Sunday, December 31

Last Post for 2006

22 more minutes to the arrival of year 2007! Excited I am... for a new year brings new hopes, new resolutions, new challenges, new opportunities and of cos a new chapter of my life unfolds.

Year 2006 has been a really hectic and memorable year, filled with tears and laughters, difficulties and success. I have come a long way... to where I am today. I have grown alot in this one year, in terms of my maturity level and sensibility I guess. HAHA.

And now more in-depth, as in what special events took place in these twelve months of my life in 2006:

- Sec 1 Orientation with Anzio (1A). It was fun taking care of them and showing them around the school... I felt a little senior though, in other words 'old'.

- DHS X'plore with 3E and 2I. Whoa running around Singapore and going to places I've never been to before. It was extremely FUN and yea I got to know a whole new bunch of energetic peers.

- Chinese New Year (: I can't exactly remember much about it except for the collection of angbaos ($.$)

- My haojiemei, Jue Hui, turned sixteen! Legal to pool and watch NC-16 movies ^^

- I was in charge of the CNY games for all the levels and the planning was tedious... But everything was carried out successfully, just that the response was not exactly ideal.

- Art Club Amazing Race was fun for my fellow committee members and myself I guess. LOL but it was a great attempt at bonding art club members.

February was a busy month, with no public holidays at all. So it's mainly curriculum time and CCAs so yea not much interesting events to expect from a schoolgirl alright.

- Went to the Official Book Handover Ceremony held at Temasek Poly with Jue Hui. It was an eye opening experience and the library's really big! Yea this event was also featured on the news... ^^

- Arrival of March holidays. Nothing much, the last few days of the holidays must have been spent chionging homework.

- DHS Sports Meet at Jurong Sports Complex. I was a SC on duty for cheerleading. Yea it was fun screaming an shaking the shakers. Typical sports day which ended with me having a sore throat.

- Dad's birthday dinner! Which was filling but not exactly enjoyable due to some AP waitress at some restaurant.

- My twin turned sixteen on 2 May! Woohoo.

- My other haojiemei, Yun Yin turned sixteen on 4 May!

- There's a career guidance workshop and we were told to do the DISC quiz... I was a high-C. I remembered being quite disappointed at that point of time... but gradually I realised that it's not that bad being a high-C person. And after assurance from Ms Chia, I believed that my personality changes according to the environment I am in.

- Attended this National Young Leaders' Day 2006 Talk at Singapore Expo. Listened to inspirational talks by WTO founder and local singer Kaira etc. I look forward to such talks in the future.

- Watched Da Vinci Code Movie on 26 May. One day before I turned 16, luckily they checked the year of my birthday instead of the date. The movie was good but quite disappointing I guess. I prefer the book.

- I turned sixteen on 27 May! And it was the day which I came in touch with Pillar of Hope and that set the connection between me and POH for the next four months or so. And I have not regretted ever since though it was hard work.

- BSP Camp at Singapore Sports School... was the facil for group Shaolin! Made many new friends and I did enjoy myself to some extent lah, if I dont include those moments which I felt left out and abandoned =p

- I was busy with POH stuff and school work and tuition for the rest of the holidays. Typical life of a schoolgirl, how many times must I repeat.

- Did this geography project to test for the rate of infiltration of water in different types of grass. This project was simply torturous alright. Lady Luck just seemed to be so far away from my group at that point of time... We were the last group to plant the can and complete the report but well we got the best grade. whee. kudos to us! And thanks to Ms Pear who is ever so understanding (:

- Mathematics Seminar 2006 held at Nanyang Girls. It was quite interesting but I didnt have enough sleep the night before so I wasnt exactly attentive... which is a bummer cos it's not an everyday thing that you get to listen to professors from local universities speak. So yea I really appreciate the opportunity and feel ashamed of my attention level on that day.

- Start of Singapore Fireworks' Festival. Caught the first glimpse of the fireworks on the day when we watched 'The Lake House' at Suntec. Got lost on our way to Marina Sq. but still managed to get there safely in time. But it was disappointing cos we stationed ourselves at the wrong part of Marina Sq. Should have gone to the area beside Esplanade. Anyway I am still in loved with the tagline of 'The Lake House' : How do you hold on to someone whom you've never met? The movie was good but kinda confusing.

- Continuation of Singapore Fireworks Festival. Despite the exams getting nearer and nearer, I still throw my textbooks aside on some of the days and go down to Esplanade to watch the fireworks. Be it alone or with my friends. Yea I was just so crazy over fireworks then.

- Attended this Service Learning Convention held at Toa Payoh Hub. Very inspirational too and my peers and I got a whole lot of new service learning ideas. Cool uh.

- The last week of August was EXAMINATION TIME. woohoo. Tough, tired, worried, scared. Each morning was spent mugging with the company of a cup of aromatic coffee.

