Friday, December 24

Cheryl, Me and Cindy. best friends forever. We just rawk! Dont you think we look lyk SHE? lol - thick skinned  Posted by Hello

whoa busy busy busyy

whoa i didnt blog for so long. paisehh. very busy lorhs let me try to recall wad i did for the past few days okay?

20 dec monday
went out with cindy and cheryl. supposed to meet at eleven but i told them change to 1045 and you noe wad? i reached the mrt station at 11. wahahha. ok la sorry la.haha i lost track of time when i was wrapping the presents for them then i couldnt decide to wear skirt or jeans. but i wore skirt la. lol. then speed walked all the way to the mrt station. then exchanged presents and we took mrt to somerset.

then erm reached somerset then we went to cathay to watch movie. i wanted to watch christmas with the kranks lehh.. then the show was at 11 pm. wow wow. haha. then i suggested love so divine. korean movie. then dun wan. so we eventually decided on national treasure. its cheryl and cindy's decision actually la. then buy the tickets lorhs. we watching the digital one. wad is the difference anyway?

after that we walked around lorhs. we stood outside pastamania for lyk dunno how long then cindy was lyk banging the board outside haha. then we decided to go kfc. all of us ate the bandito speciak. cheap cheap. haha 3.95 only.

after eating we went shopping. nth much to shop la. so we went to take neoprints. we took one. then the time was lyk 1.15pm already lorhs. we rushed to the cinema then missed the front part. and we couldnt find our seats so just sat at the row. haha. then we watched lorhs. the first part is lyk the actors wore eskimo suit lyk that... then its kinda snowing. then they returned to the city. then i couldnt recognize them. haha i shant elaborate on the show la. its reallie nice and exciting. yyupp then the show oso got this guy who is lame and funny la. ya always say funny things. the show is basically looking for treasures lyk that lorhs. its called national treasure. wad do you expect yeah?

after that we went to take neos downstairs again. then went over to heeren. then i think we went searching for that neoprints shop. print club again. haha so we took 3 neos altogether. wahahah then erm we bought ice cream at the road side store. very nice lehh. one buck only. we saw a 2 bucks one. budd din buy. luckyyy then bought ice milo too. then we went home le. yupp. fun day. with my best friends. we rawk lorhs. haha ya. must find time to go out again. wheeee

21 dec tuesday
supposed to have 6 ch'02 class gathering de. yuxin cant go. sadd la. i think even if got go oso will flop one. isnt this lyk so sad.? this seem lyk 6ch'02 is dead whoa. i think next time got gathering i oso might hesitate to go lorhs. its lyk so wL. u noe. everyone busy with this with that. not that i very free. but gathering once in a while mah. go oso wont die. yeah 6ch'02 is dead.

i spent the day at home slacking... i think i went somewhere. but i cant remember haha

22 dec wednesday
orchard rd tour. finally. if this day dun come any sooner, i am gonna get killed by my mum's nagging. its totally fatal ok. yeah lyk the fangs of the cobra waahaha then 3 plus went to sch. my dad fetched me there with all my stuff la. then ya. this year orchard rd tour kinda sad la. dunno. briefing is totally flop. nobody listens de. yeah sad sad. i am not elaborating on the details la. except that i am the only i/c on the bus. no teacher. then the elderly bully me. they made me sing solo. and stupid jing hui video taped it. aye i tell u hor jing hui, you betta deleted the clips ok! ya then me and jia min wore santa hats too. haha i think i looked horrible. I just have to say I AM SOOOOO GLAD THAT THIS IS OVER.

23 dec thursday
sec 1 registration at their sec school. got abt 5 or 6 pple from gmps come dhs. then i was the usher at the spiral staircase level 2. directing the parents to the hall. ya then very busy. legs very tired and pain. but senior dun allow us to sit down. demanding har... lol ya ok... after that stayed back for sc orientation committee meeting. ya then this cannot that cannot. very pressurised la. stayed in sch until 4 plus then ate lunch at kampong arang there with hui qi. wow she has a big appetite. way bigger than mine. but she slimmer than me lorhs. i ate wanton mee and soya bean milk. okay after that rushed home and bathed then wrapped christmas present. then dad fetched me and shixuan to audrey's hse. then he went to gym. then its a formal party la. then grace and soo lin and audrey they all wear lyk prom nite lyk that. haha very formal. i think i look kinda weird with my black blouse and beige skirt budd nvm. then party lorhs. eat.. cat walked... talked... laughed. then exchanged christmas presents. its lyk lucky draw lyk that la. i think aaron got my present. which is a winnie the pooh cup. i got wee kiat's present. two lollipops. one is strawberry shaped one. the other is shaped lyk a fried egg then got a plastic fork sticked to it la. very cute. thanks wee kiat!

then my dad came at 10 to fetch me. then aaron ran out and passed me a card. he said not from him one. but i think its from him lorhs. nv write name oso. ap... lol. ya then my dad's gym friends gave him a box of chocolate too. ya then went home slack. then on computer and edit student council skit. you noe wad time i slept at? 130 am. cool har?

