Sunday, October 30

wrist weights

sheesh. Apparently the wristweights that i am wishing for on my wishlist will not be granted. I wouldnt want my wrist injuries to worsening. Btw if you are wondering how i injured my wrist again, it happened all on friday during art club. We were hammering the plaster off the cement sculpture. And there were lotsa hammering to do. I think i strained my wrist and did not rest when it was weak. So jus a case of overworking of the wrists la. No problem de. Theres PE tomorrow... yayy basketball (:

shopping at pp

After watching the films at the AVT, my mom and I went to the foyer and waited for my dad to fetch us. Then we saw yuhan and started chatting with her. My dad came and we gave a ride to Yuhan to parkway parade.

My mom and i went to the food court to have our lunch although its like 5 plus already. I had meesiam, siew mai and minute maid- lemonade. I shared the meesiam with my mom cos it was too much for my stomach. hahas and the price went up by twenty cents.

Then we went to MPH. I headed for the Astrology section as usual. Saw a few books on astrology... yayy i am getting them i think. But i am broke now. Never mind. I can always borrow them from the library. I havent been to the library for like a century la. hahas.

Saw a few nice books... do check them out if you enjoy reading love stories. Most of them are love stories.

I'm a believer by Jessica Adams
On thin ice by Cherry Adair
PS I love you by Cecilia Ahern
Where the rainbows end by Cecilia Ahern
Rosie Dunne by Cecilia Ahern

Nice books. These books can be found at the Popular Fiction section at PP's MPH.

Then i went to OP and got a new pair of flipflops, a shirt and a wallet for my brother. Then went to guardian to get a wrist guard for my right wrist. It was hurting so terribly yesterday. It is slightly better today. The wrist band was around 11 bucks. The lady at the pharmacy measured my wrist and it was an amazing 13.5 cm and definitely a small size wrist support. The small size actually ranged from 14.0- 16.5cm. Hahas

bought the wrist support then went home. Tired. I am gonna get started on my homework now. I was feeling ap yesterday. Hm fortunately not anymore today. Chatted with yi ling last night. She was telling me: dont hate cos you will only hurt yourself more.

Yupps i think thats true. I am not hating that particular person. Not liking either. I am just disappointed in him/her. I was once feeling hopeful abt him/her. But he/she dashed my hopes and discoloured my rainbow. If that person happens to be reading my blog, i just wanna say:

Thanks for acting like you care.
Thanks for all the wonderful but short memories that you left.
Hope we are still friends.
Yups but i doubt anyone noe who is that person la. I am not telling anyway. Studies and rainbows shall be my priority next year. Btw i actually resisted KFC and burger king last night muhahas. yay. And i ate brunch today. bye calories.
SC camp is on next friday. Time flies. I havent start packing yet. I am worried abt eating too slow during the camp. I have no idea why my appetite has been deteriorating. Its either I am eating slower or no appetite. Aiya its not on purpose kaes.
Kaes i gtg. bye

my untidy bedroom

I attempted to tidy up my room a little jus now. But to my utter disappointment, it seems to become more untidy than before. Ohgosh. So well now it's super untidy. HELP. I can't stand the sight of it now. Books, notes, magazines, newspapers, stationery, my personal stuff here and there, EVERYWHERE. ah. And the problem is I don't know which books can I put away first cos I am apparently still having schooldays when the other secondary schools students are already enjoying their holidays. Yes. DHP Yr 3 students still have another 2 weeks of schooldays to endure. Ok actually it's nothing bad la. So i really shouldnt start wailing about it for nothing. Aiya my room is jus such a pigsty laa. GRR.

I think I need more book shelves and cupboards and drawers. I shall drop by at Ikea one day. The best thing would be that I get a study room. Yay. There is this white elephant in my bedroom now and that is my desktop. Ah. It's beyond hope le. I cant even be bothered to find out what is the problem with it. I havent switch on it for like months? ever since my parents got me this darling laptop which i am using now hahas.

In fact i didnt even realise its existence until my mom nagged at me a few days before about piling up stuff on the computer keyboard and how that will damage the keyboard yada yada. Aiya who cares la. And its wholly my brother's fault for doing sth to the comp and then its spoilt. bummer. I was so thankful for this laptop. It totally saved me and juehui and the other LA grp members' lives. But it also resulted in me not getting enough sleep cos I did editing with it the whole night through.

This year is not too bad a year generally. I have a whole grp of haojiemeis and made a few godbrothers and godsisters. But there is one bad thing and that is I lost many hours of sleep. Firstly i went on two overseas immersions this yr. One to Paris/ London in March and the other one was to Germany in May/ June. Both the trips were fun but after returning from Paris/ London, I suffered from jet lag and fell sick for a month i think. It was terrible laa. I didnt sleep well on the plane either.

For ther Germany trip, it was much better. Hm I managed to sleep a bit on the plane. And every night there i had a good night sleep. Then I slept on the bus too, on juehui's shoulder. Muhahas. Then i was smart enough to bring vitamins this time and so after returning to singapore i was healthy and filled with energy that i didnt even suffer from jet lag. yays.

