh nice and romantic lorhs. that leo and yi xun. yepps. then that xiaotong veh bad. take jingjing as subsitute. its so obvious lorhs. hehhs.

Never say 'i love youu' if you dun care
Never talk about feelings if they they arent there
Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart
Never look in the eye when all you do is lie
The cruelest thing a guy can do to a girl is to let her fall in love when he doesnt intend to catch her fall and it works both ways.


after watching then on my comp. then go to mrt station to help my mom top up her ezlink and to fetch darren, yunyin and junming. waited for quite some tym hahas. cos i reach early. then i kept going into the mama shop for the aircon. veh warm lehs. then darren came. then yunyin and then junming dao shao ye finally came. lols. then walked to my hse bus stop to fetch shumin. then i reached the busstop i dint see shumin. then i called her hp. then a girl stood up. and its... shu min. omg. she looks so chio lorhs. hair let down and in jeans. chio bu. i feel so proud. my twin is a chio bu. hahas. dun say twin la. say sista. hahas.

yepps. then reached my hse. i on aircon then started to do. then quite slack. then junming and darren kept niaoing me as i was doing the ppt. pick faults at everything i do. so fed up lorhs. hahas. the ppt mostly is darren do de. yepps. then the rest of us slack. hahas. shumin left after a while. then yiling came late cos she got co. yepps. i kanna niao until veh cham. hahas. pity myself. my calendar was ruined. by toooopid dumbo with biggest problem. hahas. go figure out who is that. hahas.

then jm and darren oso insulted geminii lorhs. hehhs. btw its not a compliment calling me a bimbo. i have brains. hahas.

then after that hafta walked them back to mrt station. saw peiqi. hahas. then someone paiseh. yepps. todae walked here walked there until veh tired sia.

then my mom bought the savoury tempura chicken burger from mac. rawks lorhs. so yummy. esp the sauce. spicy and taste lyk thousand islands. i love mac. lols..

then bathe then write out list of things to buy for europe trip then came online. yepps.

shall continue doing my research bahhs. cya.

jingles is chio bu. super chio lorhs .=))

someone is a dumbo wid biggest problem. yupps dumbo dumbo dumbo. ruined my calendar.

hahas. kkaes

Friday, February 25

good dae

todae is the best day this week. hahas. geminii today got good ren yuan. its true lorhs =))

okae. reach sch. then pia chem ws. did duty. went back class for bio. then chem. then chinese. yeahhs. recess. jue hui and i bought yam ice cream. then i eat until my uniform kanna stained. hahas purplish. recess oso slack in class lorhs. yepps fun fun. after recess is language arts. mr ken nv come. shiok sia. slack in class. jue hui and darren and i were have a discussion on horoscope. hahas. they were telling me how lousy geminii is lorhs. humphh

tmr they coming my hse do cme project. i think darren and junming's gonna create havoc at my hse. hahas. wish me luck. just finished translating cme. then found pictures for the ppt too. and i noe how to use the hansvision le. hahas smarty mii. yepps.

then after sch went to change into art club shirt.then went to canteen for lunch. ate rice wid veggie, egg and otah. alvin and james they all were telling me that they saw me kicking soccer during pe. omg so malu. hahas.

then ate lunch. drank ribena. went to art club room. slack. had illegal conference. talkin abt someone. lols. then draw and paint the tiles. then went for break. bought cookies and creme ice cream. this time bought cup one. hahas. dint stain my shirt. pheww.

then we were chatting lorhs. cecilia told us abt shuaiges from her sch. hahas. then went back and did somemore painting and stuff. i painted 2 tiles. one big one small. but i think no one will buy. sad laa. hahas. nvm i buy ((=

after that clear up lorhs. then went to foyer. dad coming to fetch me mahs. yepps came home. then tidy my room. tmr got guests come mahhs .hahas. yeahhs. now still messy laa. but nvm

yepps. found info on sikhism. hmmm so tired. tmr need to go sch for talk on london trip. btw mrs koh today quite pissed of with art club stuff hahas. relax and smile =))

and tingxu is angry at me. for scolding him when he bounced the bball during art club. actually i only rmb scolding andy lehhs. then he angry. budden cecilia was irritated by the sound ma. me too. why did he care anyway

so ya. hmmm tmr have to go around fetching yunyin they all. hahas. busy busy me. i hope none of them get lost lorhs.

yepps. so ya. life goes on.

b e l_________tree. leaf. wind

Thursday, February 24


heyya. i dint noe dao dai was originally sang by jolin lehhs. hahas. cos jay sang at his concert. then just realised that that song was composed by jay and vincent fang. lols. kkaes. i am blur. i am sotong. cant decided on wad song to change to. stayy tune. =))


today can be considered a good day. except for the chinese test. yepps hahas

got meeting for cpas. gonna have a crime prevention roadshow. cool hahas

then went for duty. then er. i was practically sleepwalking. veh veh tired lorhs. hahas.

