Wednesday, November 30

Sia's Family Retreat 2005 and Miniature 3J gathering

Yo I am back from Malaysia. I went to Malacca and Port Dickson, not Kuala Lumpur. The gathering just rawks la. Love it to bits and I am looking forward to the next one next year. Three cheers to the organizers (:

I got saboed lotsa time during the trip by the seniors. Boohoo. I had a great time taking photos too and being taken photos of... as in group photos. The meals during the trip were sumptuously delicious. Wahahas. Didnt really get to shop but nvm I can always save the RM dollars for the trip next year. Woohoo. I never knew I had so many uncles, aunties and cousins on my mother's side. Woohooo cheers.

Had a miniature 3J outing yesterday. Actually we got a treat from our seniors who were previously from dhs. Lunched at Big O cafe at Wheelock Place. Went to TM in the noon cos my cousin wanna get new phone. Nokia N70. awww I am so envious lo. But I can get a new phone next year in feb so it's only a few months' of waiting bahs. No biggie.

Then my mom was telling me I looked very messy with my long layered hair. So I went to EC House to cut my hair. It was my first time going there. So as the hairdresser was cutting my hair, I felt abit sick in my stomach cos I had no idea how my hair will turn out. Lucky. It was nice. This is like the few times I was satisfied with my hairstyle after cutting. I usually will grumble and complain but did not yesterday =D

Met twin then we shopped around before taking MRT to somerset. At the escalator I saw Xin Yi, my cousin who's a few months younger than me. She went to the family gathering too and fancy seeing her again. She was in her school uniform with another two of her friends. She looked surprised to see me. I was surprised too. Fate (:

Twin and I headed to Cine to shop. I bought a pair of new earrings... dangling with stars at the bottom. I realised that I like accessories with stars... Twin asked me that yesterday. I was wearing a bracelet with double stars. I bought a pair of colourful earrings in Paris. and now the dangling and silver earrings. Woohoo. You know what to get for me for my sweet sixteen next year le right (: yeps

Twin bought a cookie from Subway. Calories... Ah I shared the calories with her la. hahas Good friends share everything. Good or bad. Then we walked back to Somerset MRT to fetch YL and JM. We got approached by a fund-raiser and each of us forked out five bucks. Received a mini whiteboard which Twin allowed me to keep.

Alright. Then we got approached again in the station itself. Then this guy was like persuading us to donate somemore. Then he was like tagging behind us so that he could ask our friends for donation. Ohwells. Huanglin they all donated too. Five of them so two bucks each. That guy approached JM but it's harder to persuade a guy la. So he gave up. After YL reached we headed to Heeren. Oh my it was drizzling lo. So we walked in the rain to Heeren. Freezingly cold la ><><

Lunch was nice and expensive but it was a treat. Thanks to Wen Xiang, Alex and er I dont know the other girl's name. I know that she is from Hwa Chong JC though. Ah my dream JC.

Chatted and ate. I had Crispy fried fish and chip. Nice nice. I got teased practically throughout the whole meals. Cos I had meanies sitting on my right hand side. Humph. After the meal, we girls excused ourselves to the washroom. We came back and were told that the guys had ordered desserts. We were very full already. The guys were chomping down calories la. lol but really they had really great appetite.

Then I took out my camera and started taking photos. Wen Xiang kept posing then his photos turned out with effects. Took photo with YL. Then took group photo outside the cafe.

Headed for the MRT station. YL, twin and I boarded the train first cos' JH waiting at cityhall for us. The rest waited for WJ.

Went straight to Esplanade cos' JH going there directly. Twin said to go Suntec to shop one day. Why not ? I love shopping. I kept asking them about Kbox LOL. I am kinda obsessed with Karaoke singing after coming back from the trip. Maybe cos I wanna practise more in case I get saboed again to sing during the trip next year. ah. Dont want to suffer from another case of major maluness laa ;)

Saw many teachers and schoolmates at the Esplanade. Got our tickets from Shi Ling and Joanne. Walked around. Went outside to look at the sand/tile display. Then I began dancing with twin and twirling her around then her slipper... broke. Oops. She had experience before so she took out her rubber band to tie the slipper to her foot. Bravo girl.

Our tickets were initially Circle 2 but we were promoted to circle 1 for some unknown reasons. Better view of the musical (: The musical was good. Adrian Pang was good. Btw the musical is A Twist of Fate. I dont think it's a twist... there's alot of twists. But really the musical was nice. The musical ended at 1110pm. And we rushed to the MRT station cos it was late la. My mom waited for me at the MRT station and we walked home together. Then I bathed cos my hair was itching due to the drizzle I walked in in the afternoon. Then I watched TXY and Rainbow Connection which my brother recorded for me... since I missed them because of the musical. Slept at 1am plus cos waiting for hair to dry.

I am listening Jay/ Landy's Wu Ding (: Alright thats all for this post. Cheers.

shopping. rainbows. pink. earrings. stars. hearts. gatherings. zen-neeon. camera. handphone

Sia/Seah's Family Retreat 2005 RAWKS!

PS. If any of my cousins/aunties/uncles etc, sees this blog of mine, please tag at my board and tell me who you are :D I am the girl who sang Lao Shu Ai Da Mi on the bus... As long as you went on the trip then jus tag kaes cos we are relatives. hehehehe. Anyway I was thinking of making a contact list for my cousins. Since the aunties and uncles knew each other so well already, why not we get to know each other better eh. But well the trip is over so I guess the contact list will have to wait till next year's gathering but it's not a bad idea eh (:

Thursday, November 24

Going to M'sia tmr

I finally found the magazine which I was desperately searching for a few minutes ago yays. Lady Luck's with me =P

Hm what can I blog about? I am rotting at home these few days. Settling CIP, CCAs and erh tuition stuff. And like I mentioned in my previous post, I am apparently being transformed into a bookworm. Wahahaha what can I say. I love books to bits (: My current literary entertainment, if you are interested to know, is Pulling Princes: The Calypso Chronicles by Tyne O'Connell. She's a great writer and her forewords for the book is really interesting.

'You have to pull a boy from the pond and kiss him before you'll know if he's a frog or prince.'

Aw disgusting. Think about kissing a frog. No way.

It's a really nice book which Pei Yu recommended to me last Monday when we went to the Geyland East Library together. Just like what she said, if you like the series of Princess' Diary books, you are bound to enjoy reading this book cos' there's some royal attention involved in it too. Hehe. I am halfway through the book. It reminds me of that Mean Girls movie too.