There was this Multiple Intelligences week, also known as MI week where we had to work in a grp to organize some stuff for the school and make use of the different intelligences etc. For my grp, we were supposed to plan a Kaleidoscope for DHS. And on the last day before the submission of the proj, all of us stayed up awake till like 5 am to complete the project! Yes its jus so terrible la.

Then theres the LA film. We were in such a crisis and no one was willing to lend a helping hand to us. I am only referring to certain people kaes. We faced dejection and rejection, merely because my grp dont have very chio girls. Aiya actually have de lo. Just that some people are blind. Then there were grp members who werent very cooperative but eventually become cooperative and i am thankful for that. However for the editing part... the day before the submission, i met up with juehui and shumin and jess at juehui's hse. we wanted to finish the editing then hand in on that particular day. But we couldnt make it on time so i brought the film home to edit it. I then edited it all the way to around 6 am the next day. I didnt sleep at all. then i went to sleep at 6 hoping to wake up at 7 and meet shumin and juehui in sch at 8 but... i was too tired. So tired that i only woke up at 9 plus i think. AH.

I am not trying to boast about how noble i am... sacrificing my sleep for the grp or anything. I am jus trying to say how cruel the projects were this year, depriving us of our sleep etc.

Then the doing of the portfolio also made me stay up till 5 am. Ok maybe cos i am a perfectionist, just like juehui la. She and yunyin stayed up the whole night and went to school in the morning.

It's the same for everyone i think and the main issue here would be time management. I think I need to get a course on managing time or sth.

We had parentchild day yesterday. Quite fun bahs. We bowed to our parents in the audi then went to the sec4 wallless and presented our portfolio to our parents. After that we went to the avt to watch the LA film and my grp's film was played by mr ken. I know it is quite lousy and some people couldnt understand what our film is about. Its also long and naggy... around 20 minutes.

But do you know how much courage we had to pluck up in order to overcome the LA crisis? You will never know. cos you are not one of us. You don't know how many scripts i had to do in order to finally decide on one. YOu don't know how much efforts shumin took to draw the storyboard. You don't know the misery and depression we went through. You don't know how much tears and perspiration we had to shed. You don't know how dejected we felt after being rejected. You don't know how much a few words of criticism could hurt and demoralize us. We know that the film is lousy. We all know that. But it was considered not too bad a product which we had to rush out after a few days of filming and another few days of editing with sleepless nights. We just wanted to hear some encouraging comments. We don't need anymore insults. It's too heartbreaking to know that the film which we had tried our best to complete is actually being despised. You think we dont want it to be perfect? WE TRIED OUR BEST. WE PUT IN OUR BEST EFFORT.

You will never know the torture and humiliation we had to endure. Do you know that we only learnt how to use the window movie maker only like a few days before the deadline? Do you know the fear we had as we witnessed the passing of every minute? Do you know how early i had to rush to yunyin's hse to upload the video? Do you know how much taxi fares my mom have to pay? Do you know the distance juehui and i walk after getting the usb cable of my zen? Do you know how much snacks yunyin's maid, juehui's mom and my mom had to prepare for us cos we didnt have time to even think about our daily meals? Do you know how much internal conflicts there were within our grp? Do you know how tough it is to be sandwiched between ppl of different opinions? Do you know how tiring and hard it is to be a peacemaker and making decisions which everyone could agree on? Do you know the sadness we felt when were realised that part of our video was overwritten? Do you know how tough it was to juggle directing, editing, acting and script writing? Do you know how swollen our wrists were after the games of volleyball? Do you know the sunburnt we got on our faces and arms? Do you know that we actually had to fork out a budget for the neoprints, kite and tape? Do you know that we had to go around looking for cameramen? Do you know how much troubles we brought to our kind parents and classmates? Do you understand the period of fear and terror we lived in, afraid to learn that how much time we were left with for completing the film? Do you know how fed up and scared we were when the comp suddenly hanged and when the midis from couldnt be used in window movie maker? Do you know how many voice over we did?

YES our film is lousy. It's below standard, not professional at all, not up to standard, disgusting, totally unacceptable. BUT before you say anything to hurt us, can you please have some humanity in you and try to understand the torture, misery and depression we went through? Everyone makes mistakes. We have learnt from our mistakes. Cant you just keep your very much valuable opinions to yourself? You dont know how much your words can hurt. YOU DONT KNOW. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW. Cos you are not me, you are not shumin, you are not juehui, you are not jessalyn, you are not one of us.

Although you dont know, can you pls try not to be so harsh with your words? It hurts. It really hurts. THe harshness and cruelity of this reality is really too heavy a load on our shoulders. The fact that only hunks and babes rule. Please, spare us your cruel comments. We will appreciate it.