after duty went back to class for lessons. first 2 periods are maths. helmi went thru spring test. then teach new chapt. then rite. he asked me go to the whiteboard and do the first completing the square ques lehs. hahas. scare me lorhs. then go there just write. then ans correct. hehehes. finally understand completing the sq. thanks to this method lorhs. my quiz. =(


after maths went to change into pe tee then ran to chem lab. hahas did experiments. interesting laa. yepps. esp when the glowing splint rekindles in the presence of oxygen. hahas. my and juehui's splints were burnt hahas.

then when doing the experiments i realised i got a red blister on my arm. not burnt dao laa. hahas. jus realised that everytime i injure myself. i dun see to realise it. hahas. maybe skin too thick liaos. lols.

then erm. after chem went for pe. today's pe so interesting lorhs. my team vs shiling's team hahas. i score 2 goals lehhhs. wheeeee hahas. run lyk siao lorhs. most interesting part was when liwen kicked the ball. then i was standing some distance in front of her then the ball hit my stomach. hahas. pain sia. kept laughing. cos its reallie funny. laugh until cry hahas.

after pe was recess laa. then jh and i went to buy ribena. we were playing soccer under the hot sun lorhs. hahas.

then went to bookshop to buy fluoroscent pinkk marker and pink hole puncher. the hole puncher spoil de lorhs. then recess pia for chi test. jm and wj and jh kept karping my sweets. humphhh

jm and wj were crappish. they called me a dog. =.= and asked me to fetch things for them. =.-

after recess was mpp. went to computer lab. chiang talked abt woman's rights and stuff. bored. nearly fell asleep. hahas. then went back to class early. and was allowed to do our own things. pia physics ws. hahas. yepps then is chi. terrifying and traumatising lorhs. the test is totally and absolutely not my standard lehs. fail liaos. wish me luck.

shant bother abt it since its over. now can slack le lor hahas. next week got bio though. then got cme presentation and need to hand in chem project. wow this weekend have to pia again. there goes my movies...ahhh

then sch dismissed. went to bookshop to change the spoilt hole puncher. then dad fetched me laa. wanted to buy ice cream de. but got sooo many ppl crowding at the ice cream store. so decide not to. hahas =))

came home. bathe. then ate lunch. noodles wid crab sticks and meatballs. woohoo. i love meatballs lorhs. hahas. got 5 meatballs. =))

then ate watermelon too. wheeeeee

now choosing a new midi for my blogg. i think yuan you hui can la hor?

i love that song lorhs. its lyk an ideal date. hahas. romantic.

yeahhs i have a romanticised view of love. yepps.

so ya. hahas. tmr got art club. so excited. i seem to be veh enthu for art club nowadays youu noe. hahas. later going to take photo for international passport. cos sat got talk. excited lorhs. life is getting exciting whoa.

btw. wanna ask who have the tree. leaf and wind story arh? i cant find.


i rmb the moral though.

leaf departure is becos of wind's pursuit or becos tree dint ask her to stay. yepps.

ehhhs wait wait. i think i found the story le. hahahas. went to search engine. later then i copy and paste here. =))

so yepps. life goes on...

dhp life is hard. tough and traumatising.

the amt of homework. tests and projects is unbelievable.

everyone gambatte nehhs! we are in this together. youu are not alone ((=

Wednesday, February 23


ohwells. terrible and horrible day. thats today.

today got maths and language arts tests. aiya flunk le. wish me luck. but maths i noe i got 1 ques correct. but it doesnt guarantee that i pass. grrrr8.

a cute little. moskii just bit me wow.

today recess and after school pia for the test lorhs. got back maths quiz. helmi asked me to work harder. yupps i will!! hahas

today geog was okkae la. ms pear asked me ques. then i gave a hilarious ans. wow. smart me huh. and i am irritated can.

then is chinese. not bad la. junming did his presentation. he got 9 lorhs. and he was asking me wad he should talk abt. wow wow. maths quiz he get perfect score lorhs. still tell me his maths veh lousy. double wow wow. lousy liar i guess hahas.

then he got comp again laa.

then biology. ms loh was telling us abt her experiences. she is nice ((:

language arts test was wonderful. wrote until my hand numb liaos. then crap lorhs. both sections i did ques 1. jue hui oso. gr8 minds think alike. jue hui and i got telepathy nehhs hahas.

after afternoon lesson, dad came to fetch me home. then lobang ms and his mom. yeps. after that fetched my mom from office. then went home. just now ate steamboat for dinner. today's yuan xiao mahhs. oso chinese vdae lehs. hahahas.

just now i was feeling okae de. now kinda pissed off liaos. dunno why. dun ask me.

tmr got chinese test and i dunno wad to study for. wonderful.

btw just played neopets. went to the fruit machine at lost desert. and guess wad.

i got 15000np, an evil muffin....

and a faerie paintbrush. woohoo.

cant believe it lorhs. painted my neopet liaos =))

okae la. not too bad a day. hahas. right now i am considering whether to go out wid charmaine to bugis tmr. i miss watching movie.

i just watched empire of the sun film yesterday to revise for the test la. watched until nearly fell asleep then kept replaying certain parts hahas. sian laa. lucky test over liaos.

saturday got talk on london/ paris trip. guess my mom is going. hahas. after that yunyin they all might be comin to my hse to do cme proj. yepps. not confirm yet. but that means i cant go shopping and watch movie and that my brother cant use computer . wahahahs.

