Wednesday, April 27


ohwells. today is not a good day. a kinda bad day indeed.

reached school at around 7. went to classroom then started to do LA compre. After a while, sc junior came in to switch off the lights. PA system didnt play any music today. no idea why.

first period after flag raising was biology. ms loh went thru stuff on penicillum again.

second period was erh geography. watched a video which is filmed about 10 years ago on tourism. then i copied notes. although no longer relevant. did grp discussion for the performance task. ms pear kinda pissed off wid my grp. hahas we arranged to meet at tm on saturday to have lunch together. yays. i can buy amos cookies there.

hmmm after geog was chinese. but not too bad today. jls read out qianbing's essay. omg her essay rawks. she used coffee to describe abt life and love. cool.

recess was terrible. huiqi came to look for mii and said that mrs george wanted to see mii. i went to sec 2 level to find her. found her in 2e classroom. i shall not elaborate on the details.

went back to cls. was really upset. then helmi came in. taught maths. did grp work. then he assigned the homework to us for the weekend

huanglin's grp did their presentation for physics. was waiting desperately for my grp to present. but there wasnt enough time. so ohwells. we will have to wait till after level camp.

there is level camp briefing on friday. omygawd. i still dunno which grp i am in.

after physics i went on a mission. yeps then skipped lunch cos i had no appetite. then mrs phua came in for erhs chem. clarissa and charlene did their presentation. and the class was in high spirit. except for mii i guess. i totally wasnt in the mood to listen and i tried my best not to be a wet blanket laa. i clapped and laughed oso. but its kinda forced yeahs. jus in a bad mood. mrs phua dismissed us as mdm nora couldnt make it for language arts. i did the chi essay. then waited until 430 to see mrs george. yepps again...

and finally the matter is settled. or at least i hope it is. i am still going on the germany trip but i cant guarantee i will be happy on the trip after all that had happened. but i am sure going on this trip wid juehui and yuhan can cheer mii up at least ((:

hmmm i suddenly have the urge to write a fanfic. and i think i am really going to start writing one soon. based on the idea which i get from my cousin's friend's website. i cant rmb the website. but i rmb the story plot. it totally rawks. but her ending wasnt a happy one. and i am gonna make sure mine has got a happy ending. hehehes.

shall not tell u wads the story plot. jus stay tune and find out. kekes. i miss writing fanfic. and i hope i dun lose the inspirations somehow laa.

today had been a tough day for miii. but i really found the true friends in some of youu =)

as the saying goes, huan nan jian zhen qing

here are some things i wanna voice out ((:

to juehui. yi ling and yun yin. thanks for supporting and consoling mii. reallie appreciate you guys being there for mii whenever i need you. you rawk.

to shumin. thanks for all the support and logics you gave mii all this while. you have been a great friend and twin ((: and i am sure i wont be this strong widout you.

to jinghui minhua and penny. thanks for helping mii. and sorrie for troubling you guys. i am really grateful for your help.

to taxy, jessalyn, shiling, belinda, jiamin and all those who helped mii in one way or another or felt unfair for mii. a big thank you

to all those who niaoed mii for the incident. no thanks to the niaoing. and it wld help if you can learn to be more sensitive yea?

sometimes it doesnt help at all by lowering someone's ego when that person is already feeling totally helpless and suicidal u noe.

where's your sensitivity oh pls.

yepps. so ya. stay tune for my fanfic. hehehes. anyway i am supposed to be mugging for tmr's chem test but slacking now. hahahas. gonna play neopets then pia. cya ppl. dun miss mii.

Tuesday, April 26

grrr my dream

realise that i havent blog for days. its becos i am extremely busy nowadays wid school work. drowning in a sea of projects and tests. wahahas. someone save mii.

this morning woke up earlier than usual cos today got sc contact time and i remembered ((: three cheers for miii. wheee. reached school at 7pm then went for contact time. there was an announcement that contact time made compulsory from today onwards. i can only pray hard that i wont have short term memory. hehehes. forgetfulness is totally boohoo cann.

first period was cme. dint do much as wu laoshi's laptop got problem. so chatted then pia bio and physics. after cme was geog. erhs. ms pear let us watch flash videos. cool ((: then she wrote down notes on the board in short form for us to copy. then we couldnt understand her 'tidy' handwriting. then ended up playing guessing game lols =.=

dun have bio practical today. ms loh went thru ws and notes on antibiotics and antiseptic. okae.

then recess went to canteen to makan. chicken burger dun rawk. the fish burger rawks. i could hardly swall0w the chicken patty lorhs. bleah.

then juehui photocopied the chem notes. we went to look for mrs george to settle the deepppp trouble i was in. couldnt find her. so yepps went back to cls.

dun ask mii wad deeppp trouble i was in. its already settled and over. and if you are really interested to noe, well it has sth to do wid the germany trip. yepps. dun ask anymore. shhh

today kanna niaoed lotsa times. cos of my erhem of erhem laa. all shumin's fault. grrrr. but she apologized. so yepps she is forgiven. she gave mii a gift too. hahas. wad a nice twin i have.

helmi came in for maths after recess then went thru assignment and worksheet. and told us the expectations he had for our maths file.

bsp was plain boring. i hate to say that. but its a fact. everyone was barely alive and i was already dead. hehehes. trying veh veh hard to open my eyes and ears to listen to the lecture but... u noe its hard to.

i only came back to life when the lesson was about to end. which is the part when mr fong started to talk about the book titled the rape of nanking by iris chiang. whoa that book looks interesting. but it has really disgusting pictures inside.

mr fong oso mentioned that the jap last time used to rape pregnant women and then cut open their stomach and took their foetus out, threw it up towards the sky and stabbed them wid the end of their gun. omg. thats totally cruelty. i was visualizing the scene in my mind then i was half closing my eyes. omygawd. simply cruelty.

when we were finally released from the clutches of bsp, we pia to tidy chem file and do physics assignment. then i got ready to face mrs george. yunyin is nice. she accompanied mii to find her. and the details of wad happened i shall not elaborate. as i have said. its all settled. and i am and still going to germany =)

yesterday helen chiang was the speaker for our assembly. introduced to us this book titled teens and laws. i wanna buy. its really interesting. tells u more about singapore laws and the flip side or sth. yeppps

guess i hafta go and do maths file cover page now. tonight still have to rush physics project.

yea talkin about physics project, well its a total disappointment.

we did all the subtopics for our topic and we only realised we jus have to choose and focus on one yesterday. all the hard work went down the big and smelly drain. and we were really disappointed. juehui was supposed to come to my hse to do the project but she hafta go for the pre camp leadership workshop so ohwells.

hmmm maybe going out this thursday. i hope i will be going out. cos i am really veh stressed. i need a break. but i will say no thanks to kit kat ;)

yeps. SE having their syf tmr.

to shumin, taxy, yunshan, wynne and all those from SE: jia you!! you can do it. do our school proud ((:

tmr's my dad's bday as well. hmm i havent gotten anything for him. but i bet my brother havent either. hahahas. evil miii har. i am planning to get sth on body building for him. since he is so enthu abt going to the gym =) am i thoughtful wahahas.