Let's leave the bookworm world and enter reality. Ah. The design for our CSC tee has kinda been confirmed. Actually not really but we know for sure that the design has sunflowers. Hm I dont have a particular liking for sunflowers actually. I prefer roses and tulips laa. But I've always thought that sunflowers are good symbols of hope. And the magazine which I was digging out for just now had a page on the significances of flowers. It's actually the Feb 2003 issue of Lime. Quite old har. But nonetheless useful.

On that particular page which actually tells readers what flowers symbolises what, sunflowers are known as symbols for adoration and hope. Woohoo. HOPE. Yup that's the magical word. As long as there is life, there is hope. Sheesh my laptop just hibernated and I hate it. It makes the internet connection goes off and the whole modem goes bonkers.

Ok the internet connection is back. But I can't log in to MSN cos there's some problems. Whatever. I am finishing this post then I am off to pack my stuff for tomorrow's Malaysia trip. My darling zen neeon is being charged right now. And I am definitely not leaving Singapore without it.

Hm I haven't decide which book I am bringing with me on the trip. Here's my list of choices:
1. Caught in the Act by Gemma Fox
2. PS. I Love You by Cecilia Ahern
3. Just Friends by Robyn Sisman

and four Qiong Yao's books which I borrowed for my Chinese book review. I think I can finish reading Pulling Princes by tonight cos there is no point bringing a book which I am almost done reading on the trip. Just gonna increase my load.

I have to send a proposal and a namelist for the Christmas Karaoke to Miss Tan by tonight, before I leave for the trip early in the morning tomorrow.

Had been listening to FM 88.3 after lunch. Every day at around 2.30pm or 2.45pm they will have this astrology talk, which FM 93.3 used to have every morning at 7am every morning. Gemini's mood today is not too good for social situations. Lucky. I've been home the whole day lalala. Let's hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

After the astrology talk every afternoon from Monday to Friday, there is this er xin li ce yan. Some sort of psychology surveys in which they will ask you a question and give you 4 choices then the choice you choose would reveal a particular personality trait of yours. I hate to say it but the results are quite accurate. That quiz this afternoon... the interpretation was so accurate that I can hardly believe it. Really. The interpretation was not a good one but it was accurate. Ohwells.

During my search through three huge stacks of magazines (LIME, Teenage, Teens, Shape) just now, I found this particular magazine without a cover... It has this fruit quiz and I am sad to say once again, that the interpretation is quite accurate.

What Fruit Are You?
Wanna find out what you favourite fruit says about your character? Read on...

You are extravagant, impulsive and outspoken, probably with quite a temper. While you might not be the most organized person, you're a good team leader. You love to travel and have an enthusiasm for life unmatched by most!

You're the ultimate softie. Loving, gentle and sympathetic by nature, you often lack in self- confidence and are quite timid by nature. You are prone to be taken advantage of because of your vulnerability and sweet-temper. When in love, you absolutely adore everything about your partner and your relationships are usually very peaceful.

You're a person to be reckoned with- you have very fixed ideas and influencing you is next to impossible. You tend to be an extremist with strong likes and dislikes. You like to control the situation and love mental challenges. But you're a softie when it comes to people you love!

Life's isn't always sweet for you. You often face ups and downs in life, especially professionally. You have a fertile imagination and are often involved in creative pursuits. Although you might be a loyal and sincere partner, you find it difficult to express your feelings.

If you put your mind to something, you get it done. But you tend to be fickle and have trouble completing tasks with the enthusiasm you started with. You need instant gratification and enjoy using your brain. It might be easy to strike up a friendship with you but maintaining it might be a problem.

You're the friendly sort, frank and outspoken. You enjoy life to the fullest and are quick to forgive and forget. You have an independent streak and are an ideal lover- fiery, passionate and faithful. But you don't like public displays of affection.

You are fearless, taking everything life throws at you in your stride. You're the kind who thinks and thinks and thinks before acting. You have a wicked sense of humour and a generous nature that keeps you in the good books of most people. Meeting new friends and exploring new sights is your source of enjoyment!

You make quick decisions and are quick to act. You organizational abilities are exceptional and you're never daunted no matter how big the task. You tend to be self-reliant and are sincere and honest in dealing with others. Even though you might not be the sociable type, the friends you make are for life.

Yupps so is the interpretation for you accurate? My favourite fruits are mango, green apple and banana. I think the quiz would be more accurate if honeydew and watermelon are added teeheehee.

I hope the Malaysia trip will be a blast. Over 50 ppl from my big family going. Uncles, aunties, cousins etc etc. Will be going to Malacca and Kuala Lumpur. Yay. Will be staying in beach resort on the last night.

Guess I am off to pack the stuff for my trip. My darling zen neeon is fully charged so are my batteries for my finepix camera. Yays. All set for the trip. Gonna watch Tong Xin Yuan later. The show is getting more and more enthralling and definitely more complicated. May Dashan be safe and sound and away from Snoopy and all dangers. He is one of my favourite characters in the show. Daqiu and Shaodong will be getting their retributions in today's episodes. Check them out. Ohmy Ohmy. I forgot that today's also the debut of SHE's new teenage drama, Zhen Ming Tian Nv. Ahhhh How? Both shows are at 7pm. Alright. I am gonna record Zhen Ming Tian Nv. Ohwells

Sotong me. And I wanna say once again. I am NOT a bimbo. Although I know bimbo starts with 'b' and bel also starts with 'b' but I dont care. Whatever.

pinkgerberas.yummymangoes. happybel (:

Tuesday, November 22

CIP. Senior citizen week

Hm yesterday's CIP was a blast. Totally rawks. Though there were some chaos to be expected. Not really chaos, just some unexpected scenarios eh. And one thing for sure, I burnt lotsa calories yesterday (: I walked to the ShopNSave and was super pissed off by the service they provided. Nearly injured my right wrist again by carring all the paper plates and plastic forks and spoons and napkins with my bare hands. Worse still, watching the cashiers working in slow-mo. WOW. I am not going to that ShopNSave ever again unless I have to.

Then I walked to the bus stop beside Aljunied MRT station. Walked kaes. Passed by the library on the way, so returned the library books to lighten the load of my backpack. Met Ivan at the bus stop. He called me cos' I didnt see him. I was in a frantic cos I was late for the briefing. Took the bus to Kampong Arang hawker centre. Waited for fried rice to be cooked. And I saw a gigantic rat. Big... and long... argh.