We did our best and we knew it. But just one word of insult can put us right now and lower our self- esteem. Think about it. You are almost as cruel as hitler. Everyone need their self- pride. Everyone wants to hear words of encouragement. Remember the theme song for 'I not stupid?'
It's the learning experience/ process and not the end product that matters. But still despite that, its not sufficient for us to just believe in ourselves, we need others to believe in us. Believe that we can do it. Believe that we had done our best. Believe that we had learnt our lessons. Believe that we will do better the next time.

Sorrie for getting all emotional out of the blue. But i really feel alot of my grp's LA film. Cos i myself put in alot of effort in it, together with the others. One negative comment is just like a stab in my heart. Two or more negative comments is jus like pulling out the knife from my heart, practically ending my life. Please have a little kindness in you and dont hurt us anymore.

Tuesday, October 25

lotsa things i wan to say !

woohoo. i edited my blog template. Ok there's not much of a difference. But I have put up some nice midi from Lavender. It's hua xiang by Xu Shao Yang. Nice ? (: But I think it's kind of slow. Actually I like the other song better. The one Leo wrote for Yi Xun in the show, xing fu de shun jian. I have been singing the song the past two days. It's really really nice. I forgot some parts of the lyrics and was so addicted to the song that I downloaded halfway from last night. The loading took way too long la. Oops I think it's the previous night. Cos I didn't come online last night. Too tired.

Went to see the doctor regarding my acne problems yesterday evening. And gosh I was the last patient. Waited for very long cos I went to the polyclinic. Then the medication for washing and applying cost around fifty bucks. Argh. That's like so much cheaper than what I spent on skincare products. They not only did not work, they worsened my skin condition. Grr. Yes I am having acne problems now. My skin used to be very healthy lorhs. Even my aunt was surprised when she saw the zits. ah. Hey this is adolescence la come on. Don't mountain tortoise cann. So when you see me or talk to me, treat me like a typical human being or teenager. And don't keep staring at me like I am some kind of aliens from Mars. I will very much appreciate it. Thank you.

Ah ha. Talking about aliens from Mars, how's Tian Wei arh? Hahas. I remembered writing a poem about Martians in P6 and that was like how many years ago. I miss primary school. I am glad that I still have a brother in gmps. And he is my link between my primary sch and me. Talking about that, Mrs Soh passed the CIP form and a gift for me to my brother this morning. Yay she is so wonderful (: Miss her and the others teachers like Mdm Nah and Mrs Tok loads.

Hm went for tuition class last night too. Brought my chemistry exam papers along but did not show it to Mr Lee cos the lesson ended quite soon. I was very tired and dying to go home. Anyway there's nothing about my results to feel proud of. It's like so super lousy, LOUSY. I have accepted that reality long long ago.

Hmm btw Had the first community service club meeting yesterday. Ah I conducted the meeting and I must say it's kind of a failure. I wasn't prepared. It wasn't a very formal meeting la. With me laughing and everyone smiling. Hahas. Mrs Koh came to join us and Miss Tan came after the meeting ended and everyone was dismissed.

Ok as for today. Went to the avt to watch this show on crime investigation by Mathematics. Ah that guy's a pro cann. I was already terrifired upon seeing those complicated Maths formulas so the reason why I did so badly for Maths is pretty understandable.

There's this fire-fighting demo at the field and the sun was like so scorching hot. But lucky we didn't stay under the sun long enough to give me sunburns. I am beginning to hate sunburns although I look like I am blushing every second with those sunburns on my face. Lol. But it's not good for the skin. One issue of Shape commented something like 'If you love your skin, don't suntan.'

Digress le. Ok back to fire fighting. There were students form each class to try extinguishing a fire. One of the firemen kept relighting the fire after it was being extinguished. Hahas. Darren and Peixin were the volunteers from our class. Yups. Mdm Nora elected them as the fire-fighters volunteers. Whoa bravo! That Jin Tao guy was the centre of attention during the firefighting demo.

After that, we went to the auditorium for a talk on firefighting. Then we watched a video on firefighting. Sharon Au was the host or sth. After the video and the presenting of souvenirs by Mr Fong to the fireman, DHP students proceeded to the hall for a talk on the move to RJC premise while the SAP students stayed in the auditorium to watch the movie we watched yesterday, 'Nobody knows'. Talking about that, I didn't manage to catch the ending cos hafta leave for briefing. Even SC contact time was cancelled because of that. While walking to the hall, Eileen was telling me that I look like Sharon Au. OMG?! Lol. That's a nice compliment but I don't think I resemble Sharon Au in any ways. Lol

The talk in the hall was about designs of logo for DHS 50th aniversary and our new JC uniform. As well as the transportation issue to our new premise at Bueno Vista. I didn't know Bueno Vista is so far from Tanjong Rhu, all the way from the east to the west. Ah. I hope that my dad will be nice and continues to fetch me to school every morning. Heehee. Well if my brother does well in his PSLE next year and gets into DHS, my dad can fetch both of us together. Whee. If not, touch wood la, but just for example, then my dad have to fetch me to the west then my brother how? Ah. It's too early to say anything so ohwells.