Friday, April 22


art club rawks! macromedia flash rawks too ((:

i woke up late today again. and didnt have time to do bio and chem and chi in school. tsk tsk. supposed to reach early to do discussion wid yl and yy de. sigh. no wonder i am a piglet =P

first period of bio. we didnt noe how to plot the points on the log paper. and i dun really understand and noe wad to do. and sth boohoo happened. nvm.

after that was erhs. chemistry. mrs phua told us to hand in the pract test ws. then she was counting down. hahas. she went through the notes and gave us hw. and also reminded us abt the science competition on monday. yeps i am taking part. which means i dun have to go for the interview wid mr sng. yepps hehehs

chi is up next. and we got back our chi test paper. okae erhs i did fairly well. juehui's standard and mine were abt the same. hahas. jus 1/2 marks difference. no wonder we are haojiemeis >.<>

then we did discussion on horror movies. and did some translation. and there was hw. boohoo. cos some of us didnt do the research she asked us to do yesterday. ohwells. all for one and one for all.

recess. nth much. jus hearing juehui talked abt her medical appointment yesterday.

after recess was LA. went to the avt. then kh, colin and the others did the same old lame things laa. lyk calling mii and stuff laa. haiyooyo. tsk tsk nvm. i was in a good mood. lols

we watched the documentary for bowling for columbine. erhs. sad to say i nearly fell asleep when watching. same for juehui and yuhan. but chip and cecilia said that they were touched to tears or sth. erhs issit reallie that touching. i only interested in the later part of the documentary. and its totally scary to see ppl shoot the others jus lyk that. its lyk piang and over. eeeyer. and america has the highest no. of gunshots deaths. whoa. according to wad i can rmb, i think its around 11000.

my eyes were teary after watching. cos i was sleepy.

went back to cls after bell rang. then erhs. packed bag then went to canteen to makan. after that went to art club room to draw. then erhs. crap alot. then there was this magazine on prostitutes and stuff. dunno whose de. after drawing we went for break then went to comp lab to learn flash. today's flash lesson rawks. and dawn rawks too. her skills for using flash were lyk superb lorhs. and she is a gd teacher too ((: i love dawny wheee hahas

after that we went back to art club room to report (??) to mrs koh. mrs koh is not in a good mood today. then after that we walked to foyer then mii, jh and dawn went to canteen to buy things to makan. yea i noe i am supposed to control my diet but wad can a few pieces of guava do to miii. its guava. guava is a type of fruits and it is healthy. i dint add plum powder to it too. yea ((: bel rawks huh >.<

then reached home. watched 7pm channel 8 show. last episode. fate twisters. i love the ending

and i love the rainbow in the dark puzzle. totally rawks. i suddenly have the urge to buy a puzzle and start piecing them together =)

then there were some meaningful quotes like

have faith in miracles
they do exist
and the rainbow will appear in the dark.

there is always a rainbow in the dark
do not give up
and you will eventually find the rainbow in the dark.

wheee i love rainbows. clouds. stars.

and i hate thunder. yepps.

i lyk 5566 cunzai's lyrics. the part where they sang that the the rainbow is left wid only one colour due to ur unhappiness or sth lyk that. is my translation good? hahahas

i passed the translation part for my chi test. miracle. miracle. yepps they do exist. cos i believe ((:

gonna tidy my room. shumin and juehui coming over to do chem and physics proj tmr so i guess its tata for now. cya ((: sweet dreams

Thursday, April 21

auntie patsy

had maths and chem practical tests today. maths erhs. a total boohoo laa. I think i crap the whole thing. ya i noe. you cant crap for maths. but somehow i jus can. hmm. jus gonna pray hard that i pass. or get least not geta big fat zero boo.

chemistry practical test was very rushed. and now i have brown stains on my palm. all thanks to the solution used during the practical lorhs. and the bunsen burner i was using had a strikeback. so i off it. the baby flame's cute. but the realisation of a strikeback totally shocked mii. i was lyk 'omigosh' hahas. on the whole the chem practical is not that bad laa. except that every time i turned to look at the whiteboard mrs phua wld be staring at mii. hahas.

alright. after chem was pe. whoa. ran two rounds and three cheers for bel. hahas. i dint walk during the run ((: i was telling myself i can do it hahas. and juehui rawks. though her toe is injured she still peii wo run. although erhs i ran faster. hehes.

then played basketball. shot some goals in. and heyy i am beginning to fall in love wid basketball again wahahas. cool. i regain my interest in bball and the sense of pride when you score. hahas. yeps.

after pe went to canteen to makan. i ate fish burger without cheese and drank peach tea. ohya. this morning i left my house without my wallet. only realised it in my dad's car and we had already reached the school foyer. so my dad jus gave mii some money.

after makaning, mii, jingle and jh went back to cls. then i went toilet to change.

mpp was next. we had to do presentation on the bill. and my grp wasnt ready so we spoke to mr chiang and he is really nice!!! ((: three cheers for mr chiang.

he extended my grp's deadline for the bill to next monday and the other grps' to tmr i think. whoa. he is not as stern as he seems laa.

peixin and yunyin did their presentation during chi lesson. yunyin spoke in a really cute voice. then peixin spoke wid confidence. both got pretty high marks. gd job =)

then jls began teaching abt horror movies. yesterday language arts was abt horror movies too. and i realised that samara is abt tv and videos. oh my. i am sooo glad i dint watch it.

then jls mentioned sth abt human beings being scared of the unknown or unexpected. then darren asked 'like annabel lorhs' then i turned back asked him 'wad' he said i scared of thunder. ya laa its the truth. now seems lyk the whole cls noe i am afraid of thunder. hahas. i am timid =P

the past few days after mi week. darren has this habit of scaring mii by suddenly calling mii.. grr. and yeps u r right. i screamed every time he did that. and it has become a form of entertainment for erhs. darren, junming and chongthee. i noe its funny that i get scared so easily. and i noe this is another form of niaoing. i am smart >.<

oh erhs where was i. oh ya chi lesson. yepps. we have to do research on horror films oso.

after school went to foyer wid juehui. then erhs my dad was in jurong so wld be late. then i was reading frankenstein when this lady came to sit beside mii and borrowed a pen from mii. then we started chatting and she was telling mii abt her going overseas. i think she is a teacher and miss tang's friend. we chatted for some time before my dad came. then she said sth abt keeping mii as her daughter. hahas. she is nice and i definitely had a great time chatting wid her. she waved to mii when i was in my dad's car. hahas.

i have chem tuition later. and i jus realised that one whole big stack of newspapers are waiting for mii to read them. ohwells. wow. its gonna take some time to finish reading every single set.