Carried the fried rice and stuff I bought at ShopNSave and walked back to school with Wang Xuan and Li Bing. Walked again ok. Li Bing was laughing the whole way back becos the boxes of fried rice which Wang Xuan was carrying were creaking like nobody's business.

Reached school finally. Ate banana biscuits to ease my hunger. I didnt realise that they were banana biscuits. Thought were raspberry's. Until I saw the biscuit label while I was eating the third biscuit ah. What's happening to my tastebud?!

Taught the others that laoshuaidami dance... It was fun and Ms Tan was high... in fact, all of us were high. Went to Beach Rd for CIP. I was the MC with Jia Min. We danced, sang, played games and entertained the elderly. My duty as the MC was on the verge of failure yesterday.

Took some group photos before going back to school. Took bus with PeiYu then we went to the Geylang East Community Library together. Yays Py is nice... Thnks for pei-ing me to the library.

Btw I just navigated the NLB's website. *From 1 Nov 2005 to 31 Jan 2006, regular members can borrow up to 8 items...* woo goody. I am becoming a bookworm yippess. why are you jealous or wad ><

I read a book which my brother borrowed from his tuition teacher. Titled Didjaknow-Animals and Creatures, it tells you all the truly weird and bizarre facts about them. The author is Jennifer Mappin if you happened to be interested. I copied out some facts from the book last night and I am going to enter one in each of my post whenever I blog. Teehee. Educational eh.

I just discovered that my zen neeon needs 6 hours to be fully charged using computer and only 3 hours using the power adaptor which is only sold separately. AP lehs. Means I have to spend money la. I have added a few other items to my wishlist. And I think I am gonna get some stik-ons for my zen neeon. It's too plain looking nowadays. There are now better zen neeons in the market, according to the Digital Life in today's Straits Times.

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt of myself getting a new hp. Nokia 6681. LOL. Totally hilarious dream. Right now, I am thinking of getting Acuvue contact lens. Hm money money money. Everything needs money.

I am going to Malacca and Kuala Lumpur with my big family this friday yays. Really looking forward to it. I want to have my zen neeon fully charge before going on the trip. My zen neeon's battery span is only 16 hours, meaning it can play up to only 16 hours of music when it's fully charged. The new and better zen neeon can play up to 32 hours of music. ARGH.

I have also found a new blogskin which I will be changing to very soon. Maybe now...

Did you know The common housefly tastes with its feet, vomits on the food, then enjoy a tasty meal of vomit and food. (awww disgusting creatures...)

Sunday, November 20

oh shoot.

oh shoot. I forgot to watch the real da vinci code show on channel newsasia just now. Apparently becos i was pissed off. I didnt even watch harry potter. my zen neeon's batt died on me again. I am going off soon so I cant be bothered to charge it. oh no. Means no zen to pei me on that bus tmr ah. thats terrible. whatever.

alright i am getting ap. cos i need my sleep. here's my last quiz for the day. goodnight.

you are the yellow rose. you can't live without
your friends. you love them to death(not
literally)*tehehe* anyway, best friends are
hard to find and the easiest to lose. But you
have to break free and do what you want to do
sometimes you can't just do whatever your
friends do.

WhAt CoLoR rOsE aRe YoU?(pretty much girl q's srry guys)
brought to you by

my smile

Laughing/Humorous Smile

People love to be
around you because you're a lot of fun. YOUR
smile makes OTHER people smile. You're most
likely one of the funniest and fun to be around
people around. When you're having a good time,
your amazing smile shows it!

What kind of smile do you have?
brought to you by

my sign of affection

cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed

What Sign of Affection Are You?
brought to you by

my twin's alicia keys whoa

Your twin is Alicia Keys. Soulful and always
speaking the truth. You are kind to everyone
and you barely have any enemies. Isn't it good
to be you ?

QUiZ: Who is your twin celebrity y??{ w/ great pics !!} GiRlS OnLiI
brought to you by

strong girls dont cry.

today ah. Consumed tons of calories la. Tidied my room... It's so neat and tidy now I can hardly believe it's our room. Just that my table lamp and laptop are placed side by side. That means when I do hw, I cant on my laptop and vice versa... which is actually not a bad thing. I can fully concentrate on my hw then. Ah. I better get started on my hw soon.

Didnt go to library today. The weather went bonkers. Raining and stopping and raining and stopping... Grrr. It's ok. I finished reading Cecilia Ahern's Where Rainbows End. Love the ending to bits. I believed that they will end up together. Just that fate cant stop meddling with their lives. Ah that magical moment of silence... They are fated to be together thats why they came together despite wasting fifty years being in and out of marriages and divorces. They obviously like each other but fate is meddlesome. Misunderstandings, death of loved ones, pre-marital sex and all. But whatever, they still end up together. And isnt that what's fairytales are about... Aww sweetness. If you dont get what I am talking, go read Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern. It is also published as Rosie Dunne.

There's cip tmr... after that i shall go to the library. Gosh I think i caught a flu. Have been sneezing non-stop since noon. and when i called wuishing jus now regarding cip, he said that my voice sounded weird. Talked to jh on the phone just now and I realised how weird my voice is. Ah.

I was maligned just now lo. Super pissed off la wdh. I hate being maligned cann. Especially when I am hungry and in a bad mood, not to mention the flu bug i caught. WL lo.

i am going for the family gathering to malaysia this friday somemore. I am ultra-super-extremely-tremedously-totally-absolutely bu shuang now. So bu shuang that I am going bonkers. The weather's bonkers. My nose's bonkers. My wrist's bonkers. My weighing machine's bonkers. Argh.

My arm hurts. My wrist hurts. I am sick... falling sick.

Strong girls dont cry
(alright this might sound doubtful but whatever. who cares)

Saturday, November 19

busy day. brother gets new hp

I am going off to sleep after I finish this entry apparently becos its 11.56pm. Today's a busy day... and I was super moody and temperamental today. Especially today. I have no idea why but I just go abt throwing my temper... Ah. It's time I learn to control it before I offend more people.

Went to school in the morning for ushering duty. It was Dhs Sec 4 Grad Day. I was in charge of Sec 4I. The graduation ceremony was filled with laughters, joy and tears too. It's sad that everyone will be departing from each other and the sch as well as the teachers... but it's part and pieces of our lives. Watched the video... Noticed this Chinese phrase: Zai hao de peng you ye hui you fen shou de shi hou. Oh my. I hate separation... I just hate to see people leave one another and worse still, my friends or family leaving me. Total misery and sadness la.

