Friday, June 30

Physics; Service Learning

Supposed to be doing my physics tuition homework. But i came online with my textbook in front of the computer monitor. I didnt bother about the textbook and started navigating websites on service learning especially overseas volunteerism. Realised that I didnt copy down the website that Cecilia recommeneded. Bummer.

So my phy tuition homework is undone. And my tuition has been brought forward to tomorrow's afternoon. Double bummer.

I missed today's youth day celebration. And also SC camp.

But I have lozenges and tablets for flu and fever, as well as a MC to keep me company for the long weekend. I should be contented. Really.

I found the love of my life =D

Nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer (:

Sunday, June 25

Lunch; New School Term

I just had porridge for lunch and am currently preparing to work on my biology ppt. School's reopening tomorrow, which marks the end of the 1-mth long june holidays... I did not exactly have a holiday... been working and working.. otherwise slacking and slacking.

My holidays homework ah. nightmare. keep talking about them but not doing them. brilliant. I shall try to do what i can today...

i am not looking forward to the start of the new school term. Not when all the movies which I want to watch are starting to show in cinemas. Not when my homework are pretty much undone (duh!). Not when I havent catch up enough with my haojiemeis and old friends. Not when i am not even ready to pia for eoys. Not when I am still unwilling to part with my new hobby -- daydreaming.

So many things so little time!

tomorrow shall be and BETTER BE a better day.

Friday, June 23

Green Forest My Home; The Little Girl

Bummer. YouTube is currently doing some repairing work on the site and I couldnt continue watching Green Forest My Home Episode 6. I am kinda addicted to the show now... cos the story plot is getting more and more exciting. Susan is getting more and more bitchy too. William and Owen...

I was tidying my bag late last night when I saw the two packets of tissue papers which I bought from a little girl and her mother at Tampines Interchange yesterday. I was walking into the MRT stn with bk and sl to take the train to Pasir Ris when this little girl stood in front of me and said 'san bao tissue yi kuai'. I cannot really hear her saying that cos her voice were kinda muffled. Then in her hands she was only holding two packets of tissue paper. She just stood in front of me, with puppy eyes. I hesitated for awhile before taking out a 2-dollar note and gave it to her. She looked at the note happily before running back to her mother. When her mother saw it she looked at me and said 'Thank you' in Mandarin. I smiled and walked away. I couldnt bear to ask for the change.

I am not trying to make myself sound noble by blogging about that. But that incident really struck realisation upon me. Especially when i was heading to downtown east with my fellow P.O.H teammates to watch Sesame Street Live. There, I saw happy children with their parents, all excited about seeing Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster and all other Sesame Street characters. I was excited too =\ I was sitting up straight all the while during the show =X But thats not the main point.

The main thing is that different people have different fates. We had one extra complimentary ticket last night cos bk wasnt going for the show. If only we had the time to go back to Tampines and invite the little girl and her mother to the show. But that would deprive them of the money they can earn during the 2 hours.

That little girl was really very adorable. I think she is about 4 to 5 years old. I really admire her courage, daring to approach strangers to help her mother sell the packets of tissue paper. And she seemed pretty contented with the 2 dollars.

Sheesh i am tearing. Nah it must be those tears left after watching Green Forest, My Home. Fancy me getting all emotional over something like this. But seriously the girl is so adorable that my heart melted just thinking about her. Her innocence... her courage. Aiya kids' innocence never fails to melt my heart. My heart is not even frozen in the first place, how to melt =P

Think I have to get back to doing some constructive stuff. I have to email Ms Tan the application form for a fund grant by 1.30pm. And I just saw the CSC Logo in her email. Well... I dont think it is suitable.... It was definitely good efforts but well... improvements can be made (:

" I cannot do, all the good that the world need; but the world need all the good that I can do"

PS. this applies to both you and me! Let's make a difference!

Thursday, June 22


yea burnt lotsa calories today but I am not as slim as Fiona Xie yet. ohwells.

