Sunday, December 10

Another great day out... Went for yoga class in the morning with Hui Shan. Whoa I missed one session of yoga last sunday and today it's like so difficult for me to do some of the poses. Especially the triangle pose cos I have really really tensed shoulders, I never really relax them. bleah. Lots of stretching and also did this transform meditation which is really good. Started the lesson with mooncrayer meditation which is said to cleanse the body of toxins. whoa.

Anyway I wasnt feeling too well this morning, woke up with this flu perhaps due to staying up late last night. But I kinda dragged myself to the yoga class. And I didnt regret making this choice. Cos I felt great the whole day through after the class. Whee Erika encouraged me to go for yoga classes twice a week. I did that when I first started learning but stopped after awhile due to a tight schedule. I shall try to go this tuesday.

Went to meet Shu Min at Somerset to go shopping at the flea market at Scape. I reached early but she was late anyway. Went to have lunch at this stall at the basement of Cineleisure which sells Taiwan Street Food. Had the Sausage cheese egg crepe. It rocks. Super tasty and yummy. Just thinking about it makes me salivate. LOL.

I had breakfast bars in my bag but after some serious consideration, I decided not to eat them as I walked down Orchard, I would've looked kinda pathetic isnt it. Yea fortunately I didnt. Wanted to get a sandwich from 7-eleven too but that would mean I have to walk as I eat as well. Nah so I went to Cine for lunch.

Shu Min came finally and we shopped around before going to Scape flea market. It was pretty much walking around then it started raining so we took shelter back in Cine. Some things to highlight would be we tried for two lucky draws and did this recording thingy for podcast. LOL yea WE LOVE PODCAST AND PODCAST LOVES US. It was kinda malu but we did it, cos of the ipod shuffle. And cos both of us were there for each other i guess. I believe I wouldnt have done it if Shu Min was not there with me. And we got ourselves each a goodie bag. Yea it rocks. There were some free games aimed at raising awareness that casual sex causes aids or something. Tried them and both of us got badges. Then there was this attire (shirt and skirt) designed using condoms. I was quite amazed by it and we were told to guess the number of condoms used. Yep.

We went to Sembawang at Cine and both of us was looking for some christmas song of which we dunno the song name. Then we realised that both of us were actually looking for the same song! LOL 'Last Christmas'. Yep like it very much.

It was definitely a great day out with twin. Talked alot, shopped alot. Just that my wallet dont have enough cash. There's agency attachment tomorrow. Excited but scared too. I dont know what to expect. I dont dare to have any expectations too, both of myself and others. I shall just take things as they come. Goddess of Mercy will look over me I believe. Since I went to pray at the Guanyin Temple just now. hehe.

My dad ordered pizza for dinner just now and yea we had a feast. The day's been really great except for this swollen left foot of mine. I dont know what happened to it. But it's itching like crazy. I got bitten by what I thought was a mosquito when I was in the toilet yesterday. But apparently it must be something more poisonous than a mosquito cos my whole foot is like swollen ?! Grr. Yea big foot. Ugly leh. omg omg omg.

Shall go do some research on the home I am going to tomorrow... and here, shall end with another quote found in 'A Life Less Ordinary'.

'To be nobody-but-yourself - in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everyone else - mean to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.'
- E. E. Cummings


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