Hm. I shall announce with pride about my achievement today. I ran all the way to the bus stop in court shoes and ended up not being able to catch the bus. But well it was a great experience and a good opportunity for me to burn off some calories.

Went home. Then bathed. Went to Parkway. Alright my tuition teacher's a nice guy. Really friendly and all. Hm. Shopped around. I was put off by my brother's AP-ness and sulking la. Went to TM. My mom finally bought him a phone with video recording... Nokia 7610 if I am not wrong. Just fiddled with it when I reached home ohmy. it's lots of functions and I regret getting samsung E600C la. Too late.

I saw this fabulous and lovely phone in the phone shops I visited just now. For your info, I visited quite a number of phone shops just now. Ok saw this fabulous and lovely phone... I dunno the model. But it has camera on the back and front. Just went to navigate and found out that its Nokia N70. And it's the same phone my cousin wants... and he's getting it during cny next yr. He is like super rich cann. And I am a poor little girl, poor as in literally la.

That lovely phone is so filled with functions that I might not even know how to use it, or rather make full use of it. It has FM radio and apparently my darling zen neeon already has it. Ah. Dilemma eh. And it costs way too much out of my budget. I am pretty sure if I get that phone, i am definitely not going on the Geog Trip to New Zealand next year. And I might not even be going as no one's accompanying me so why am I crapping so much.

Ah nothing much to blog. I am looking forward to the SPHERE activity on Monday. Seeing the elderly again. Hm. Gonna go to the library tmr and call up a lady to check stuff for my grp's servie learning project. Have to call Jh too abt csc stuff. Busy busy busy. But i shall leave that to tmr. Cos I am tired. Goodnight.

Wednesday, November 16

hearts. tuition. potential shopping venues

hey gimme a minute while i go and cut my hearts.
waheyys I am back. Btw the hearts I was referring to are the hearts I made from straws this afternoon. I have somehow mastered the skill of folding the hearts... Thanks to Jh. But I have a long way to go before I master the art of cutting the excess straws. Aiyaya.

Hm I spent my day tidying my room as usual. I can say that it's a lot neater. I didnt burn much calories though cos I was sitting on the chair and pushing myself around most of the time. And I consumed a bit more than enough calories today. In fact it was enough to turn me into a pig. Talking about that reminds me of Weilin who was ranting about eating too much will become a pig blah blah blah when Jh and I were having our breakfast-lunch at the mac at the airport last Monday when we went to send off the Thailand people. I cant be a pig you know... I am a sotong already. Have you ever heard of sotong-pig? No. So thats it. Ah alright not funny ><

I was clearing out some huge stacks of papers and tidying the numerous files as well as the receipts I 'incurred' after every purchase I made. I realised that I spent most of my allowances at Popular. Erm the runner-ups would be Wallet shop, Watsons and hm CD-Rama and Sembawang.

And I finally changed my wallet after a few days of endurance. Yays.

I didnt go to the library today as I spent the day tidying up my room. I have a whole stack of Teenage magazines which I would have to run through and see if there's anything which are worth keeping. Otherwise they will soon end up in the Karang Guni's lorry.

I think I will definitely go to the library tomorrow. Gonna get some books on hm origami, romances, physics (??!!) or hmmm line dancing. LOL. And I need to rush out that proposal for service learning proj. A rough outline is required... and sent to Ms Tan by Friday.

Okae.. I might as well get started now since my hair is still wet from bathing.

Hm I really feel like going to shop.... TM would be great. Otherwise erm just some shops will do. OH YA. The Popular at Bras Plaza... It's so spacious lo. Ah ideal. I am going there some day. Hm some day this week would be ideal too.

Maybe I can drop by the new National Library or maybe some other library in Singapore other than Geylang East library.

I think I am going off to tidy my room and hopefully finish tidying by today.. erm tonight i mean. Then I will do the proposal and tadaa... I am off to bed and getting my beauty sleep.

Sheesh my right wrist is starting to hurt like crazy again. It must be that big blue hole buncher's fault. I was bunching huge stacks of papers to be filed neatly and I exerted the force using my right hand without realising it. Aiya!

Before i start on my list of tasks, there is one important thing to do. I desperately need to find my wrist guard but I dunno where it is. URGH.

Oh shoot.

I actually survived 2 days without smses from Yl, Yy and Jingles. Ah. They must be enjoying themselves overseas. One in US, one in Kanchanaburi and another in Rayong. Me? In Singapore... oh but pls dont start pitying me cos in a few more days... or rather many many more days, I will be heading to Malaysia with 50 over ppl in my family wooohoo.

And I suddenly remembered.. I will be going to malaysia from 25 nov to 27 nov. Ms Loh's wedding's on the 26th. So how am I going to attend her wedding when I am in malaysia? And goodness me, I actually overlooked that and was so ecstatic about attending her wedding and getting a list of the people who are going. Sigh. But I am still chipping in for her gift and giving her my best wishes.

I went to school yesterday for art club... the making of orientation gifts. Apparently only 5 ppl turned up. 4 from the committee and a committed member of art club. We made hearts till our hands turned jelly and I was as hungry as a wolf after the meeting. Bought sandwiches from the drink stall in the canteen and gobbled them up the minute I reached home.

Read my storybook before tidying up my room. The new cupboard that my mom ordered arrived yesterday morning. I spent half the day tidying up my room... It definitely looks neater now just that there are still some stuff lying around, unpacked. I shall tidy them up later... and will most probably be heading over to the library.

I managed to finish half the book of Where rainbows end by Cecilia Ahern. I dont think I will be returning it later... Shall return those books on Germany and Munich first. I am getting some books on Origami or whatever it is called. I need inspirations on gifts for CSC orientation booth. I am not being biased or anything. I am equally committed to art club and csc. I did my part for art club orientation yesterday. I even brought the stuff home despite having to drag the plastic bags onto the bus. So for now, i shall focus on csc orientation...

Oh shoot. I still have loads of proposal and contact lists to settle. Maybe not alot. But just enough to make me feel stressed.

I feel like changing my blog template but its gonna be time-consuming so forget it. I dont have much time to spare.... And I have the urge to change wallet. I bought a wallet recently... you should know if you have read my previous posts... But i havent switch wallets yet.

Alright, I am off to switching wallets and then showing my brother the magic of folding hearts with straws that i possess hehehehe.