- There's Parent-Child Day which my mom and I attended, browsing through my portfolio. After which was the Nanjing Immersion Briefing.

- Nanjing Immersion... Memorable moments spent with my buddy, Lucy. Her mom who is currently my godmom, had been a wonderful guardian. Her dog was quite intimidating at first, giving me a good scare down the stairs right on the first day. But Dou Dou proved to be a intelligent, adorable, fat doggie. My buddy's dad was wonderful too, he was the chaffeur for me and Lucy. I remembered the last night at Nanjing, I didnt sleep till about 4am. Cos I was busy writing postcards and preparing presents for Lucy and her parents. And on the last day, both of us nearly caused a flood of tears in Nanjing. Couldnt bear to leave each other. Really look forward to seeing her again when she comes over next year. I must give her an enjoyable time in Singapore just like how she did when I went to Nanjing.

- Watched 'Forbidden City' musical at Esplanade. Fantastic!

- Bought my new handphone on Sep 27. E900 is such a beauty alright.

- Watched 'The Banquet' which was the first movie I fell asleep while watching in a cinema

- First time k-boxing with YQ, Clar and WJ at Orchard Cine. Super fun lah but didnt really dare to sing at first. But warmed up le jiu no problem liaos! ^^

- Went to YQ's house to pool and sing karaoke too. Clar taught me and shumin mahjong and I've been enjoying mahjong ever since.

- Watched Deathnote 1. It was so enthralling alright! Jus that I was quite disappointed that I have to wait for about 2 months before the part 2 comes out. But now that I've watched the part 2, I realised that it's worth the wait cos the entire movie just rocks my socks! (:

- Movie Marathon at Yuhan's house. Watched 'Daisy' and I cried. Touching... Watched 'Helen the baby fox' too but I wasnt really concentrating on the film so despite that touchingness, I didnt tear this time.

- POH Presentation in front of 11 judges. Yea we got shortlisted and had to do a presentation about our project. I was all nervous and excited on that day. And from that day onwards, Eunice Olsen has become a figure of inspiration in my life.

- Took up yoga at Oasis Holistic and has been a yogi ever since, regular in my attendance for yoga lessons, be it rain or shine. The only thing is that I dont practise at home.

- GMPS Community Day. Went back to my alma mater to support them in their fund-raising activities. I donated generously and caught up with a few of my juniors.

- Mr and Ms Teen Environment 2006 held at Singapore Expo. I was in the backstage crew or something. We slacked around then did some packing and arrangements of the trophies. It was a two-day activity inclusive of dry run. And for the competition, both the male and female contestants from Dunman High won. Qiang2 right? :D

- 4J Class Chalet at Pasir Ris Costa Sands. It was pretty much slacking around and not much bonding done. The first night was spent at Changi Airport... haha fun night out gossiping lah then we slept like pigs when we got back to the chalet in early morning on the second day. The bbq on the first night was not bad too. Went cycling. Rode a double-bike with Yun Yin and I was struggling with the controlling and balancing of the bike at first but eventually got the hang of it. Phew luckily otherwise both our lives would be at risk and it would've been my fault ><

- Yi Ling turned sixteen and we celebrated her birthday one day before at Citylink Mall. Bought a cake for her. Then there was this mass sharing and gossiping session at Starbucks Suntec. What can you expect when a group of six girls come together? ^^

- Fish Leong's Concert at Singapore Expo. Went with Shu Min, Wenxiang, Boonkian and their friends. Cool... WX even brought light sticks. After the concert ,we managed to get Fish's autographs. whee

- Before the concert was YFC2006 prize giving ceremony at the Supreme Court's auditorium. Security was tight but the place was nicee. Set up our booth and collected our prize cash and certificates and trophy for the best volunteer managament award. We jus rock!

- SPH Wildlife Ambassador Programme held at Singapore Zoo. Taking the train to AMK every morning and switching to a bus before reaching the zoo half an hour later was not exactly enjoyable but the prog was fun and we made lotsa friends and got alot of knowledge of the zoo. I look forward to the 6 commitment sessions next year...

- YVIP06 camp. A inspiring and interesting camp. Gained lotsa skills and knowledge relevant to volunteering. Made lotsa friends and learnt lotsa camp songs too ^^

- YVIP06 Attachment to Sunlove Home. It was a great experience interacting with the intellectually disabled and dementia elderly there. And I was able to practise my Hokkien speaking skills... The two weeks have been great and I am starting to miss the attachment. I will definitely go back to the home to help out when I am free... despite the fact that it is in Buangkok. The distance will not hinder my passion for volunteering! :)

- 6 Charity Class Gathering at Swensens at PS. It wasnt exactly organized and the response wasnt good but the gathering was still considered to be successful and yea kudos to us organizers and thanks to all who turned up for the gathering!

