Sunday, May 29

germany trip

germany trip. i have no idea whether i am exactly looking forward to it. i have almost finished packing my luggage and stuff. i guess it can be considered to be quite excited bahs. i mean i have already decided what i want to wear to the airport tmr night. black sec3 level camp tee and hangten jeans and my new nike shoes and white ankle socks.

hmmm should i bring my piglet along? hehehes. since my luggage still have some space in it. i havent decide wad homework to bring onboard to do. but i have already decided to bring my 3 newly bought books as well as frankenstein, reader's digest and national geographical. i am very well prepared this time. hehehes.

oh ya i havent buy vitamins to bring on the trip. the previous trip to europe i didnt take sufficient vitamin c during the trip. i think thats why i fell sick when i came back to singapore. the doctor gave mii vitamin c. yuppps. actually mrs chua did pass around a bottle of vitamins every morning for each of us to take a tablet. i think thats very nice of her but maybe i need more vitamin. hahas. my health's not that gd this year.

i have to divide the art club members for the cip and tell jiamin and mrs koh asap. sigh. gonna read others' blogs and play neopets. before i go off to watch kindred spirit and continue reading shopaholic and sister. tata for now. cya

leaving singapore for germany tmr

yoohoo can you believe it. i am leaving singapore for germany tmr. means no blogging for another 9 days. whoa. am i supposed to be happy or sad? hmmm happy i guess. but just moderately bahs.

yesterday went to parkway parade to shop shop. took bus there. then went to eat sakae sushi. yummmy. i ate one of the bento sets. nice... i didnt drink the soup. i always dun drink the soup cos er it just tastes funny or rather it doesnt suit my tastebud. hehehes.

then i went to mph to use the 20 percent discount voucher my mom gave mii. when i was looking at the 'so little time' book series, my mom called mii hp. then told mii that kim ng outside filming a show. then i chiong out. AND...

i didnt see kim ng. i saw fiona instead. AND JULIAN!! omg. fiona's complexion is totally wonderful. she wore a mini skirt and she is very slim. Julian is SUPER handsome cannn. OMG. i am going gaga over him. i was asking my mom where is kim ng. lols. guess she mixed fiona and kim up hahas. but its really an experience. julian is shuai kkaes >.<

then i walked back to mph and spent around one to two hours there if i am not wrong. and i finally decided to buy two books. one on astrology and another one on da vinci code.

wanted to buy a walk to remember by nicholas sparks and price of peace and the rape of nanking. but i only had thirty bucks with miii and so. wells. anyway i cant finish reading them so soon. will be reading them on the plane. hehehes. i just bought a book 'shopholic and sister' recently during the trip to jurong point a few weeks ago. the book rawks. i am totally carried away by it. hehhees. and theres frankenstein and another 5 dhp literature books which i havent even started reading. wish mii luck. i read a few pages of frank already though.

yesterday sort out all my holidays homework and projects. i realised that there are actually a lot of homeworks and projects. wow great. theres 2 filming assignment. one for language arts and the other for chi mtv. gosh.

okae back to my shopping trip at pp. after going to mph we went to giant to buy some stuff for my overseas trip. then went to mini toons and chamelons. bought puzzles, ankle socks and a handphone holder there. didnt buy anything at chamelon. yuppps. then its dinner time. we went to the food court to makan. ate grass jelly first. then ba chor mee with extra meatballs. wahahahhas. i love meatballs. after that took bus home lorhs.

hmmm this afternoon which is two hours earlier, went to waterloo street guanyin temple (si ma lu guanyin miao) to pray. then ate wanton noodles at the hawker centre. and took bus home with grandma. mom and my brother went to the world book fair. didnt feel like going. very tired. yuppps. i feel like going out tmr afternoon to watch madagascar and reaching home in time to get ready to go to the airport. madagascar is really cute. but hmmm dun think i can find company so maybe i should just forget about it bahhs.

i got this website from yanling's blog. you are what you eat? hehes. try it. its cute and you will get to know more abt yourself. eg your strengths and weaknesses.

but if you wan to know better abt yourself, astrology aka your horoscope will do a great job. i am really interested in astrology nowadays. its not like everything abt astrology is true and accurate. but sometimes, you can notice the similiar traits in your friends with some particular horoscope. and horoscopes can give your hints and tell you more about your love life. which is wad teenagers are interested to know most of the time rite. hehehes.

erhs. actually i noe which horoscope best complements mine. and i have done quizes before to know which horoscope my future partner most probably will belong to. but i dun really trust or believe in it laa. libra, aquarius and gemini are all air signs. they will usually be good friends. hahas. i believe in that. i have a number of friends which are aquarius. for example... juehui. yuppps. she is an aquarius. and er junming... darren. ya. libra hmmm would by my cousin and elaine. gemini wld be cheryl, michelle, my brother. hehehes

the qualities of libra and aquarius and gemini are quite similar in some ways. hmmm aquarius health is the best among these three air signs. and so on. theres alot about astrology for you to find out. and its really interesting.

okae enough about that. hehes

Saturday, May 28

bday officially over

my birthday is officially over. sigh.

now i wanna thnk those who gave birthday wishes and presents:

Jue Hui, Yun Yin, Yi Ling and Shu Min
thanks for taking the effort to plan the surprises and remembering the things i said that i like. hahas i am touched. you noe they actually bought the chocolate mint cake that i said is nicer? yy tricked mii by saying she wanted to buy cake for her cousin. hahas. they thot i knew but i didnt suspect anything. innocence is a virtue. wahahas then they bought this pair of earrings which i said i liked it the previous time we went to citilink. and they put it inside a happy house container. SUPER NICE AND THOUGHTFUL OF THEM ((: thanks =)

thanks for remembering my birthday. and for the 'pink and sweet' theme present. i really like the present very much. thanks ((:

Darren and Jun Ming
They chipped in for the presents jh, yy and yl bought. and wished mii happy birthday. thanks lots =)

thanks for the two doggies and poem. really like the present. thanks.

thanks boy for the handmade pencil holder =) hahas

As well as those who extend bday wishes to miii

yi ling
yun yin
JunRu and that girl whose name i dunno
meng shuen
leong hwee
ting ting
the whole of Cushka!
and more.

thanks for remembering my birthday. this 15th birthday is the one of the most memorable and happiest one. thanks ppl.

btw during flag raising today there also the giving out of prizes for class deco. cushka emerged as the first runner up for secondary one level. cushka whoosh!! u guys rawk. thanks for remembering my birthday.

during di rehearsal i kept crapping with geneve. hahas. forgot to mention in the previos entry.

yuppps i now proudly declare that i am 15 years old. hehehes. i one year older liaos. cannot bully mii le hor. hahas.

anyway. anyone wanna go out on monday before i leave singapore for germany? i wanna watch madagascar. hmmmm i better get my beauty sleep now. tata. cya ppl

Friday, May 27

my birthday

okae i am gonna do some really quick but detailed blogging. cos i am tired and i have yet to pack for the germany trip when the trip is only like 2 days away. gosh.

this morning. ate the sugar rolls i bought yesterday for breakfast. saw mengshuen when i was heading towards my classroom. he wished mii happy birthday. wow. he actually remembered my birthday. hahas. whoa.

reached classroom then hmm took out bio and physic and maths assignment. then went to parade square for flag raising. after singing of national anthem and saying of pledge, mr sng paid tribute to mrs george, mrs lim po seng and another senior teacher whose name i cant remember. he wished them happy retirement. i am really gonna miss mrs lim. she rawks.

after flag raising we had to meet ms pear at the foyer for the germany trip. she gave us the emergency handphone number for the trip. yuhan got another booklet from ms pear cos she lost hers. ms ling wanted to charge her. hahahas.

went back to class for bio. but ms loh didnt come. then mii, yy, yl and jh went to staff room to look for jls to tell her to postpone our chi presentation. we have the dance steps and song lyrics ready. but we didnt rehearse at all. we cant afford to embarrass ourselves you see. hahas and jls agreed to the postpone. woohoo nice teacher

rushed back to class for chem. mrs phua was late. continued teaching abt salts. hmmm after chem was chi. for the first 2 periods of chinese we watched an interview on nicholas tse. i realised that he is a nice guy and i have fallen in love with him. hehehes. he is SUPER shuai.

yupppps. the interviewer went to nic's recording studio then nic actually adjusted the aircon temp. then the interviewer asked him abt his health. then he said that he has always been weak. and he has allergies to milk. he has a bad habit of relying on sleeping pills to sleep for six years.

then they talked abt his parents who are popular celebrities. so he has always been the centre of attention when he was born. and every year during chinese new year his family had to take family portrait for the reporters to publish in the newspapers. he didnt smile in the photo and he was beaten by his parents. he said he dun see the need to smile superficially. a smile should come truly from the heart. whoa =)

then they talked abt the humiliation and difficulties he faced when he just became a singer. seniors and public thot and regarded him as a little boy. its very sad. but he persevered and became what he is today.

his life is rather tragic. he kinda helped his parents to huan zai de. yupps then when he acted in his first movie. one of the scenes was a gang fight at the construction site. his foot was injured and bleeding profusely. his white shoes became red. so its obvious how serious the wound is. the director insisted to send him to the hospital but nic refused to go. he asked one of the assistances to help treat his wound. then he had to change the bandage once every 45 minutes cos the foot was bleeding laa. he is really brave and determined. bravo attitude.

then next was abt him being guilty of er interfering police's job or sth issit. the one when he got into a car accident while rushing to the airport for a flight. he went to jail and his parents went to visit him every day. his seniors and the public told the judge to let him off cos he is only 21 years old. still a young child.