sunday morning got tuition. then evening got my cousin's wedding. whoa. hahas. yupps wedding again. wonder if they will play this wonderful song that youu are listening to right now. hahas. or at least play :right here waiting laa.

i just lurve love songs to bits. today's friday weekly got news got jaychou and patty hou. he found his sweetheart le... then me lehhs.. humph. sad lehss. nvm i should feel happy for him. jia you, jielun ((:

just now read a few stories on love. some veh touching but most veh sad de. ohwells. when will my love story even begin. hahas. it doesnt matter. at least i can dream of my own fairytale for the time being. i shall take my tym and choose the best.

i think i gave up liaos. but have a feeling that i am still holding on. clinging on. unwilling to let go. hmmm. decided to let go liaos. dun ask me anything. just dun ask me.

i noe i might sound ap. but life is reallie getting on my nerves. yepps. tests. projects. and sadly no movies.

i wan to watch i do i do laa. but no tym. =(

so yeahhs. yepps life still go on somehow i guess. hmmm

i wan movie. i wan movie. i wan to watch movie....

ppl. tag my tagboard laa. hahas

i hate moskii. in case you dunno wad's that. its actually commonly known as mosquitoes. yepps =)) hahas. invented sucha creative name you noe. hahas.

so yepps. bored. so should i go bugis ? or not?

i wan to buy new tout bag... and new slippers. and lots and lotsa bear bearr.

but now i broke liaos.

okae gtg le. may tmr be a better day.

happy yuan xiao.

happy chinese vdae. treasure your time wid your loved ones.

kkaes bye. dun miss me. lols

Sunday, February 20


guys just dun understand

love is complicated.

but it is something magical to girls.

falling in love is not easy

falling out of love is even more difficult.

try to understand kkaes.

dun piss them off.

translated quotes

I have always known that looking back at the tears would make me laugh.

But I never realise that...

Looking back at the laughters would make me cry.



No matter how many times you fall in love.

The one who will walk down the passage of happiness with youu hand in hand...

Can only be that special one...

** the above quotes are translated from chinese de laa. hahas. maybe dun sound veh nice. but never mind. youu get the meaning can le

Saturday, February 19



why does no one understand.

why am i always the one who console others

And when i need consolation, who's there for me?

Life is filled wid ups and downs.

My life is no exception as well.

Things are getting on my nerves

Where's the shoulder when i feel tears welling up in my eyes?

Where're the jokes to crack me up when i am frowning?

Life. yeahhs this is life.

My life.

I miss the old times.

The old times when we were innocent kids wid no worries.

I wanna hui dao guo qu.

Being a teenager is no big deal.

Friday, February 18


To my friends who are ... single.
Love is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes youu. But if youu just let it fly, it will come to youu when youu least expect it. Love can make youu happy but often it hurts. But love's only special when you give it to someone who is really worth it. So take your time and choose the best!

To my friends who are ... not so single.
Love isnt about becoming somebody else's 'perfect person'. It's about finding someone who helps youu become the best person youu can be.

To my friends who are... playboy/girl type
Never say 'i love youu' if you dun care
Never talk about feelings if they they arent there
Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart
Never look in the eye when all you do is lie
The cruelest thing a guy can do to a girl is to let her fall in love when he doesnt intend to catch her fall and it works both ways.

To my friends who are... married
Love is not about 'its your fault' but 'i am sorry'.
Not 'where are youu' but 'i am right here'
Not 'how could youu' but 'i understand'
Not 'i wish you were' but 'i am thankful youu are'

To my friends who are... engaged
The true measure of compatibility is not the years spent together but how good you are for each other.

To my friends who are... heartbroken
Heartbreaks last as long as youu want and cut as deep as youu allow them to go. the challenge is not how to survive heartbreaks but to learn from them.

To my friends who are... naive
How to be in love:
Fall but dun stumble
Be consistent but not too persistent
Share and never be unfair
Understand and try not to demand
Get hurt but never keep the pain

To my friends who are... possessive
It breaks your heart to see the one youu love happy with someone else but its more painful to know that the one you love is unhappy wid youu.

To my friends who are... afraid to confess
Love hurts when youu breaks up with someone. It hurts even more when someone breaks up wid youu. But love hurts the most when the person youu love has no idea how youu feel.

To my friends who are... still holding on
A sad thing about life is when youu meet someone and fall in love, only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be and that you have wasted years on someone who wasnt worth it. If he isnt worth it now, he's not going to be worth it a year or 10 years from now. Let go.

To all my friends
My wish for youu is a man/woman whose love is honest, strong, mature, never-changing, uplifting, protective, encouraging, rewarding and unselfish.

Follow your heart ppl.

True love knows no boundaries.