- Girls Day Out with sistas on 28 Dec. This marked a very special day for the six of us from this year onwards. It was a day of pure enjoyment and genuine bliss and happiness. Kboxing just rocks with you sistas. The gift-exchanging rocks even more. It doesnt matter how big or small the gift is, how cheap or expensive it is, how many or few there is, as long as the gifts are from you sistas, they are fit to be treasured for a lifetime. Cheers!

- Teachers' Telematch at DHS Campus. Haha fun day out with the teachers. Mrs Tay from my gorup 8 is really nice! She kept giving me scary stares to make sure I wasnt giving them the wrong hints. haha my group of teachers was really enthu and they were so engrossed in finding the puzzle pieces and places of the clues that i couldnt find time to get them to do forfeits. uh uh haha. yea Mrs Tay treated me to drinks after the telematch too. thank you ^^

- YVIP06 Afterglow held at SMU yesterday. It mainly consisted of presentations, skits, thanksgiving speeches and talk about schedule 2007. Also the signing up for team v.

- Watched Deathnote 2 with Li Wen yesterday after Afterglow at PS. After getting the tickets, both of us were only left with seven dollars and we used that to get a popcorn combo. Then we devoured the popcorn and ice lemon tea cos we were like super hungry and as i mentioned previously we got the best seats at the very last minute. yea the movie totally rocks. You should go catch it. 'L' is like the cutest character, the smartest genius too. The whole film is simply ingenious lah. The two Gods of Death are pretty entertaining too. Esp Ryuk who loves apples as much as I do ^^

Alright thi post sums up all the special events and activities in 2006. I shall go catch my beauty sleep and wake up to a brand new day of a brand new year with recharged energy and optimism!


Saturday, December 30

I am really tired now, practically energy-drained-out already. So dont expect me to blog about the teachers' telematch on friday or my girls-day-out with my sistas on thursday.

Death Note 2 ROCKS. Go watch it alright!

'L' is like so kawaii lah. And Li Wen and I were like so lucky can. We reached Plaza Sing at around 5.55pm after Afterglow (YV06) and reached the cinema only to find a long queue. There were like zillions of people queuing but we joined the queue anyway and in the end you know what? We managed to catch the 6pm show with the best seats! Two seats in the middle and all the way at the back. Someone booked the seats then cancelled the booking. Rocks eh! Deathnote really brings us good luck lah. Or perhaps it's PS' GV. Cos the last time we watched Deathnote 1 with Jess, we also got good seats at the last minute.

Aw tomorrow's the last day of year 2006. Looking back, my 2006 has been really busy... Must do reflection tomorrow then look forward to a new year ahead!

That's all for now! GO WATCH DEATHNOTE 2!

And FYI, if you havent catch Deathnote 1 the last time, you can go watch the Deathnote Marathon, 2 in 1!! woohoo.

Friday, December 29

I have lotsa events to blog about and lotsa pictures to post but it's getting late and I may need a long time to do so. Hence it is more reasonable if i blog and post them the next time i come online.

Anyway yesterday and today are two really busy and fun days. And also pocket-burning too. Lucky I controlled my expenditure today otherwise... I am too tired to blog about anything now. I still have to go to school tomorrow oh no.

Two significant events which took place recently:
1) 6Charity'02 Class Gathering
2) Girls' Day Out with Jayyes!

Two food I ate today:
1) Chicken Parmesan Sandwich at Subway (Lunch)
2) Ban Mian at Cine Food Court (Dinner)

Two dumb things I did today:
1) Misleading the route to Cineleisure
2) Drinking iced cold lemon tea when the weather was like so cold! (Cld have gotten an asthma attack)

Two smart things I did today:
1) Bringing an umbrella along with me
2) Not bringing excess money with me

Two more items to be added to my wishlist:
1) The complete idiot's guide to yoga
2) Chicken soup for volunteers' soul

Two movies which I die die must watch:
1) Charlotte's Web
2) Pan's Labyrinth

Two things I am looking forward to:
1) YVIP06 Afterglow
2) 4J New Year Countdown

that's all for now! I am so tired that I could sleep for 24 hours! Zzzz off to bed Goodnight!

Monday, December 25


Yea it's christmas, a very special festival for Christians all over the world. I may not be a christian but I think it's fun spending this special day with your loved ones, sharing the log cake and exchanging presents. I didnt receive any present today but I gave three presents away and yea it definitely rocks seeing the smiles on the recipients' faces.

Went to YQ's house for a christmas party last night. It was fun, singing karaoke, playing mahjong and pooling though Lady Luck's really not on my side then.

Was at my grandparents' house for the whole of today. Ate alot, really alot. I can already feel my wasitline getting bigger ohno. Shopped at Toa Payoh in the early noon. Bought 2 tees and 2 pairs of jeans from Hang Ten. Whee I hope that I can still fit into the jeans after the feasts I had today.

