Thursday, January 27

my dayy

today arh. erm reach sch at 7am. then read thru a maths ws but still dunno how to do laa. then went down to sec2 study area for morning duty at 715 lorhs. yupps.

first 2 periods is a maths. mr helmi taught us abt inverse functions. this time i can understand lols. i am so happy. i can solve the questions lehhs. lols.

then is chemistry. went for lab lesson. did experiments. very rushed laa. quite boring too ehhs hehex

after that is pe. very funny laa. but not as funny as the previous time. yupps i was on the purple team. then erm played match lorhs. i dint reallie get to shoot laa. but i got tried to snatched the ball when its rolling on the floor. so pro rite? lols

alright. then its recess. went library with jue hui and jia min. then kept worrying abt the mpp ws. then went to the chinese books section then flipped thru slamdunk comics. wanted to borrrow lehhs. but no time read lorhs. so sad. that time i read for the first time rite. i forgot where i read until. then the 2nd time i started all over from book 1 again. then stopped at book11 i think. then lazy to borrow le. haha yupps.

after recess is mpp. oh ya. today is darren's bday. haha. then i shared present with junming and juehui laa. then jm kept asking for the chocolate. then wen jian said he got craving for food ... lols. very funny laa. yupps. we only gave darren his present after school izzit? cant rmb laa. then jm still managed to karp the chocolate lols

ok. so after recess is mpp laa. mr chiang erm was angry with us. we ran his patience out laa. yupps. then thruout the two periods the whole class very very the quiet. therefore the lesson is very very the boring lorhs oh well... mpp is sucha chimilogy. its sth lyk ss but its more chim geddit?

after mpp is chinese. same usual stuff laa. then mrs koh came in half way thru the lesson. and told us abt the europe trip. sighh i not going lehhs. do u think i should go?? oh wells. btw mrs koh super super cute and funny cann. haha she cracks the whole class up.

then after that is sch dismissal lorhs. me and jue hui and yiling skipped lunch to do geog project. but we spent majority of the time chatting abt the angel and mortal game. jue hui noe who is my angel and she dun wanna tell me lols. i oso dun wan noe laa. but i noe is a guy. i received 2 letters from my angel today. so sweet rite. jue hui's angel even better lorhs. give her 5 strawberry fruit plus. awwww . lols.

after that went for lunch then proceeded to art room for noticeboard deco. slacked and chatted lorhs. very very tired. by then is already 4pm le lehhs. then andy and ting xu went to buy sth for the board lorhs. jia min is very pissed off wid them . me too. i very qi gei lehhs. tx and andy horr its lyk omg lorhs. they kept playing and aiming that big big stapler thing at me lehhs. then tx attempted to shoot chiching but he shot me. wad a gr8 aim. urghh. i hate the sound of the stapler lorhs. then gun shot. very scary one lehhs....

after that i went parkway lorh to help buy the materials needed for the deco lorhs. senior buy not enough and tx and andy complained. fine laa. i buy lorhs.

ya la. like that only. reached home at 7pm. then i havent reply to my angels yet lehhs. oh wish me luck . byebye

Monday, January 24


i guess today can be considered as a good and bad day laa. i gtg le. so i will blog in details later if i got come online later. if not you have to live in suspense until the next time i come online. lols. you wont have to wait very long laa. cos nowadays i addicted to surfing net and msn chatting lols.

btw wad's wrong wid my tagboard??? how come action cancelled nehhs? urghhh yupps reallie gtg. byebye

Sunday, January 23

quick blogging

omg i gonna do some quick blogging now. cos i just realised i still got hw not done yet ahhh die le. tmr got maths quiz. ahhhh

just now went parkway. shop lorhs. bought many things la. then went mini toons. bought some vday presents then i got this lucky pick. i lucky pick la then get free mini toon angbao give my mummy lol.

oh ya on the way to pp rite. in the car got the nothing gonna change my love for you's song. i tried to record with my phone budden samsung phone lousy la. record until dunno sound lyk wad. can only hear some parts only. that song rawks so romantic. i think thats abt it. i gtg le. if not i will die a tragic death. cya

Saturday, January 22

i am bored

i am bored bored bored. my homework not done yet and there is tuition tmr. and i am going shopping tmr. homework is lyk so difficult. i dunno how to do. i dun even noe wad its talking abt. ok. i noe i am getting slackish. but i just cant resist the temptation of that love song. awwww its lyk so sweet you noe. awwww romantic. yupps. such a romantic will never happen to me laa. never mind. alright. i am night-dreaming laaa.

so i think my homework is lyk in deep sh*t laa. fine. charmaine!! when you wanna go shopping for vday presents. sms horr. valentine day. ya valentine day. i am gonna listen to this song the whole day. lol. after school and cip laa. haha i am madd oh wells

sighh life goes on.

btw everything will be alright =) dun worry guys.

nothing's gonna change my love for you...

Nothing?s gonna change
my love for you?.

by Air Supply

If I had to live my life without you near me
The days would all be empty
The nights would seem so long
With you I see forever oh so clearly
I might have been in love before
But it never felt this strong
Our dreams are young and we both know
They'll take us where we want to go
Hold me now
Touch me now
I don't want to live without you

Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought to know by now how much I LOVE YOU
One thing you can be sure of
I'll never ask for more than your love
Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought to know by know how much I LOVE YOU
The world may change my whole life thru but

If the road ahead is not so easy
Our love will lead the way for us
Like a guiding star
I'll be there for you
If you should need me
You don't have to change a thing
I love you just the way you are
So come with me and share the view
I'll help you see forever too
Hold me now
Touch me now
I don't want to live without you



yay!! i am so happy now cann... how come lehhs.