Btw the meiji jelly-choco which Jh and Weilin recommended me... I bought a box at the airport on monday while buying oreos for those flying off to kanchanaburi... I finally opened the box and ate the jelly-choco. Hm well its not as magical as I expected but its yummy... and of cos contain zillion of calories. I actually gobbled a few up in the past few minutes. But right now, I am putting that pink/white cute little box far far away from me. So see but no touch.

I am off. Dont miss me (:

Sunday, November 13

rainbow poem

If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you
And share with you its beauty
On days you're feeling blue

If I could build a mountain
You could call it your very own
A place to find serenity
A place to be alone

If i could take your troubles
I would toss them in the sea
But all these things I am finding
Are impossible for me.

Nice poem but somehow towards the ending, it's kinda showing pessimism. Come on la. Rainbows are beautiful and optimistic stuff. Rainbows symbolise hope. Nothing is impossible (;

back blogging...

Ok I am back here blogging after being pissed off by my stupid sotong personality just now.

So ya we went to send Yy and the others off at the airport. Took 3J group photos and my camera proved itself to be the lousiest thing ever lived. But fortunately Cecilia's camera snapped a nice photo of us. And yays unity finally!! 3J whoosh.

After that we sent hugs and kisses to the people... Yuhan started taking advantages of us. Wahahas. and she made a really really dorts comment.

After that Yl and I took MRT home and thankfully for her, I exited from the correct door, to the correct side of the station where the train heading to boon lay is.

Listened to my zen throughout the train journey. Ah what can i say except that I LOVE MY ZEN TO BITS laa.

On Thursday night, Jh, Yh and I pia-ed Germany Immersion Project till midnight. I slept at around 4am and on Friday morning we suffered the biggest shock of our life. Due to some technical problems, we lost our itinerary!!!! Ahhhh. We tried not to think about it but disappointment and depression just overwhelmed us. Started playing bridge. I listened to Zen and read my storybook...Jh and Jingles were busy cross-stitching Yl's bookmark.

Then lent Jm my zen. And he didnt know how to use it. After all his is zen micro and mine is zen neeon. Different model. So far I havent known of anyone who owns a zen neeon. And he was searching for english songs in my zen. I am a ultimate fan of Mandopop so it's pretty obvious my zen is filled with Mandopop songs... like those by Jay Chou, Li Sheng Jie etc. Except for a few English oldies love songs la. Like erm Because I love you by Shakins Stevens or sth. Songs by Air Supply and Savage Garden.

And during the game of bridge, Jingles kept going on and on about how much she wished to learn dance. Apparently she could learn ballroom dancing with someone mahs =D

Anyone has nice English songs to recommend? Btw I havent buy JayChou's latest album yet!!!

Sorry for digressing. So yups. Then three of us suffered an ultimate humiliation by some people whose existence doesnt even matter in this world. Super super dorts. I shant honour so much space of my blog entry to some kind of worthless people.

So much has happened. I read Jingles' blog and she has been really reflective. And I am going to do exactly what she did.

My life. My life. My life. My life. My FIFTEEN-year life. My teenage life.

If i were to be brought onto this world again, I would still want to be Annabel.

I have such a nice christian name even though I am a buddhist. I have a pleasant Chinese name too. And I am blessed enough to have single-eyelids though some people think it's nothing to be proud about.

I have grandparents, parents, uncles, aunties, cousins and teachers who dote on me. I have friends to share my joy and sorrow with, to quarrel and fight with, to giggle and scream with. I studied in GMPS and got to know many friends and teachers whom I will remember for life. I experienced being in a uniform group (girls' brigade) and the toughness of doing drills and the joy during recreational activities. I was given a chance to learn piano and my biggest regret was quitting it halfway. I really shouldnt have withdrew. I should have persevered all the way through and now I will be able to play 'Tong hua' on the piano instead of dreaming about it and being envious of those who could play.

But still it's part of my life and I really treasure the period when I learnt piano from a nice teacher. I felt honoured to be able to join GMPS Prefectorial Board in 2000 and appointed as a P4 Representative. 2000 was a tough year for me, where I had to brave through storms and finding myself. But in the end, I only disappointed myself as well as those who had believed in me.

In 2001, I bucked up and repented. I learnt from my mistakes. And I picked myself up again. I made sure I didnt repeat the mistakes I made in 2000. I got into 5 Charity and made new friends, had wonderful teachers. In 2002, one of the important years in my life. I continued working hard. I aimed for Dunman High, my dream school. I worked out my life carefully. I treasured time spent with my classmates, friends, teachers and juniors. I doted on the juniors. I was appointed as Assistant Head prefect. I made sure that my duties were fulfilled. The remedials and supplementary lessons after school to prepare ourselves for the PSLE were always enjoyable. The knowledge we gained, the fun we had, always remembered and held dearly in my heart.

The trips to the library after PSLE, that particular basketball match, the 6Ch chalet with the truth or dare game, the trips to escape theme park. All and all.

In Sec 1, i was accidentally appointed as the monitress of 1D'03. I was struggling and trying real hard to adapt to secondary school life with a totally new environment and new friends, classmates and teachers. I had to accept the fact that looks are important. I struggled with my identity. There were periods of tears and depressions. Plain misery. But I am glad I finally adapted and found myself.

In sec2, I was still the monitress. Worked together with Mrs Lim SK who is really understanding and knowledgeable. Became a PSL and kept a low profile all along. I wasnt enthu, no one knew me. But I am not that pathetic, I have my friends and I am real thankful for that.

In sec3, which is this year. My life took a turn for the better. I thought life in 3J will be terrible and that I will have to deal with loneliness every single day since I was the only one from 2D to be in 3J. It was a blessing in disgust... Jh was assigned to my class on the first day of school and I couldnt be happier. Although i wasnt really close to her then, at least we were in the same cca. And now, i treat her like a sister. hahas. I am also in the student council.. and given opportunities to plan activities and such. I worked with my fellow peers and teachers. I am appointed as SPC of art club... and took part in the planning of acitivities as well as the gossipping etc etc. I have a sense of belonging to art club and I am proud to say that i am a member of art club. I also joined community service club just recently and participated in a service learning workshop not long ago where I learnt skills of service learning.

SC camp was totally cool. And 3J has been a fabulous class. Though we might not be that united yet, we have a sense of belonging to the class. The painting of the classroom, the sec3 level camp, the cny decorations and games, the interclass matches, mask making competition on national day, dunmanian idol on youth day, partying on teachers' day. All in all, we have participated as a class. YAYS. I am hoping that we will get a class tee soon and have a class chalet this hols. I dont want this wishes to end up as regrets and I am pretty sure that i wont get disappointed right?