Hm I hope to catch 'Flight Plan' this week... And I want more cross-stitch kits. I am greedy yeah. I haven't complete the one I bought a few weeks ago. It's supposed to be a tissue bag but I think it's too small to be a tissue bag. I need a new weighing machine too. Mine's spoilt. LOL.

Ok kidding. I just read in Shape that if you are dieting and have decided to opt for a healthier and more fabulous lifestyle, it will makes you feel better if you blame the 'faulty' weighing machine in the first few months of dieting. Muhahas.

I am trying my best to eat healthily. I had a sandwich for lunch just now plus a yogurt drink. Yummy. Keeping a food diary is not really helping except that it made me realised I am really a glutton. Lol

I am also in love with MayDay's Zhi zu. From their latest album and also the theme song of the 9pm show on Channel 8, A Promise for Tomorrow. It's a meaningful show.

Here's a list of songs which I really really like now:
1) Xing fu de shun jian (Xu Shao Yang)
2) Zhi zu (Mayday)
3) Because I love you (Shakins Stevens)
4) I knew I loved you (Savage Garden)
5) Waiting (Boa)
6) Yan Lei de Wei Dao (Energy)
7) Take My Breath Away (Berlin issit?)
8) Yes I Love You (SHE)
9) Wu Ke Qu Dai (SHE)
10) Chi Xin Jue Dui (Li Sheng Jie)

Xing fu de shun jian is the ending song for Lavender and also, as I mentioned earlier, the song which Leo wrote for Yi Xun in the show. Really nice song. Hm the lyrics goes something like this. Pardon me my translation skills once again. I will just translate the chorus first cos I can't remember the other lyrics but they are really meaningful and touching (:

Moment of Happiness

Unlocking the lock of time for you, setting love free
Don't let it control you
Cried and struggled before, let the pain pass
Till that day when a fallen leaf lands silently in front of my eyes
No longer hurt
Finally believe in eternity
Moment of happiness.

Unlocking the lock of time for you, setting love free
Not regretting every single second cos I am here for you
As our past and future slowly replays themselves
Please forgive the tears of sweetness
I am thankful that you are here this lifetime
In the moment of happiness
For me to rely on.

Ah what lousy translation laa >< Sorrie about that. But the lyrics are really hard to translate cos I am translating directly. Grr hafta brush up my translating skills LOL.. Kaes I am off to watch the television. Byee.

Will be back later to do csc contact list and to tidy my portfolio. Till then. cya (:

Saturday, October 22

oh so b-o-r-i-n-g

ah i was just telling twin at msn that staying at home is oh so b-o-r-i-n-g... yes BORING... i am practically rotting away.

woke up at 11am this morning. then watched lavender vcds all the way till 2 plus. Whoa nicee... Sad that Yi Xun died but she left wonderful memories for Leo. Maggie is really detestable. Doing all the extremes just to make Leo return to her side. ah bitchy eh. Xiao Tong is really giving. He can do anything for the person he loved and he is the opposite of Maggie. Lavender symbolises awaiting love/romance. Hmmm. And there was this very meaningful quote from the show:
Zhi yao you li hu xi, jiu hui kan jian qi ji

And the song which Leo wrote for Yi Xun is really touching- Xing fu de shun jian
After watching I did cross-stitching. On my aida cloth right now are a few purple-pink flowers and leaves and 5 and a almost completed hearts. After completing all the hearts, I will cross stitch pooh... Whee. But till then, i shall just stare at my blog template. Hehe.

After cross stitching, at around 5pm, I went to switch on the television. There's a debut of a teenage drama series on Channel U. Sweet Lemon Romance. Starring Li Wei from WeWe. The beginning of the show was quite boring but there were very nice quotes. I shall try to translate it from what I can remember. Hm.

The taste of lemon is similar to that of love. Those who have not truly been in love will say that lemons taste sour. But for those who have truly been in love, they will be able to taste the sweetness out from the sourness. Hence when you are able to taste the sweetness of a lemon, perhaps you will find love soon.

Among the sour taste of lemons there exists a tinge of bitterness. And these sourness and bitterness will transform into sweetness when one is truly in love.

Then the show was quite interesting and there were a few actors and different stories revolve around them. Hm nice nice *thumb-up (:

Tomorrow at 4pm or 430 pm there's DN Angel anime. Then at 5pm there is another teenage drama series. Not sure if it is a debut but I know that Jerry Yen is in the show =) Dao ming si!

I want to buy 'Crying out love in the centre of the world' VCD. 'The Classics' which we watched at Yun Yin's house a few days ago was really romantic and touching but because there were four of us watching together so no one cried. I am pretty sure that if I am watching that all alone by myself, my tears would have flooded my room. I want to watch Korean movies and shows...

'Love at Harvard' VCDs are currently on my wishlist, together with a lot of other items which I am like so desperately wishing for ? Oh well. Money is the problem. Should I get a holiday job? Maybe... Maybe not. I definitely won't be able to commit to the job now that I have got 2 CCAs and many other programmes and activities. I am as busy as a bee~

Hm. Lucky I am not going on any overseas immersion during the nov hols. As if like I will even be able to go. I went on TWO overseas immersion trips last March and June and spent a bomb laa. Haiya. Staying in Singapore is nice. My homeland. A place where I am familiar with. Hehe.