I am tired. My legs are tired. and i shall not blog further cos I am falling sick. yea. I just popped a dried-up blister on my right foot.

well well remember abt my weak wrist? now i have a weak ankle. gosh. dont think i want to spend another 20 dollars on ankle guard... i will think about it.

today's been a fun and long day. I've learnt many things abt publishing books, laughed and smiled till my face muscles cramped, relived my childhood memories and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Fruit Salad Jellies from The Natural Confectionery & Co simply rocks!

I shall end here cos i am currently sneezing non stop. Take care of you own health ppl~!

i want to live at sesame street... cos it's the happiest street ever lalala~!


Currently waiting for bk to finish up the forewords... And i cant help going to the cinema websites to check out the various movies and movie time slots.

Although I know it's impossible for me to catch a movie before school reopens with my currently super tight schedule but still daydreaming has become a part of me.

I want to catch a movie on friday but the tickets are 1 dollar more expensive laa. Haiya. so unfair! Unless i go princess cinema but yuck. i dun wan la.

Movies... Movies... Movies...

No time watch movies then i shall go cafe and study. bleah.

i can watch Green Forest My Home as self-consolation.

yet to find my sweetness among the bitterness

Wednesday, June 21

LA Proj; School; PP & more

woohoo I had a fun day out today. Alone but great! I dunno why but I was feeling SUPER positive today and I wasnt as self-conscious as usual. Good good.

Just chatted with my cousin, Jean. She went home already. It's been a long time since I last talked to her. Perhaps a few years? Not sure but well the cousins-bond is still there (: I added her and my other cousin who is her brother, to Friendster and MSN so I suppose I will get to chat with them very often soon. Yea it was a nice chat with her definitely! ^^ And i realised that she resembles Candyce from Project Superstar ^^ hohoho~

My dad fetched me to school this morning to collect my LA notebook from my locker. Having a locker is not exactly a good thing, especially during the holidays and for sotongs like me, I tend to forget to bring stuff home. I have already made 2 special trips back to school to collect stuff from the locker which I needed. Have to get rid of my absent-mindedness... issit possible? o.O

Then my dad fetched me to Esso petrol stn to get me my breakfast. I bought 2 mini pastries and... i couldnt resist myself and bought the July issue of Seventeen. I actually didnt want to get the latest issue cos I dont think I deserve it at all since my hols homework are pretty much undone but well Seventeen is so irresistible laa >< I managed to finish reading up on alkanes. Alkanes only... Thats pretty slow eh? Anyway I am still confused about the isomers and naming the isomers part. Someone enlighten me pls.

Then got notified that I had to meet Huang Lin at Aljuinied Stn to pass firewire to her. But before that i went to Giant and Kiddy Palace to check out prices of more baby products. I actually stayed at each place for like quite a long time that the shopkeepers were giving me stares but i dont care. Dont tell me they suspect that i am a young mother? =.-

Yea then i dropped by Adidas and Rusty (is that the shop name?) to check out the tout bags. None of my preference. Sad. Then took bus to Paya Lebar. The sun was so scorching hot that my legs felt this burning sensation when i stood at the bus stop. I was wearing a black art club shirt somemore.

Hm yea then took the train to aljunied and waited at the platform while reading Seventeen mag. Yea then bought a cup of bubble tea for my brother cos today his birthday ma. Talking about that, I walked all around PP to find somewhere which sells sushi.... cheap sushi =S wanted to get them for my brother. but couldnt find any... argh. I realised how much i miss Carrefour.... the sushi sold at Carrefour to be specific. yea never mind i shall get sushi for him tomorrow but its gonna be belated. argh. wad a lousy sister i am.

my neighbour jus came to my house with her grandson... very cute boy boy. i shall go play with him. cya.

Tuesday, June 20

Green Forest My Home ; Motivation

Just finished watching Episode 3 of Green Forest My Home and I cant decide if I should continue watching it. Actually I am watching it to keep my mind of my worries for studies. I totally lack the motivation and drive and thats something to be worried for.

Especially when school is reopening in less than 1 week's time. I dunno what's wrong with me.