Find your true love. create your own fairytale. =)))

fun but tired day

hmm this morning reach sch at 705 then went to 1c to give them marshmallows for vdae. yeahhs. its a bit late but still not too late to give laa. hahas. after that do morning duty. then went to foyer for sc meeting. then heng jie asked who can travel to sch within 30 minutes. me lorhs. hahas. and shueling and the others. so we had to be ushers for the horizon concert on sunday. boohoo. aiya. nvm laa. serve my sch. its an honour =)))

Then went back to class for bio. Ms loh talked abt bio file cover page and went thru the practical worksheets. After that is chem then got presentations of the different separation methods. yepps. my grp havent present hehehes.

then is chinese. got presentation by darren. he talked abt casino thing. then after that got discussion. yepps hahas. then she went thru the chinese essay we handed in. did not so well laa but got pass hehehes. cecilia got the highest then jiang lao shi asked her to read out. she write until very good lorhs. impressive. whoa. hahas then after that we hafta write yi lun wen. yepps. any topic. i decided to write on the topic which i talked abt for presentation. hahas then can recycle materials oso. lols.

then third period of chinese went to take photo. those passport size de. then my hair clip until neat like nerd lorhs. not that i am not a nerd laa. but its totally nerd. hahahs. then when it is my turn then mr kiw said my hair cannot. ask me clip at the side lehhs. sighh. then i dint noe is sit on that toolbox or wadever lorhs. no chair de lehs. sadness. hahas. then the guys hair so spiky de. yepps.

then recess time went to sc room to get blazer for ushering duty on sunday. have to go to sch at 5pm. then go home at 9 plus bahhs. dinner is provided. yepps. after that went back class to pia yi lun wen. jiang lao shi said must hand in after sch. then peixin went to talk to her then she said hand in on monday. hahas. so happie. everyone started to chat le hahas. erm i was feeling weird during recess and was rather quiet. dunno whyy. darren was collecting money for the photos. each person 5 dollars. i hope the photos no need to use for ic. cos it will loook horrifying. hahas

after recess is language arts. we were late for lecture. mdm nora came to ask us to hurry up. then i got the australian maths comp. cert. i got credit lehhhs. whoa. so happie lorhs ((:

lecture was so so la. hahas. after lecture went back class.

then packed bag. then jingle and junming laa. spoil my sc contact list. it was initially stapled nicely together de lorhs. then jm so gan chiong. looking for jianwei's class. =.-

then jue hui and i went to change. then went down for lunch. yepps. then bought raspberry ice cream. nice nice. hahahas. after that went art club room to do decoration of tiles. for fund raising for the paris trip. yepps. then very slack lorhs. chatted and played hahas. and kept ma fan-ing huixian to bring icecream to us. i ate cookies and creme this time hahas. omg calories!! ahhh

after that me and jh went for break. saw mrs koh selling ice cream then she talked to me then i said sth then she punched my arm lehs. hahas. pain lehs. exact same spot as that time when wj punched me lorhs. hahas wj is so mean. he tried to trip me and poked me just now urghh. ya then me and jh drank peach tea and ate pizza bread. yeps. went back then do somemore tiles lorhs. then that tooopid varnish ruined my tile lehhs. watch away and redo. then at the end of art club i dint do anything. never mind. there is still art club next week. shall gambatte nehhs.

and ting xu is sucha meanie. bully yonglin. hahas

after art club. dad came to fetch me then went to drink herbal tea. cos nowadays weather not g ood you noe. wait fall sick mahhs. hahas i drank chrysanthemum tea. i dunno how to spell laa. hahas its my all time favourite tea besides green tea yepps.

then came home. bathe. now listening to she together album. veh tired. yesterday slept at 12 plus oso. my dad and i were kiling mosquitoes during midnight hahas. i cant sleep wid mosquitoes buzzing around laa. cos i was become their prey de. then all the mosquitoes kanna killed de all blardy one. my blood lorhs. hehes

gonna have a busy weekend. tmr going back gmps to help wid prefects' workshop. yeps. so excited. see my juniors and nursyahidah. hahas. yepps. see mrs soh oso. whoa. then have to trouble my dad drive me to buy empire of the sun vcd. hahas. i have a wonderful dad lorhs. yepps

then sunday morning got physics tuition. evening have to go sch for concert ushering. then have to wear court shoes all that. same attire as investiture. omg lorhs. i hate court shoes. they cause my feet to have blisters de.

sigh. never mind. at least i am looking forward to the prefects workshop tmr. wheeeeee hehehs

I wan to watch movie. i wan to watch

i do i do
racing stripes
er. hide and seek?
A series of unfortunate events
pooh's heffalump movie (wheeee)
seoul raiders

omg so many lorhs. who wanna watch wid me hehehes. yeahhs. looking forward to pooh's heffalump movie. hide and seek is horror movie issit. hahas. constantine is scary. i do i do. hmmm should be nice bahs.

yepps. this weekend no movie laa. next weekend bahhs. next week got 3 tests. busy busy busy. oh ya i forgot when i am supposed to sell the icecream lehs. then mrs koh said if i too busy then dun sell. humph!! i wan to sell ice cream laa. hahas

btw. i just realise that gemini is the most not faithful horoscope lehs. hahas. too bad lorhs.

just found this quote from my notebook lols.

'Words cant express the way i feel about youu. The way i cant explain why the sky is blue. Budden I know that my heart is true when i say i love youu'

hahas i think i made it up myself last time de bahhs.