Wednesday, April 20

maths test

grrr. maths is getting on my nerves and making mii feel sleepy. i am supposed to be piaing maths now. cos theres a maths test tmr. yepps boohoo. i am only at composite functions now. i can finally understand functions but i am still doubtful if i am able to tackle those maths questions tmr. today. erhs. not a bad day. neither was i in a good mood. was rather pissed off. shall tell you more later kkaes. i think i reallie have to gambatte wid my maths. today's chi test is terrible. there is a section with this whole big chunk of english words and we were supposed to translate it into fluent chinese. alright. i guess thats hanyushuiping examinations standard. and i think i am not up to standard. hahas.

kkaes guess i am out of here. no one from 3j is online. so i guess everyone's piaing. and here i am slacking. oh wow.

wish mii luck. cos i need them ((:

Friday, April 15

mi project presentation

this morning wake up then blur blur lorhs. yepps. reached school at 715. then er. went for flag raising. yepps. then after flag raising there was a briefing on relocation of dhs for dhp students from 2007 to 2008 to former rjc site whlie the present premise will be renovated

and that means we will be spending our year 5 and 6 in the rjc premise. then when we are getting into uni then they move back. wow. thats like gmps. same lorhs. too bad >.<>

then after briefing we went back to cls. then started shifting table and everything. then borrowed the teacher's laptop to edit our ppt. veh rushed. i oso wrote my script for chinese presentation. then yepps. we did the chinese presentation first and the judges were jiang lao shi and an lao shi. i shall not comment and elaborate wad happened during the process. cos hmm its not that worth remembering and recalling. yeps u get wad i mean?

after that we went for our eng presentation which was after junming's grp. yepps then not bad laa. mr chiang asked quite alot of questions. after our presentation, we sat down and listened to other grps present. then mii, yunyin, juehui and yiling edited the lyrics of tong hua. to fit our feelings for mi week. hahas. its cool. i thot of most of the lyrics and wrote them down. while the others gave ideas ((: then we decided to go to the canteen to have lunch. then mii, juehui and yunyin will be going out to window shop.

then we met charmaine and the others at the canteen and they told mii, juehui and cecilia not to skip art club laa. yepps. then er. we hesitated for quite some time. then finally gave in. crapped and listened to each other's past experiences in the art room.

then at 3pm we went for break. then er proceeded to computer lab 1 to learn flash. our second lesson for the course. it was kinda boring and the speend is t oo fast. but both mii and juehu learned how to do the bouncing ball animation under the guidance of our dear dawn. then tingxu sat behind mii in the computer lab then he kept calling and asking mii questions abt flash which i obviously dunno. then he will show mii his animation. grrr. wanna show off. hahas. but honestly the animations are quite nice laa, at least better than mine laa. so have a greater sense of achievement yeahs? hahahas

then after that walked to foyer to wait for my dad to fetch mii wid juehui and dawn. then went to canteen to buy sth to makan. i bought guava and honeydew. yummy. then my dad came lorhs. yepps. and here i am blogging.

my left knee hurts the whole time i was in sch today. i dun think i dislocate it totally laa. but maybe partially. dunno. i dun wan see doctor. cos wait bandage then cannot go level camp and train for 2.4 km. boo. hahas. my dad just sprayed sth on my injured knee just now. but er i think it doesnt have any effect. only some smelly smell hahahs

yepps. i am soooo glad that mi week is over. whoa. next week has maths and chinese test. grrr. wish mii luck.

i made a wish
and my wish came true ((:
ur smile reallie brightens up my day.
thanks loads. wheee
the busy and terrorising mi week is finally over. phew. today we did our eng and chi presentation for the mi project. ohwells. not so good laa. but. wadeva. its over.

havent blog for 3 days. and honestly i missed blogging. hahas. wanted to sneak a blog entry yesterday while doing mi project. but i am so glad i didnt. if not i would have to sacrifice all my sleeping time. cos i only slept at 5am last night. yepps. 5am. its practically morning yeahs? booo eyebags. teary and red eyes.

let mii recall wad happened yesterday and the day before.
hmmm the day before was a wednesday. oh ya. we met mrs har for our project at 1pm. and we got some not so good remarks. which means we had to edit our powerpoint and improve and further elaborate on our ideas. then we spent the whole day till like erm 5 plus doing our ppt and proposal. wow. we oso went round school taking photos laa. nice~ at night my grp members met online and did till midnight. i slept only at 230am ? and its morning already. grrr

thursday which is yesterday. erm we went to school before flag raising. totally chaoji tired. super duper tired. could hardly open my eyes. then we meeting mrs har at 8am. which is right after flag raising yepps. erm ya. after that we went to the library and signed in for a few computers then pia lorhs. mii and jue hui designed the kaleidoscope tshirt and poster. yeppss oh ya and the design for our balloons.

then the teacher librarian was fed up wid us. for wadeva reason there is. cos maybe we occupied the computers for too long, depriving other groups of chances to use them laa. or becos we were too noisy. wadeva

then we ate lunch in school then mii, jue hui and yunyin went to tampines mall. not for movies laa. to buy booo-lloons. hahahas. i misprounced 'balloons' yesterday whlie shopping. yepps we took mrt there then er. went to ntuc. then decided to look around at century square first before buying. then we passed by famous amos. i bought the premium cookies and yunyin bought the butterscotch ones. amos cookies rawk my wurl. i wan more. hahas. i finished all the cookies as we were walking around the shopping mall. hehehes >.<

then we finally bought boo-lloons at the cold storage then we went back to tampines mall to shop around. so yeps we went to popular cos i wanna buy pens. i also sign up for popular membership card. cos mine expired liaos. met charlene and clarissa in popular.

then er we went to those cute cute gift shops like mini toons, precious thots and thotz. i saw the debbi bear that i wan. hehehs. its cute kkaes. then yeps. oh ya we oso went into toy r us then we started looking at the barbie dolls and tiara. hahas. and at the same time we looked back at our childhood.

after that erm went converse and times. dint buy anything. window shopping is fun. but not as fun as real shopping laa. as in spending money wahahas. but we chatted and crapped alot hahahas.

after that, jue hui and yunyin took bus home while i took the mrt. then i oso bought teenage magazine for next mth. my bdae mth worr. hehehes.

then erh. went for tuition at 630. i made a new friend. yepps. her name is shu yee or erm not sure lehs. then she is from a school called peidao issit? hehes. short term memory

then went home after tuition then start to pia for mi. pia pia pia. then computer was slow when there were many sending procedures going on then i chaoji pissed off. i threw my computer mouse wahahas.

then pia jiu pia dao 5am. only slept for 1 hr and 45 min. ohmygawd. can u believe it.