Oh well the remaining days of the holidays would be really hectic... And well most probably before i knew it, the new year would have arrived. I just worked on my list of new year resolutions just now. It's the same old stuff every year I guess just that I categorised them this time round... It has almost become a tradition to break these new year resolutions but I will try not to, otherwise it defeats the purpose of making the list already.

I am definitely looking forward to the new year... new opportunities, new challenges, new friends and new experiences. And I will be seventeen next year. There is nothing that is gonna stop me from looking forward to year 2007. Yea excited is the word to describe how i feel.

Currently watching the 10pm show on channel u. And I am so tempted to go to Italy, Rome! Ah I must definitely go there at least once in this lifetime and I want to make a wish at the wishing well area.

3 other places I must visit this lifetime:
1) Gold Coast
2) Korea
3) Canberra

woohoo all I can do for now would be to dream, dream and dream.

My Schedule for the next few days:

26 Dec: Movie with my brother and his friends, movie with Timuns (YVIP06)

(Yea it sounds kinda spendthrifty to watch two movies in one day, especially since I am so tensed up over money matters these days but well i guess i just would have to have some cheap lunch or not eat at all, I wont die from skipping one meal lah, i have plenty of fats to burn.)

27 Dec: Telematch Logistics Preparation in school, 6 Charity Class gathering (:

28 Dec: Girls' Day out with my beloved sistas!

29 Dec: Some teachers' telematch in school or sth

30 Dec: YVIP06 Afterglow

31 Dec: No prog currently. Maybe it's a day for me to rest at home, reflect on 2006 and countdown to 2007. Ohya i remember now. There may be some kind of countdown party for 4J. Ah ha sounds fun. I've never really countdown with friends before. Usually countdown while watching the countdown party prog on tv.

1 Jan: No prog currently. Maybe a trip to the zoo's fragile forest/ tropical crops and be a student guide (:

2 Jan: Free in the day and noon but will be staying over at dhs campus for the night.

3 Jan: School reopens officially and I am a year5 dhp student!

alright thats about it for now and I may not be blogging that regularly for the next few days or even weeks. Once again,


Monday, December 18

The sky hasnt being looking friendly for the past half an hour and it has just started raining... when I am about to go out! Always like that de lor. Then now I have to take a bus to the MRT stn. grr.

I reached home at around 4pm from buangkok. Took bus 80 from hougang interchange and the bus ride is only like 25 minutes? super fast. Came home to charge my hp. Cos the batt died jus now. Smsed too much haha and I didnt charge yesterday cos the batt was still full then.

Going to SPHERE CIP later... with yunyin. Bringing the elderly from peaceconnect to Garden City at Suntec and then on an Orchard Road Tour. Cool. Worked with dementia patients today. New experience... Got to know Pat, a social worker at the home and also Auntie Lee. Great day.

Erika is right. When you show love to those around you, you get love back in return. Yep. My day rocks (:

The rain's getting heavier. I better get ready to go out. Cya ^^

Friday, December 15

Sick & Tired

Forever giving in to others, even when I am unhappy.
Even to people who don't even bother about my existence
Why must things be like this
I give whatever I have to give
Yet I tear till no more energy

These days I have been giving and giving
Giving till I am so tired
Yet I still want to give
Cos I thought that as long I continue giving
I will receive some kindness back
Though that's not the main intention of me giving

I give cos I like seeing others happy
Till these days
When all I ever receive back
Are just sack after sack of disappointment and hurt

The disappointment and hurt get so overwhelming
I lost myself to them
I broke down time after time
Crying seems to be the only way to express myself
I feel sad I cry
I feel angry I cry
I feel frustrated I cry
I feel helpless I cry

Crying is the only avenue where I can feel myself being a human
I have to admit I am weak when it comes to things like this
Yes I am weak yet i hate to appear weak
But the more I try to appear strong, the more hurt I get
And the more hurt I get, the more I want to appear stronger

It seems like I have only myself to fend for myself
In this cold, cruel world
Love and care seem so distant
Yet I yearn for them desperately

But I know I have to be strong and stand up tall
I may be weak for now
But I dont have to be weak forever

And there's one thing for sure
In this cold, cruel world
there are still friends and family who care...
My angels... always there for me
And I will be there for them too
Let's all work together to make this world a better place to live in
A place to be filled with warmth and love
With people with bigger-than-life hearts
And wider-than-universe smiles

Random inspirations. And honestly the past four days have been really tough. And today, thought that I would be able to get a good rest at home, yet I am being angered by my brother. He is so self centred. All Iwant is to borrow the modem beside his computer to configure my laptop's connection so that I can 'liveupdate' my Norton Antivirus and he shouted at me for interrupting his game. I was on the line with this Singnet person to help me with the internet configuration and there.