Wednesday, February 16


ohwells. today. hmmm not a bad day bahhs. reached school then go classroom. was in a bad mood then put my books on my table. then they dropped onto the floor. picked them up lorhs. then yepps. erm after a while went for duty lorhs. yeps. first period was cme. jue hui's group presented. peixin and cecilia veh cute lorhs. hahas

then was geog. did pair work. then i asked jm and yl some dumb questions laa. then jm kept scolding me stupid. humphh. after geog is chinese. i did oral presentation. so nervous. forgot lotsa things. dint bring my script. then jiang lao shi gave me 8/10. not bad for last min work laa. hahas. hong yi veh li hai lorhs. talked until so calm. hahas. he got 9/10. got contrast ehhs. hahas

after chinese is recess. then we couldnt decide who to go for the learn at singapore river trail thing. then stayed in class. talked to jue hui and charmaine. junming kept scolding me stupid. humph humph.

then still cant decide. then tingxu's grp oso no one going.

sigh. after recess is maths. i listened to mr helmi until nearly fell asleep. veh tired mahs. yepps after maths is physics. so chim lorhs. so many things to take note of when plotting the graph. ohwells. after school went to look for mrs koh. then only liu jia going. then me and juehui and charmaine went canteen to eat lunch. then erm mrs koh came and tell us that ms ling veh angry. then i ate my rice half way. mrs koh asked charmaine and jia min to look for ms ling then i continue eating. i ate all the mushrooms and egg then cannot eat liaos. no appetite lorhs. yepps. then charmaine and jia min ran back and said ms ling they all went off le. guess tmr have to face music.

went back to class for biology. ms loh already there. then helped kor to take his hw lorhs. cos he went for tt tournament mahs. yepps. after bio chatted with jue hui, ying qing they all then went down. my dad fetching me. then went on car then he reminded me today i got tuition. lucky i dint go for the singapore river trail if not jiu miss tuition liaos. yepps. thats all.

not a bad day. but kanna scolded stupid alot of times. yeahhs. all thanks to kor... =.=

tmr shall be a better day for youu and me, ppl.

Monday, February 14

sad day

ohwells. i just realised how meaningful the previous entry was. Dun ask me if it has any meaning. it does laa. but figure it yourself why i wrote it. it might be abt me or abt my friends. be independent and figure it out kkaes.

yupps. yesterday went out laa. watched constantine. ewww scary show. the possessed girl at the starting of the show was so scary lorhs. scare me out of my wits cann. hahahas. scary movie sia. but in the end still quite nice laas. abt heaven and hell. angels and devils. yepps. then rites if you got go and watch, dun leave the cinema when the credits come out. wait for the credit to finish then still got an ending lehhs. erm i dint noe laa. hahahas. but my friend knew. yupps

so yeahhs. today. vdae. lots of exchanging of presents. hahas. nice friends. nice me. yepps. hahas.vdae in dhs is lyk friendship day lorhs. then erm ya. pe played soccer. i sux at it lorhs. nearly tripped over the ball. hahas. so paisehh.

wj was so mean today cann. hate him lorhs. niao me. hehhs.

life is sad. sighh today not that happy lehs. dunno why. got weird weird feelings inside me. mood swings perhaps.

lonely this valentine day. yepps only the lonely. wahahhas. wanted to chase away my loneliness by doing cip de. go elderly home and celebrate chinese new year. then today's cip cancelled then postponed to next week. next week cannot go cos going to botero arts exhibition yupps. lonely lonely lonely. nvm. gonna get used to it sooner or later. i bet the vdae every year will be plain loneliness.

just now someone was telling me that i have no looks so shouldnt have sucha high expectations and should give others a chance.

ohwells. no looks then no choice to choose the right one and fight for happiness arh.

no looks then see got ppl like u then grab them arh like so despo lorhs.

wad's the problem.

i noe i am one ugly duckling that will never turn into a beautiful swan no matter how much time is given.

i used to believe that there is a right person out there for every mortal. I just realised it might be the least true for me. hahahas.

urghhh. listening to 'nothing's gonna change my love for you' doesnt help.

only worsen my feelings. wonderful. fabulous.

i regret it le.
reallie regret le.
biggest mistake in life is falling in love wid you.
big time mistake.
ohwell forget it bahhs.

Friday, February 11


In this life,

it is forever so difficult and hard to find someone whom you like and likes you back.

The feeling of rejection is terrible.

But the feeling of your loved ones not knowing how you feel is just as terrible.

Define true love.

It might not even exist.

Define ephemeral love.

It is love that is important for only a short period of time.

Yet leaving wonderful memories behind.


Just what is love?

Why is it so complicated?

One can fall in love and out of love.

While some dont fall in love at all.


A four-letter (hahahas) word

That is experienced by all mortal on Earth.

While the angels in heaven happily watch them fall in love.

And the devils make them fall out of love.

Love is ephemeral but leave beautiful memories.

And the only thing that made sense to her was him

Whereas the only things which he is interested to know are about her.

Together, they treasure each other.

Once apart, they miss each other.

She will doodle hearts whenever she holds a pen and a paper.

He will think of her every minute, every second.

He lives his life for her.

She lives his life for him.