he said: young? how young? old? how old? since i am taking the money/salary of an adult, i should take the responsibility that of an adult. his sense of righteousness and responsiblity is really rang ren pei fu. really... the interview was very interesting and you will see the real nic. and not one who just poses for the sake of publicity or popularity.

then the interviewer brought up matters of the heart. abt his 3 tabloids. two of them were real ones. one was with faye wong. then the interviewer commented that she had thot that nic-faye relationship wld last. then nic veh cute. he said thnkyou. hahas. he was like super shy and seemed not willing to expose too much abt love matters.

then the other tabloid was abt cecilia cheung. then nic actually said that he is traditional. he dun like his girl to dress to skimpily. hahas thats like so not like him, given his cool looks. yupps

then after the whole interview, he had another interview to attend. so he had to change. he just took off his shirt in front of the interviewer and the camera and changed into another shirt. hahas he is like so innocent and child-like. he is like a big child but beneath this child-like looks are senses of righteous and responsiblity.

i have really fallen in love with him. awww

third period of chi was translation lesson. jls gave out photocopied notes of the translation homework we did the previous time. and erm she actually photocopid mine and shiling's then she commented abt them. gosh lorhs. so paisehh. hahas. that was really one surprise for mii. hahas

during recess. i went to toilet and was not allowed to return to the classroom cos jingles, yy. yl and jh preparing surprise in the classroom. then when i was finally allowed to enter, they greeted mii with a mini cake with a lighted candles and a birthday song. i was really surprised. at a loss of words and touched to tears. yeah. really pleasant surprise. i made a wish then blew out the candle. took photos. then junru and another girl came in and saw the cake then they wished mi happy birthday. fran and clar oso wished mii. then we brought the cake downstairs to the canteen to eat. wanted to share with yy, yl and jh but they insisted for mii to eat. hahas. so i ate. its NICE AND SWEET. YUMMY. hahas i will always rmb the cake for the rest of my life and guess wad. the lighted candle is still with mii now.

went back to class after eating my birthday cake. had spring cleaning. the guys were really enthu. hahas. then i scratched paint off the container with my index finger nail and it nearly bled.

after spring cleaning mdm nora gave out reports books and cameras. not really going to comment about my results here. but just that it has deproved yuppps.

then mii and jingles went to hall for dunmanian idol rehearsal. the finalists all rawk. their vocals were superb. esp li ke. sounds totally like jay chou. rehearsal was okae laa. i was the stage coordinator ic. i kept running back to art room to check for the handover. then chip finally msged mii to tell mii to go back for handover. this is the result of the handover:

chairperson: chi ching aka chip aka shuai ge ((:
vice chairpersons: cecilia darling and andy
secretary: dawn
treasurer: my sweetheart juehui
Special project coordinators: jia min, charmaine and annabel
blogger: vina

hahas spc post is my birthday present. really honoured to be able to contribute. gonna organize lotsa nice activities hahas. got to keep my promise mahs.

jm just reminded mii that i left 10 minutes to enjoy my birthday. wahahas. okae

after handover went back for rehearsal. mrs tan, ms loh and ms yeo gave some instructions then i went back for art club. designed something for mi week. then took bus 158 home. mii, chip and cecilia all had so many things to carry lorhs. cecilia looked like a tourist with the camera hanging on her neck and a shopping bag filled with files and books. lols

met qianbing, yanyu, darren and jm on the bus. i kept screaming cos the bus kept jerking. hahas so dumb de lorhs. then all of them alighted at kallang. yuppps

dinner was nice today. as well as fattening. mac and chicken chop. ahhhh calories >.<

birthday eve

yoohoo. wanted to blog last night but was busy editing the songs for chinese presentation you see. yupps yupps. alright yesterday was one of the happiest day in my life. and today is one of the happiest happiest happiest day in my life. but i shall live the best for the last. hehehes. so i shall begin with wad happened yesterday. which is my birthday eve. hehes. if you happened to be observant and realise that in my past few entries before this i was careful not to mention that its my birthday today rite. hehes. i referred to it as a very special day. and the day has arrived. wheeeee

okae yesterday. hmmm had photo taking. i tried to tiptoe so that i can be taller and stand with juehui in the photo. but boo. i failed. yuhan stood with juehui and peixin was on my left while ruth was on my right. junming was behind mii. for your info i was in the second last row. hmmm not too short. hehehes.

then we did funny poses. we acted as paikia. then in one of the photos, peixin took off her tie and pretended to hang herself. with kenny assisting to pull the tie behind her. hahahas. its funny lorhs. then we did 'the others' pose for one. and in another, we did hitler's pose and erhem jm's hand was above my head. hahas. i think i am gonna look really terrible in the photos. just wait and see bahhs. i just love 3j soooo much, almost to bits ((:

after phototaking was chem. went to do experiment. was late lorhs. after chem chiong to er toilet to change into pe then rushed to canteen for pe. did 9 inclined pull ups. i kept jerking yukkae. wads the problem with miii. wanted to play bball. but too many ppl at the court. so i walked back to canteen to see the others do standing broad jump.

then bell rang and its recess. hmmm ate siew mai and drank ribena i think. went back to cls. watched a tragic movie on hutus and tutis for mpp. its scary with blardi scenes. yuckkkae. then next was chi. darren and jm did xiang sheng. hahas its super chaoji funny cannn. darren overlapped jm's part at times then jm spoke with eng accent. hahas but gd job done.

jls went thru chi textbook and notes. told us some interesting stories and tata sch's over. i taught yy, yl and jh the dance steps for chi presentation until 255pm. its super malu dancing in cls. i like dancing. er i mean love dancing. but havent dance for a pretty long time and i learn by myself de so not professional de la. then at 255 we went to lecture theatre for second briefing on germany trip done by ms ling herself. kinda repetition and more reminders as well. yuppps. we receive booklets for the trip. mii and jh in mrs kang's grp. yuhan and chengmeng are in mr ang's grp while the guys in ms pear's grp. bwahahas.

after briefing we went back to cls. then packed bag and got ready to go shopping. yy,yl and jh going to buy mii birthday present. i am tagging along but will not be finding out wad present i am receiving. i noe its kinda funny tagging along but not shopping with them laa. but hehehes. whatever. jm and darren didnt noe wad to buy for mii so they wanted to come along de. but in the end never. i am quite surprised that they actually remembered my birthday hahas. in fact VERY surprised.

took bus then mrt to city hall. we headed to polar where i bought one hot dog roll. yy said she wanted to buy the hellokitty mini round cake for her cousin. saw chocolate mint cake and commented that its nicer. then i sat at the table facing polar while the three of them went gift-hunting. i was reading friday weekly as i ate. after i finished eating, i went into 7-11 to buy a drink. wanted to buy milo freeze but changed my mind and bought pokka milk coffee instead. its the kind my dad used to drink when i was young and its made from real brewed coffee. yummy.

i drank as i walked towards delifrance. stopped at the benches outside delifrance. then called yl. found out that they coming back to look for mii so i stayed there. they came and we headed towards polar. cos i have to buy sugar rolls for today's breakfast. but i accompanied yy to toilet first. then bought the rolls and headed back to city hall mrt and to home. jh was holding this plastic bag with yy's file and something else inside. most probably my present? hahas. tried peeping but they very secretive and careful so sigh. tried to sustain my excitement hahas. walked home.

then decided to make bookmarks for art club seniors. cos theres handover session yuppps. then edited song lyrics with jh until close to 2am. super tired. but glad that i spent my few minutes or rather hours of my birthday online.

and during the shopping trip, i made some wonderful discoveries abt somethings some ppl had said and yl told mii abt her thoughts. ohwells.


thnks to these ppl who wished mii happy birthday at around 12am 27may:

and also to shermaine who wished mii a happy early birthday. hehehes

okae check out next entry for wad happened today ((:

Wednesday, May 25

friendster quiz

got this quiz from friendster as well.

Would you ever date someone younger than you?:
er depends. well if that guy looks mature for his age that is.

Someone Older: yupps. but not too old laa. age difference should not be less than 5

Ever been drunk: er ya. hahas. was tipsy.

Been in love: hmmmm

Loved someone who you knew you couldn't have: yes. jay ((:

Gotten in a car accident: nope

Broken a bone: dun think so

Had your heart broken: yesh. shattered.

Last time you said I love you to someone: cant rmb.

Last time you cried: a few weeks ago bahs

Last time you laughed: today? when fooling around with jingles.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: happily celebrating my 25th bday? hahas

What age do you see yourself married at?: 23? 25? 27? maybe never.

Describe your dream wedding: holding it at the beach wld be ideal. wedding dinner shall be at one of the ballrooms in sheraton hotel. bwahahas. its all dreams u noe.

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : yuppps pigglet ((:

If you could dye your hair one color what would u dye? nope. i will highlight it instead.

Do you eat chicken with fingers or with a fork? depends. with bones-fingers boneless-fork

Would you rather give or receive? give. its a blessing to give than to receive

How many homes have you lived? 1

One pillow or two?: one

Do you get along with your parents? yuppps of cos.

Do you drive? nope. but i am gonna get a driving license.

What kind of car do you have? u mean wish to have har? hmm ferrari wld be ideal u noe. hahahas

Do you work? nope.

Whats your favorite food: grandma's cooking, jap, chi, western

Do you have braces? nope

How many guys/girls have you kissed? errrrr dun think theres any

When was the last time you went on a date? date with haojiemeis? last saturday

Have you ever got in serious trouble? hahas. yupps i guess

why is the sky blue? cos the grass are green?

