Tuesday, August 31

eRm today is a busy day. shant elaborate on it further for now cos gonna bathe then go for tuition le. psl performance on stage... then eRm went back to gmps. den see walk walk explore and oso take pictures... then ya... lyk dat bahx. later then blog more.

btw i think and am sure that LuRve tastes sweet... haha -> does lurve taste sweet, sour or bitter?. I have no idea at first la... budden hmmm i think it tastes sweet... think only... cos i have yet to taste it myself.. hmmmm haha yup yup... aiya cannot fall in love la... maybe i dun have the eRm tiao jian lo. or maybe fate is not on my side...

leave everything to fate..

learn to accept it.

be contented

and u will be the happiest person on earth.

i am crapping again... la la la

gtg byeeeee


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