Without him, life is meaningless.

Without her, he would rather die.

She is the only thing that kept him going.

She is the reason why he lives on.

He is her everything.

He is her knight in shinning armour, ever ready to protect her.

The only separation for them would be death.

She dont want to live life without him.

Nothing can change his love for her.

He wants to be there for her when she needs him

She wants to be the girl supporting him all the way.

He wants to breathe the same air as her.

She wants to share the same view and scenery as him.

She couldnt be happier just to see the happy and determined look on his face whenever he plays basketball.

He could give up everything in this world just to hear her laughters and see her smiles.

Her heart breaks whenever she sees his disappointed look after losing a basketball match.

His heart shatters whenever he sees her crying after failing her tests.

He is always on her mind.

She is forever in his heart.

They will do anything just to let the love story of him and her go on and on.

All in all, she is him.

he is she.

Love is sweet.

Love involves the commitment and trust of him and her.

Their love is everything to him and her.


After so much crap about love.

I actually dont know a single thing about love.

Cos i treasure the freedom of being single.

Those who are in love, treasure your loved ones.

Dont make them suffer heartbreaks.

Dont hear their hearts shatter and do nothing.

Dont let them entertain the thought that falling in love with you is the biggest mistake they have ever made.


as for those who are not in love, like me.

If you have a crush, choose to confess or forget.

If not, enjoy your freedom like me.

Go shopping. Go out with your hao jie meis or good brothers.

Participate in activites and make donations to needy people.



all the above are crap laa. i was just wondering how come when he likes her, she will not like him. and when she likes him, he will not like her.

Its a very difficult chance to get : he likes her and she likes him.

its practically like a miracle. hahahahhas


anyway the above story abt him and her sounds like a fanfic rite.


oh ya. the part abt basketball and failing of tests is totally crap kkaes.

Most guys like basketball laa.

But i definitely wont cry cos i failed my tests. yuppps

think abt it.

Is there true love in this world?

Are there always two-sided love?

shopping is fun...

today's dhs new year celebration. ya laa. most schools celebrated last tue. but dhs tradition is to celebrate only after the occasion hols mahhs. yupps. reached sch at 705 then went straight to cushka's classrm. wished them happy new year then gave ashley his belated bdae present then went to class lorhs.

reached classrm. put bag. then talked to shu min, devil and wj laa. hahas then went for duty.

after duty went to sec 2 study area for sec 2 activity. yupps. then start. then erm quite bored ehhs. the sec 2s so disrespectful lorhs called me ah soh. hahahs today i wore hairband so i guess i look somehow hilarious but definitely neater lorhs. =)

after activity went back to class with amelia then class no one then went hall find them. then they getting ready for the iodiom game laa.. then i was in jessalyn's grp together wid francesca and eileen.

then went to 4d classroom then 4b then sec 4 wall-less yupps quite bored too laa. hahahas

yuppps after that went back classroom then ppl started leaving le. i was waiting for charmaine and jue hui and they took sucha long time to get back to class lorhs. aiya they have art club cip. no wonder


then before they come back. erm there is a niaoing-session for me. wid devil and angel. so funny de lorhs. and its very very scary and .... erm i dunno la. they said all sort of things then i wanna get angry but cannot. kept laughing. all their faults laa.

after charmaine came back we went to take bus go bugis. reached bugis. then mrt station got this lady asked us to buy perfume roses to donate for orphans. me and charmaine bought one rose each. then shop lorhs. bought vdae gifts for my hao jie meis and gd friends laa

then met many ppl there. stella, leanne, june.... then saw jinglong. last time gmps de. hahahas

he called my name then i duno who. hahas. couldnt rmb him at first. yupps. wished him happy new year laa


after that went mos burger. i bought peach tea and a pooh collar pin from a deaf person. yepps. four bucks ehhhs. hahahas never mind. do good deed.

yepps. i did 4 times good deed today lehhs. make donations hahahas. oh ya. me and charmaine went cinema karp alot of postcards too. hahahas. kkaes

yepps. oh yea. went cold storage buy chocolate oso. hahahhas. yupps. then couldnt find poster. kkaes cya pple.

happy new year.... and happy valentine's day =))

Tuesday, February 8

feeling better

heyya after taking a nap, my mood became better liaos. just now i think i was rather mean. cos junming apologized then i kept ignoring him.

kkaes i have decided to forgive and forget laa. i dun wan anyone to feel bad abt this over the cny hols. i mean cny are supposed to be happy rite. yupps hehehehehes

yeahhhs. forgive and forget lorhs. they are after all my friend and kor lols

alrights gonna bathe then have reunion dinner.