Who was your first crush? hehehes

Are you the romantic type? yuppps think so

Have you ever been chased by cops? eh no

What's a secret you've never told anyone? even if i have to tell someone it wldnt be u x)

Name your 5 favourite cds that you own:
1) jay album
2) fantasy
3) eight dimensions
4) ye hui mei
5) qi li xiang

Last time you saw your crush? bwahhas. currently no crush

Are you the type who makes the 1st move? used to last time. now no no.

What annoys u the most? sarcasm and ap ppl

for girls to read.

got this from friendster. issit true? guys pls verify ((:

a guy who loves you cant tell u the reason why he loves u. in his eyes ur his only one.

a guy who loves u always does things to make u mad, bud he never noes wad he did wrong.. because all that he does is for u and ur happiness.

a guy who loves u might not praise you often, but in his heart u are always the best.

a guy who loves u will mind if u dint reply his sms and replied others instead, because he cares bout you.

a guy who loves you will only tear in front of u, because ur the one thats worth his tears.

a guy who loves u will never forget things that u said, may it be months or years ago. he remembers everything little thing bout u.

a guy who loves you is always afraid to make a promise to u.. not because he doesnt trust u bud because hes afraid to hurt u.. promises are made to b broken.. he never wanted to break a promise to u..

a guy who loves you doesnt say that he loves you only on special occasion like vday or anniversary. every second hes loving you.

a guy that loves you will always ask u to sms him to ensure ur safety etc. if u dun, he gets very angry. because he wants to noe ur safe.

a guy who loves you will listen to you when u haf problems, and when ur mad at sth.. after all that.. he asks u to sleep early cos u haf class tmr..

a guy who loves you will always apologise to u.. it doesnt matter whether it was his fault or not..

a guy who loves you treasures everything that u gave him.. every little thing from you is a part of u.. and he will keep it close to him always..

a guy who loves you will only get that special feeling when kissing you. its never the same..

a guy who loves you wants u to b happy. even if it means not talking to u for the rest of his life.. hes happy jus seeing u get along happily.. when u smile.. it seems like his goal is achieved.. hes satisfied..

romantic huh. cant imagine guys can actually go to this extent for love. power of love. wahahahs. they are just so zui ying xin luan.

exciting day

wheeeee. today's really fun. hahas. exciting. hmmm ignore my previous entry readers. i was in a foul mood so yea pardon mii hehehes.

hmmm last night was supposed to finish studying mainstream physics textbook and this morning supposed to wake up at five to study my stream's textbook. and guess wad. i went to sleep last night and woke up at 635 this morning. lols. my handphone alarm rang at 5. i woke up then switched off my phone and went back to sleep. bwahahas.

then last night i was kinda thinking that it might rain this morning. then i kept sorta seeing lightning. maybe its illusion or its my hp blinking light. then this morning head the spattering of rainwater. woohoo. my prediction's pretty accurate huh. hahas

then ate my all time fav. polar hot dog roll. my dad fetched my bro to sch cos raining heavily. then reached sch. saw mrs george holding an umbrella outside maingate. heng jie was at the foyer asking ppl to hurry. i hurried of cos. hehehes.

reached clsrm then studied a bit of physics. then flag raising in cls. went outside locker to take books. first period was bio. ms loh apologized for not coming yesterday cos she got gastric. then she went thru dna replication thingy.

after bio was geog. ms pear let us watch video clip. copied lotsa notes on rough paper cos i left my notebook in mii locker. boo. after that she let us do personality test. and some jokes. then for the personality test my score was 53 if i didnt rmb wrongly. then it said that i am an impulsive, exciting person. then sth like i am decisive. and ppl enjoy my company cos i radiate excitement. wahahahs. even ms pear agreed that i am exciting. but impulsive? hahas. i was so proud of it. went around the cls telling ppl i am impulsive. bwahahas.

after geog was chi. eugene did presentation. then jls taught ci and shi. yuppps. shumin left at 1010 for dunmanian idol sneak preview. then recess time. stayed in cls to study physics. but er didnt really study. chatted with cecilia and jh etc. wahahas.i became really enthu. then i cant be bothered with physics. resigned to fate =)

after recess was maths. helmi went thru yesterday's maths ques. then told us to do ws on speed time graph. then we didnt noe how to do. then he asked us to work in grps. i was kinda slow in understanding the questions. hahas.

after maths was physics. msr har taught abt ray diagrams on point objects, extended objects and 2 perpendicular mirrors for one period. the second period was test of cos. test was terrible. gonna flunk liaos.

went to canteen to makan lunch with jh, yy and yl. wanted to buy fish burger but sold out. vegetarian beehood oso sold out. so i bought famous amos cookies. jh and yl bought pocky and yy bought sugar peanuts. and we kinda picnic at the canteen.

the amos cookies taste so much worse than the ones i bought at the store itself lorhs. but i was hungry so anything. hahas. after that rushed back to cls for chem. mrs phua went thru the ws she gave out. taught abt acidic and neutral and amphoric oxides. after chem was LA> supposed to have IT lesson but mdm nora gave the comp lab to another dhp cls 'gentlemanly' and she wanted to postpone it to friday. wow. the whole cls objected then she had no choice but to postpone the whole thing to next term wheee. wahahas evil.

LA was interesting. mii and shumin kept fooling around during discussion time and i kept laughing until tears rolled down my cheeks. hahahas. then shumin kept praising li ke. said he sang until very well during dunmanian idol sneak preview. omg. he sang jay's song. woohoo. no one noe the song title. argh too bad. should have gone to see see jus now.

darren wanted to sing a taoze's song but he felt shy by the attention given hahas. LA was interesting. and fun. i was super crazy cann hahas. after LA. we were dismissed early btw. i demo the dance steps to jh. lols.

then went down to canteen to find jingle, yy and yl. bought long dao hu and peach tea. after that sat there and chatted with jh. sang and sorta danced. hahas. wrote lyrics for her. then my parents came to fetch mii so i went home lorhs. yuppps.

now chatting at msn. mom asking mii to slp liaos. hahas. happy day. wheeeee. and i realised that i am noisy. wahahahas. i am noisy and impulsive ;)

Tuesday, May 24

my life's in a mess

hey. i am here to blog. i really should be studying physics now cos the test is like tmr? yesh. and i havent do maths and chem. argh. life's getting really miserable lately. in conclusion, it is practically in a mess. correction. its is totally in a mess.

my mom just called angela just now. the STA tour agent and told her that i already has the international student identity card. we have to bring passport sized photos tmr for the making of the card. but i already has the card cos i went on the europe trip in march. and ms pear told mii to make another one. issit wrong to own two identity cards? though its free laa. but wad for trouble the tour agency to make another one. and waste their erhh capital. whatever.

life is really getting terrible. my grades are dropping. i dont have special talents. i cant sing. i am blur and sotong. i am fat. i am not tanned. i am weak. my eng and chi are just buckets of drain water. so WHAT'S THE POINT OF LIVING.

relax relax. i am not thinking of suicide or anything. i am just getting sick and tired of all the happenings around mii. but i am glad that i have friends and family who will always be there for mii. but some friends can tend to be quite insensitive and sarcastic at times. and it hurts. really.

physics test. four chapters to study. i have been studying the mainstream textbook since seven. i took a nap at 4 and woke up at 630. today's not a really a bad day in school. but i got this really terrible headache during bsp. and became moody. another case of mood swing i guess.

had a mini quiz for cme today. sure gonna flunk it. mrs phua came in for bio to teach chem cos ms loh not here. after one period o chem we had a free period where most of us were piaing maths. spent recess in cls. though my stomach's growling. i dun care.

after recess was maths. helmi gave notes on graphs. then the cls niaoed him abt ms huda. it was very funny. and he seemed embarrassed by all the teasing.

after maths was bsp. mr fong went thru the hols assignment and told us that we will be going to china for 6 months immersion proj next year. oh wow. how am i going to survive there. when i dun even noe if i can survive during the 9 days germany trip.

sc has this activity day on 1 june and needless to say, i cant go. i think i am the only one not going for pslc. i noe i am gonna miss out lotsa things. and my mom kinda regretted letting mii go on the germany trip. cos of my worries abt the trip and the treatment i will most probably receive during the trip. argh. i regret going too. buts everything's too late. but anyway no one will care abt my surivival or existence there on the trip. maybe except for yuhan and juehui.

i noe this blog entry sounds really erhs angry and frustrating. sorrie abt it but i seriously need to vent out my anger before i can concentrate on physics revision. i have no idea why my life has taken a turn for the worse during term two. and worse still, when the very special day of my life is approaching.

take for example, some ppl whom i am gd friends with in term 1 actually become almost like strangers to mii now. ppl put mii down and make mii realise the so many flaws that i have. inferiority sarks. sorry for the vulgarity. but anyway. ya. nothing in life is a constant. but do things have to change so drastically in just a few months' time? i cant adapt. i seriously cant. i cant accept it either.

life has become so terrible, horrible, miserable and utter disappointment. WHY.

i have decided that i dun wan my fairytale anymore. i can dream abt it. i can wish and hope about it. but i am not going to want it. why the sudden decision. cos i have come to my senses.

this world judges by looks. chiobus. shuaiges. looks do matter. no one can deny this fact rite. and trying to escape from the reality doesnt help. i dun have looks. so i am not going to have any fairytale. WHATEVER.

i miss my childhood. teenage years are so er miserable yesh. its only during the innocent childhood then can you truly believe that a prince will kiss a princess and they live happily ever after. now that we have grown up, then why does guang liang still have to write a song on tong hua?! grrrr.

its 1100. and i think i should get back to studying. will still be online but my msn status is busy. and PLEASE. do not ask mii or question mii abt this entry at all. cos well you noe. mood swings. you wont noe when i am happy and when i would be sad. so if you happened to question mii abt this when i am happy. i can get really mad cannn. so PLEASE.

some people just dont keep their promises. ers ya including mii. ok never mind.

now i truely believe that what goes around comes around.