Hmmm I am looking forward to next year's humanities trip. Whee heard that it's either to New Zealand or Australia. Yay. Oops talking about that. Next year we will be going to Nanjing. Which reminds me that I have not replied my Nanjing buddy aka Yujin's letter. ah. There's Yuen Yin's letter too.

And then there's reflection to do for Triple Sci Exams. Talking about exams... Sigh. My results are disappointing. My mom havent seen the papers cos she is currently monitoring my brother's revision for eoys. Phew. My results are really bad and disappointing ! Yes. I thought I did my best but i knew that in actual fact, this wasn't my best effort. AT ALL. This was like the least effort which I could put in. I was telling myself the other time. Others can disappoint me but I must not disappoint myself and yet I did ? I guess I have to find a tuition centre or rather a tuition teacher for A maths, E maths (My A maths seemed to be better than my E maths.), Physics, Biology, Physics and GEOGRAPHY. Miss Pear might make a good tuition teacher. Aiya. That's practically like tuitioning everything? And I have two CCAs plus student council. Can i cope? Well, i can't seem to have an honest answer to that question.

Maybe I should get a tutor for some serious time management. Yes. I seriously need to learn to manage my time WISELY.

Then there is art club and community service club stuff. And then I am going to develop the photo twin and I took tomorrow. Aiya I just have this whole lot of stuff to do but I cant remember all of them now. My short term memory is acting up again. Holidays is going to be so busy. But hopefully I won't be staying at home all day. No no. I know I won't get to. I will have to make use of my hols to brush up my studies. I can't waste my life away like this. Getting away with disappointing grades and totally heck-care about my studies. This is not life.

During the exam period, I wrote these two phrases on a black piece of paper using silver ink.
Ni bu neng yu zhi ming tian, dan ni ke yi li yong jin tian.
Ni bu neng yang yang shun li, dan ni ke yi shi shi jin li.

Meaningful right? That shall be my motto for next year. I didn't do my best for studies yet I have like such a long wishlist. I think even the angels won't grant my wishes. Cos I don't deserve it. I am not an angel anymore. I have been demoted... to a mortal. So now I am just like any typical mortal... with a reverie and a guardian angel watching over me. And when I learn to do my best and live life to the fullest, i shall then promote myself again. But till then, I shall learn from my mistakes and make up for it. Actions speak louder than words... That i know.

Guess I am off to do the 120-word write up for CSC.

Tuesday, October 18

a day out with my haojiemeis

i shall just try to summarize up all the stuff that happened today. Met up with shumin at aljunied mrt before heading towards somerset to meet yunyin and yi ling. So nice of twin to wait for me. I wore contacts after much hesitation.

went to cineleisure. Wanted to watch ' Everlasting Regret ' initially but we were 5 minutes late i think. We considered quite a number of movies before deciding on 'Into the Blue'. Some of the movies we considered were 'skeleton key' and 'spirit of the glass' hahas. horror movies. we took a long time to decide and actually used 'scissors paper stone' to make the final decision. LOL

Yy, yl and sm trust me so i kept the movie tickets. yayys. after that went to 'more than words', sm bought a pair of very nice earrings. its really very niceee. then walked around.

Went heeren. Looked around at HMV. Then went the top floor to take neoprints but due to my poor sense of direction, we cant find the neoprints shop and because we needed to head back to Cineleisure for our movie, we started to look for the escalator to go downstairs. then you know who i saw. I saw two of the superstar finalists. Sugianto and Silver. i was the first among four of us to notice them bahs. i wasnt sure at first then i turned back to look at them. hahas. Why junyang not with them... hahas.

went back to cineleisure. bought amos cookies. went into the cinema. and then the movie started. we were early. the seats were comfy and the cookies were yummy. the movie ended around 2 hours later. and it was a great experience sitting next to sm. lol i almost thought i was watching a horror movie.

the movies's quite ok. the front part is erm a bit boring but the middle and ending is super exciting and thriling. actually not thrilling enough cos i kinda met up with zhou gong. hahas no la. my amos cookies kept me awake. there was this super disgusting part tho. its kinda fake when Amanda's leg got tore off by the shark. ah. there was blood. eeyer

yups the movie is nice... Paul Walker is really charming eh. Blue eyes... muscular. blah blah. hahas Jessica Alba's pretty... hahas.

yuppps after that we jus shopped around. took photos outside taka. then took mrt to yy's hse. watched 'the classics'. really touching and romantic korean movie. yy's maids prepared noodles and nuggets for us. Really nice of them.

watched till 7 plus then took mrt home. i was really fed up with my slippers. Other than the loud and irritating noise it makes whenever i walk, it also gives me blisters and slips off whenever its wet. it slipped off twice after i crossed the traffic light when i was walking home from the mrt station just now. sooooo irritating.

i jus realised that i used alot of 'nice' in this entry. sorrie abt that. i have limited vocabulary. heee.

tomorrow's gonna be another fun day out ... at Escape Theme Park. wheee. today is a fun but tired day. hm i am tired. *yawns. ZzzzzZzzzzz

Sunday, October 16

inspiring phrase

i was looking for a notebook at popular yesterday when i came across one with an inspiring phrase on the front page.