I managed to complete the chemistry worksheets on oxygen just now. Then attempted to work on the prelim papers but I realised that I dunno how to do the questions =
and my passion for chemistry... somehow it ceases to exist anymore :(

aiya despite my love for chemistry i have never been able to excel in it. so well... i shall find some ways to perk myself up. Will jogging help? I am not sure but there is definitely this need to burn the excess calories from eating my brother's chocolate birthday cake.

when there is life, there is hope.

Monday, June 19


I just updated my movies-to-watch list and apparently it is hard to clear all the movies on the list ... but never mind no harm done by dreaming big laa.

and I realised that the movie 4.30 is by Royston Tan. woohoo.

I dont think i can catch a movie tomorrow. have to look after my brother unless i bring him along for the movie... (: his birthday treat. but i only have 10 bucks left in my wallet. Alright i will find a way.

i dunno why but i seem to be enjoying life now =)

if only the holidays could be longer...

Runaway Vacation

woohoo YAY! I finally caught a movie with shumin today at cineleisure! Ok though it was kinda disappointing that we didnt manage to catch 'She's The Man', we wanted to watch that initially only to discover that the whole cinema was packed with only single seats left. And we couldnt have made it on time. So it was safer to watch RV which was at 3.20pm.

Hm the movie is good for laughters but is not exactly excellent. Yep and i mixed up Robin Williams and Robbie Williams. oops.

I want to watch movie again tmr! LOL. anyway will be going to the optician tomorrow... to make angular specs~ wheeeee.

met up with pillar-of-hope jus now for discussion. I bought a cup of milo but it tasted like coffee... and at last I concluded that it is actually horlicks chocolate. yucks. will be meeting up again on thurs.

ah my holidays homework are like crap. and i dont think i can complete them on time. ah movies and homeworks.

ohya. one advice here. Never eat jellybeans when watching movie in a cinema. The reason why i didnt enjoy the movie just now was partly becos I kept trying to keep jellybeans from sticking onto my teeth.

But jellybeans are nice. Just dont eat them in a cinema (:

off to my work. cya.

Saturday, June 17

Yue Ding MV

I was trying to watch Guang Liang's Yue Ding MV but apparently the lousy speakers are getting on my nerves and the video at is blurry and the msn msging alert sound is really irritating.

I therefore decided to watch the MV after I log out of MSN (:

It's 10.57 on my computer's clock and I havent done my chem case study. I am supposed to be sleeping early tonight yea? I shall leave the case study for tmr and i shall have a good night sleep...

And GOOD NEWS. yay my movie date with twin has been brought forward to monday noon. Whee. no more watching movie alone. aiya actually i have never tried watching movie alone before. I wanted to try last time but didnt due to being too hesitant. Yep. But i know there will be one day when I have to watch movie alone... Jus one day. But I hope that that one day never comes. Cos i hate loneliness!

yue ding reminds me of Green Forest, My Home lehs. the promise william made to sophie during their childhood. Only to be turned into a lie by EVIL Susan. Cheryl asked me a question before: Would you want a prince or a knight?

Well my answer is a knight. Prince only knows how to ride white horse and be charming. Ok laa maybe not but thats my impression of a prince. But well knight... its different. he can slay a dragon. He can protect me worr. Anyway i think fairytales are just plain lies laa. To trick the innocent children into believing how perfect the world is. 'Happily ever after...'

But i do wish that i have fairy godmother and i dont mind glass slippers too =D i know i am contradicting what i have said earlier. Thats due to my lack of sleep. alright. thats all for this post. gonna watch yueding MV. cheers ppl. and goodnight!

Getting to know myself BETTER =D

Your view on yourself:
You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.

The seriousness of your love:
You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.

Your views on education:
Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:
You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:
You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:
You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.

Who is your true self:
You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

this is creepily accurate =\

Sembawang Orchestra Concert

I feel giddy. Must be due to the late nights recently. I really should sleep early tonight. I really have to cultivate this habit of sleeping early if not at least not too late laa. It's not good for your health to burn midnight oil. Well everyone knows that but does reality ever fulfill the need to sleep early?