At that point of time, I realised it was too much and I lost myself to a sea of tears yet again. It's so terrible. Last night I realised I lost my Minitoons card. I felt the pain of losing something. And when Li Wen consoled and gave me advice, I was touched by the extent of her understanding and I lost myself to the pool of salt water yet again.

The number of times I have cried these days is too many to be counted. But each time after i tear, I realised that I felt better. I didnt keep the things bottled up inside of me, making me even more miserable as each day goes by.

Sometimes when things get too much for myself to handle, I will choose to run, choose to escape. It's not the right thing to do. The best thing would be to face it. Easier said than done. I have tried countless of times and each time I tried all I got was a crude rejection. It hurts, it really hurts.

Sometimes all I wanna do is to run away.

Run away to a place free of tears and troubles.

Run away to this place called paradise

Guarded by staff called angels

Surrounded by clouds of happiness

And showered by rains of love

This place is jus so magical

And so impossible.

Tuesday, December 12

Suddenly feel like going to Fish & Co... I have never eaten there before... But may be going there for lunch/dinner real soon. And the problem is I am feeling really fat now. I had fast food both yesterday and today. Long John Silver yesterday and Mac today. Feeling kinda sick of the fast food already la. Not to forget the financial and psychological burden it's giving me.

Attachment at Sunlove Day 2. We gave them colouring pages to colour then did occupational therapy with them after lunch. And it rained heavily again when we were leaving the home.

Yawn I am tired and bored... talked to Li Wen on the phone for half an hour jus now. So much to talk about. And I made the photo that twin and i took together during Fish Leong's mini concert the wallpaper of my hp. Suddenly miss my close friends very much...

It has been a long day. It's really energy-draining, both physically and psychologically. I am really curious about the work that an occupational therapist does hmmm. I think it's definitely not an easy job... challenging perhaps? But sounds interesting.

Have been reaching home at around 6 plus this two days. Really hope that I can reach home earlier then maybe go jogging? hmmm depends on my mood and energy level also. Such things always unpredictable. But one thing predictable would be that the number on the weighing machine will keep increasing... :(

thats about it for today. shall go read up on horoscopes and other stuff online. cya.

Sunday, December 10

Your horoscope for Sunday, December 10, 2006

Find your favorite person, whether it's your guy or your best friend, and do something special together today. Maybe this person has been nagging at you, hoping that you'd settle down and pay attention just to them for one day. Mercury and Jupiter will give you the chance to explain yourself, including how you need to balance your connection with your desire for a little freedom.

Another great day out... Went for yoga class in the morning with Hui Shan. Whoa I missed one session of yoga last sunday and today it's like so difficult for me to do some of the poses. Especially the triangle pose cos I have really really tensed shoulders, I never really relax them. bleah. Lots of stretching and also did this transform meditation which is really good. Started the lesson with mooncrayer meditation which is said to cleanse the body of toxins. whoa.

Anyway I wasnt feeling too well this morning, woke up with this flu perhaps due to staying up late last night. But I kinda dragged myself to the yoga class. And I didnt regret making this choice. Cos I felt great the whole day through after the class. Whee Erika encouraged me to go for yoga classes twice a week. I did that when I first started learning but stopped after awhile due to a tight schedule. I shall try to go this tuesday.

Went to meet Shu Min at Somerset to go shopping at the flea market at Scape. I reached early but she was late anyway. Went to have lunch at this stall at the basement of Cineleisure which sells Taiwan Street Food. Had the Sausage cheese egg crepe. It rocks. Super tasty and yummy. Just thinking about it makes me salivate. LOL.

I had breakfast bars in my bag but after some serious consideration, I decided not to eat them as I walked down Orchard, I would've looked kinda pathetic isnt it. Yea fortunately I didnt. Wanted to get a sandwich from 7-eleven too but that would mean I have to walk as I eat as well. Nah so I went to Cine for lunch.

Shu Min came finally and we shopped around before going to Scape flea market. It was pretty much walking around then it started raining so we took shelter back in Cine. Some things to highlight would be we tried for two lucky draws and did this recording thingy for podcast. LOL yea WE LOVE PODCAST AND PODCAST LOVES US. It was kinda malu but we did it, cos of the ipod shuffle. And cos both of us were there for each other i guess. I believe I wouldnt have done it if Shu Min was not there with me. And we got ourselves each a goodie bag. Yea it rocks. There were some free games aimed at raising awareness that casual sex causes aids or something. Tried them and both of us got badges. Then there was this attire (shirt and skirt) designed using condoms. I was quite amazed by it and we were told to guess the number of condoms used. Yep.

We went to Sembawang at Cine and both of us was looking for some christmas song of which we dunno the song name. Then we realised that both of us were actually looking for the same song! LOL 'Last Christmas'. Yep like it very much.