And of cos the overseas immersion trips, firstly the arts trip to paris and london. Charmaine was a lovely roomate to have. Always wanting to be pampered and stuff. Qingzi was fatherly and I was known to be motherly. The card games played till late at night, the cooking of maggie noodles and the fear of the unknown. The touring of arts museum and tourist attractions, the climbing of the eiffel tower, the flights, the meals, the shopping, the chocolate i bought, the hot chocolate we enjoyed when the weather's really cold, and of cos the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and the eurostar train journey from london to paris.

Ah I miss Paris and London.

Now the germany trip. It was fun having jh as my roommate, playing cards on the flight to amsterdam, borrowing tissue papers from her and yuhan thanks to my terrible flu. How i started sneezing and all when we were only at the waiting hall at changi airport.
ah i am back from my bath and finally back to my senses. I realised that i can only charge my zen using the computer/laptop so if i want to listen to my zen tmr then i must charge it today. Alright thats my theory whatsoever la.

Let me continue about the germany trip. Playing erm daidee on the plane all the way from the centre to the left. Asking for plain water and apple juice instead of soft drinks. Those games of heart attacks. Two 'drunkards' beside me. Exchanging of food during meal time. Seeing jh's expression. That dumbo aircon blasting its cool air on me. Reading of one of the book from the shopaholic series. Actually I cant remember much except that I kept sneezing and ate two tablets of panadol.

Those restaurants we went for meals. Classy and nice. The hotel room me and jh got, which is in fact meant for couples on honeymoon. The tv with 'Mr Goh Jue Hui', the see thru curtains. That round and bowl-like sink. The cosy beds. The gossips and giggles we shared. Buffet breakfast. The cereals, sausages and scrambled eggs. The filling of water bottles. The power jh possess to slant-look. LOL

The berlin wall, the jewish museum, dachau conc camp, salt mine, olympic stadium, castle... How we always ask for a sec3 dhp grp photo to be taken whenever we reached a tourist destination. The hostel we stayed in. The singing of songs at the top of our voices. Me being the alarm clock for the four of us. The morning call we gave to the others. The usual routine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The icecream we bought from the store just opposite the hostel. caramel, chocolate, vanilla, ginger, coffee... it all contributed to my gaining of weight but i didnt care. The 'excitement' we got everytime we accidentally walked on the bicycle track and the guys screaming at us to get off it. the teddy bear i bought. the last even stroll before we leave germany. the bus journey to austria from munich etc etc. The gloomy-ness and ap-ness i showed. the fun and laughters we shared, the care we showed.

I treasured it. I really do. Ah I miss germany! and all the debriefings held every night!

Precious memories are those :D

Being a CPA, a helper in prefect workshop and everything.

All these are bits and pieces of my life. How can i not love it. its just totally wonderful. I've learnt to treasure and appreciate. Just like what Mr Helmi said, live every minute of your life. It might jus be that special moment. I think my biggest regret this life would be not treasuring him.

He was there for me. He respected me. He cared for me. But I wasnt sure if he loved me. Aiya sensitive question.

Things changed. Personalities as well. But i didnt expect all these at that time. I passed each day like each day passes. I didnt think about the future. I didnt treasure him. I thot he will be there for me forever. He was my prince.

i missed him terribly. I cried. I teared. I weeped. But it's over. No one said anything but i knew it. this is the biggest regret of my life. but i am already thankful that i got to meet him at least. I still miss him but i am happy as long as he is happy.

and... i just saw him yesterday.

what's over is over. But the memories remain. He is always my friend. We will never be together. so thats it. Just not meant to be. I hope that he is safe and sound always.

WTH. How did this post get so emotional and all.

Sigh. But as i have said, i will learn to cherish. I have accepted this reality and persuaded myself to move on with life and accept others. I will really treasure if there is someone whom erm... forget it, i dont know how to phrase it. But i will treasure.

I just bought a new wallet yesterday from the wallet shop. My mom dont really like the wallet but i like it.

hmm i think i have to go. Gonna write postcards for those going overseas tmr. Jingles' flight at 9am. means i have to take bus at erm 8 am? Jh havent call me yet. And jingles has not told me her row number. There's csc committee meeting tomorrow too. and the shopping for orientation stuff.

Life goes on as usual. Life is still sweet. Life's filled with memories, both sweet and bitter. The password to life is to treasure.

Still missing him.

yunyin went overseas

I just returned from the airport. Ok actually I have already been home for around half an hour after returning. Never mind. I just read some blogs including Jingles' blog. She was really reflective. Going on and on about how much she loves her life and the reasons as well as her regrets. I met up with her at the airport just now and she happily announced to me that she will be taking either karate or salsa after coming back from Rayong, Thaiand.

Oh my. KARATE?! Are you kidding? My darling twin taking up Karate? Ok ok I shall not be mean here since I have already teased her enough at the airport. Was saying something about her being violent and kicking us all (jh, yy, yl and me) to the farthest places in Singapore... like Jurong, Pasir Ris, Woodlands and hm Changi ? Ok I am lame.

So much has happened these few days that I don't know where to start. I shall start from this morning. Hm I was worried that I might overslept since I slept rather late last night. The phone rang and woke me up. It was Jh. She called to ask about Yy's flight. Jingles have not told me anything about it yet so I told her I will phone her abit later. Had a terrible stomachache just like last night. Apparently the so-called mild laxative drink which I took last night was taking effect. Aiya it's just some kind of detox tea.

Hm I washed up then went to have my brunch (lunch + breakfast) then changed into a tee and jeans. Packed my stuff. Spent like 15 minutes struggling to wear my starry bracelet ALL BY MYSELF after a slight dispute with my mom and brother. But eventually I surrendered and asked my brother for help. Thankfully he don't hold grudges. Hehes.

Supposed to be meeting Jh at the mac at Terminal 2 at 145pm. But I was late as usual. I went to the bus stop in front of my flat only at 115pm. Then I transitted onto bus 24 at Singapore Post. After which I passed by Yy's house at BS and the bus stop which Jh and I walked to from Eugene's house for LA that time.

This is the first time I took bus to Changi Airport and I was listening to the songs in my zen throughout the whole bus journey. I kept looking out of the window to see where I was been brought to. I realised that I don't know the airport really well eh.

Finally reached Terminal 2 at 2pm i think. Then walked to Mac to find Jh. Saw Shue Ling and her mom there and they were waiting for her classmate. I phoned Jh. Then I saw her walking towards Mac.