Eh i dunno what crap i am talking about but ya i am sleeping early tonight. Hm went for the concert at vch just now. It was pretty ok but I spent most of the time thinking about other things rather than appreciating the music. Thats what usually happens when I attend concert. I am not musically inclined. I did take up piano when I was seven or eight years old but hello? that was like years ago! anyway i reached home earlier than most of the concert nights. cos the concert started at 6pm which was like kind of early...

yea and i have decided to leave yoga lessons for the end-of-yr holidays and not now. Schoolwork's gonna be extremely taxing when school reopens the week after the next, especially since the eoys are like only 2 months away. argh.

Going to my grandparents' house for Mini auntie's birthday celebration. I got earrings as presents for her. Think they will suit her. Then will be attending Cheryl's CO concert at night with twin. wheee. get to see her again. I miss her loads lor!!! It's been like almost 2 years since i last saw her and cindy. aw. i am definitely going to look for her during the intermission.

I am gonna catch a movie on monday. I dont care even if i have to watch that movie alone or whatever laa. I just want to watch a movie. I want to catch at least 2 movies before school reopens. The holidays ending too quickly. Time's flying too fast. I havent enjoyed myself enough lor.

I shall complete my chemistry case study homework before I retire for the night. It's been ages since i last exercise. oh my i think i might have gained a whole lot of weight.

the night scenery at singapore river is really nice ~!


One more thing to add, i didnt have to sign in as a visitor when I entered JH's condo cos that security guard recognize me... LOL i am such a frequent visitor cann =P otherwise i must have looked too nice to be a baddie ^^

alright i am tired and i want to sleep. there's concert tomorrow and I'll be having dinner outside. whoa should I go shopping? I went shopping today but it wasnt very convenient when I had to drag my laptop all over tm. Went to sports-related shops and you can see the World Cup craze everywhere. Everyone's getting football jerseys and whatever-you-can-name. Yea cool and there's definitely a big price to pay ;)

I am really tired and I am going to sleep. Shall catch up on my Green Forest, My Home tomorrow. And I better get some homework done.

too-good-to-be-true. HAHAHA.

Friday, June 16

Multi-tasking. Biology Project

I am currently multi-tasking and it's getting really warm argh. I cant stop the fan in my direction cos my brother is in the living room as well... watching some black&white show on arts central. Ah since when did he become so artistic? Must be due to his artclub sister's influence =D thats so random. Back to what i was talking about. Yea multi-tasking. I am currently

emailing interviewees and group members for biology project
organizing msn emoticons (whoa i jus downloaded some really cute emoticons from
chatting with my StarBuddy friend
checking out movie time slots
& reading someone's blog

cool har? Talking about movies, i have just updated my movies-to-watch list on the blog and i realised how pathetic it is. The last movie I caught was Da Vinci Code which almost left me sleeping in the freezing cold cinema. I was not impressed by the movie. More of being disgusted by the bloody scenes. Aw what a disappointment.

And bad news, I am not catching any movies tomorrow. Not at all. Wanted to watch alone but decided against that cos tomorrow's movie tickets are priced at $9.50 and thats close to ten bucks! Nah I am not being stingy or anything but I need to save. Especially when I am determined to get some stuff off my wishlist.

I am still in a dilemma as to whether I should go for yoga classes. Yoga classes are supposed to make me feel relax but now I am fretting over whether I should take up the course or not. What an irony.

Ah back to movies. I like watching movies. and there just so happens to be so many nice movies showing in cinemas now. And I just so happen to not have enough time to watch time. My schedule's packed like crazy. I am not trying to boast about how busy I am but seriously all the projects are eating up my time. Oh I am referring to school projects btw. Not my pillar-of-hope project.

Yea I miss eating nachos. I miss the comfy seats in the cinema. I miss the big big screen. I just miss watching movies. and whee I have a movie date with twin next thursday. There better be nothing last minute cropping up kaes if not i am gonna be so pissed off cann.

Was chatting with Cheryl over smses about being too trusting and gullible. Ah this world is so complex that mankind can hardly understand it. Everyone's so complicated that it is hard to trust hardly anyone. Yea. Alright not everyone out there is a saint but neither is everyone a baddie k. Just be cautious.