Monday, May 23

blogging again

i am back. Everyone seems to be piaing for language arts now. only i piaing maths. argh. i think my LA essay very crappish lehs. sure gonna flunk it.

maths is horrifying and terrorising miii. i dunno how to do. i thought i was supposed to get linear equations but i got quadratic ones instead grrrr. everyone's too busy with their own essay to teach miii. physics test is gonna be disastrous. i havent even touch the physics textbook at all, not to mention the mainstream one laa. yuckkkae. bel's getting slackier. and thats bad >.<

maths really killing mii. help! graphs... argh tmr might have spring test issit. omg omg omg. help help. someone help miiii. grrrr. getting really fed up with maths.

ppl. jia you with LA essay ((:

finished LA

yippee yayyy woohoo wheeeee cheers.

i finally completed LA. yayyness. section b is just a whole lot of crap. i inferred and concluded. but in general i crapped. whatever. i am SOOO glad that i finished another hw. later gonna bathe then do maths.

oh no. there's physics test on wed. and may have chi presentation this week. yy, yl, jh and i gonna ... ... ... ... for our presentation. bwahahas dun tell you first =) its a secret =Pp

tmr is a school day. wheee. i miss school. tmr hafta pia phyics liaos. wednesday hmmm normal day. have after school lessons and erhs physics test lorhs. booo. wednesday after school hafta pack for germany trip le. yuckkkaes cannn. eeeyer bleah

thursday. hmmm pE~! wheeee. hopefully can play bball. i miss bball. wanna see my shooting still so tyco norts. hahas. after school theres another briefing for the germany trip. nope dun get mii wrong. i am looking forward to seeing angela. i mean she is totally humorous and wonderful. its the thot of the trip that makes mii wanna puiii. hehehes.

maybe after briefing can go shopping or even watch movies. friday. madagascar in cinemas. has art club i think. its also a special day. yuppps hehehehes. i am looking forward to it. but i am not expecting anything from it ((:

gonna spend my saturday and sunday meaningfully before going on that torturous trip to germany. perhaps its not as bad as i have anticipated but i am sure its not going to be any better >.<

hmmm maybe during the weekend can go beach to cycle with my family or haojiemeis. wheee its gonna rawks.

yesterday went to courts at jurong point. then i was spying on acer laptops and ipod minis. lols. then kept hinting my mom and dad to buy. but i think i better be independent and start saving though i will have to starve my darling piggy. hahas. i also want to buy roller blades and i havent master the skill of roller blading yet. i landed on my bum 25 times last year when i learnt at the class chalet. its a horrible and bum-hurting experience cann. hahas do steer clear when you see mii with rollerblades. hahas. dangerously dangerous >.<

woohoo. actually i am looking forward to the germany trip cos i get to wear my new sports shoes. and see cinderella's castle, which, according to yuhan, is very nice. totally wonderful. whoa. i am looking forward to the trip mainly becos jh and yh will be there, like i mentioned before. yuppps hehehes.

haojiemeis rawk mii wurrl. i <3 my haojiemeis. muakkkks.

hahas yesterday i sent my geog reflection to jh then i thnk her and muakks her. she was like eeeeyer. hahaas. my sickening printer no more black ink liaos. so now hafta trouble yy to print LA for miii. thnks girl. muakkkks. hahas.

seee.... my haojiemeis all rawk. wheeeeee.

kkaes gtg le. will be back soon. cya ppl. muakkkks ((:


woohoo. decided to de-stressed by listening to she-together album now. For LA section b, i am heading towards a goal of writing ONLY 500 words. bwahahas. its totally chim lorhs. i am geog stream de so this type of so called source based question is totally chimness to miii. you should be glad that i am still alive and typing. those who wanna see the passage come and find mii hahas. its a keynote speech by charlton heston based on gun violence (bowling in columbine).


is life still as sweet?

no idea >.<

finally finished LA section a

yayyyy. finally finished doing language arts assessment section A. wahahas. ya la. its abit slow. but give encouragement cann. i wrote around 900 words lorhhhs. muhahas. drinking peel fresh lime juice now. whoa nice. refreshing. read the passage of LA section B twice but dunno wad issit talking abt sigh.

had been doing lotsa snacking today. as well as slacking hahas. FAT. ya i noe. is there a need for you to be so kind to remind mii? hopefully the lime juice i am drinking now can help to speed up metabolism lols. dream on laa bel >.<

hmmm better start working on LA section b le. cya. i will be back bwahahas.

is life still as sweet?

yes maybe. as sweet as peel fresh lime juice perhaps ;)

finally finished geog reflection

yayness!! finally completed geog reflection. my darling jh's helping mii to print cos my printer no more black ink liaos. hehehes thnks darling girl ((:

hmmm i am tired. yawn* but also ecstatic and glad that i finally could cross out one homework on my list. wheeee. yupps gonna sleep liaos. my head has been spinning since just now when i attempted to do hw on my dad's car.

whose fault? mine duhh.

is life still as sweet?


Sunday, May 22

shopping at jurong point ((:

gonna do some really quick blogging. just came back from jurong point. went on a shopping spree. lols. bought lotsa things.

this morning went to 3 temples to pray. today is vesak day. happy vesak to all buddhists ((: then ate vegetarian food until very full lorhs. got abit fed up cos my mom kept asking mii to eat humph. hahas want to fatten miii. yuckkae

after that we went home then i took some of my homework and we went to my grandpa's hse. reached there. then took hw out to do. didnt really get to do anything constructive laa. slack slack. hahas. i forgot to bring my maths textbook. forgot to bring french curves initially then went back house to take. but no maths textbook theres nothing i can do.

copied geog notes. read geog notes. boo. boring. argh. then went to bathe. i like the fragance of palmolive shampoo. the label said conditioner included but my hair was so dry? err dots. then lux body gel is niceee. love it. hehehes.

after i bathe, then we went to jurong point. brought the maid out as well. hehehes. she dressed until very nice ((: while i just wore a bermudas and tee. and brought my duffel bag. hahas. looked like i went to the beach.

reached jurong point. this time lady luck's on our side. my dad found a parking lot in a short while, for the first time in history bahhs. hahas. then we went to the food court kopitiam to makan. i ordered japanese food. breaded chicken something de. and this time i ordered my dinner myself lehhs. usually i am the one sitting at the table. looking after the stuff de. okae spoiled, pampered you may say. whatever.

then my dad and mini auntie (my maid) ate western food. my mother ate some deer meat with rice? not sure issit deer. hahas. grandpa ate chicken rice. i karped my dad's french fries bwahahas. then he ordered fruits. i karped almost all the watermelon. yummy.

after makaning we went shopping for my sports shoes. went to world of sports. saw lotsa nice shoes. but those that i want do not for stock for my shoe size. argh. disappointment. then went to another shop 'all bags' found another nike shoes there. have my size. but too tight le. then he recommended the latest shoes to us. nike and purple. its more ex but its nice. no need tie shoelace de. its those type of rubber bands which you pull to tighten. super nice. and my dad bought for mii. wheeee.

went to popular and i bought myself a storybook which i am intending to read on the flight to germany. bought graph papers and an eraser as well. dad bought street directory. went to chamelon. bought ear sticks and hairband. yupps. then we went to ntuc. bought fruit juice. peel fresh guava and lime. i love fruit juice. muakks.

hmmm bought crackers and dried fish fillets at mei zhen xiang. bought chocolate wafers, wang wang biscuits and a small bottle of pantene shampoo at lifestyle. rawks rawks rawks. shopping rawks. wanted to buy amos cookies but decided to buy it another time.

btw i realised that i cant read or write while in a car or bus. plane not counted cann. yupps cos just now i was attempting to copy my geog notes on my dad's car. then after that i had a headache. and felt nausea. felt like vomiting. but glad i didnt. hahas. yuckkkae

alright. i better find newspaper articles on violence before i sleep tonight. lotsa homework. argh. almost suffocating mii. HELP. germany trip is around the corner. i dun feel like going. i dun feel like packing. i dun even want to care or give it a damn. its totally ridiculous. i will be like zi sheng zi mie over there. other than jh and yh, no one will bother abt my existence over there. definitely not erhem. the thought of going overseas with erhem already makes mii wanna kill myself cann. hahas kidding laa.

but i noe the trip is gonna be like a torture and each day will seem like an eternity and pass like a century. wow. i am SOOOOO excited. argh

5 more days to special day. 8 more days to doom and sadness. ohwells. hopefully that one special day can make up for the 9 going-to-be-horrible days overseas.

is life still as sweet?