Tuesday, April 12

piglet family set up whoosh

whoa. piglet family all the way!! hahahas. today is another one of the happiest day in my 15 years of life on earth. ohwells. of cos i spent it wid my darling haojiemeis. wahahas.

alright. so this morning woke up at usual time. then my eyes were so tired and redshot. dripped lotsa droplets of eye mo le. but still red. no choice laa. still hafta go to sch. then reached sch le. chaoji tired lorhs. speed walked all the way to my clsrm then put my head on the table and slept whahas. then went for flag raising. today everyone from my mi grp reached in time for flag raising ((:

flag raising was cool. hahas. cos too few ppl in each cls so we just combined everyone together into one 3j cls. cool har.

then after flag raising went back to class then chao ji slack lorhs. then went library then er went canteen. then ya. got discuss laa. but i spent more time niaoing juehui abt sth. hahas. i oso kanna niaoed lorhs. erhem. hahas

then in the library was chaoji pissed off. shumin and the others attempted to capture mii and someone in the same picture. grrrr. hahas. not veh pissed off. i noe they were just fooling around. then shumin oso took some photos of herself. hahas chaoji zi lian kuang. like miii !!

then they decided to come to my hse to do the powerpoint cos we cant concentrate in school. then we went down to canteen to peii shumin have lunch cos she got mep afterwards so cannot come my hse. yepps. i ate cai fan and the meat thing is chao ji nice wid all the sauce. drank peach tea oso. addicted to it le ahhh

then took bus back to my hse lorhs. crapped and chatted on the bus. reached my hse. then we erm hehehs. watched mv first. then did powerpoint. then kinda picnic and feast on chocolate and potato chips. hehehes. its totally cool lorhs. then after a while we started to take photos of ourselves wid my cutie little piglet. chaoji shuang kkaes. we made use of the self timer in my camera and my mini tripod stand. then we were screaming and laughing and giggling away. we took like 45 photos in like erm 45 minutes issit. hahas not sure. but if that is, so 1 photo 1 min. totally coolness.

then ruth hafta go home so yepps. then i upload the photos into my computer then we made a powerpoint wid the pictures then we went back to our mi project hehehes. then ya. do until 5 plus. then they went home.

then after that i called the m1 service to activate my gprs and mms. scary experience. cos i was stammering the whole time and speaking broken english. hahahas. paisehh-ness. but i am glad its over the phone. pheww

alright. yepps. i guess thats all .gonna play games. tmr no need go sch so early le. finally. cya ppl.

Monday, April 11

just blogging

whoa juehui just added mii to msn. chatting wid her abt mi. yiling and yunyin not online yet. hmmm let mii crap abt sth which i have been thinking abt the past few hours. hmmm

hahas i just accidentally wrote a poem somehow. cool. instant inspiration =)

but the poem oso reminds mii of the some of the unhappy things i dun wan to remember. i am getting on reallie well wid my life and thoughts rite now. sigh. i was just beginning to accept the fact that haojiemeis are all that i ever need. but. sigh. i am tired i am reallie tired. i am tired of all the lies.

i was so dumb cann. someone played an early april fools joke on mii and i foolishly fell for it. wow. i am not fit to be a dunmanian.

looking back on the laughters reallie makes mii wanna cry.

ahhh wads wrong wid mii. mood swing le grrrr.

lemme mii say out my thoughts cann. but dun question mii abt it in my tagboard. thanks.

you told mii you wld lend mii ur shoulder.
you told mii you do care
you told mii not to be afraid
cos for mii you wld be there.

i believed every word u said
i had full trust in you
i believed you were my prince
and that you wld be there
whenever i feel blue

but everything turned out to be an utter disappointment
my heart were totally shattered.
the words you once said so assuringly
turned out just to be empty promises

fine it was my fault.
i shouldnt even care
i shouldnt even have believed
for mii you wld be there

saying goodbye to the past
i wish you all the best wid her
i dun wan to look back at all.
all thanks to the early april fools joke you played on mii. wow

i am on my way to forgetting youu. goodbyeee.
sometimes life is just about forgetting and accepting yeahs?

yepps forgetting the hurtful memories and accepting the new life and bright future ahead of youu.

cheers everyone. girl powerrr!

the pacifier

wheeee. today is definitely one of my happiest day in my whole life except for some minor incidents laa. wahahas. let mii get the details into this entry before i forget them kkaes. hahas yepps thanks to my short term memory. ehs i think its contagious and i got it from someone. tsk tsk. wahahas

alright. this morning. reached sch at 711 am. cos i woke up late. hahas. its supposed to be a hols for dhp students lorhs. booo. still have to go school. then i went to cls. carrying a chao ji light bag. so shuang wahahas. then saw yunyin and yiling in cls. they looked so ecstatic to see mii

hahas then i went to look for jia min but she not in cls. so i walked to parade sq wid yunyin, yiling and juehui. it is not compulsory for dhp students to come to sch laa. then our cls was like so pathetic cann. only 4 students at flag raising. mii, juehui, yunyin and yiling. after that we went back to cls. then did mi project discussion then looked for teacher mentor and other teachers. did interviewing and stuff. yepps. busyy. after that mii and yunyin and jue hui decided to go to cineleisure to watch movie.

we stopped at somerset mrt then walked to cineleisure. yepps. then bought tickets for the pacifier movie. then went to more than words to look see look shop after which we went to buy popcorns, drinks and nachos to eat during the movie.

then we were able to find our seats quite easily in the dark cinema, surprisingly for mii laa. then yunyin sat in between mii and juehui then we put the nachos and popcorns on her lap.

the pacifier totally rawks. when i thot the movie was going to end wid a happily ever after ending, the twist came and it was the climax of the movie when the good guy became the bad guy and the neighbours were actually bad undercovers. eeeeyer meanies. its a total surprise. but the movie still ended happily ever after laa x) fortunately.

the movie reallie rawks. it is as good as constantine and cinderella story and anacondas. And.... its even better than son of the mask.

okae. its not as scary and suspense-filled as constantine. there wasnt much effects in the movie.

and its not as romantic and dream-like like cinderella story

not as terrifying and disgusting as the huge anacondas

but the pacifier is unique and totally humorous and action filled. yepps. its totally exciting and nice. and its even nicer wid the twist in the movie. the movie is oso cute. yepps. and shawn wolfe has a nice and muscular body >,<>

its a movie not to be missed. and thats enough as a valid reason for you, you, you and you to watch it. the story plot is totally exciting. check out more abt it at gv cinemas homepage. or cathay cineleisure.

hmmm anybody watched samara or the eye 10? tell mii abt it kkaes. hahas. i noe i am timid but somehow i just love to watch horror movie. although i noe i will be covering my eyes practically most of the time laa. but still that leads to a conclusion. i like to cover my eyes when i am scared? hahas okae. its lame. wadeva

after movie we went to pretty in tokyo then we dragged juehui to take neoprints wid us. the machine rawks. the effects done were great. the fireworks. woohoo. but i think theres too much of it laa.

we had a tough time decorating the neoprints and deciding on who takes which. but still we came to a decision. and we had such a wonderful and enjoyable time taking the neoprints. yepps its like so exciting. and fine. i acted cute. who dont when they are taking neoprints?? maybe the guys laa. i nv take neoprints wid guys before. and i am glad i havent. cos i bet i will kanna niao abt acting cute after taking. wahahas. but who noes. i might be naturally cute >.<

wahahahas. who am i. am i bel. when did i became so thick skinned nehhs?

arrrbisshhh hahas okae. enough. the neoprints were among the best i ever taken. and now i am crazy abt neoprints once again. i am gonna take more neoprints. yepps. erm after taking neoprints we walked back to somerset mrt lorhs. nv shop. boo. nvm laa. another time lorhs. i wanted to buy amos cookies de lehhs but my wallet was almost emptied. too bad lorhs oh ya. i told juehui and yunyin alot abt my past movie experience. wahahas. then we had a good time laughing.