And I am super thankful to have friends like Cheryl, Jue Hui, Shu Min, Yi Ling etc etc. They just rock my universe plus galaxy plus world plus venus plus mercury plus earth and whatsoever. That sounds nonsensical but is there really anything on my blog that makes sense at all ? =D

whatever it is i just wanna express my LOVE <3 for my darling girlfriends. Eh as for my guyfriends hor. it's gonna be quite funny to express my friend-friend love here for you. but well if you are my guyfriend, you know you are appreciated =D

So hm met up at JH's house for biology project just now. We were supposed to meet at 1pm but I reached at 2pm. Apparently it was my fault. I am super prone to being late for meetings etc. Thats in my geminian personality. I am born with it. You cant blame me for that. Ya I left the house late cos it was raining and I had my laptop with me. My arm almost broke from holding it on the mrt train. Took bus 29 and I actually alighted at the CORRECT bus stop. It was my first time taking that bus ok =)

Then I made my way according to my intuition to JH's condo and whee I managed to reach there but my clothes were covered with water droplets cos it was drizzling.

Rain and me go together but umbrella and rain dont go together for me. Makes sense? No? Well then it can be guaranteed that the annabel blogging here is 100% genuine Annabel KSM ^^

We discussed about our project but only to spend more time listening to music and digress =/ That seemed to always happen when I do project with my haojiemeis. Guess it's a trend. Whatever. I am loving it (: After a while we went to century square to check out prices of baby products. Cool. That lady at Kiddy Palace thought we were really purchasing the baby prams. Do we look like young mothers?

A funny incident took place as we were walking towards the entrance of tm. It had something to do with the bikini showcase at the cant-rmb-what-shop in front of the newsstand at tm. LOL this incident is only shared among the four of us (:

My laptop is lousy laa. no no. Thats too vague. The network connection is lousy. yea. and I am so hooked on to watching Green Forest, My Home on Go watch it too. Owen's damn cute!

as long as you believe, you will see the green light of happiness (:

Thursday, June 15

Green Forest, My Home

For the past 15 minutes or so, I was trying to type a sms on my dad's panasonic phone. The sms was regarding my biology project. As we have to interview expectant parents and my dad's gym friend's wife is currently pregnant, I decided to ask if we could interview her. Well I finished typing the message for the first time and asked my dad for his friend's number. Apparently he didnt save it in the hp's phonebook and as I was exiting the 'send?' part, the whole message just disappeared. I tried again for the second time and halfway through I accidentally pressed the RED button. and wow i see the hp's wallpaper again! brilliant. what a GOOD phone! ><

I decided to try again later. That is why I am here blogging. I am supposed to be doing research for biology project and my chem case study. But well i will continue after this post. I watched Green Forest, My Home just now. It was recommended by Cheryl. I am currently watching only episode 1. Just started watching today. Li Wen just sent me the soundtracks. wheee.

I didnt do much constructive stuff today. Except that i started abit on my chinese book review. And erm I just thought of a few interview questions for the biology project.

argh. bad news. holidays are ending soon. And i havent really enjoyed myself, not to mention the pile of holiday homework waiting to be completed. I have concerts to attend this saturday and sunday. I am meeting up for biology project tomorrow and LA project on sunday.

Gosh. I have a lot more to learn about managing time. Alright. Back to my research.

Prince and knight, which will you choose?

Sunday, June 11

happy and yummy day out with dad and mum!

haha what an unique title for this post. yep i went out with my dad and mom. Went to Causeway Point, then to Uncle's house then to grandparents' house then to toa payoh. Ate lotsa food. Bought some stuff which are kinda off-budget but well, my dad and mom rock. haha i feel loved (:

there's camp ERCI tmr. whee i am looking forward to it. It's a Service Learning camp mah. Will also be making new friends from other schools. ah my social circle's widening at a rapid rate.

Alright. There's a Shaolin outing tmr... But i cant go. cos of the camp and tuition at night. There's a bspfacils outing tmr as well but i cant go too.