Dare to live your dreams... Dont live to regret it...

hmmm yups. we must dare to dream and live our dreams. thats what we are living for.

Watched the Lavender VCDs i borrowed from Yu han. then the 2 vcds i watched was about Yi Xu and Leo having anyone which they really treasure.

Ni xin li you mei you xiang zhen xi de ren ?

*Nods head

not really in a mood to blog today. and i think i jus caught a flu aaaachooooo.

i am really getting bored being online. there's not much stuff to do online. i really really wanna get out of the house and do sth fun outside. perhaps catch a movie or shop till i drop. or go marina bay for a nice steamboat meal and then go kiteflying. just anything but staying at home laa.

went causeway point yesterday and gosh i forgot to bring my hp out with me. lucky it was at home. all safe and sound in the basketball hp holder on my study desk. phew. and no one smsed me yesterday bwahahas. except for a msg from the VoiceMail thingy.

went to popular, kiddy place, mini toons, singtel etc etc. bought a noise-producing toy at kiddy place for my cousin. she is really really adorable. finally saw her yesterday. played with her and i carried her too. took photos of her and with her. but havent upload yet so yea too bad.

and you noe wad. i saw Xue Jia Yan aka Hao Yi from Zhen Qing there too. She was doing some publicity stuff for her cooking vcd and she was signing her vcds when we noticed her. then my mom and i went closer to the stage. then the emcee announced that she had to rush to KL to do publicity and when she was walking away she actually waved to me and my mom. she walked away in front of us. She was like less than 1m in front of us. oh gosh. she is pretty lorhs. and she slimmed down. not as plump as she was in Zhen Qing. She was very beautifully dressed and looked gorgeous laa. yupp then i took out my camera and wanted to take a pic of her but sigh my actions too slow le. so she walked away. hahas then she got into a nice nice car and drove off. ah. she kept waving from the car... hahas

Image hosted by

Hao Yi reminds me of my primary school Mother Tongue teacher, Mrs You. ah i miss her. cant remember when was the last time i saw her but i remembered dreaming of her. guess i miss her too much. i shall write to her one day.

then my mom and i went to OP to get me a new pair of slippers. cos mine's really dirty and the sole had already wore and tore. i saw this design and i tried on the pink, black and blue one. i preferred the black one. but the salesgirl and my mom told me that the blue one is nicer and cos i dun have blue slippers. then i said i dun like the blue ones. so my mom told me to get the reddish pink one. the pink is hot pink and really striking. not really what i want. sigh. then the salesgirl went to get my size for the pink one while i continued to look around. saw this really really really niceeeeee khaki-coloured slippers. ah i really liked it but it costs close to 30 bucks and my mom thinks that its not worth 30 bucks. so in the end we didnt get anything from the shop. i shall go back there and get the slippers one day. ah ha ;)

my mom bought carrot cake and we went to the benches outside Singtel to eat. I didnt eat the carrot cake cos it was too oily. i went to Yu Ren Sheng to buy herbal eggs instead. yummy and healthy. i saw this video with Xue Jia Yan cooking at the store. hahas.

after eating the herbal egg, i went to Singtel to look see look see. and omg you noe wad i saw? i saw a pinkkkkkkkkk PINKKKKKKKKK PINKKKKKKKK phone!! let me repeat.


its Panasonic VS2. ah and its pink. it costs around 298 bucks for upgrading... ... was telling my mom about it and no doubt i got a lecture laa. about how bad the economy is and wad a spendthrift i am. argh.

Image hosted by

the phone is really niceee.... and i really hope that i will get it. finally fell in love with a phone. so i shall pray hard. actually i nearly had a chance to get the phone but all's gone. argh. but i must get it clear. that phone is a want and not a need. Just another item for luxury and not a necessarity. so ohwells. wow great. i am like brainwashing myself for sth i want to have?

hm i think i should learn to be contented instead of wanting and wishing for more. One who is contented is happy. i am happy but not contented. so i shall learn to be contented. but but but.

i want that OP slippers and that panasonic phone!!! LOL

i am really broke now. REALLY REALLY BROKE. after buying some stuff at popular and watson yesterday i am left with like a few coins. ah help.

wonder if there will be any programme tmr. ohya chem tuition la. haiya. i mean other than that. maybe movies with my haojiemeis? then tuesday go escape. wednesday go east coast cycle? hahas. perhaps perhaps perhaps. jus got to know that there is lower sec intercls tmr. but dun think i will be going to sch.

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always an angel with a reverie...a daydream which will never come true... ... ... ...