i will tell u the interesting experiences if we watch movies together at cineleisure. hahas. lotsa funny things happened there. at least 3 incidents. then er took mrt home lorhs. yeppps. oh ya. at the somerset mrt. there was this guy, or uncle to be exact. he gave mii this leaflet on god. yesh. but i already have a religion and i am a buddhist yeahs? aiya i just took the leaflet he gave lorhs. then i rmb that he was the guy whom mii and charmaine met at bugis last year. he was telling us wad must study hard and believe in god. then dun commit suicide and stuff. yepps.

ehs do i look like i will commit suicide???!!!! alright. maybe he saw the plaster on my wrist. but i DIDNT SLASH MY WRIST THE WRONG WAY LAA. its just sth purplish on my wrist laa. haiyoo =.= piang. then we continued to chat and crap on the train. rawks lorhs. dint noe that mii and juehui and yunyin had so much to talk abt. yepps. the pacifier rawks too.

today, tmr, the day after and thursday no need to go sch. we are supposed to do mi project preparation during this 4 days. 1 day has passed. left 3. today watched movie only 6.50 bucks lehhs. weekend is 8.50 bucks i think. so these 4 weekday- days rite. i wanna watch all the movies i wanted to watch. like pooh's heffalump movie. samara and eye 10 and er hitch and a series of unfortunate events etc. totally uncountable?

hahahs i noe i will be broke and who cares laa. i just wanna make my time fruitful and enjoyable. and it totally rawks to go out wid jue hui and yunyin u noe. the more the merrier of cos. yepps wish mii luck for my catching of movies. check out tmr's entry to see if i get to watch any movie tmr. wahahahs. i am looking forward to more movies. and i wanna shop. okae. shall go and play neopets now. later still got discussion wid the others. cya ppl.

and i wanna say watch the pacifier.

it rawks ((:

and i wanna ask.

have you watch tonghua's mv? heheheh

and one last question

did you cry like i did? wuhahahas

isnt this lame? wahahas. wadeva. who cares.

ohya i just happened to read this msn msg log yesterday of mii and someone laa. then i dunno why but msn always cant save the convo between mii and that person laa. then i was browsing thru my msg log then i realised that it saved that one msg log. totally surprising. and its one of the happiest convo i ever had. does it mean sth? hehehes. i believe in horoscope. totally.

and i believe that every single thing that happened represents sth. hmmmm mystery nehhs ((:

Sunday, April 10

scary monster boo

an embarrassing thing just happened. rmb the scary video i mentioned in the previous entry? my junior, ashley told mii that he showed his sister but his sister didnt have any big reactions cos he gave her hints. so smarty mii decided to show my brother. then i turned the volume to mute then the video started. i was hugging my piglet cushion extremely tight and half covering my eyes. i havent get over the terror yet mahhs. fine i am timid. if not constantine movie would not have scare mii out of my wits laa. duh

then my brother had no reaction. just calm and said chey. then i told him to watch again then this tym i increase the volume. i wanted to scare him rite. then in the end i kanna scared. booo. i was scared to tears cann. cos that monster thing come out then got screaming sound so i screamed oso. omygawd malu lehhhs. paisehh-ness. yesh. tears started flowing free and fast.

so now i can proudly declare myself as a timid crybaby. wahhhh

it still reminds mii of constantine movie although i watched it 2 mths ago. boohoo.

that time i didnt scream. cos i noe the person i watched the movie wid will be terribly freaked out by my screams wahahas. and no one screams in the cinema. ppl scream at theme parks mahhs. i dun wan to malu myself and my friend rite.

so ya. i didnt scream. just closing my eyes now and then or holding my fist to my lips. wahahas. cos we didnt buy any drinks mahs then you noe that thingy where you put your cup of coke. yepps. i was clutching terribly hard onto that thing. by the time i got out of the cinema, my right hand has marks on it. wahahas. theres nth else other than that for miii to grab le mahhs. terribly malu-ness. grrrr. fine. this is another evidence that i am a timid person.

wadeva. everyone has their weak points laa. veh funny de. i am timid yet i always wanna act pro and watch horror movies. wahahahas.

now i noe that i am not cut out to watch horror movies and carry and roll a whole round table. hahas. i realised lotsa new things abt myself thru my life journey. whoa. enlightening >.<

anyway if any of you out there who are interested to watch that scary movie that i talked abt just now (not constantine) drop mii a msg at msn. i send it to you immediately wahahas. bet you will get freaked out like i did. or at least i hope u do ((:

i am becoming a meanie nehhs. oops.

ohwells. wad other things can i crap abt. fairytales. hmmm not going to keep talking abt that. okae i thot of sth. wahahas

next mth is my bday mth. whoa. yepps i am a geminii. i am a total believer of horoscope. one of the day in my bday mth is my bday, the very special day when someone capable is born onto this earth wuhahas. it will also be the day when all the wiishhes in my wiishhlist come true. or at least i hope they do come true. i noe one of them is coming true. cos my darling jue hui and other dearest haojiemeis are getting mii this bigg debbi bear bear which i wanted very badly. hahas. though i already noe this surprise, i will still act surprise dun worry ;) i am totally pro at that. hahas. then i will pretend to be moved to tears. hahas.

i rmb i got myself this piglet soft toy last year. wuhahas. yesh. i got myself a bday present. cannot arh. i happy. wahahas and charmaine and the others got mii this pooh bear in a monkey outfit. totally cuteness ((:

actually i dun reallie ask for any bday presents laa. not so thick skinned. but i like surprises. a surprise birthday greeting will do. hahas.

okae. my bday mth is oso the mth for level camp. triple boo. i still dunno my grping. and i wont get to noe until the next next week. cos mi week mahs. i am reallie praying hard kkaes. my horoscope this mth is considered rather good. i hope its as good next mth or better.

i dun wan to talk abt level camp laa. talk abt other things. anyway the kindred spirit show has started but nvm.

my mom just reminded mii just now of my slackiness this year. yesh i slack alot this year. i dunno why. slacking just rawks. colin think so too. and i bet all of you out there think so too. but i think its not too good. the results and consequences definitely not ideal. look at my tests results. guess i need to buck up le. but actions speaks louder than words. and its even harder to stop slacking.

wadeva. if i cant slack then i wan movies and shopping time. wahahas. demanding har. life is like this. cannot have this then have that laa. in hokkien is called no fish prawns oso cann ((:

if cannot have movies and shopping time then i wan my fairytale inclusive of my prince and angel. still... everything i said will still lead back to fairytale talk eventually. its a cycle. woww

blogskin is down

i am listening to guangliang's tonghua cd now. wahahas. i like all the songs except for one. i dunno why but i just dun like the 'yi dian guang yi dian liang'. always skip that song.

just went to blogskins website. its currently down. grrr. i wanna change blogskin. and i was looking for one that fits my fairytales theme.

but those i found are either despo for love. or are out of love. i am not despo for love neither am i out of love. erm how can i be out of love when i havent even been in love har? o.O

my currently blogskin rite. the font has a bit of problem laa. dunno why. then while browsing the blogskins website i found this nice pic of a little boy pulling a little girl on the beach. their back view was shown laa. i was thinking of putting this pic into my current blogskin. hmmm

omygawd. my heart just skipped a beat. my playful juniors sent mii this video titled car. then the beginning part was a bird eyeview of a car driving laa. then suddenly a horrible looking monster came into the screen. whoa. nearly scream. hahas. that reminds mii of constantine!! ahhh constantine is like the most horror-est movie i ever watch. omg its not even a horror movie lorhs. but its a horror movie to mii. i wonder wad will happen if i watch the eye 10 or samara. wahahas.