Ah bsp camp. I didnt realise it but i am actually suffering from some kinds of withdrawal symptoms. i miss the facils i miss shaolin i miss camp! I jus remembered how i went on and on abt the lectures at the camp when i met up with Pillar Of Hope for the workshop at ymca last friday. Sigh. camp's over. life goes on. but the memories stay forever. I will never forget the friends i made... the facilitators! Shaolin! everyone! I love you all!!

feeling very tired now. i was out for the whole day lor. shopping and eating. shopping and eating. shopping and eating. still feeling quite bloated. oh no. wait tmr cannot fit into my sch skirt =S i shall start abstaining myself from consuming meat since my digestive system is not being very efficient.

Yesterday's cip was pretty good. I didnt contribute to the sales cos wasnt feeling well so sat down at mac. there was competition from another two groups doing flag day but it was ok. Jason's friend, Yang Hao, was a good helper. And that means i was pretty slack =X i wrote a blogpost in my notebook on the mrt train. i shall post it another time cos i am feeling really very tired now.

yep. k i better go and catch my beauty sleep. Cya!

PS to Shaolin. Enjoy yourselves at the outing!!
PSS to bspcamp facils. Enjoy yourselves at the outing!!

love your life. cos it's worth it (:

Thursday, June 8

back from bsp camp

i am back from bsp camp. finally~ i am both happy and sad about it. bsp camp was very much a emo-rollercoaster ride for me. but well i am glad that I am back home and working on my holidays homework and ymca project. I actually miss working on 'pillar of hope' during camp~!

Nevertheless, i didnt forget about my blog during the camp. I actually wrote out a few entries to be posted here. But not now. The next time I come online perhaps.

Checked my tagboard jus now and realised that wenxiang and 2 of my shaolin members have tagged. haha i have replied the tags. i am puzzled about how wx managed to tag when he is supposd to be at camp, and how did jeanne and vera get my blog url. haha nvm about that. shaolin's gonna have an outing and wheee i am excited!!

shaolin was basically my 'pillar of hope' and strength during the camp =D ya shaolin's my group name laa. and we have a really cool and chim grp cheer wor. they gave me their grp's flag and a letter which really touched me. I didnt really do much cos they were pretty independent on their own. And I actually found someone who shares the same birthday as me from the group ^^ working with the facils from nygh, hci and dhs were great. sss's hostel's food is wonderful. the mini cornetto's fantastic and last but not the least... the chocolate cake for the facils rocks! the finale night was fabulous. The dance item was successful although i think i made a fool of myself. haha yea and the mass singing session was HIGH~ everyone was high. the campers. the facils. everyone!

ah i got so excited jus talking abt the camp but ohwells its over. hm there's a workshop at ymca tomorrow... gd news is that 'pillar of hope' will be going as a complete 4-member group. welcome to the team, wenjian! (:

i am gonna get started on my chinese news article report. but before that i shall email the contact list to my shaolin members. love them loads. cos they rock!

vision without action is a daydream; action without vision is a nightmare...

Sunday, June 4

cip. balloons. new friends. second-earthquake

I spent less than 1 hour packing for tomorrow's bsp camp which is like really fast. Estimated it to be at least 1 hour. After cip jus now, i went to tm to get some stuff for the camp. Ah i am dreading the camp, not exactly dreading but definitely not looking forward to it. I mean it's like Shu Min and I didnt even go to the camp last year and we just happened to be so lucky and got chosen as camp leaders. Well destiny, fate whatever it may be. But I somehow regretted signing up to be a camp leader. We didnt even know that the camp leaders have to be ex-bspcampers ><

I waited at ymca this morning again to direct dunmanians to dhoby ghaut mrt. I managed to read 2 chapters of my chinese novel during the wait and that can be considered an achievement. esp when I've been going out early in the morning and returning home late at night the past few days. My holidays homework are pretty much undone and yep one week of the holidays has passed so gd luck to me.