Friday, October 14

i wish i wish i wish

i wish i wish i wish.
i wish upon a shinning star...
hoping that my angels will never be far
so that they could hear me
and grant my wishes...

ah ha. hahas i really have many wishes and things to get now but i have limited allowance... and of cos still financially dependent. aiya i am a spendthift and its really hard to change the habit.

first of all... i wish to lose a few kilos. have more toned arms and legs. yupps and a flatter belly. bwahahas. can you believe it. i actually went downstairs to jog for er 45 minutes. enduring weird people's stares and the extreme loneliness. and i experienced fear when i saw this big cat pouncing around. ah. then i started running super fast. and of cos i burnt more calories *beams. i dunno why ppl like to stare. maybe i am too fat beyond hope le. or cos they never see ppl jogging before. aiya. so many ppl jog lorhs just at different time and pace. hehhs. nvm. i shant care abt what they think. hm my next jogging schedule will be on sunday. preferably morning when i am all fresh and awake. and i am keeping a food diary now. hahas starting from today. burning calories and staying healthy and slim shall be my hobby from now on. and i have decided to take alternatives to desserts. i shall have yoghurts instead of ice cream which are just purely fats and sugars. and i shall eat more greens and refrain from oily stuff. ah


oh yes i am now on a diet and i am not taking any shortcuts ok. no slimming pills. no fluid-only diet. but i am gonna detox my body. byebye toxins. and dont worry i wont ever enter a battle with anorexia. never... marykate looked really haggard after her recent battle with anorexia. er no offence or anything. i have always liked mary kate and ashley since young. they are my idols. holly wood stars. tycoons.

ok enough abt that. second wish. i wish that i can get my dewy- smooth healthy skin back! i used to have good skin complexion. ok excluding the fact that its fair. i began having acne problems this year. ahh. help. i am looking out for skincare products which can do wonders. maybe this wish should come before the first one.

third wish. i wish to buy lotsa stuff.

skincare products.
wrist weights/ dumbbells
lotsa and lotsa yogurts!!
more new clothes...
new earrings...
new alarm clock...
winnie the pooh stickers for my water bottle
winnie the pooh stickers kit (one for me and one for my cousin)
stik-ons for my zen neeon
new slippers
new tout bag
new wallet

These are stuff which i wish to buy but i really should quit dreaming la.
braces? (sighhhhh)
a terrier? (definitely not... when my hse is cluttered with chirpy noisy birdies. NO WAY.)
handphone? (er definitely not. my plan's not even over yet. one more year to go. i dun have any particular model which i like very much yet... but i am kinda sick of clamshell phones. maybe i should try exploring my phone again. to see if theres any functions which i dunno.)

aiya soo many things. so little money. but right now i am pretty sure i am going to get a few packets of oil blotting paper and a gel cleanser. and i am gonna exercise and burn lotsa calories. before next year's cny. hehehe. right now i am going to sleep and dream about my wishes all coming true... wheeee goodnight and sweet dreams.

p.s. i still cant believe i went jogging. its really hard to la but well I DID IT (:

i am bored

ah i am bored and i feel like sleeping already. its really funny.. like what i told yy last night. When i can slack i dunno how to slack. supposed to go yy's hse to watch movie today but yl cant make it so we shall meet up another time. sigh i am feeling tired.

and i realised that the previous entry's pretty boring. yea dogs are cute but looking at the whole lot of non-animated pictures of puppies can be pretty boring. the real thing is cuter right. hahas. its gonna be a long time before i get a dog as a puppy la. maybe when i am older and go out to work... yups when i am financially independent.

actually i wanted to upload photos of erh myself and friends etc etc. but the last photos i took with my digi cam was my dad's machines. And before that were those taken in germany and i think those photos you all see until sian liaos right. but i still enjoy looking at them. hahas. cos germany is fun. ah I MISS GERMANY.

Let's see what do i miss about germany... ... hm Berlin Wall, King Ludwig II's castle..., staying in the hotels and sharing a room with jelly. the Jewish museum... Dachau concentration camp. the greenery... the mountains. the international student hostel. the breakfasts, takeaway lunch and dinners. the ice cream store opposite the hostel. the debriefing at the end of each day. the evening stroll etc etc... ah memories.

I miss Paris and London too. Paris and London were fun. Eiffel tower. Art Museums. Mona Lisa Painting. sharing a hotel room with charmaine. i was super motherly during the trip. made new friends too. like taxy, qingzi aka chilli... the breakfasts, lunches and dinners... the louvre etc everything.

hopefully i can upload some photos of myself and friends soon. i will be bringing my camera around these days when i go out i think. hmmm there will definitely be some outings for my haojiemeis. and i will be going out with peiyu one of these days to celebrate her belated birthday. was considering monday but i have chem tuition. hmm..

will there be a 3J class chalet? i hope so. 2d04 chalet? i hope so too. Art club gathering? yupps yupps. SPCs supposed to plan that and i happened to be one of the SPCs, together with charmaine and jia min. hmm

during the last art club committee meeting each of us has a long list of stuff to do. But now i can only remember that i have to get the info for the latest contact list. hm i shall ask dawn later. provided she's online.

family gathering? hm i will be going on a trip to malaysia with relatives from my mother's side. there are altogether 3 buses and everyone's from my family. ah big family lehs. all my cousins and aunts and uncles will be going. i am definitely looking forward to that trip. time for bonding with my relatives.