Saturday, May 21

finally done with the photos

so hows the photos? ((: nice? hahas. i love the neoprints taken with yy. very nice. hmmm went out for the whole day today and yesterday. havent touch my homework yet lehhs. how... tmr going to temple cos vesak day. and going to buy sports shoes. i havent pack for the germany trip. but i see that orange/grey bag then i dun feel like packing already. boo. hahas that sounds mean. sorry abt that.

argh theres currently some error on the blog page. grr. tmr's gonna be a busy day. gonna pia hw. monday's holiday. gonna study physics. theres a test on wednesday. sigh. btw i just realised today that my parents are considered to be not very strict with me, compared to yy, yl and jingle's parents.

and i wanna ask. do parents actually suspect anything fishy when their daughters bring roses home. i mean the roses need not necessary be from guys rite. my bedroom is in a mess again though i just tidied it not long ago. hmmm

btw i forgot to mention in the previous blog entry:
cs ppl. you guys did a great job. keep it up!! i love the concert. you guys rawk ((:

hahas yuppps. this is the first time i bought flowers for others. usually ppl buy for mii. hahas

my first rose was given to mii by clara when she learnt flower-arranging last year. i was ecstatic cann. second rose was from clara too. last year's valentine day. third rose was from clara as well. this year's vday. and fourth rose was from yy. received today. wheee. roses rawk.

roses are way cheaper than tulips and a little bit cheaper than gerberas.

pinkk gerberas rawk. i love them. yupps yupps. wheee

alright gonna sleep le. midnight's approaching in around 2 minutes time. cya ppl. sweet dreams.

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starting of the dance zhao yang Posted by Hello

claire acting as ah min Posted by Hello

drama lalala Posted by Hello

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rushing off to meet his chatroom friend Posted by Hello

darren with a bouquet of roses Posted by Hello

three musketeers? Posted by Hello

see how short peixin and geokjoo's skirts are? >.< Posted by Hello

wheee. doesnt these look princessy ((: Posted by Hello

neoprints - yunyin and miii Posted by Hello

last three prog Posted by Hello

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first three prog Posted by Hello

introduction Posted by Hello

cover page of the cs concert prog booklet Posted by Hello

yiling, yunyin and mii at hci drama centre Posted by Hello

cs concert

woohoo cs concert rawks ((:

this morning woke up at 10am. then ate crackers and wanton noodles. changed into op bermudas and hushush's tee then walked to mrt station. took mrt to bugis. yy doing flag day there.

she told us to go city hall to support her at first. then changed venue to parkway. then to bugis. so yuppps. mii and yl went to support her. i reached bugis then dunno where to go. so waited for yl at the control station and we went in search of the fu lu shou complex together.

on the way there we met michelle from gmss. she recognized mii >.< hahas so i help to donate to her and her friend.

we walked for very long before finding yy and kq lorhs. my legs were aching. and my shirt's wet with perspiration. eeeyer. after donating and asking them to jiayou. mii and yl went to take bus 12 to dhs there. then waited for a very very long time before bus 196 came. then while waiting both of us were singing songs. lols.

after reaching the pp bus stop, we crossed the bridge then walked to the toilet beside the food court. then bought bandung at the food court. drank as we walked to the food court beside giant to meet jingle.

the bandung was very very sweet. too sweet for my taste bud. yukkae. saw jingle watching tv outside pohkim. her outfit was erhs extremely formal. more formal than mine. my outfit was like for a trip to the beach ? hahas. i like it. lalala. then we went shop shop. and went to the flower shop opposite mini toons to buy flowers. bought one yellow gerbera, one red gerbera and eight roses with a mixture of colours. hehehes. then we took bus 196 back to school. on the bus jingle kept suaning. booo. meanie twinnn. hehhhs.

then walked to dhs after alighting at the bus stop. i walked super fast. then yl and jingle walked slowly. i walked very fast not because i excited to see somebody laa. haiyo. reached school. saw yuhan and she hugged us. hahahas. ri qing.

yy passed mii the red rose she bought for mii. so niceee... i love yy. hehehes. then i pei her go to the third storey toilet to change. she was wearing uniform cos flag day mahs. then we went back to the auditorium and found our seats and settle down.

the first prog started. tie gong yuan. aiya i lazy to describe abt the prog. later i scan in and let you see kkaes. second prog was uniquely singapore (fei chang xin jia po). its a xiang sheng.

third prog was 'nan dao wo cuo le ma?' peixin and geok joo acted in it. woohoo. caught snapshots of them. wheee

next was a very energetic dance called da mi wu gu liang. saw jeanine and weiting. following up next is the hao ling ju xiang sheng. veh funny ((:

next is a horse dance. hahaas. veh cute. the dancers let down their long hair then they kept swinging their hair and shaking their heads.

darren was the zu jue in the next drama called ai qing you xi. caught snapshots of him too. jun li was very very funny. he acted as bisexual. hahas super duper funny.

next is qiu fen ji xiang sheng. and lastly the zhao yang dance. the dancers rawk. then the concert ended. all the cs ppl came on stage and they sang their cs song. cs ppl all very united. envious lehs. hahas.

then we went outside to present flowers to 3j's pride (cs ppl from 3J).

geok joo
qian bing

and some others not from 3j
yan yu
cheng meng

gave the red gerbera to darren and yellow gerbera to HUANG lin. hahahas. the rest gave roses. then mii and yy took 2 roses for ourselves. then we decided to go out for dinner. took bus 158 to kallang mrt station. decided to go bugis. reached le. then we went to the food court. we were waiting for tables when a little girl called mii then her family stood up and left. whoa. nice ppl =)

i ordered 2 claypot chicken rice for mii and yy. then i bought honey-apple juice for myself. hahas honeydew and green apple laa.

then sat down and eat. claypot chicken rice was hot. ate slowly. but its nice. then jingle ate meesiam. and yl drank some kind of crispy soup(??) yupps then after jingle finished eating she went to buy jollibean soya bean drink for yy and her. then jingle and yl left. then left mii and yy there. yy still eating her rice. straight away after i finished eating that cleaner came and took away my bowl. then she wanted to take away yy's bowl as well when yy was still holding her fork and spoon and not done eating. tsk tsk. whats her problem. hahas

then we decided to shop around. went to the shop beside paris miki, called action toy or sth like that. saw pooh and friends sleeping series. its on offer. but i dun really like it. so there. yepps. then we decided to take neoprints. it was very rushed. we twinned and waved and act cute and act innocent. smiled. hahas. decorating the neoprints was fun. there was one neoprint which didnt get decorated. nvm its nice ((: the neoprints really very very nice. love them to bits. muakkks hahas

went to precious thots then walked to mrt station. yuppps. i was holding the three roses all the while during the shopping trip. bet i looked weird. i mean its not valentine day. yeppps. then alighted at my station and walked home. hmmm fun but tired day. check out the next entry. lotsa photos i promise. hehehes.

Friday, May 20

hci drama ((:

just came back from hci's drama. went with yunyin and yi ling. before i go into details abt the comedy, let mii start with my day from the morning. hehehes

erhs this morning i chaoji tired. dun wan to wake up. then finally dragged myself up laa. hmmm then reached sch. then went to classroom. music started. walked to parade square with peixin. and i was blur and said some wrong things argh.

after flag raising was bio. ms loh went thru stuff on DNA. kinda complicating but i understood somehow bahs. chem was next. continued doing grp activity ws. and didnt manage to complete like the previous time. yepps. so become homework >.<

after chem was chinese. did presentation. interesting and not as boring as usual chi lessons =)

recess. mii and jh bought white pasta. yl and yy bought rice. then i went to the drink stall and ordered 4 30cents peach tea and 1 30cents peach lemon tea. hahas. i had a hard time ordering. lols. i wanted 40cents peach tea de. but changed my mind.

after recess went back to class. then to AVT for LA. no more seats at the back so the four of us sat at the first row. abit guai guai de. today's lecture has lotsa notes-copying. hahas. yl copied alot alot of notes. my notes still okae laa.

after LA went to canteen. mii and jh shared pocky then went to art room. mrs koh was going thru LEAPS thing. then she said the cip of art club need mii to chong chu jiang hu. lols funny >.<

then art club has this cip prog where there will be 8 sessions of tutoring sessions with kong hwa students. minimum has to go 2 sessions. i decided that i wan to go for all the sessions. and i got saboed to be the grp leader. then i saboed jiamin. bwahahas. evil mii.

then still got 3j cls cip not settle yet. i think i asking ms tan abt it. hehehes. i love cip. I love SPHERE. to care. to serve. to lead ((:

hmmm went to library. read abit of slamdunk comics. went to canteen for break. wanted to play bball de. then see pro ppl there i dun dare to play liaos. then jh, charmaine and chip were kinda leaning on mii.

after that i went to buy papaya and honeydew then there were some lame and er disgusting jokes made abt papaya milkshake. hahas. all thanks to erhem and erhem laa.

then went to art room to take our bags back to our classroom. then slack there. slack until 410 then went to foyer.

then took bus to the starting point of 2.4km run. its so near parkway parade lorhs. SHOPPING! hahas

then got briefing. wait for other classes to arrive and the run started. i didnt stop to walk during the run and i am sooo proud of myself cannn. yupps yi ling was one position in front of mii. my stomach veh pain during the run. then my legs abit cramp but i dun care. just kept chiong. and yepps i did it. three cheers for bel wheeee

then ms tan was pissed off with 3j so we were the last to take the mineral water and walked back to school. after the run, my face was red and i felt giddy. perspiring like crazy. stinky and sweaty.

walked back to school. i actually attempted to run with shumin but no more energy liaos. then went back to class. was haolian-ing to wenjian that i didnt gun3 for the 2.4km. i ran. bwahahas. cos he made some stupid jokes that i am like a tyre and should gun3. then he said if i gun3 i might be faster. then kept arguing with him. lols nick and erhs hy laughing. malu. but after the run i really got energy to argue. hahas.

then mii, yl and yy took bus home. chatted with peiyu and huiyi on the bus. then reached the stop. then walked to my house. then we bathed and ate tempura savoury chicken burger on my dad's car. thot we were late for the drama lorhs. but we werent. fortunately. hahas.

the play was abt this guy who try to cheat some association of their money. but pretending to be the previous landlords or sth. like slowly more and more ppl get involved and more and more misunderstandings resulted. the play was very very humorous. there were two particular parts which i like very much

one of them is the part where that uncle john arh got carried away by the paramedics. thinking that he is dead. cos of his mistaken identity.

the other is the part where that norman guy was dressed up as a girl. hahahas. its chao ji cute.

the whole play was marvellous. there was an interval in between and the play ended at 940. which is very very late.

we walked out of the school then over the overhead bridge. was waiting for bus 170 to go to bugis. but hafta wait for 30 minutes. then we finally decided to take taxi to newton mrt then take mrt home. yepps

reached my station. then my dad came to fetch mii. my daddy is so nice... ((: hahas. he didnt drive. he walked to fetch mii. hehes.

then reached home then came to blog lorhs. i veh tired now. due to the 2.4 km run bahhs. tmr meeting jingle and yi ling at parkway parade. before going to cs concert. whee exciting. buying flowers for the cs ppl. hahahas. yupps i gtg. tired le. cya ppl.