we stationed at tampines bus interchange today and the sales was quite good. Even better than what I expected. Got to know another senior from dunman high today during the sales through wenxiang. yea yea. i really made many new friends through this ymca-citibank project which means my social circle is widening. FINALLY~ lol ok nvm abt that but it seems pretty ironic that I only get to know these seniors only after they had graduated from dhs. But it is through service learning that we knew each other. ah fate laa =D people who do service learning will always meet. this is somehow true. i seldom talk to seniors when i was in sec1 or 2. I think seniors are superior so i dont dare to talk to them. that seems quite nonsensical now that i am a senior. hehehe.

three whole paragraphs of my self-pleasing crap, how nice. the blisters on my feet were filled with pus jus now and they have apparently jus dried up. ah bsp camp. i dont wan to go. i dont wan to go. but i cant. I signed up for it, i got chosen and now i have the responsibility to complete it. yes 3 days. i will persevere!

if you have the time, even if it is just one or two minutes, pls visit this website and help 'Feed a Child'. You can make a difference in their lives (:

got to know abt the website through wenjian which is that senior from dhs. not wenjian from 4j. lol. yep yep. how come i seem to be self-entertaining or sth. sigh. i am really not looking foward to camp laa!!!

i came online to blog even though i know i will stay online till quite late. Because i will be away at camp thus unable to blog at all for the next three days. i didnt realise i love blogging so much.

i really need a new camera leh! otherwise i will be leaving nanjing in september with a whole load of pictureless memories which will be like so sad... i like taking photos but you dont see me taking photos these days cos my camera is lousy. The lifespan of the battery is like so short. I charge tonight, tomorrow morning use for 2 minutes then battery flat sign appears. I think I overcharged the battery or sth oops.

through a service learning project i meet so many ppl who share the same passion as i do.
this is somehow like my dream coming true.

hehehe rhymes leh! ;)

ok that was like so random. anyway i think i have become more independent lately... more mature perhaps. lol and i realised that ns is very interesting... got different camps... then book in book out stuff. hmm

i am gonna miss my blog.
i am gonna miss my family.
i am gonna miss my friends.
i am gonna miss my bed.
i am gonna miss my holiday homework.
i am gonna miss 'pillar of hope' ymca project.
i am gonna miss ermmmmmmm my zen neeon.
i am gonna misssssss alot of things.

btw did i mention abt having my second-earthquake at swensen jus now? yep wx, wj, yiliang and i went for earthquake. a regular one this time. and apparently the 'yummy raisins' flavour has wine taste or sth. yucky. i almost got drunk in paris... jus after 2 sips of wine. my face went red and i had to gulp down like a few glasses of water to dilute the alcohol. how interesting ^^

now i am kinda grateful that i am in ip. at least i have more time to commit to the ymca project and go camp... and if i was not in ip, i wouldnt have met so many seniors from dhs and discovered that we all shared the same passion. lol but this gratefulness may not last for long... if i dont start working hard for my eoys. hee.

there. presenting a long and random posts to you (:

take care and miss me. cos i will be away at camp for THREE DAYS! =)

Saturday, June 3

cip at toapayoh. se concert. terrible blisters

yo! i am back from se concert and what can i say other than IT ROCKS TOTALLY MAN! Shu Min rocks too. I feel so happy for her. Hope that she gets a good rest tonight. Her hard work has paid off and yep i love her to bits. i havent seen her for one week since the arrival of the school hols and i miss her to bits cann =D

went to dhoby ghaut for cip. waited for at ymca till 945 before joining the rest at dhoby ghaut mrt stn. went to toa payoh... then erm made balloons opposite mac. i know how to make the nice nice heart flower thingy le. wheee. then erm met alot of seniors and new friends and juniors today which is good good (: the number of volunteers for the first shift was pretty alright but for the second one, ah. Then the comm plus our advisor oso helped in the sales. yep then went to get flowers at around 5 plus... then went home to change then chionged to vch.

i did something very malu. something that typical girls wont do. i bu gu xing xiang then i ... (for me to know for you to NOT know...) super malu. i tried to picture myself in that action... and gosh. terrible. haha.