Ohmy. Tell you what. I thought I copied what I have typed previously and the whole internet explorer went bonkers. And I couldnt paste what I though I had copied. And the above few chunks of words are what I only managed to recover. FREAK.

I actually typed so much about my one-day tour on Saturday... and what happened on Friday. Must be down on my luck. My zen battery died on me... I love my zen as I have always do but the irony is I am not bothering to charge it now. Cos i am super fed up.

Let me cool down and I will continue with the post. And till then please do not repeat the mistake which the SOTONG made.

Which is not copying PROPERLY what she has typed in the entry.

Thursday, November 10

germany immersion proj

ah ha. i am supposed to be doing the germany immersion project de but i want to blog a while. my dad helped me repair my 4-buck mechanic pencil liaos. yayys daddy rocks. But the pilot dr.grip shaker he said has to be drilled or sth cos the pencil lead stuck in the tip. Oops. I am super pro at destroying mechanical pencils eh ><

i FINALLY switched on my desktop. Not becos i want to but becos i need to. Cos the brochure prog in my laptop can only make 2-fold brochures but we need a 3-fold one for our proj. That prog in my desktop has so i on it lo. How come i noe? Cos i used the desktop to do the brochure for our physics mini assignment mah =)

today was a fun day in school. played bridge. Mr Ng said we can only play bridge so everyone started playing bridge lo. There was no afternoon lessons. And maths lessons today were fun. yays i can finally fully understand maths and now mr helmi has to leave. He is a good teacher really. Sigh. To think i didnt look forward to his lessons earlier this yr. All becos of my sotongish brain which cant accept and understand simple maths concept. ah. i will miss Mr helmi when he leaves lo. Wonder whos my maths teacher next yr.

mrs phua gave us a survey to do. For geog, we went to bsp room to watch 'the city of joy'. 4 classes of geog students came together. Majority were playing games and all. Yl, Jh and I got so bored that we started playing the all-time childhood game 'huo che huo che' and they kept making me lose lo. So mean. Hm.

After school played bridge. Wanted to go to tm initially but remembered that i had to pia germany proj. Played bridge with yy, yl and jm till about 3 plus then took bus home. Some people was super mean when playing bridge and it was not like I wanted to partner him cann. Boohoo meanie.

Wednesday, November 9

germany immersion proj

heyheys. i am sneaking here to blog. Initially doing germany immersion proj. We had art club comm meeting jus now. I didnt dare talk much in case i side-tracked and kanna fined by my fellow comm members. lol hm after that went to yixiu factory to order art club tee.

eh eh eh. we bargained till the price dropped by 3 bucks lehs. i used my mom's bargaining method. LOL superb har? after that went to geylang east library. Chip gave me the inspiration to get books from the library for the germany proj.

Very long nv go the library la. The last time i went was one or two days before Biology exam. Went there to study cos i cant concentrate at home. Ah. that was like weeks or rather a month ago la. I rmb in p6, that library was my usual hangout with my buddies. Haiya dont talk abt those past events le.

Alright i went to the second level then used the computer to search books. After finding the location of books for germany, i tried finding the location of two Cecilia Ahern's books and i found them. Not on Loan yays.

Went around to find the books on germany. I havent been to the library for ages like i have said and usually when i go, i will go to the children's section. Today different case. Cos i have a responsibility to do my part for my grp and not let the workload rest on juehui and yuhan. Arent i noble? Please gimme applause.

I was sotong and i walked walked walked then walked till the geog section. Started finding there but to no avail. Was super despondent lo. Thot that the librarians nv do their duties. Then i headed to the other side to find Cecilia Ahern's books. On the way, i saw the travel section and ah ha. Those germany books are found there. Too many... ah. Finally chose three. Then headed over to the Fiction books section and got Where rainbows end. Didnt get the other one cos not enuff library card.

I left the library at 445pm. I entered it at 4pm. 45 minutes to find 4 books wahh big achievement. i am so proud of myself. now that i have announced my noble achievement to YOU, guess i am back to doing my project. its due this friday.


Sunday, November 6

sc camp

woohoo I am back from student council camp 2005. Did anyone miss me? Hehe. Tell you wad. SC Camp rawks... totally rawks. Was telling Jingles just now that I miss SC camp and she was somehow surprised and i dunno why. Yupps i went out with my darling twinnn aka jingles aka shumin just now. hm should i talk abt the camp first or the shopping/eating spree first?

I think i will talk abt the eating spree first. No worries that i will forget abt the details abt sc camp. I have already noted down the main points. And eh my short term memory shouldnt have deteriorated so badly.

Alright. I was super tired cos after reaching home from the camp yesterday i took a nice yet short bath then went to Roland Restaurant for Choong Nan kor's wedding dinner. Whee the bride's really pretty :D Ok ok more on that later or perhaps tmr. It's late (ok maybe its considered early as compared to my bedtime at sc camp but it is DIFFERENT. camp is camp la. sotong la you.) and i want to read Xiaxue's blog. She has a photolog of the halloween party she went to and it's so cool. whoa =)

Hmm nice music is currently playing on my zen neeon. Radio station 88.3 I dont really listen to this radio station cos the reception not too good at my house. Or more likely becos i prefer 93.3 cos got music diary mahs. But when i turned on my zen jus now, the xian ge ji yi prog over liaos so i switched to 88.3 lo. And u noe wad, genius bel aka me found a spot on the table beside my table which has the best reception to the radio stations *beams. better still, fm 88.3 is playing music non stop. And talking abt that, i want to get Jay Chou's new album laa. Usually i get it once it is released but now cos i am really broke. I just returned my brother the 10 bucks which i borrowed from him this morning. SIGH.

I set my alarm clock last night to wake me up at 830am this morning and i asked my grandma to wake me up if the alarm clock failed its job. But my grandma who knows me too well doubt that i will wake up even if she does so. GRRR. She was right. I only woke up at 11 this morning cos my brother was sitting beside my bed and pestering me with questions and kept asking me to wake up. Ah. I should hire him as my alarm clock jus that i am short of cash now.

Then in the mid of blurness i walked to the toilet and looked into the mirror. Wohoo no sunburn lehs! Amazing har? I actually applied some Nivea Sun Block Lotion on my arms and legs before going to ecp. Didnt apply on my face cos i dont trust the lotion. Scared that it will do something to my face... Bwahahas. Dont laugh. This type of thing cannot risk you know!