24 dec friday
then i woke up at 8 today cos got meeting at 9 then i oso havent photocopy script,. went to my hse nearby there to photocopy. then i was late for the meeting lorhs. ya then saw nigel in sch too. busy talking on his handphone haha.ya lyk that only bahh. then got skit rehearsal at 11. then jerrald was so the funny lorhs.acting gay and speaking with different voices haha. laughed until i kept coughing. after that went to kampong arang there to eat again with hui qi and shu min. i ate the fish sliced noodles or dunno wad and soya bean milk. yupp then came home lorhs. later going to collect my photos at parkway parade. then celebrate christmas bahh.yupp.

Merry Christmas !!! hohoho
May God bless u =)

Sunday, December 19

kinda badd day yeah?

today is sunday. then erm went to market to eat breakfast la. then went searching for shops which makes delivery for mineral water. cos cip la. my mother was kinda unhappy with all the stuff i hafta deal with for cip. of cos i hafta suffer with her nagging. wadever

in the afternoon. went to my ex neighbour's hse for christmas party. supposed to be on 25 dec de. then erm dunno why bring forward. then her hse in bedok. went there. then erm eat. watch tv. slack la. then after that went to parkway. can u believe it i went to that valudollar to buy 44 tupperwares for the elderly... okie then i told them i will collect them after shopping. then my mum passed me the voucher for starbucks and i brought my grandma there to buy coffee... i bought frappucino or wadever for her. then we sat down and drink then we were abt to go off. then i saw normen and his family. yupp said hi but din notice his sister. lol my playmate worr...

then went back then shop. total sianness sia. then ya went home la. was looking for hp and stuff. but all so ex wan. wad the... sigh.

anyway tomorrow i am going out with my two bestest buddies. cindy and cheryl wheeee.. we are the cca lehh. haha going to watch christmas with the kranks and shop lyk crazy. will be exchanging christmas presents too... whoa. cool. haha. yupp. yeah at least i have sth to look forward to la. and my whole stack of homework. sad sia. hafta gambatte. if not i hafta suffer... reallie very busy. sighhh... party and stuff u noe. yupp i wanna go sentosa. cant even find the time. i seriously need some time to just you noe. lie down and close my eyes and relax. whoa. thats not slacking k. thats relaxing lol. okayy i am lame.

Friday, December 17

sc meeting

this morning woke up at 820 am. cos got sc meeting at 9am. then my dad fetched me to sch. reached at 905am. yupp i was late. but lucky mrs ho din scold me. haha cos i think she was late too. i walked up the spiral staircase with her mahh... hehex

well sc... whoa very busy. then after sc meeting i went to bugis to buy light bracelets for orchard rd tour. anyway orchard rd tour this year was very tedious wk. cso only me and jia min doing. then din reallie receive that much help lyk last year. yupp then have to put in the extra effort in case flop then die la. choi! lol

i bought nearly all the light bracelets from the shop lorhs. one packet one buck. ex sia. then i wanted to buy one more for myself one. but no more left. boo hoo. nvm. i still have 3 at home. after that went to kfc to buy bandito special for my brother. then a kind auntie from china told me that my shoelace drop. lol then i was lyk big bag small bag. sigh. i think i look lyk an ah soh. wadever.

was so glad to reach home at last. then ate lunch. stole two bites of the bandito from my brother lol. aye i buy one lorhs. i queued and i paid lorhs. then i came online. yuppp sighhh... sian.

hols hw still got one whole pile. sc work another pile. orchard rd tour another mountain. not to mention tuition la. wad the. am i wasting my life away cos i am not enjoying myself? i hope not. i guess not.

hols hw is to make sure that we dun forget wad we learn and to engage and maintain our interest in studying.

sc work... i am serving dhs. my secondary school. so i shouldnt complain. its my duty and responsibility to serve dhs as a student councillor. okay

orchard rd tour. i enjoyed being a volunteer. and i organized this last year. its a joy to be able to bring joy and laughters to the elderly. so no complains too.

last but not the least. tuition. hmmm i dunno if i get any fun or joy out of it. but at least i am sure i am getting help with my studies next year. gr8

budd... when i am busy with all this stuff...

wad abt my 2d04 christmas party!!!
wad abt my 6 ch02 christmas party??
wad abt the outing with my two bestest buddies cindy and cheryl???!!!