__ i always look back as i walk away... ... ... ...
and all i see is your backview
__which i will remember for eternity.
i miss youu.

btw today eileen said something really meaningful during chi presentation:
zui yuan de ju li bu shi tian ya hai jiao
er shi zai ni shen bian que cha jue bu dao

translated wld be sth like this: the farthest distance is not that between heaven and earth, its when its just around you and yet you dont realise it.

then jls said another quote too:
zui tong ku de ai qing shi wo zhan zai ni mian qian ni que bu zi dao wo ai ni

direct translation:
love hurts the most when i stand just in front of you yet you dunno i love you.

indirect (better) translation:
love hurts the most when the person you love has no idea how you feel.

isnt love practically always like that? i mean when is love not like that? the fear of confession. the fear of rejection. the fear of accepting the cruel reality. the fear of losing the friendship you once shared. the fear of the shattering of hearts. the fear of shedding of tears. the fear of not daring to love again.

but even if the one who confessed got accepted by the other party, he or she will still have

the fear of happiness ending. the fear of sweetness disappearing. the fear of love fading. the fear of losing the fairytale. the fear of not 'happily ever after'

oh wells. life is like this. love is also like this.

woohoo exactly one more week. excited lehs. kkaes really tired le. goodnite.

Thursday, May 19

A Valentine for Laura

A Valentine for Laura
Don Caskey (Chicken Soup for the teenage soul II)

Ann, a friend of mine, disliked Valentine's Day as a girl. She was plain- not ugly, but not beautiful. Valentine's Day is not kind to plain girls. It wasnt so bad in elementary school, when the obligatory thirty valentines arrived: one from each classmate. She overlooked the fact that her cards were not oversized like those of the popular girls, and did not contain the love notes like those of the pretty girls. But later, in middle school, the valentine exchange was no longer mandatory. Just when the yearning for romance budded, when the desire for admiration and flirtation became imperative and a valentine is needed most, no card arrived. Not for Ann. Not for plain girls anywhere. Only for the pretty and the popular. At such a time, stories of ugly ducklings that will one day turn into beautiful swans do not assuage the hurt and rejection.

As fate would have it (and often does), in subsequent years Ann did become pretty and turned many a boy's head. As she received more attention and flirtations, she came to feel- and therefore to be- very beautiful. But even years later, grown and with a family of her own, she did not forget those long-ago days of rejection and dejection.

Today, Ann's family includes two boys in middle school. For a dollar, their Student Council will deliever a Valentine's Day carnation. Ann gives a dollar to each of her boys to buy flowers for their girlfriends. Then she adds another dollar apiece with this instruction:' Pick another girl, one who is nice, but plain- someone who probably wont get a flower. Send her a flower anonymously. That way she will know that someone cares, and she will feel special.'

Ann has done this for several years, spreading Valentine's Day a little beyond her own world.

One year, Laura, who was plain to behold but beautiful to know, received one of these gifts. Ann's son reported that Laura was so happy and surprised, she cried. All day long, she carried the flower on her books and chattered with the other girls about who her admirer could be. As Ann heard the account, she too had to dry her eyes- for she remembered.

It's tough to be a teenager

It's Tough to Be a Teenager
Tony Overman (Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II)

It's tough to be a teenager, no one really knows
What the pressure is like in school, this is how it goes.

I wake up every morning, and stare into this face
I wanna be good looking, but I feel like a disgrace.

My friends they seem to like me, if I follow through with their dare,
But when I try to be myself, they never seem to care.

My mom, well she keeps saying, I gotta make the grade
Whlie both my parents love me, it slowly seems to fade.

It seems like everyone I know is trying to be so cool
And every time I try, I end up just a fool.

I've thought about taking drugs, I really dont want to you know
But I just dont fit in, and it's really starting to show.

Maybe if I could make the team, I'll stand out in the crowd
If they could see how hard I try, I know they would be proud.

You see I'm still a virgin, my friends they cant find out
'Cause if they really knew the truth, I know they'd laugh and shout.

Sometimes I really get so low, I want to cash it in
My problems really arent so bad, if I think of how life's been.

Sometimes I'm really lost, and wonder what to do
I wonder where to go, who can I talk to.

It's tough to be a teenager, sometimes life's not fair
I wish I had somewhere to go, and someone to CARE.

wo kan kai le!!

yayyness. wo kan kai le. no more mood swing now. i am in a good mood. and i have decided not to mention abt that incident which made my blood boil. just that i was really super angry just now.

yipppeee yy and yl and mii going for hwa chong play tmr. at hwa chong instituition drama centre. whoa. so hafta rush back from 2.4 run to bathe then my dad fetching us there. yeahs i am so excited. hehehes.

wo kan kai le. life is unfair. you dont always get your way. love is not always two sided. no one is perfect. everyone has their flaws and inner beauty. just that some ppl are more fortunately than others.

just now i watched the variety show mei li bai fen bai. the topic for today was girlfriends. then they went to interview guys on the streets laa. they wan their girlfriends to be slim, pretty, long hair blah blah blah. then 3 guys recommended their girlfriends to this jean yip prog to slim down and change their way of dressing. can see that their girlfriends quite pissed laa. though they didnt show it.

from a point of view, their boyfriends care for them. want them to have more self confidence. but from a worse angle, it looks as if those boyfriends cant accept their girlfriends for how they look like. argh and thats totally ... ... ... sadness yeah.

you like a person for who he/she is and not what you want he/she to become. its so chaoji obvious cann. nobody is perfect. if you wan a perfect girlfriend/boyfriend, then go find nobody.

its totally ridiculous. some even worse arh. they try to change themselves to suit the other. wow wow.

its marvellous knowing the power of love. but its totally ridiculous thinking that ppl actually change themselves for the sake of others.

anyway after reflecting abt that incident which made my blood boil, i decided to enlighten myself by reading chicken soup for the teenager. i bought it long time ago. but i never finish reading it. but i read some poems and stories which i really like. i will post one of the stories and poems later. check them out.

_i hate to admit it but you just dont care.

i am soooo not looking forward to that dumb dumb disgusting detestable germany trip. boo. wad a waste of money. and if there exists any reason that make mii go on the trip,

firstly it would be that yuhan and juehui are going and i promise i will do project with them and i dun wan to break the promise.

secondly. i wan to be with yuhan and juehui ((:

thirdly i already paid the full balance.

i want to go to germany.

i want to see castles... ... ... yupps

and nice ppl like mii, jh and yuhan had decided to share and buy souvenirs for 3J. maybe sharing with the guys. if they agree laa. if not too bad. only we buy. but dun worry. we will buy the nicest things we can find in germany.

yuppps. doing discussion with jingle, yunyin and yiling now.


wow. scatterbrain... blur... wad GOOD adjectives to describe mii har. WDH. i am not one who usually uses vulgarities. but this time i really cant tolerate it any longer. its obvious that she is biased against mii. what is HER problem?! who dun make mistakes? tell mii. who dont? and why did she have to keep picking on the mistake i made and emphasizing that i am blur? tell mii laa. what is HER problem and what she is BU SHUANG with?


my mood is swinging once again. i was initially in a good mood till... ... ... ... argh. wonderful day. wonderful ppl. wonderful teachers. crapp

this morning we went to the parliament house. jh, yy, yl, mii, socky they all and my cls debaters took the bus with 3H. then there were not enough seats. then daniel from 3h was sitting alone laa. (is he called daniel btw?) then the girls from his cls asked him to stand up and let mii and yy sit. then he reallie did and he stood thru-out the bus ride. yy and i felt bad lorhs. sigh. then jingle, yl and jh shared 2 seats. yepps.

reached the parliament house. went thru all those security checking. my bag alerted the alarm at the security station. then the guard opened and checked. found nothing. guess it was my spare hp battery bahhs. boo.

went o the the public hearing room. then debates started. the judge was miss shirleen abdullah. and kenghoe was mr speaker sir lols.

then the first debate was 3k being the proposition and 3h the opposition. about paternity leave.