Digress abit arh. Talk abt the part of camp. While applying the lotion, I was telling shueling and shumin about how i always get sunburn on my face esp on my nose. Shumin told me before that my nose is very protuding like ahmoh. No lo. Mine is erh sharp la. but aiya dunno. not as nice la. Anyway i didnt realise it until this year cos i always thot it was jus a nose. lol

Ok back to today. I was glad that i did not suffer from sunburns. Becos when i do, the burns made me look like i cant stop blushing or that i am drunk which is bad. Talking abt the drunk part, i will have more to elaborate when i talk abt choong nan kor's wedding tmr.

Sorrie for digressing. I changed into a pink B.U.M blouse and a grey U2 skirt. Then dumped stuff into my new tout bag from Ice Lemon Tee. My mom bought for me, together with a couple of skirts from jurong point before the sc camp.

Then took a cab to Singapore Post. I went to develop photos for the contest twin and i are joining and some photos which i took in germany. Becos if i develop less than 20 photos, there will be an extra service charge of 3 bucks and each photo costs 50 cents which is like so not worth it. 3 bucks = 6 photos. So i chose exactly photos and paid for it, took the recipt and went down to the food court to look for my mom, grandma and brother.

My brother was eating laksa. yea LAKSA lehs. To him, its delicious and yummy. To me, its just practically a bowl of coconut milk and oil. Bwahahas. Then we went to KFC for our lunch. My brother had his lunch already so he only drank root beer.

I shant tell you about my lunch in case your saliva starts dripping hahas =P but i can assure you that its a meal filled with lotsa calories and such but i hope the lemonade i consumed after eating helped in the burning of calories.

Went to the post office to post my letter to Yuen Yin which i finally replied. Then went to the bus stop. Had a dispute with my mom and i stormed to the MRT station angrily. Dont wanna talk abt the dispute and anyway you wont be interested. hehe. Just some disagreement.

Waited for Jingles near the front of the mrt. Cos she couldnt get to the first cabin or whatever in time. She ran out of the mrt to call me and we ran into the train together. LOL. Started chatting and it was a long journey to jurong east kaes. Chatted abt lotsa stuff.

After reaching jurong, we walked to JEC. then bought soya bean at Jollibean. Yayys. We LOVE JOLLIBEAN. Actually I love Mr. Bean too. Heee.

Then shopped around. JEC is more interesting then I expected. We discovered that theres lots to eat... Pizza Hut, Delifrance, KFC, Mac etc. Theres even a cinema. Then there's an ice-skating rink. I think thats the one yy and yl talked abt the other time. Then theres Kbox beside the skating rink. Theres a nice shop selling cross stitch and stuff. I spotted cross stitch kits of horoscopes but theres no gemini one. Too bad.

Then we bought two cross stitch bookmarks at that shop after which we walked to IMM which is opposite JEC. More chatting on the way. And we jay-walked. Oops. IMM is really big. Walked around. Then reached this section selling lotsa food. Practically a food paradise and i was telling shumin that if we have exchange programme next time, we must definitely bring our buddies to IMM to try out all the local food. I bought a currypuff from Old Chang Kee and Jingles bought a dofu plus fish cake from one of the store. The currypuff was not as nice today. Kinda watery or rather oily. Eeeeyeeer ok i am guilty.

Then we walked around to find the Information Counter then in the end we finally asked one of the assistants in the store. Funny isnt it? Usually people asked the IC for the location of a particular shop but we did the opposite. What to do? The shopping mall's too big laa. Then there is a Thai Culture thing currently going on there at the third storey. We dropped by. Nth much. Thai food and stuff. Jingles going to Thailand next monday la. And her flight is at 630am. Ohno. Hahas.

Then we walked around then nth much. Took the escalator down and as fate has arranged, we ended up at the food paradise again. Jingles bought ice mocha from one of the stores and i bought a honeydew milk tea. Hers was nice. Mine's not. Sotong me apparently didnt know that honeydew milk tea means honeydew syrup being added to milk tea. Becos i always take chocolate milk tea. Ohwells at least now i noe.

Then we drank as we walked and went into Giant HyperMart. I didnt know that we can bring drinks into Giant!!!! I am gonna change my blog url to sotong-bel. Cos i am really one sotong. I didnt know you know. Jingles was laughing at me la. Then we looked at titbits which we considered getting for our class chalet. We are volunteering to shop for food... provided theres sufficient class fund.

Went out of Giant. Then walked past the bus interchange to take the mrt to TM. Wanted to go to the wallet shop to get a new wallet. Reached tm. The wallet i want was not found there. Bummer... Shopped around. Went into Precious Thots and looked at the figurines. Might be getting them for Ms Loh's wedding :D

Went to popular. We saw this video on yoga playing. Tell you sth, i cant learn yoga. Cos its too much for my very limited patience. Hee. We became studious and looked at books. There are many nice storybooks there. But i dont have money to buy all. Talking about money, before i left the house for Singapore Post in the morning, my mom nagged at me about my very expensive hp bill. It actually shot way high up. I have no idea why. I thot I had 700 free sms or sth. But somehow the bill showed only 500 sms were free. And thats the October bill when exams were over and everyone's smsing. Its pretty obvious that i will die tragically if i request for a new hp now so i am not saying another word abt a new hp. Otherwise I have to say a last goodbye to you.

Hm then took mrt home. Jingles walked home. I made another sotong mistake. I forgot she was walking home. So when i reached the mrt station, i msged her and asked if she had reached the bus stop =,- Aiya ppl forget suddenly ma. Alighted at my station and walked home. Btw we went to Mini Bits at tm too. Bought sth and a bracelet for myself. The 'sth' is for someone =X My lips are sealed. And I am a 'black' member of Mini Toons LOL Figure wad issit la. Though its some kind of nonsensical stuff.

Its super late now la. 11.43 pm. I am gonna sleep soon. More on SC Camp and Nan kor's wedding tmr. Byeee. Niceee twin is getting me souvenirs from thailand. I LOVE MY TWIN.

wait wait. I went blog-hunting jus now. Read a few blogs including shumin's and colin's. Shumin nv really elaborate on our shopping/eating spree so pls refer to the above. LOL afflicted blog entry. Colin dont sound like him in his blog. Ok maybe cos i dunno him very well la. But one thing for sure, his blog has niceee music like energy's yan lei de wei dao. Its by energy right? Yayy Mandopop rawks. I must start saving for jay's latest album

kaes really gtg. cya ppl.