Is everything gonna flop?

I hope not.

If everything is gonna flop...

I am gonna make sure i put in all my efforts and

make sure it doesnt flop.

yupp thats the spirit.

hmmm i hafta go.

busy busy busy lyk a bee.

oh well.. hmmm bee... cute creatures except that they can be irritating stingy at times.

wadever. life still goes on.

Tuesday, December 14


Today is the 14th. wow time flies huh. school will be reopening soon. and my homework urghh lol. shant talk abt it la. hmmm wonder wad sec 3 life will be like...stressed definitely la. i hope i will be stressed until i blast off those kilos on me lol. that would be cool rite? lol okayy gonna have my lunch now. shall blog later... if not tomorrow la. cya !

Sunday, December 12

1 dec- 12 dec

heyyo. just came back from cpa camp on 9 dec. i shall start writing from 1 dec kks? cos i realised that i didnt blogg for a long tym wheee paisehh

1 Dec - Wed
the first day of a brand new month... the last month of year 2004... kinda sad... kinda glad too =)

2 Dec- Thurs
Today is shi xuan's birthday!! happy birthday girl... smile always. miss ya loads x )
And you noe wad, today is oso Play-basketball day. wahaha in a country la i think. wahahaha cool har?

3 Dec- Fri
I cant really remember wad i did lehh haha... wadever. its the third day of the last month of year 2004. lame cann.

4 Dec- Sat
Today's bryan's birthday. happy birthday !! did you receive my e-card ? =) miss ya too.
And you noe wad... haha today is international hug day!! whoa... huggie everyone. =)
Today i went to jurong bird park with my mother and brother.
Spent whole day there. then watch alot of bird performances. there is this particular one which uses eagles and vultures. whoa that one was scary. the vultures and eagles scooped so low that they nearly touched our heads. they are fierce creatures remember? wad if they dug a hole in our heads? lol oh ya. then where we first enter into bird park after buying tickets there are these huge vultures.... they are reallie huge... practically gigantic. believe me. i took pictures of them. i can show you haha. then erm there is this lory loft. where there are lories flying about... then got bridges then you can buy food to feed the lories one. its very northern australia type. that tym tv got show. very nice. budd i very scared those birds flying around. lol i mean they have lots of freedom... but there is this fear inside of me la. okay oh ya and i got lotsa blardy mosquitoes bites. whoa. feasting on my blood. we oso went on the panorail. cool.... air con. we went on it only at the last part of the tour.hehex and i get to feed the pelicans too. my brother and i bought fishes to feed them. the pelicans beaks horr lyk basketball hoops lyk =)

5 dec- sunday
i cant remember wad i did too. but i noe i packed for cpa camp. brought a whole lot of things.. then kept worrying abt wad to wear. hahaha

6 dec- monday- day one of cpa camp
woke up at 6 plus. cant really sleep. too excited for camp le. then oso abit sad cos leaving home. then reached macpherson sec at 725. saw meng shuen too. then we registered then took a bag of stuff and a file then went in search of our group. coincidently meng shuen and i in same group. group 3- charlie... then the police officers talked to us then we did ice breakers. then kianli is our instructor. my grp members:

Annabel- dhs - me la duhh
meng shuen- dhs
bao jia- dhs
shin yi- mss
faisal- mss
jia min- gmss
xiu mei- gmss
tobie- gmss
jerald yam- bartley
ihsan- bartley
aryanti- bartley
joanna- manjusri
yao guang-mjr
jerald kng- mjr (not sure)
yupp sixteen pple altogether. we oso played tug of war, dog and bone, turn over a new leaf and stuff. very fun.