It was definitely a great day out with twin. Talked alot, shopped alot. Just that my wallet dont have enough cash. There's agency attachment tomorrow. Excited but scared too. I dont know what to expect. I dont dare to have any expectations too, both of myself and others. I shall just take things as they come. Goddess of Mercy will look over me I believe. Since I went to pray at the Guanyin Temple just now. hehe.

My dad ordered pizza for dinner just now and yea we had a feast. The day's been really great except for this swollen left foot of mine. I dont know what happened to it. But it's itching like crazy. I got bitten by what I thought was a mosquito when I was in the toilet yesterday. But apparently it must be something more poisonous than a mosquito cos my whole foot is like swollen ?! Grr. Yea big foot. Ugly leh. omg omg omg.

Shall go do some research on the home I am going to tomorrow... and here, shall end with another quote found in 'A Life Less Ordinary'.

'To be nobody-but-yourself - in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everyone else - mean to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.'
- E. E. Cummings
Crap I washed my hair at 1030pm. It's 12.58am and my hair is still damp. Grr! It's too thick le lah. I am going to cut it SOON. It's so messy, makes me look old bleh. To think I still want to leave it to grow longer. Nah shall not do so. I dont even dare to go out with my hair let down these days but at camp no choice. That's why I tie it up the moment it is dry.

How how how. How am I going to sleep with this damp hair. I am lazy to use the hairdryer. It's bad to sleep with damp hair. The moisture can give you headache the next day. It's 1.01 am and I am still not asleep. And I have to wake up at 9am tomorrow.

Whee a date with shumin tomorrow, after my yoga lesson. Going to support Leong Hwee at the flea market then rush home in time to catch the Star Awards. Excited. I hope Elvin Ng gets the newcomer award (: my shuai ge ^^

I was happily chatting with at least 4 of my friends just now... and now they either went away or offline. All gone at once... What a coincidence.

Anyway check this out :

Gemini(May 21 - June 20)
Gemini is an intellectual air sign and curious about everything. You can't go wrong with books. Keep in mind that they'll prefer nonfiction over novels and fantasy. Movies that get your Gemini thinking also will be big hits. If your Gemini is a writer, as many are, a journal or fancy writing pen would be a great stocking stuffer. Gemini rules the shoulders, arms, and hands, so of course gloves and mittens are good choices, too.


Yea true true true. You can't go wrong giving me books (: Nonfiction ones like autobiography or inspirational ones or astrology ones... hehehe. I dont mind novels and fantasy ones, especially romance. Movies yea I gladly welcome that. Journals... ok lah. As for gloves and mittens, erh no need lah. Singapore's not that cold you know. hee.

Alright I shall get off this laptop, now that no one is online to chat with me and there's nothing else I can do online... Shall go and deal with my hair and dry it asap so that I can get my beauty sleep soon.

Saturday, December 9


Alright I have a great day out... This afternoon I suddenly went to dig out this inspirational book titled 'A Life Less Ordinary' from my book shelf. I bought it either this year or last year... Read a few pages of it but never did finish reading it. Yea it's yet another of my bad habits. I like to go to bookshops. I like to browse through the books in the bookshop. And if I happen to have enough cash in my wallet I will buy the books. Then I will bring it home. Read a few pages and maybe leave it aside for days or even years. Yea. I have quite alot of books at home. I shall try to finish reading them...

Anyway yea I've already read 66 pages of the book. I realised that I may need some inspirations and motivation in my life these days especially since things just seem to go wrong wherever and whenever I am. And I was greatly inspired by the stories I read. Found some inspirational quotes which I like very much. And I hope to finish reading this book by tomorrow perhaps?

And I have thought about it. This christmas, I don't want soft toys. I don't want accessories, I have too many already. I don't want cute yet un-usable stuff. I want books especially inspirational ones... like Chicken Soup for The Volunteering Soul, books by Torey Hayden, any reading materials that will spur me on for the new year. Yea.

Alright my day out... I left my house late today by a few minutes so I reached Pasir Ris MRT late by 5 minutes. Luckily Qian Bing was nice enough to wait for me (: Then the bus came just in time for us to board and we were off to our second hip hop lesson. Last week a few of the girls from the class danced bare-footed. Li Wen was one of them. So I wore this new pair of slippers which I just bought, all prepared to dance bare-footed. Didnt want to wear sports shoes laa, cos I had a movie date after the lesson. So yea upon reaching the dance studio, I realised that everyone was in proper and covered footwear except for me! So I was the only extra person dancing bare-footed la, told you my luck hasn't been good lately tsk. My soles hurt cos there were quite alot of sliding of the feet. I've learnt my lesson, I will wear proper footwear next time. My soles look really ugly now grr and I have yoga tomorrow when I have to be bare-footed.