Happy chinese new year ppl.
may your year ahead be filled wid prosperity and joy.

happy birthday to devilishly nice kor.
sorry for being mean to you.
glad that you have learnt your mistake =P

alrights. all's well now.

so excited.

tmr's cny. woohoo. angbaos and new year goodies. hehehehhehehes

take care ppl and have a happy happy new year ((:

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pissed off







alrights i am just venting out my anger laa.... cos they erm. offended me. yupps. how they offended me. i dun wish to elaborate and neither do i see the need to do so. yupps i am still pissed off now. or wadsoever

okkaes. today had lessons. sianzation. my sc angel gave me mentos and class angel gave me fruit skittles. so sweet rite. lols.

yuppps. then after school mr ng held this feedback session. its funny but bored and extremely time consuming. after that chiong back to class to pack bag then talked to jue hui. then stupid junming and dumb colin did something that is stupid and dumb. i am pissed off then. and still pissed off now. yesh. pissed off. thats the words

i dun wan and dun wish and dun see the need to elaborate wad happened. its just something dumb and childish and totally offending. something like wad pri sch kids will do. yeahhhs.

ok. after that me and jue hui went to find ms loh to get my biology ws. then i sat outside staff room to do laas.

after that went to take bus back to gmps.

on the bus chatted with weiting and wei yan. then there is this gigantic ant on my uniform. yucks. i was practically screaming lorhs.

then realised that jasmin, june and vivian they all oso on the bus. talked to them then walked to gmps wid them lorhs. yeppps reached gmps. saw luke and eileen etc ppl.. then erm called yuxin then went 2nd level staff room to find him. he's wid eldon, ken tat and yingki. then they told me that mrs tok and mrs soh went off liaos. then mdm nah retired liaos. so sad de lorhs. i only got to talk wid mrs wang and ms tong. hahahahhas.

yuxin become more beng le. shirt tucked out. hahahas. then i told him tucked in he tuck in until like guai kia lols. then he said veh gay then he tucked out again. lols. he oso taller and darker

kentat and yingki taller laa. all three more handsome ;))

hahahahs shuai ges nehhs.

only me, yuxin, kentat and yingki from 6ch02 went back lorhs. isnt that like so pathetic lorhs. actually i think yuxin they all veh nice lorhs. its like usually sec sch guys wont go back pri sch de liaos.. like nigel and nicholas laa. but they went back. so nice lols. hahahhas

yupppps. after that i came home lorhs.

and i am still very the pissed off.

i am not sure if saying sorry is of any use to cure my pissed off mood.

today's devilishly nice kor's birthday. but obviously today he is so not devillishly nice. to think i still went round shopping for a present for him yesterday. sucha 'wonderful' kor.

i am not wishing him a happy birthday here cos i am pissed off.

and my cny mood is totally ruined.

all thanks to... ... ... ... ... ...

anyway. happy new year ppl. may your year ahead be filled with prosperity and joy.



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Monday, February 7


now i am slacking again. hahahas. was supposed to come online to go thru the geog presentation ppt. then i started chatting with my juniors then slack. just now did chem ws. so many questions dunno how to do. bio ws i oso dunno how to do. so chim de. then tmr got bio lehhhs. wait ms loh kill me. i oso kinda memorise the formula and name of some elements from da periodic table. hehehehhes

so excited ehhhs. tmr is cny eve. yesterday my dad, mom and grandma went to buy lotsa goodies. whoa. hahahahhas. have to try not to put on weight during cny. if not very difficult to lose le. i successfully lost a few kg. hahahahs. dun tell u how much =P

so erm gr8 day in sch bahhhs. today i reached sch at 705 lorhs. cos i woke up late. urghhh then i reached sch with a backpack, a plastic bag and a blazer. hahahas. today got sc investiture. need to bring blazer, court shoes blah blah blah.

then went to my classroom. jingle is still in class. hahahahs. after that i went for my duty at sec 2 study area. then some of the sc already wearing long sleeve shirt and court shoes le.

first period was pe. we were excused from pe. then we went toilet to change. i dunno how to wear the stocking at first ehhhs. hahahahas first tym wear panty hose mahhhs. then oso my first time in my teens wearing court shoes lols. the court shoes my mother bought were bigg lorhs. i kept putting tissue inside to make it fit lols

after that we went to auditorium for rehearsal. then after rehearsal went to avt for Language arts lecture. mr ken was talking abt gothics and science fiction. i was seriously bored and hot. no air con lehhhs. hahahas after that is geog went back to class. then lucky not my group present. yiling never come anyway so cant present. then devilish nice kor's grp present then ms pear kept asking them chim chim ques. hahahahas.then darren was swaying as he was talking. and he talked with such a funny accent lorhs. hahahahhas.

after geog is recess. was piaing bio in class. then kept having stomachache lorhs. sadd laa after that at eleven went next door to find belinda then went down to auditorium to get ready for investiture. very scary lehhhs. hahahs i walked out of backstage with xiaoyi then he walked so fast lorhs. i oso scared that my court shoes will drop halfway. hahahahs then after giving out the badges by mr sng. we put on and said the pledge then heng jie made a speech. then my feet very pain. cos that court shoes lorhs. then went back class for physics. mrs har asked me to tuck in my blouse. but then its like so fitting and short how do i tuck in. got guys behind me somemore. then she asked me go to the back of the classroom to tuck in. ohwells. i tucked in le after a while still come out lorhs. never mind.

during physics mrs har changed the physics rep. me and jingle saboed jue hui lols. jue hui is responsible enough laa. then after that is pccg. mdm nora came in then scolded us. mrs har oso scolded us btw. yupps. then bell ring.