6ch02 cls gathering? ah ha. thats indeed one reverie. i remembered the last time heard of it was i think last year issit. when yuxin planned a bbq. in the end it was called off. ohwells. i have organizing terror from what i experienced in sec1 and well some of my ex-clsmates werent very supportive so ohwells.

ah ha. i will be going to the cpa camp this year again. woohooo. i used to fear camps. having to leave my comfy home and wonderful parents and grandma. but now i look forward to camps. as well as going overseas. its time i learn to be independent.

hmm there will be one day in the hols when i will be going out with cheryl and cindy. to catch up with each other on our current life. its been a long time since i met them and i miss them loads.

all the above are worth capturing some shots for memorial.

seems like i have lotsa things to do har. hahas. ohya i i still havent reply yuenyin's letter as well as my nanjing buddy's letter. oops. have been keeping them waiting cos eoys were on at that time.

theres still peiyu and eugene's postcards. hmm and i owe shumin, yy, yl and jh postcards too. ah so busy. i was supposed to write them postcards to encourage them for eoys. but now i shall just write for fun. hehes.

i still owe cheryl and email as well. and i have to design my daily diet if i hope to shed some kilos by next year. i need to save money too... cos i seemed to be quite broke for the rest of this month.

i bought a book and a cross stitch kit at popular yesterday. and almost half of my allowance was used up last sunday when i went to popular to get those maths stuff for maths exam. i bought a new set of french curves which cost around 7 bucks. and a circle template which costs 12 bucks. i had no choice but to buy it cos theres no time to go to another popular. argh. In additional to that, i bought a new chicken soup book which costs twenty bucks? ah.

hahas. thats abt it. and i think i am going offline. cos i am bored being online. cya.

dogs... kawaii de.

this whole entry will be filled with pictures of doggiesss... if you detest dogs then dont scroll down. but how can you detest them when they are soooo kawaiii and adorable?!!! you go fan xing bahs.

ah ha. first dog to enter my blog...
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

(This resembles my cousin's puppy... )

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by


And now i present to you... (drum rolls...)
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

BASSET HOUNDS... (well you know... Hush Puppies... lol)

And next...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

(i used to have a dog like this one... my childhood companion... )

Image hosted by

TOY POODLES... (Remember that pink toy poodle which belongs to Barbie in MVP Valentine? hahas that one's a bimbo i guess ;P)

And next's up are the...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

GERMAN SHEPHERDS... (fierce looking eh?)

And now the...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

Image hosted by



Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
(this resembles the one i saw at the pet shop yesterday except that this one is bigger...)


And then the...
Image hosted by

DALMATIANS... (Remember the movies 101 and 102 Dalmatians ?)

Last but not the least... and my favourite of all...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
(a puppy with a reverie)

WEST HIGHLAND TERRIERS...kawaii norts (:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Just some random pictures.

Image hosted by

Lotsa and lotsa of puppies...

yes i just love puppies and doggies. but i am scared of those which bark and bite. lol

my version of the day starts with ... ...

On a typical school day, my day starts with
Image hosted by

Why so early wake me up. i want to sleep. i want to sleep. I SAID I WANT TO SLEEP!

When i see the breakfast my mom prepared for me....
Image hosted by

woohooo wheeeeee durian sandwich. durian cake plus durian lehhhs.... yummy king muakk!ahhh saliva dripping liaos *paiisehh.

On the way to school, it starts to drizzle and then rain cats and dogs... ...
Image hosted by

ahhhh why must rain. i got morning duty lehs. i never bring sweater lehs... wait the latecomers file wet how.

During maths lesson when Mr Helmi calls me to draw the cosine graph on the whiteboard... ...
Image hosted by

huh ? what cosine graph? Got graph called cosine graph mehhs... how how. shumin... how to draw...

When Mr Helmi praised the cosine graph i drew and gave it 7/10... ...
Image hosted by

muhahahas. i am art club de mahs. drawing graphs are nothing... ... ... ...

When Mrs Har gives us an assignment and wants it to be handed in the next day... ...
Image hosted by

huh... ... so many questions i dunno how to do lehs. tmr must hand in arh. today have so much homework to complete lehs.

When Miss Pear asks me to answer a question during Geography lesson and I dont know the answer... ...
Image hosted by

oh no. how... ... juehui and yi ling... help!!

When i get teased about acting cute... ...
Image hosted by

what lorhs... ... i dont have to act. i am cute... cuteness is in my blood. Dont jealous laa ;)

When my haojiemeis and i chat and have fun together... ... Image hosted by

i'm so happy i'm so glad that i've got you. haojiemeis are the best. i love my haojiemeis (:

When everything in the day comes to an end... ...
Image hosted by

well then i am off to lala-land to meet my prince charming... ...