The teacher finished teaching all the dance steps and even let us practised with a different song which is faster, according to Qian Bing. I didnt realise it >< Yep Li Wen didnt go for the lesson today, she's in genting. Hip hop's really fun but there's no lesson next week. How sad. It's ok, at least I get a free saturday.

OMG one of Goong's soundtracks is playing on fm 933 radio station -- Perhaps Love.

Digressed. One hour passed really fast and we reached Pasir Ris interchange. Bought red tea with pearls. I like the pearls only la. Didnt want any flavouring added to the red tea cos the last time I bought Green Apple Red Tea and the colouring was disgusting and I think they left it there for so long that the colouring actually solidified. Yucks.

There was this carnival by Riverlife Community Services at the field and I went to take a look. There were face-painting and sales of assessment books etc. Then before I knew it, the members started cheering then I realised that the carnival was over and so I exited quickly. Malu-ness.

Went to shop at White Sands. Intended to window-shop but I still spent some money there la. Cos I got beads bracelets for my maternal grandmother and mother. The pearls/ beads are supposed to symbolise for good health and stuff like that. They are not cheap but I am pretty generous with gifts, especially gifts for my loved ones. so yep (:

Took the train to city hall to meet my friend then had dinner before watching Open Season. It's a good movie, thought-provoking and significant in some ways. Like how much friendship matters and how important teamwork is. Yea educational. Encouraged my brother to watch with his p6 classmates. Was invited to join them but I most probably can't make it due to my agency commitment. Not to worry la, there's tons of movies coming out. Really hope to catch them all!

Just checked my email and saw that there's two emails from Bao Jia and Jobina regarding DHS Extreme. Proposals and schedules. Oh no. Shall read through them tomorrow. hehe. And I havent work on the schedule for CSC. OH NO. Procrastination is such a killer. So please, dear readers, never procrastinate, otherwise you will never get anything done.

Alright this's a long post. Thanks for persevering and reading till here. I shall end this post with an inspirational quote for from 'A Life Less Ordinary'. Anyway it's a really good book. It's a compilation of many short stories. Shall tell you more about the stories another time. Go borrow it from the library or me after I've finally reading it (:

'Everything in life is transient. Only charity is real and enduring. When you give, you receive. Charity is the best antidote for bad karma.' - Venerable Ho

(And coincidentally, she is the founder of Man Fut Tong Old Folks Home. Yuhan and Nicole will be going there for their agency attachement as it is one of the VWOs in partnership with YVIP06 =D )

You're the Result of Yourself

By Pablo Neruda

Don't blame anyone, never complain of anyone or anything
Because basically you have made of your life what you wanted.
Accept the difficulties of edifying yourself
And the worth of starting to correct your character.
The triumph of the true man arises from the ashes of his mistakes.
Never complain of your loneliness or your luck.
Face it with courage and accept it.
Somehow, they are the result of your acts and
It shows that you'll always win.
Don't feel frustrated of your own failures, neither unload them to someone else.
Accept yourself now or you'll go on justifying yourself like a child.
Remember that any time is good to start
And that no time is so good to give up.
Don't forget that the cause of your present is your past,
As the cause of your future will be your present.
Learn from the brave, from the strong,
From who doesn't accept situations
From who will live in spite of everything.
Think less of your problems and more of your work.
Learn to arise from your pain,
And to be greater than the greatest of your obstacles.
Look at the mirror of yourself and you'll be free and strong
And you'll stop being a puppet of circumstances.
For you yourself are your destiny.
Wake up and stare at the sun in the mornings and breathe the sun of dawn.
You're part of the strength of your life now,
Rise up, fight, walk, be sure and you'll win in life.
Don't ever think of 'fate' For fate is the excuse of failures.


1. Work on CSC Schedule 2007
2. Find out more about Sunlove Home
3. Read library books (due on 15 Dec)
4. Contact ppl about p6 cls gathering
5. Read newspapers
6. Smile more, frown less
7. Activate 'LiveUpdate' for Norton Antivirus
8. Consume less calories
9. Start the day with an open heart and mind
10. Look forward to the events of the day
Grr I tried to activate the 'LiveUpdate' for my Norton Antivirus but it jus wont work. It kept saying that the laptop is not connected to the internet. what is the problem lor. I tried for dunno-how-many times already. I even restarted the laptop but it jus wont work crap. It's ok I will ask for help tomorrow.

Went to Sim Lim just now to download some important programmes into my laptop. Waited for quite a while there. And I have also gotten a wired optical mini mouse. It's super mini, even smaller than my palm.

Other than that I didnt really go out today. Stayed at home for a good rest after all the workouts during camp for the past few days, both physically and emotionally. There's no need to elaborate about the emotions part but it was definitely wonderful to have someone lend a listening ear and give you encouragements when you really need them. Thanks twin, I really appreciate it.