oh ya. i wanna update on my list of favourite mv.

top 5 favourite mv of bel ((:
1. guang liang- tong hua
2. jay chou- ge qian
3. jay chou- yuan you hui
4. fish leong- fen shou kuai le
5. jay chou- qing tian

maybe stil got somemore but i cant rmb now la. btw i just got myself a new mei wahahas. yujie from cushka. woots.

right now i am not desperate for my fairytale to come true. but i want to go to cineleisure and watch movies badly and desperately. my pooh's heffalump movie booo. i better catch it before its gone. i wanna shop and take neoprints wid my friends oso. but right now i am stuck at home wid this computer. double booo. i havent gone shopping in singapore after i came back from europe. and i cant stand it anymore. yepps. i am gonna sneak out to the shopping malls somehow during mi week wuhahahas. wish mii luck.

i shortened my wiishh list yesterday if you happened to realise it. and i added 'right here waiting' lyrics to my column. when i was editing my wiishhlist rite, i realised that i dun seem to lack of anything lehs. hahas. in fact i have more of everything. whoa. i should be contented laa. but i wan more movies, clothes and bear bears. i oso want to go back to paris and london. and i wanna go italy too. okae fine. i am not contented. gimme my fairytale inclusive of my prince and angel and i will be contented x)

shall go and check out the blogskins website to see if its okae. cya

Saturday, April 9

wow seafood

i am never gonna eat seafood ever again. hmm cannot lyk that say. i am not gonna eat seafood for the time being. yepps. cos i just had it just now. prawns and crabs. and its a horrible experience. two nights ago. i cut my left thumb while i was attempting to put that debbi bear keychain onto my schoolbag, replacing the black-pink piggie. then i was using my scissors to hold the keychain ring. then i used my thumb to pry it open. then i did it too many times. so my thumb started to bleed. lols.

i didnt realise until quite some time later. lols. not that i have no feelings but i dunno why. i will only realised that i injured myself after some time. there was one time when i cut my elbow. i forgot when le. i think was during the orientation at the beginning of this year. then the junior told mii that my arm was bleeding then i realised lols. its either this year orientation or last year kaleidoscope laa. cant rmb. short term memory.

then there was once during chemistry practical. i kinda scalded myself. then got a red mark on my arm. i only realised it after jue hui told mii. hahas. she was my lab partner mahs. okae this incident confirmed is this year happened de. hahahas. cos jue hui wasnt in my class in sec one and two mahs. smarty miii lols.

ohya i rmb. yesterday (friday) i went to sch wid two plasters on my left thumb and wrist. lols. my thumb was cut by the keychain putting incident. my wrist had some allergies then bleeding laa. then a few ppl asked mii wad happened to my left arm. hahas. i think it looked kinda serious laa. like i got into a fight or sth. hahas

then stooopid darren and junming niaoed mii. they said i tried to commit suicide but slash my wrist the wrong way. hahas. such meanies lorhs. i will never try to shorten my life. wadever valid reason there can be. wahahas. i treasure my life. i will continue living. i need to find my fairytale and prince rmb ? ;)

okae. i was talking abt seafood rite. then digress. i am not reallie that 'unfeeling' laa. lyk just now i eating seafood, i pricked myself wid the thorn (??) on the crab. i realised it. cos its sharp and its painful. hahas there is this teeny weeny small mini hole on my left index finger. yepps.

i just realised that eating seafood can be tedious work. yesh. its totally tedious. esp if you are extremely hungry but you have to remove the shell of the crab and prawns patiently. I was so worried that their juicy juice will splash onto mii somehow. hahas then my brother dirtied the whole floor when eating.

did you realise that i change the title of my blog. from ephemeral love to fairytales. hahas. everyone is going on and on about fairytales. i can write an endless essay on it.

fairytales are somehow related to love. yepps. somehow someway.

but fairytales seem everlasting. and love is not.

alright wadeva. its the same thing. when you realise that ur fairytale has come true or you have found your true love, you will just fall into a bottomless pit, thinking that everything has become perfect and idealised. hahas. then when you realised that the bottomless pit is bottomless, you will noe that everything is just an illusion of urs and its too late to regret le.

omygawd wad am i crapping abt again. grrr getting so crappish nowadays. well maybe becos i read too much fanfic and watch too many teenage drama serials le. wahahas. still my crap can somehow contains some of the life lessons. wahahas.

like dun find love. let love find you. all those stuff laa.

but wadever it is, dun be mislead by my blog entries. i am not in love.

cos i havent found my prince. still waiting. wahahas. yepps. right here waiting.

thats the title of the midi my blog is playing now. nice midi yeahs? it rawks. i realised that the daodai abit too chong dong bahhs. esp. the beginning part of the midi. and the song gets kinda irritating after listening to it for a few times. cos its a sad song. abt separation between 2 lovebirds yea. cos the guy dun understand the girl or sth. then its only when the girl realised that their love/ chemistry is no longer there then she decided to give up on that relationship then did the guy plead her to stay and is willing to give up his reputation or wadeva it is.

sometimes guys can be so insensitive laa. yepps its a fact. guys are insensitive. its a fact no one can deny.

i seem to enjoy blogging today. wahahas. anyway i wanted to change the midi to truly.madly.deeply. by savage garden de. then the midi was not played by piano. hahas. and i thot is nicer and suits fairytales more. its true. this song is usually played during wedding dinners. wedding dinners means a wedding is going on. two ppl have accepted each other and are going to spend their lifetime together. it is lyk marking the 'happily ever after' ending of a fairytale. yeppps. crap again le. tsk tsk. wads wrong wid miii grrrr

i seem to have some problems. yeahs. i am talking so much abt love and fairytales. guess i should cut down on the number of fanfic i am reading. anyway did you check out the fanfic on jay and jolin? hehehes

sth to say

wow. 2 long blog entries. it has been a long time since i typed so much for each entry. anyway. the previous two entries are supposed to be one entry. but i didnt noe that blogger has word limit for each entry. nvm. now i noe x)


top three mv which I like:
1. guang liang- tong hua
2. jay chou- ge qian
3. jay chou- qing tian

all the songs in the tong hua album is nice. i spent the whole of today listening to it. hahas. yepps guang liang rawks!

yepps. Ohwells. Now that the srt comp is over, we have to draw for the Japanese art competition. And level camp is from 4 to 6 may. There seems to be some problems wid the groupings. I was initially in the same grp wid jessalyn and junming I think. This grouping was done by the chairperson of each class. Then we were told to group ourselves into 3 girls per grp wid different cca. Then the guys hafta draw lots. Then I was in the grp wid Joanne, li wen and junming. Then yesterday charmaine told mii that the 4 ppl in each grp will be further divided in grps omygawd lorhs. Singapore.river.terror is finally over but I haven?t gotten over the traumatizing experience and now is up next. Why are there so many nightmares? Grrrr

last year?s level camp was fun and enjoyable cos peiyu and other nice ppl were in my grp. I am worried abt this year?s camp though. I am a Gemini. I cant live in solitude I hate loneliness. I dun wan to be alone. Lemme pray hard I get one or more of my many haojiemeis in my grp kkaes.