se concert rocks. i said it many times but really it rocks. that 'yue liang dai biao wo de xin' totally melted my heart and yea if it is played when a guy's proposing. wow. brilliant. lol

hm ya went to find shumin backstage during intermission then bluffed her that we didnt get flowers for her. wahaha. apparently she needed some ways to destress and she decided to get her happiness by making me miserable. she spreaded some really terribly untrue rumours. and yea PLS DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT SHE SAID. use your common sense ppl (:

gave her the sunflowers i shared with seniors from the socrates. then took mrt home. something very funny happened on the mrt. lol from the angle yl and i were looking at, it was super funny.

yes the blisters on the back of my feet were terrible. they are currently watery and they stung badly when i washed my feet jus now. that stupid fila pink shoes or whatever. isnt it supposed to be comfortable? i mean it looks comfortable. erhem. cheat money de ><

yea yea so apparently i cant wear my sports shoes tmr. so i will be turning up for cip in flip flops which are my usual style. ppl whom i go out often with should know (:

yep my last words before i go and paste some big plasters over my blisters,


i finally understand the significance of 'yue liang dai biao wo de xin'.

Friday, June 2

busy week!

ah finally blogging. Came online to do some research for my second physics reflection. Gonna finish it by today. The past few days have been really hectic...

Had the sales of donation tickets last sunday at toa payoh. It was great. Other than the 1hr wait alone at dhoby ghaut mrt to direct latecomers to toa payoh. Upon reaching toa payoh i had the shock of my life. lol ok ok thats kinda exaggerated but its a fact that i was shocked to see wenxiang there. The sales was pretty gd but there were no 4j ppl in the afternoon shift. Then we discussed at mac. Had mos burger for dinner and went to swensen for 'earthquake' upon special request of wenxiang. reached home quite late.

There was CIP with elderly to Qian Hu Fish Farm on Monday. It was pretty ok except for the long, warm and tiring wait. My moodiness and unenthu-ness did not help at all. Rushed to paya lebar to meet Jason, Sun Lu, Mr Chua and the publisher... for our project. Then had a discussion before heading home. Postponed tuition to the next day cos super tired...

Tuesday. went to art club camp in the morning. played captain ball. Felt so senior... playing with the juniors. hehee. I played for 3 consecutive games i think. whoa. Went to pack files outside staff room for bsp camp. Then went to ps before going to hci for bsp camp leaders meeting. Then from bukit timah i chiong to tuition. apparently i discovered that the journey from bukit timah to the east is around 50 minutes, inclusive of the bus ride to newton mrt. And surprisingly I was on time for tuition =D

Wed. art club camp from morning till afternoon. the finale was abit the dull. But the comm members and i really appreciated the efforts put into the skits and dance etc. Yep. and i love the cookies given from chinyi and gang! I got kinda emotional as the camp ended. No tears but there is this kind of yi yi bu she. I felt sad. I am gonna miss art club loads... and I LOVE ART CLUB FOREVER!

yesterday. had physics viva in the morning. touched up on racial harmony banner in artroom after that and worked on my mozaic piece. Then i headed home. Did the first physics reflection. then went for dinner and an event management workshop at ymca. met weiqi and weiming there. there were quite a few groups from hci, not surprisingly. the workshop ended quite late.

apparently all the late-coming-home have gotten on my parents' nerves and they finally showed their unhappiness yesterday. ohwells. i hope that i can prove to them that i am old enough to manage my time properly.

but seriously working with jason, sun lu and those professionals, i can feel myself maturing... becoming more of a thinker and such. yep. i dont have the fear of speaking up anymore, whether to guys or girls la.

right now i am looking forward to bsp camp and it being over so that i can concentrate on my schwork and of cos that ymca project. i hope that there's no whatsoever post-bsp-camp activities. my holidays too packed =P

there's like so many movies i wanna add to my movies-to-watch list but nope i am not updating it yet. so what if i update? with my packed schedule the most i can do is dream abt them... daydreaming has sorta become a part of my life these days... even during physics viva... cos the waiting time was too long and the question was too short i spent a few seconds daydreaming before snapping back to reality LOL. i hope that i get a passing grade for physics viva...

have to go out for LA meeting later... and i've spent like so many minutes of my precious time blogging. ha you should be grateful blog-readers (:

no one understands. but i hope you do.