then shu min gathered the ppl for LA production. stooopid wj kept using his tie to hit my head lorhs. and i am not auntie kkaes. urghhh. will never forget the punch he gave me last friday. friendly punch. yeahhs rite. come on lorhs. i am a girl. isnt that like so obvious hahahahhas after that went to staff room to look for mrs koh to pass her the cheque. she not in. so i went to foyer lorhs. charmaine talking to my dad at the foyer lols. she looked so miniature standing next to my dad. my dad's 1.8m tall cannn hahah.

then james and alvin they all were at the foyer. then they started niaoing me abt my court shoes. cos i changed back into uni. but never changed back into white shoes mahhhs. hahahahs. yuppps. thats it lorhs. then went home. ate lunch. lunch was gr8 but i could only finished half the packet of rice. cos very full mahhs

btw my sweet angel gave me a bar of sweets today. i dunno issit the angel from 3j. asked juehui to help me ask le. yuppps. tmr's devilishly nice kor's bday. havent buy his present. maybe later then buy.

yeahhhs!! tmr going back to gmps. gonna visit mrs tok and mrs soh and other teachers. so excited. hehehehhes.

yesterday i went this fashion to buy long sleeve blouse and new year clothes. those that i bought very nice lorhs. i spent alot at this fashion. hahahahs. now broke le lols. yuppps. so i think i better go thru my presentation now. lols cos later have chem tuition.

tata. bye. take care

Happy Chinese New yEaR !!! =)

Thursday, February 3


heyo. i have finally decided to blog lols.

well yupps. so erm today went school lorhs. then erm took blazer from sc room then did morning duty. first two periods is helmi's maths. he taught us variation. mrs lim last year taught before le. so easy laa. haha

then after maths is chemisty. did experiments. time limitation is like so short lorhs. then there is this chemical which burn and corrodes if land on your hand laa. then me and jh so scared when handling it. then we put in down the wrong way into the test tube. urghh

after chem is pe. i dint pe. got bad cough laa. sad lorhs. they played bball lehhs. then sat in the shade with jh and wj. wj was telling me stuffs abt bball laa. he like noe so much lorhs. haha then somemore he mimicked mr chiang until very xiang lorhs. laff until i stomach ache laa.

recess time went library with jh and py and jm. was vexed over the issue of the art club noticeboard

then went to find dawn and went back classroom. then went to 4th storey for mpp. then went back 3rd storey. wonderful trip haha

then 2nd period of mpp went library. used comp to do research on euthanasia with wan ting and ruth

then me and jh went to tell mr chiang that we cant go parliament house with the class la. so we going on another day lorhs. cos i am going paris. wheeeeeeeeee

yupps went back class then is chinese. boring laa. yupps i am not being mean or anything. but reallie its boring laa.

after school. packed bag and me and jingle talked to darren and junming then i laughed until i cried. lols. cos junming was flipping thru jingle's file looking at the class contact list then jingle went hysterical and screamed then snatched her file away. lols then darren said sth very funny but i m not announcing it here laa. haha

then junming was telling us that mrs lim will be retiring this year then jingle and i screamed ' wad???!!!' haha scared him off. then jingle cried cos she very sad. come on laa. haha then i went to put books in locker. jingle bullied me. hahas then i accidentally scratched my fish against the locker. how clumsy can i get. then jingle never sayang me. lols

then me and jingle walked to 30 bus stop to take bus 30 laa. then chatted on the way. very funny laa. then went to singapore post to eat long john silver. i greedy piglet. ordered combo 2 then cannot finish. then somemore so expensive nehhs. urghh should have eat mac, kfc or go to the food court. ohwells.

after that went this fashion. omg. the clothes all so nice de. i am gonna shop there this weekend. chinese new year clothing. haha actually we went there to buy long sleeved shirt for sc investiture. got laa but seventeen bucks. very ex. so me and jingle decided to go to city plaza's united uniform to buy. we walked all the way there then looked at courtshoes. so ex one. but nice laa. so many shoe shops lorhs. then went from storey to storey looking for united uniforms. very tiring de lehhs. somemore i kept coughing lorhs. urghhh then finally found united uniforms. long sleeve shirt no stock. dhs bookshop took all. gr8. me and jingle tired until cannot tired already laa. haha then we sat down at the massage chair at the basement. then smart jingle went into this store selling hair accessories. then she came out then told me got sell stocking. and i suddenly realised that the brand of the stocking is actually Annabel. wow. wonderful. lols. jingle bought the normal skin tone one while i bought the fairer tone one. cos i think that auntie thinks taht i have fair legs. and apparently jingle thinks so too lols.

then we looked around for court shoes. then both of us decided not to buy first. as our mommies come and buy. lols alright. then we walked out of the plaza laa. jingle bought some food for her mother.

then we walked to the mrt station. then jingle took mrt home. i walked to bus stop. wanted to take taxi home de. blazer everything so heavy lorhs. budden bus 155 came so i decided to save money then took bus lorhs. hahas

reached home then slack laa. yupps.

today is a not so bad day. full of laughters reallie very funny. yuppps may tmr be a better day.
all the best ppl

Tell me who are my angels....