Ohya I wanna recommend this nice and touching fanfic:

its about jay and jolin. Yepps I noe they are history but they are still one interesting couple to write abt laa. And its based on jay?s ge qian mv.

Its another fairytale in reality. And somehow after reading the fanfic you wanna have ur own fairytale too. Or at least I do.

fairytales just seem so wonderful. They make true love seem possible. but not every fairytale comes true and ends with a 'happily ever after' everyone has a fairytale in their heart, waiting for their prince to appear. fairytales can be disappointments too. they can be just plain lies. broken promises. the cause of broken hearts.

they make ppl believe in them and then disappoint them. yepps okae i shall stop here. if not i can continue crapping abt fairytales. i stopped believing in fairytales for a period of time. which is like last week. but somehow now i started to believe in fairytales once again. but i am not desperate for it to come true. i just take things in my stride. it will come true when the time is ripe. but i am not wasting my life waiting for my prince to come kkaes.

4 chinese characters to summarize wad i said in the previous paragraph: wo kan kai le x)

yepps. i am not reallie looking forward to mi week too. its a new thing. new experience. but its gonna be lotsa work u noe. interview. meeting wid teacher mentor.
well. lemme continue on wad i wanna say abt fairytales. hmmm tong hua. yepps fairytales. some have happy endings while some endings are just totally heartbreaking. not every prince from ur fairytale will stand by you always. not every prince will assure you that the fairytale you both are in will end happily ever after. some princes dun care. they are just plain jerks. dont get an illusion from watching tong hua's mv. life is not so perfect. love is not so romanticised.

of cos we have this romanticised view of fairytales cos we want and wish something lyk that will happen to us rite. i noe it cos i experience it. i am always daydreaming. hahahs.

anyway i still think we, everyone should dare to dream. dare to pursue our own happiness. we have the rights and freedom to dream. we have a fairytale in us and we should believe in it. look at the positive side and stay optimistic. somehow the ending and effects might not be as wonderful and desired. still since its meant to be like this, its all destiny and fate. we should accept it. and maybe erm learn from it.

every day is a learning day. and every experience should be a fruitful experience yeahhs?

i reallie think i should end here and not bore you wid more of my nonsensical nonsense lols.

wait. erm hahas. let mii finish wad i wanna say.

so ya.

follow your heart. find true love. create your fairytale. live happily very after.

that includes letting go when you noe you have to.

clinging onto a relationship when you noe it has no happy ending is useless.

if he/she is not worth it now, he/she will not be worth it in the future. no point wasting your time pondering someone who is not worth it rite.

your special someone just havent appear yet. live your life to the fullest.

everything is fated and meant to be.

i believe in fate. why not you too ?

finally. end of crap. okae fine. i called it crap. but i think its kinda meaningful and enlightening rite. hahahas. think abt it >.<

hahas. yepps. takkaire ppl. and do check out the tong hua mv ((: and i am looking forward to the germany humanities trip wheeeee.

i finally blog ((:

i am finally here to blog. weeks have past after the march hols. its like wow. everything passed so fast. first it was the sports day. then speech day. then april fools and mi week is up next. and everything spells busy cannn. but i am lyk so slack. wadeva laa. sec 3 life is not so bad after all. my haojiemeis all rock. kor rawks too. except that i only have a pathetic few. but i have countless of haojiemeis ((:

alright. i think i blogged abt the combined sports meet already rite. so yepps speech day. i had ushering duty (again!). not that it has anything bad abt it except that i hafta wear the investiture attire which means blazer, longsleeve shirt, court shoes and socking whoa. the court shoes give mii blisters lorhs. boo. yepps. so ya. my dad fetched mii to sch at 245. assembled wid the other scs at the foyer. after that usher lorhs. then the principal and the other teachers were busy wid preparing to welcome the guest of honour, mrs lim hwee hua. then the uniform grps fall in oso. yepps. then npcc ppl were standing at the foyer. they look so sehh. hahas. yepps i love npcc. npcc rawks. its my second favourite cca. after art club of cos >.<>

then mii and yunshan volunteered to help out wid the dinner. then dumbo yiliang made us serve the vvip table. vvip lehhhs. hahahas. then yunshan became the reserve waitress. then mii and gwen were supposed to serve meesiam and other dishes to the vvip table de. its reallie fun and sehh to walk out holding dishes of yummy food. budden my court shoes were torturing mii and somehow i dunno why. i just seemed to have difficulties putting the plates onto the table. hahas. total paisehh-ness cann.

then mr tan thiam hock, our ex principal asked for some napkins. i took 2 for him then he told mii to give one to each of the vvips. and there i was, walking round the round table and giving each of the vvips one napkin and smiling at them.

then after the vvips left, mdm lim told us to cover the leftovers wid used plastic plates. and then mii, gwen and yiliang rushed to the waterpoint and gulped down a few cups of water. yesh. we were extremely thirsty and hungry. so we helped ourselves to the food. not much left. but the mini chicken drumsticks which colin was serving left alot. hahahas. its oily. thats why. then artistic huiyi started making a smiling face wid the drumsticks left. wahahahs. anyway i spent the night niaoing huiyi hehes. meanie mii.

after that mii and shumin helped ourselves to the mee siam. its kinda cold le. but still not bad laa. its spicy. i love spicy food but i cant really tolerate spicy-ness. hahas. ohwells.
when most of the guests had left, we helped to clear the hall, first by removing all the flower vases from the tables. in case we broke them. wahahas. then we cleared the leftovers. and something dumb happened. booo

i noe i am weak and that i dun have the strength to carry a whole round table by myself and roll it. somehow i dunno why but erm i attempted. yes. attempted. tried to carry this whole round table to the side of the hall. then obviously i failed. then eugene helped mii laa.

but i have no idea why the table wont listen and kept rolling the wrong way. then colin helped oso. yesh. proness rite. 3 person rolling a round table. then the metal thing eugene was holding was rubbing against my stocking. then i let go of the table to check if my stocking is torn. then that dumbo table nearly fell. grrr. then the teacher. i wont mention the name. thot we were playing. and kinda scolded us. yesh. i feel so yuan wang cann.

and yesh. my stocking had scratches on it. gonna buy new ones. in case i have ushering duties again in the future.

i was pissed off. totally entirely pissed off. wdh.

eugene and colin seemed unhappy too. ohwells.

after that i took my blazer then mii and shumin went off. gave her a ride to the mrt station.

a supposingly gd day wid a horrible and pissed-off ending. great. my mood is ruined.

i have decided never to attempt to carry a whole round table and roll it myself.

obviously i dun have the strength. neither do i wan to get anymore ppl into trouble. i feel bad lorhs. nvm. its over. and i am glad to noe its over.

anyway i just remembered that speech day is on april fools day. well i didnt play any pranks on anyone. i am one nice girl. and i gave jessalyn her bday present. am i super nice or wad? x)
and no one play any prank on mii. becos i spent the whole day in school. so yepps. everyone is nicee =)

okae. lets talk abt yesterday. a gr8 day.