3k: judy, munyi, ruijie, hexun
3h: li li, roy, chin yang, jason

yepps. the paternity leave bill dun have much loopholes so the opposition dun have much things to say.

then after that is a short break. from 1000 to 1015 only. we went for toilet break.

then went back for the second debate on the euthanasia bill. 3i vs 3j

proposition- 3i: cindy, taxy, diane, claire
opposition- 3j: jessalyn, junming, darren, kiang gei

very interesting lorhs. my cls helped to ask the proposition questions. hahas

jm was very hiong. and he actually said 'dun heave a sigh yet i am not done' or sth like that. then the audience were laughing.

darren oso very hiong. kiang gei chaoji funny. he was kinda in charge of bringing those documents they prepared to the judge. lols.

after the 2nd debate we went to funan mall for lunch. jh, yy, yl and i bought mcflurry. then went back to the parliament hse for the announcement of the best speaker and winners. cos yy got mcflurry on her hand so we went to the washroom. then i was holding the door so that yy, yl and jh can wash their hands. then chin yang thot wad we doing lorhs. cos i was holding the door until like welcoming ppl like that. hahas. wl lo. dun xiang y y.

hexun got the best speaker prize. then best proposition team is 3I. Congrats ((:

and... ... ... ... (drum rolls) the best opposition team is 3J!!! wheeeee. we did lotsa cheering and there was the giving of trophies. wheeee. 3J sehhh! good job ((:

after that we proceeded for photo taking. i was sitting right in the centre. boo. and my right leg rested on my left shoe. now got bruise on my right leg le. double boo. after phototaking the prize winners stayed back for another photo taking while the rest of us proceeded to collect our belongings and exchange back our ezlink. when we were queuing and waiting for our turn, hy, kenny and the others were teasing eugene. then i was laughing. errrr okae. nvm.

we got our handphone back from mdm nora then we walked to funan mall. i wanted to buy polar's hot dog roll. craving for it all of a sudden laa. i bought it and walked as i ate. i must have looked like a greedy pigg. anyway. we walked to city hall then i topped up my ezlink and we went shopping at citylink.

this shopping trip was really lonely for mii. bwahahas. cos yy, yl and jh wanted to buy mii a present and i requested it to be a surprise one. so i have to go away to shop on my own while they decide on the present. there was this shop selling those accessories de. the earrings and necklaces are really nice. gonna go shop there next time. then there is this pair of earrings shaped like zippers. or issit wad issit called. aiya. it looks real. and really funky. but i dun dare to wear it. hahas

after looking around in the shop i had to go out of the shop. so the 3 ppl can choose mii present. hahas. they very funny. i waited for very long. walked here and there. there and here. then finally stood outside the shop and leaned against the wall, listening to the bsb songs.

in the end they didnt buy anything wahahs. they very funny. buy present oso so serious. at least i noe they care ((: and i am glad they rmb my bday =)

i saw this book titled the ring at mph. gonna buy it some time. hmmm gonna go and watch square pegs. i will blog abt the briefing on germany trip later. and for ur info. its the incident that made my blood boil today. argh

Wednesday, May 18

738 words for essay

whoa i actually wrote 738 words for the expository essay. dunno got limited no. of words anot lehs.i hope not. i write until so cham. hehhs.

yepps yepps. so wad shall i blog. i really think i should go and slp now so that i wont be that grumpy tmr and annoy ppl. but but. hmmm

my brother was packing for the adventure camp just now. hahahas. yeps his camp is tmr. will be back on saturday night. lent him my torch light. yupps. i am sure he will love the camp.

hmm so wad shall i bring to sch tmr. since theres no formal lesson. i shall bring my orange notebook. my myuk girl pencil case. my chan's travel blue water bottle. pink myuk wallet. samsung hp. deuter bag. bwahahas. okae i am crazy.

oh ya. not forgetting the consent form and the LA essay.

i think thats all bahs. rite? maybe consider bringing a book. ohyes. how can i forget my darling horoscope book? hehehes.

my horoscope analysis for tmr. rmb to exercise to ensure a healthy lifestyle. whoa. i was considering to go jogging tmr. to prepare myself for 2.4km hahas. hopefully tmr dun rain laa.

yawwnnn i am tired. gonna pack bag and fly to dreamland. tata. sweet dreams ((:

argh language arts essay

whoa. i finally finished the language arts expository essay. and the final one is actually th fourth one i wrote. wow huh. mdm nora wanted us to do it in cls and hand in today initially but she changed her mind and extended the deadline to tmr. i wrote abt 2 pages (303 words) for the first draft then i realised that i needed to add some more paragraphs in the middle. so i rewrite the whole thing. then she said we can hand in tmr. and so i decided to come home and redo everything. i wrote the third draft neatly and nicely and finally i completed. and that was supposed to be my final work kkaes. then being a blur sotong. i crumpled the first page of the paper and threw it into the wastepaper basket. wow. i thot it was the second draft. then i began searching for it then i realisd i threw it away. so i picked it out and uncrumpled it. but it was in a totally hopeless situation so i decided to rewrite it. pro huh. sotong mii laa. my right hand hurts now. whose fault? mine duhh

i experienced terrible mood swings in school today. its really terrible cann. i was feeling really grumpy in the morning and during bio and geog. kinda cheered up during geog at some pt of the lessons. darren was telling mii that my bad mood might affect the ppl around mii and blah blah. yesh a lecture. we had grp discussion btw. yepps. then the cls teased ms pear abt er hem. duno if i should announce here. better not laa. but its abt erhem erhem lorhs. yepps

chinese lesson. jls showed us 2 mvs of the shui diao ge tou. one sang by wang fei and one by theresa deng. i prefer the one by deng li jun laa. she looks pretty in the mv. yepps. then you noe wad. jingle actually imagined my face wearing the costume theresa deng was in. then she was laughing non- stop >.<

jls assigned hw for chi then is recess. dint go down for recess. no mood and appetite to makan laa. so pia maths graph. after recess was maths. graphs. i finally understand the graph exercises we did yesterday. but i still dun understand some. tsk tsk. revision needed obviously. bio test postponed to next term. wonderful.

after maths was physics. lab lessons. went to lab then waited outside the lab for a long time. then mii and jh went to find the lab assistant for permission to enter cos mrs har nv come. then went in. did experiment on sound. i kept ga-jiaoing jh. hahas. and i screamed into the erhs speaker thing. hahas cool. my voice has high frequency ;)

then after physics went to canteen for lunch. ate vegetarian beehoon and drank nescafe. wanted ribena and my fellow sotong, jh bought nescafe. hahas. nah actually i told her nescafe then i changed to ribena. hahas. okae my fault.

after lunch was chem. had grp activity. didnt manage to complete the page 2 of the ws. so tmr then do bahs. after chem was LA. i mentioned abt it le. scroll up and see see kkaes.

then after that mii and jh stayed in cls. until erhs 5 then we went to the canteen. when leaving the clsrm, i was making this squeaky and irritating noise with my shoes. hahas. so irritating until jm told mii to stop it. fine laa. okae this is childish.

went to canteen then ate a packet of guava and two honeydews. yummy. yepps then chatted with jh then my parents came. so went home. yepps yepps. hmm tmr going to parliament house. no formal lesson. theres briefing for germany trip.

busy busy.

and hopefully no more mood swings tmr.

even if there is, no terrible ones pls.

i am sick of mood swings.

they swing my mood until i find myself problematic cann.

lifes not that terrible laa. but today i really was very very depressed.

Tuesday, May 17

tigger ((:

my cousin's dp is tigger!! while mine is piglet. wheee. hahas

btw my brother's going on an adventure camp this friday i think. and the campsite is.... sarimbun scout camp. whoa. i was telling him to look out for an instructor who looks like mr bean. wahahas.

yepps yepps. i wan baby tigger and eeyore ((:

anyway. is there something only love can do?

hmmm i gonna crap le. hahas. wad is love. love is er magical yesh. its important. yes. but do teenagers really noe the meaning and definition of love. aiya dunno laa. i once believed in er yes love.

but. i kept believing and giving up this belief laa. life's can be so confusing and miserable. right now. i dun believe in love. er no. correction: i dun believe in my love. but i believe that there is love in this world ((: but i believe in fairytales. its an alternative laa.

yepps and dreams and wishes dun always come true. sigh.

and u noe wad my ideal peach blossom land aka tao hua yuan is like. hahas. there wld be lightning and no thunder. wahahahas >.<

only love

But only love can say. try again or walk away. but i believe for you and mii the sun will shine one day. so i just play my part and pray you'll have a change of heart. but i cant make you see it thru. theres something only love can do... ... ... ...

i noe if i could find the words to touch you deep inside. you wld give mii just one more chance. dun let this be our last goodbye... .... ...

hmmm listening to only love by trademark now. i tried really hard to stop myself from listening to this song. but i just couldnt help it laa.

anyway i finally finished doing 2 maths graph exercises. and the other two. i dunno how to do. but i am just drawing the basic graph first. ohwells.

btw i forgot that there is research to be done for anliantaohuayuan. i found some english websites. gonna translate them later. i have develop a liking for translation hahahas.


seriously speaking i shouldnt be here blogging away at this point of time where i should be er doing helmi's maths hw. today checked our marks for SA1. this term was really... dorts. i dunno what to say but i really should buck up.

my grade for maths is totally er... ... big big difference from last year's grade can you believe it. i can. and some dumb dumb ppl like erhem jm can get a very high A1. pro laa. hahas. sounds sarcastic. but anyway his maths really chao li hai. darren oso got A1 if i am not wrong. jingle and my marks abt the same.

i realised that whenever i laughed or smiled during lesson time rite, teachers lyk mrs har and mr helmi will ask mii to stand up and answer question. hahas. maybe they thot i wasnt paying attention or er they thot i very happy during their lesson. hehehes.

today cme, wls showed us the photos taken at wanqingyuan. i saw myself in the background of one of the pictures. but i dint say anything. geog was erhs. okae. hahas. ms pear asked for class participation regarding how tourist destinations could be affected by tourists. then she added 8 and 1 together to get 9. and wow. thats jue hui. hahas. so i told her a crap lot of things about pollution which she in turn told ms pear. then the next person to answer was mii. gosh. i didnt noe wad to say lorhs. then yi ling and darren helped mii. then next was hong yi to answer. yepps. then she also divided the cls into 4 different groups for discussions on the various impact on mass tourism. i thot she was going to go 'a,b,c,d,a,b,c,d'

i was so glad she didnt so i am in the same group as my darlings, jh and yl. hehehes. jm, darren and chongthee oso in my grp. ya. pro ppl. so easy job. hahahas. that doesnt include mii ;)

and we were told that the briefing for the germany humanities trip is on this thursday. BOO!

we will be going to the parliament house this thursday for the debate. and we wont be in school the whole day. which means no formal lesson. then mii, juehui, yunyin, yi ling etc arranged to go out to shop and maybe watch movies de lorhs. and now. all's gone. wow. great huh. sigh. have to take the bus trip back to school i guess.

we had presentation for biology. jess and fran sang a song for their creative assignment to the tune of chicken dance. cute ((: hy and wj sang another song to the tune of trademarks only love.

why that song among all the other songs? argh. i used to love that song. alright i still love that song. but somehow erm nvm. i have a past with that song. yepps. and i used that song for 2 of my fanfics. go check them out if you have the time.

ohyeahs. i havent been updating my latest fanfic. i finally got 1 comment by a really supportive reader. yayness.

okae. i guess i better go and finish up my maths before blogging abt happenings after recess today.

here's a list of today's homework:
one. maths graph exercises. whoa. i just detest the drawing of graphs. show mii sympathy. hahas
two. chinese yue du exercise. i forgot abt it actually. yy just reminded mii.
three. reading of geog notes. in case there are somemore cls participation exercises tmr >.<
four. reading of bsp notes. i havent been reading the bsp notes and textbook since the lessons started. and i think i better start doing so asap. but not tonight laa. this weekend.
five. LA assignment. ohwells.

i think thats abt it. hmmm cya. i will be back soon =)

Monday, May 16

busy day with a great loss

i am really tired now. but i feel like blogging so here i am. hehehes.

today is a busy busy day and i suffered a great loss. this morning i woke up and went to brush my teeth then it started to rain. i was looking forward to nafa test though i had no idea why i was so enthu this time round. yupps then my dad fetched my brother to school, which is just opposite our house. wahahas. then fetched mii to school. hmmm had flag raising in cls due to the bad weather then we proceeded to the canteen for our nafa test.

not going to elaborate more abt nafa. just that we didnt get to do our inclined pull ups for my grp cos the time overlapped alot le. then miss tan shooed us back to class. and my shuttle run improved alot alot ((:

my horoscope said for today, i would have to be careful when exercising, in case i injure myself. then last night i was thinking. hmmm if tmr rain that means i wont get to pe and that means that horoscope book is rubbish. but i was proved wrong. i had pe and i think. think only laa. i sprained my ankle and my right leg. its terribly painful. but i can still walk. so should be no big deal laa. maybe just overstrain the muscles or sth.

after nafa i went down to foyer for our cpa rehearsal. i changed into my so called teacher's attire and i looked erhs. like a shu nv according to taxy lols. hmm then mii and shueling practised our presentation. i kept laughing ohwells. then baojia, amelia, shumin and mii rushed to the LT to watch devil's backbone for 20 minutes before going to the auditorium for the sec 2 assembly. the scenes of the movie we caught were erhs. blardi definitely. totally disgusting cann. i was covering my eyes with the papers i was holding. yuckkae.

we went to the auditorium then started rehearsing our presentation and skit again. then the real thing came. and i think and hoped we did a great job. the angel acted by xianglong was very popular among the audience. hahas. yeppps. then one of the police officers even told mii 'good job' or sth lyk that laa. ohwells. finally all the hard work paid off.

but i lost my pe shirt and shorts as a result. cos i changed into my teacher's attire then i left my pe attire in the foyer. then it was gone after sec 3 assembly. yepps sadness. and can you believe. i wore the teacher's attire to my assembly and everyone was staring at mii lyk i am a martian from outer space or sth. total maluness cann.

hexun even asked mii why am i dressed like that. argh. we had the bicter ltural finals for sec3 assembly. 3J got into the finals. wheee. though we didnt come in first for the finals. i think cecilia, shiling and geok joo did their best. three cheers for them.

after assembly i chiong all the way to the foyer, searching for my darling smelly pe attire. and on the way there, right outside the auditorium, someone actually bowed to mii, thinking that i was a teacher. cool huh. hahas. i was stunned and erhs shocked. that someone was blur too. wahahas

then after going to the foyer, i went back to classroom and changed back into uniform. then went to physics lab for lab lesson.

after physics we went back to cls for pccg and mdm nora gave out the donation cards for dhs jogathon. gonna find kind ppl for donations le. hahas

then she went thru the devil's backbone review or sth like that laa. then bell rang, mii, jingle, yy and yl went to canteen for lunch. jh didnt go. cos she had to pia for art.

after lunch we went to auditorium for the dong li 88.3 DJ talk. one of the dj was formerly a dunmanian. and i love her voice.... awww. sweet, clear, loud. and her chinese is very fluent. cool. the talk was interesting. but it could be made even more interesting if only some celebrities were invited. like jay chou >.<

the talk took about 1 hr plus. then we went back to cls. and then to bball court to cheer and support for our intercls telematch. first match was with 3F

then the guys had their soccer intercls verus 3k. and then the girls had their other match with 3B.

though we didnt win, i think the intercls ppl had done a great job and put in their best. three cheers for them. they all rawk! some even injured themselves during the intercls. takkaire ppl and cheer up kkaes? ((:

after intercls, mii and jh chiong back to clsrm to collect our bags cos our parents waiting for us le. then as my dad's car turned left from the school gate, i saw mdm nora then i waved to her. hahahas. yuppps. thats abt my monday. its a busy busy day.with a great loss.

i cant find my pe attire. ahhhh. i went to the office to ask. but theres no pe attire found. junru just called mii just now, saying that those clothes were with gerald. but he said only uniform with him. no pe attire with him. omg

guess i have to fork out my own money to buy myself a brand new set of pe attire. i am really broke now. i still owe my mommy money. hahas. ohwells.

was kinda feeling rather erhs depressed and irritated today. sigh. sometimes one shouldnt think too much. or ponder too much over something. or maybe someone. i am really tired now. gonna pack my bag and sleep lo. goodnite ppl.

Sunday, May 15

7 ways to lasting weight loss

heyas. i still dun feel lyk sleeping. so i am blogging. i feel so proud of my new blog layout. jiamin said layout sounds nicer than template. so i am using it hahahas. though the blog layout not done by mii laa. but still it rawks. and i think i forgot to credit the person who created it oops. i will do the credit tmr bahhs.

if you noe mii well enough i am always on and off diets laa. ya ya. i am fat. maybe not fat. but not slim either. and for those who share the same woe as mii. here's 7 steps to lasting weight loss. i only managed to do no.2 and 3 every time laa. hahahas.

7 steps to lasting weight loss

one. follow a low fat diet
two. eat breakfast every day. (yepps i eat breakfast every day lorhs)
three. weigh yourself regularly (yupps i weigh myself twice every wk)
four. exercise at least an hour a day
five. eat 5 smaller meals a day rather than 3 big ones
six. accept setbacks and move on
seven. add bits of activity to your daily schedule to burn extra calories.

conquer those fats. shed the kilos. you can do it. girl powerrr

yupps. thats the seven steps. they are taken from one of the issues of shape magazines. i buy shape magazines. not regularly every month though. when i see topics i am interested in. sometimes my dad bring back past issues from the gym.

talking abt gym. i wanna work out at the gym. though i feel paisehh. but hmm i guess its a place suitable for exercising. but no way am i gonna take those protein drinks which my dad takes.

hahas. those drinks are expensive. and they give you muscles. i dun wan to have big muscles like a body builder. i just wan to slim down. see the difference? yuppps

ahhh tmr's cpa day. how how how. hope everything goes well. nothing could afford to go wrong. well at least not for mii. i get depressed easily. and trust mii. these few days my mood will be swinging like crazy.

some ppl out there are feeling moody too. jm is. his nick sounds moody and weird. darren was asking mii whats up with him lately. i had no idea. havent been chatting with him. but i think he needs some time alone to think. so hmmm.

mood swings are bad. they make you vent your anger on innocent ppl unknowingly. and indirectly hurt these ppl. and these ppl are usually the onse whom you love and love you. its all a matter of self control. but sometimes its reallie hard. reallie hard to control urself. u dun even noe whats happening. you just wanna vent your anger. and you did.

after that you reflect, and you realise that you have hurt your loved ones.

but fortunately. your loved ones are usually the ones who understand and care abt you. they wont take it to heart. and they forgive you.

they are just so wonderful. and sometimes. when others vent their anger on mii. i feel happy that they trusted mii enough vent their anger on mii. and then i will take the position of being someone understanding, caring and forgiving. its all a cycle.

others care for you and you care for others. life is like this. jls told us that one usually tends to vent his or her anger on their close and loved ones. yepps. alright enough abt venting anger and loved ones. bwahahas.

i just realised that the motto for geminis is

'variety is the spice of life'

geminis love changes. they hate uniformity.

geminis need changes. they like changes. they accept changes.

i might be a gemini. i might be able to accept changes. i do need changes at times.

but you noe wad.

i hate changes.

some things just did not have to be changed.

i just wan some things to stay the same. but its not possible.

cos life is all about changes.chances.and.choices.

and we should always love.treasure.appreciate.cherish.and.not.regret ((: ((=

life is life after all.