Wednesday, August 11

my day

today ish a bad day... a really bad one. I woke up with a red eye wahaha i guess i rubbed it too hard last night... den i woke at at 645 lo... thats like sho terribly late. Then i reached sch i was sho tired.. then the whole day in sch my eyelid keep twitching... veh xin ku lehz. aiya then just now i waited at the foyer for my dad to fetch me, mr kiw walking here and there.. haha dunno waiting for who. Then suddenly i heard someone shouting well well it was nigel then mr kiw was looking at him hahaha good for him

btw anyone out there reading my blog has adobe photoshop? if yes can you pls kindly lend me? cos horz i learning it for my art... need to practise cos i am kinda hopeless at it worz.

oh ya today the whole day i was feeling tired and dizzy and hungry.. dunno why will feel hungry lehz... sth is seriously wrong with me lol

tmr got maths test and grammar tests... sigh wish me all the best...

i veh tired now le wanna sleep worz. haha

i still got he wb and geog comic strip havent do lehz. sigh sigh

this friday got level camp briefing...

wow wow sho exciting

then saturday got eRm Cip at wheelock place at orchard...

go support me horz pple...



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