biology was the first period. ms loh gave us some investigating to do. yepps detective work. not much comments on it.

then chem was next. mrs phua not feeling well. so the lesson was kinda tensed. hope she's feeling better ((:

then was chinese. jls let us watch qian nv you hun. nice but scary show. almost as scary as constantine. but constantine is more scary cos i watched it in the cinema. wahahas. qian nv you hun is nice. a mortal falling in love wid a female ghost, facing objection from the tree spirit. the tree spirit is a meanie lorhs. and he/she looks disgusting. eeeeyer. puiii. he/she speaks in a alternate male and female voice. so i dunno if it is a he or she. lols.

after chinese was recess. i went for recess wid yiling and shumin. juehui not feeling well so stayed in cls. then we went to photocopy the survey for our mi project. then i wanted to buy chicken burger de. then somehow i dunno why. but i bought the tuna burger. yea yea. i noe. i should have bought a sotong burger since i am such a blur sotong. wahahas.

after recess was language arts. mr ken was present but he was not doing the lecture. its the erm. i forgot his name laa. then sad to say. its total boredom. but i had a gr8 time chatting wid juehui and peiyu. wahas. then the lecturer did some filiming of our clsmates acting. veh funny de lorhs. and i nearly. nearly ganna saboed to act wid. erm. nvm. when the bell finally rang, its like a jie tuo like that. hahas. release from the kingdom of boredom. wow.

then went back to cls then helped to fill in the phone no. of hy and my grp members for mrs har. she is our teacher mentor for our mi project.

yepps. then kinda try to pia physics ws but failed to do so. wahahs. jiamin came to look for mii. then ms pear came to our clsrm oso. then she talked to mii, fm and the guys. we were told that some day in may, some ppl will be coming to our cls to observe us during geog lesson and mii and fm are supposed to prepare a ppt on our europe trip. wow. presentation terror. hahas. okae laa. not so terrorising. but first i have to get the photos taken developed first. ohwells.

talking abt ppt, i just remembered that the ppt on cpa camp is due next week. ahhh. but no worries. huiyi havent send mii her longgg essay so yepps. one thing at a time lols.

oh okae. then mii, jiamin, juehui and dawn went to canteen for lunch. ate the cai fan. then went to digital arts studio to pia comp. website. then finally pia finished then went for break. i wanted to buy the chicken burger from the western stall but our operating manager beat mii to it. so i made do wid pizza bread. its taste kinda cold. nvm. then went to comp lab to learn how to use flash.

then i was fooling around wid the programme. not reallie listening to wad was taught. i make this horrible looking bear wid pinkk ears. lols. yepps. after learning, we went back to digital arts room to upload our comp website to the srt webpage. ohwells. finally singapore.river.terror. is over. then chip passed mii a disk wid a note. okae. then ya. then went to foyer to wait for my dad.

i watched the tonghua mv yesterday and i teared upon the first time of watching it. emotional har? but i bet you will cry too when you watch it. its total touching, romantic and heartwarming. Yepps its like a fairytale coming true. But the prince and princess dint get to live happily ever after. Sadness. But this mv is reallie one of the best I have ever seen.

Saturday, April 2

beauty lies in innocence pure swit and childlike

Innocent Beauty

Your Beauty lies
in Innocence. Pure, sweet and child-like. You most
likely look far younger than
you are and your smile would brighten up anyone's
day. Seen as naive and
sheltered, you can be ignorant at times, but for
the most part, it's simply your
reputation preceding you. You are most likely
rather aware of the realities of
life. You are extremely good natured and
trustworthy. By the same token, you are
a bit too trusting. Be careful, few are as honest
and open as you. You might
seem girlish still with a love of dresses, ponies,
and things most might deem
you "too old for". But this doesn't
bother you. You enjoy your youth and are
going to make it last. After all you are only as
old as you feel.

Some Things
That Represent You:

Light, Wind Animal: Kitten Color:
White, Pink, Pastels Song:
Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
Expression: Innocent Smile

Diamond Mythological Creature: Unicorn
Moon Hair Color: White Eye Color:

Quote: "A
stranger is just a friend you haven't met

Where Does Your Beauty Lie? ..::Original Pictures Are Back! Detailed Results::..
brought to you by Quizilla

this quiz is true.... hmmm i lyk beautiful soul =))

hate not to love but hate to fall in love???

You hate not to love but you hate to fall in love.
You can't help but sigh when you see to people
kiss in the park and all. You don't like to go
over board and believe in a small steady
relationship at first so that it can grow. You
also like to think that you can have that kiss
that puts you into a portal and you can't get
back until he/she stops.

How much do you love? GOOD PICS
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whoa i am the element, light

Your element is Light: Innocent, beautiful,
kind-hearted and pure. You are so sweet your
almost angelic, you find joy in others
happiness and cannot stand to see anyone in
pain. You want to make everyone around you feel
good about themselves and if someone is upset
you can tend to become rather upset as well
which means you are sympathetic and raise
others above yourself. Being as kind and
good-natured as you are people have most likely
hurt you in the past but you pick yourself up
every time. You may look fragile but you are
stronger than most tend to see. Life is
beautiful no matter how you look at it and you
understand that people make mistakes, not
everyone is perfect. You try to see the good in
the bad which is a talent few posses, dont ever
let anyone change you. You truly have a
beautiful soul inside and a heart of gold.

.:-What is your true element?-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
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i am a romantic anime girl ?

romantic girl
Ok you are a romantic anime girl and you love and
care for a lot of people.There is no evil in
you soul or your heart.Though sometimes people
don't feelt he same way as you do you keep on
trying to change their mind.You love to help
people out and you are always happy.Keep on
trying to make the whole world smile because
you know smiles are contagious ^_^.Oh and if it
seems like there is nobody who could love you
as much as you could love them it doesn't
matter the thing is that the only thing that
matters is that he cares and loves you and it
doesn't matter how much well maybe it does but
don't set you standards to high cuz then you'll
find nobody

If You Were An Anime Character What Would You Look Like?(Girls Only)
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Friday, April 1

i want a sweet guy :))

You want a sweet guy. Who'ld take you anywhere.
Like Japan!!! Wow I would like a guy like that
too:) Also he looks so cute in japanese

Who's Perfect For You??? (Cute Anime Pics)
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perfect girlfriend o.O

You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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i am mirage ;)

i am a nice girl =))

kawaii, desu ne?
Your label is the Nice girl/guy. You tend to care
for others over yourself. However, many people
appreciate your caring side and would rather
stick by you than hurt you. But, there is a
downside. Some tend to abuse your kindness and
take advantage of you. You always try to see
the good in everyone and try not to hate.
Also, you have sharp insight and a great
personality. Calm, serene, and understanding,
you make a worthy friend and a valuble ally to
people in need. Don't change your sweet
nature, your constant being-there can save a

I suggest your go into a field that
centers around working with others such as a
doctor, baby-sitter, psychologist, lifeguard,
or Teacher. If none of these occupations
interest you, it is okay then. I am sure that
there are plenty of oppertunities out there for

What type of teenager are you?
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