7 dec- tue- day two of cpa camp
errr woke up at 545 then washed up then got physical training.. torture man... pump knees pain. then today got the most talks. so very boring. my eyelids kept drooping lorhs oh man. but still went thru the day successfully le. we oso learnt how to tie ropes... dunno wad crossfish and square latch arh... lol

8 dec- wed - day three of cpa camp
woke up at 6 plus. then assemble. going to pasir ris costa sands for activities. breakfast was kaya bun and milk.i lyk the kaya bun lol. then reached pasir ris. my grp started raft building first. then finally i could contribute something. i didnt go on the raft though. level camp that tym i oso didnt go on. cos i noe my weight will surely sink the whole thing down. lol. then after that we did kayaking. my first tym kayaking. it was fun but tiring. and i have a crazy partner. lol the birthday boy. yao zhong dunno from wad sch. he kept trying to capsize the kayak. wad is his problem. haha budden he quite nice oso la. not bad. and he kept scooping things out from the sea and put them on the kayak. oh man haha. after that went toilet to wash up. then changed to track pants and tee. doing high ropes... or the so called high elements. i didnt succeed. i was thoroughly disappointed with myself. budden i didnt give up actually. my hands just slipped and i went flying thru the air with my safety harness. urghhh after that went back to macpherson sec. then prepared for the concert on the next day. can you believe it? i am actually an ah lian in the skit wahahaha. do i look or act lyk an ah lian in any way? the answer is no.

9 dec- thurs- last day of cpa camp
very sad cos last day. tym flies. then erm got physical training. today even more cham. have to do pumping cos dunno which grp dun wan to state their reasons for being late. urghhh... tiring leh. farid and justin led us during pt. then did jumping jack... have to do it together and uniformly lorhs. then went for breakfast then had captains' ball games. that one was wicked ok. 4 grps versus each other. got 4 type of balls. ping pong ball, tennis ball, plastic ball and basketball. ping pong ball has the most points if scored. and bball the least la. cos its bigg la. then sighhh play until very hiong la. after that instructors versus student leaders. haha after that rehearsal for concert. then fast forward to concert. i was very scared though i dun have anything to say. i am just an ah lian. walking towards our gang leader and pretending to be macho wadever. lol then pretending to buy pirated vcds too. haha yupp just a kelifair la. after concert got dinner. then everyone writing autograph. then got one guy from b2 called wynne told me that he was from gmps. dun rmb him then went home to check sch mag then realised he was from gmps. lol yupp then erm my dad fetched me home lorhs.

reached home. taught my brother that cheer- i say you say we say what... wu arh arh arh wu arh arh arh wu arh arh arh wu whassup whassup wu arh arh arh wu arh arh arh wu arh arh arh (pose) farid taught one. haha he very nice and enthu and funny la. ihsan was very funny too. haha yao guang arh he abit too reserved but a gr8 leader too cos he speaks out at tyms when necessary.

10 dec- fri
can you believe it? i slept until 2pm in the noon. whoa. very tired. during camp not enought sleep so must replenish sleep and energy. then i think i slack slack slack. did abit of maths too la.

11 dec- sat.
woke up then erm did abit of hw. then erm prepare to go for ms lai's church wedding. my dad fetched us there together with allan's mum, allan, eileen, jianming's mum and jianming. if you dunno who are them well they are just my brother's friends... fooling around together and stuff. yupp reached church. looked at the wedding photos. ms lai super chio worrr... she dun look lyk her in the photos. she looked lyk a pop star. reallie natural and gorgeous. yupp she rawks! then a few of my brother's classmates oso turned up. ate buffet after the church ceremony then went to parkway parade. walked around then went arcade. spent 10 dollars plus. played the 3 puck hockey. jian ming and i tag team. and we rawk. we won all the games we played and i think i nearly dislocated my right arm. my aiming was so damn gd cann. i always strike. yuppp after that went to eat mos burger. teriyaki chicken burger just rawks lorhs. i wanted to buy ichigo bliss budden after eating burger very full le so nv. after that went popular. bought one silver pen one black pentel pen.. that pen very nice to write. then erm bought 2 comics. one notebook and a bigg winnie the pooh limited sticker to stick on my bedroom wall. quite ex. and i am using my allowance lehh. sadd man. i wanted to buy a storybook one budden my mother paid le. and the shop oso closing so too bad lorhs. another time bah.

12 dec- sun
woke up at eleven. then watched tv. had breakfast then read comics. after that log on to pc and here i am. later going to shop at cwp then going to grandpa's hse for gathering. got lotsa nice and yummy goodies worr... lyk curry chicken and my favourite fried wanton. cool har? yupp i guess i gtg.yeah see ya. i will blog again.

tHe fuTuRe BeLoNgS t0 tHoSe wHo BeLieVe iN tHe bEaUtY oF tHEiR dReAmS...
______so NeVeR heSiTaTe t0 dReAm...
cOs iTs bEcAuSe of dReAmS______
ThAt mEn beCoMe cOuraGeOus aNd grEaT...

sTArt DrEaMiNg NoW...
I aM nOt sUre iF dAydReAmInG cOuNts t0o...
buT hmmm No haRm tRyiNG rIghT?