Yea it's already december and my schedule is so packed. There's supposed to be a p6 class gathering today but apparently the organizer didn't finalise the details with us. And I choose to think that this matter has jus happened to slip off the organizer's mind and not otherwise. So yea together with 3 of my ex-pri-sch-classmate we plan another gathering which will be after a christmas... Hopefully it will be a success this time. It would be great seeing everyone back together again. And of cos if given a chance i would love to meet him again. But i think it would be better for both you and me if I dont entertain such thoughts, in case I start to go all emo again and forget that the world is still revolving every time i get emo. Ah thats crap but whatever.

Have been kinda accident prone lately. On the last day of YVIP06, I hurt my right index finger while going out of a toilet cubicle and it resulted in a mini blood clot. It's gone now. Then last night I was trying to squeeze the remaining facial cleanser out of the tube to wash my face, then I just cut both of my thumbs with the size of the tube. dammit. how 'lucky' har. The cut on the right thumb is deeper and larger. ugly cut. aw sad.

I have hip hop class tmr again. Second lesson. Better not be late this time. I may be picking up taichi with my grandma soon lol. I dunno why I am going to pick it up but I just noe that the fee is really cheap so no harm. Yoga lessons are still on-going. May be catching a movie tomorrow. Whee the last movie I watched was happy feet. It's not very long ago but it seems kinda distant to me.

Agency attachment on Monday. I dont know wha I should do. But I am just gonna keep myself really busy this weekend and not worry unnecessarily. A true heroin thrives in times of adversity and just like what shumin had said 'obstacles are there for us to overcome and then look back and say 'yay i did it' '. Yep. I must learn to believe in myself. Cos your true enemy is afterall yourself. I shall overcome all my fears and worries and become a better person. Most importantly I should give myself and everyone else a chance.

Life is full of choices. Make the right choice and you feel happy. Make a bad choice, regret, cry, feel sad but look back and learn from your mistakes.

i will try to believe in myself. and i hope you people out there will give me a chance and learn to believe in me too.

let the spirit of volunteering continue to live on, no matter what happens.

Sunday, December 3

Tickle Quiz II

I should get SOMETHING SWEET for my friends (:

Flashy or functional gifts might be fine for some, but for you and your crew, you'll get the most mileage out of gifts that come from the heart. A framed picture? A handmade card? When it comes to sweeties like you, it's not so much about the cost or the extravagance of the gift, but the thought behind it.Down-to-earth and sentimental, you and your friends see the inherent value in spending time together and creating memories. After all, aren't the holidays about showing your feelings for friends and loved ones? A darling like you sure thinks so!

Tickle Quiz

My body is telling me to EAT BETTER.

Doughnuts, chips, cookies. Sure, they're yummy. We can't disagree with you there. But it sounds like your body is saying that it'd like to see more of the good stuff mixed in there, too. You know, things like fruits and veggies for vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.Social and friendly, you like to take life in and enjoy yourself. Whether you're going to the movies, checking out a new restaurant, grabbing a quick bite on the go, or enjoying a BBQ at a friend's house, you get out and about. Nothing wrong with that. Just try to add some more healthful choices in. And don't forget to stay hydrated. Now that's refreshing!

HaPpY ^^

I just got my weekly allowance, bought a pair of new pretty slippers and the Dec issue of Teens... yay as happy as a king.

The 2 days of SPH Wildlife Conservation Ambassador workshop was fun... Learnt new things, made new friends. Yea that's what camp is about. I've another service learning camp tomorrow. 4D3N at Greenridge Secondary School, organized by the student volunteer corps. I went for the pre-camp briefing yesterday but had to leave early for hip hop class. We were like 15- 20 minutes late but we managed to learn all the moves. lol felt abit awkward and er rigid at first. I havent dance for like YEARS ok ><

Anyway it's at a CC so you cant expect me to turn into some professional dancer. And my main purpose of joining it is simply for leisure and maybe to make my holidays more fulfilling and busy. Abit too busy actually.

I went to the Ikea at Tampines with my dad and brother yesterday. The place is big and very CROWDED. It's like almost the whole of Singapore's population living in the East were there la. And we even had to queue in order to enter, as if it's some kind of concert. No doubt the place is nice and definitely fill you with ideas. Going there makes me feel even more like having a study room.

I may be organizing a Christmas party for my brother and his gang of P6 classmates but all's not confirmed yet. I am not working so where do I get the money. From my parents? they might kill me can. haha talking about that, I need to get a birthday present for my mom whose birthday is like only 3 days away.

And I need to borrow a christmas tree... what's a christmas party without a christmas tree yea? Alright. That's about it for now. Shall go and read my Teens magazine. Cya l8r!!

i am happy (: