Friday, December 29

I have lotsa events to blog about and lotsa pictures to post but it's getting late and I may need a long time to do so. Hence it is more reasonable if i blog and post them the next time i come online.

Anyway yesterday and today are two really busy and fun days. And also pocket-burning too. Lucky I controlled my expenditure today otherwise... I am too tired to blog about anything now. I still have to go to school tomorrow oh no.

Two significant events which took place recently:
1) 6Charity'02 Class Gathering
2) Girls' Day Out with Jayyes!

Two food I ate today:
1) Chicken Parmesan Sandwich at Subway (Lunch)
2) Ban Mian at Cine Food Court (Dinner)

Two dumb things I did today:
1) Misleading the route to Cineleisure
2) Drinking iced cold lemon tea when the weather was like so cold! (Cld have gotten an asthma attack)

Two smart things I did today:
1) Bringing an umbrella along with me
2) Not bringing excess money with me

Two more items to be added to my wishlist:
1) The complete idiot's guide to yoga
2) Chicken soup for volunteers' soul

Two movies which I die die must watch:
1) Charlotte's Web
2) Pan's Labyrinth

Two things I am looking forward to:
1) YVIP06 Afterglow
2) 4J New Year Countdown

that's all for now! I am so tired that I could sleep for 24 hours! Zzzz off to bed Goodnight!


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