cos i changed the midi for my blog. you recognize the song?? its a love song by air supply. its so romantic and sweet cannn.... my fav love song!! ahhhhhhh i love it i love it.

and i am so glad i found it yeah!!!!

how come i noe this song? cos i attended 3 weddings last year. and will be attending one more this year. so exciting =) whoa love... awwwww haha

yesterday i went causeway point to shop laa. then i went to popular, more than words and gift a name rite. all 3 shops are playing jay chou's songs. cool huh. jay rawks.

yupps i gtg do home work and watch tv le. byebye

if you dunno the song then come and ask me. its so nice. i love it byebye cya. take care

Friday, January 21


i dun feel lyk doing homework now lehhs. aiya must pia laa. i just bought teenage mag. hmmm astroscoop. gemini. ''sometimes its so much sweeter when someone falls in love with you for who you really you are, and not just for your party persona'' oh well.

i dun tink anyone will fall in love wid me.

heaven's playing a prank on me.i once loved basketball. just liked it very much. filled with passion for it. but now i dun like it that much cos i lost the passion for it. and how come nowadays time after time i am associated with basketball. why why why ?

tell me why!!!

i guess i am too agitated huh. lol

i am bored. seriously bored. i wanna go shopping but my homework is still not done. sadness. i wanna eat chocolate but i am sick. sadness

imperfection and beauty makes life.

life is imperfect.

enjoy the imperfection!

new template

whoa valentine day is round the corner. so i figure i change the template to create some atmosphere for valentine day. not that i am in love or anything. i just lyk the template. its kinda plain and simple but its sweet cann.

just to clarify something. i dun have a boyfriend now. so get the facts before doing anything. my current marital status is single and it will remain lyk this for the next few years. As for those who are reallie keen to find me a boyfriend, thanks. i appreciate your effort. But i seriously and honestly dun need one now.

i am seriously tired and sick of ppl asking me abt boyfriend stuffs. I dun have boyfriend. i have best friends.

now that valentine day is round the corner, its a popular trend to play the angel and mortal game in dhs. I currently have 2 mortals. and on monday. i think i will have 2 more. cos art club is playing the game too. and i will be teaching cushka to play. lol

i dunno if i have been a good angel. for my mortal last year wasnt that nice. haha btw i still have no idea who was my angel last year so can some kind souls out there pls enlighten me? thanks alot.

well i seem to have to get presents for practically everyone i noe in dhs. which is lyk alot. but not that much when compared to others. i noe more ppl every year and means more presents. some of my friends' birthdays are approaching too. and i am broke. i chipped in lyk 40 bucks for my cousin's ipod mini bday present. his girlfriend is just so nice cann. i think i am getting some 2 in1 presents for my friends. lol dun say cheapskates laa. i am seriously broke.

and i dun have any idea wad to get for my friends for vday. everything that appears to be so nice are so expensive. reality is cruel. cute=expensive. and sad to say. i am not rich.

i am gonna keep saving until vday. after all vday is after chinese new year. so shouldnt worry so much laa.

sec 3 dhp life is so stressed. i just realised that dhp is gep ip. in case you dunno. gep is gifted education prog lol. and so they are treating us like gifted students. i dun think my brain is gifted enough but i am already in the prog. sadness.

sch just reopened and i already have lyk 5 to 6 project assignments. I seriously think i cant cope. The projects include geog, cme, physics, chem, language arts and mpp. and not the mention to science mentorship prog i applied for with charmaine and jue hui. Surprisingly our applications got approved. which means more stress laa

and sec3s are to decorate the art club noticeboard for chinese new year. For all i noe, art club has been clinching first prize for the annual cca noticeboard competition. so we were expected by our seniors to do well laa. I dunno if we will make the mark. but i think we definitely wont disappoint our seniors becos there are such talented artists in art club such as chi ching, dawn, jia min, vina, charmaine, jue hui and so on. yupps

and jia min, charmaine, yongkit, andy and tingxu and i were selected to participate in this learn@singaporerivertrail2005 thing. i think we represented art club or something. which adds extra pressure to my already very busy life. and tingxu seems so keen to win.

every tuesday got sc contact time. means no time to visit cushka.

i am not going on the trip to paris/london during the march hols. no time and dun have parents' consent.

our applications for the science mentorship prog has been approved but the topic that we chose have not been approved yet. when its approved, we have to make a trip down to singapore poly every week for 3 hours to do research. and june hols we have to work fulltime for the first two weeks.

dec hols have an immersion prog i think.

alright monday have pe lesson. siva is so interesting cann.

a maths is seriously getting on my nerves. its so difficult lorhs. a maths is like as easy as abc to guys. helmi is not as bad as i thot. quite nice. but his jokes are rather cold for no one laughs when he cracks a joke. lol but he is nice. and wen jian got saboed to be the maths rep.

well i am surviving with lab lessons. its not as bad as i thot. yupps. can be fun laa.

how come life is not as bad as i thot yet i am still feeling miserable and depressed? aside from the fact that i am sick laa.

physics is ok. not much comments.

biology rocks. its tough but ms loh is a gr8 teacher. i love her.

chem is ok la. one thing abt mrs phua is that she cracks jokes but she dun laugh. we laugh. haha

mpp. mr chiang is still the same laa.

alright i am not gonna comment on all the subjects

i havent start doing my homework for the so called long weekend. and i better start doing today if not i will be in deep sh*t. homework piles as high as mount everest in my opinion.

life is so stressed. am i wasting my life away or something? how come it seems lyk the whole 2005 has already been planned and i am supposed to follow it? Will there be any surprise or miracle along the journey?

life is lyk a box of chocolate, you never noe wad surprise you are in for.

wil there even be a surprise awaiting me?

i cant believe orientation is over. i dun wan to return to my old self. the quiet and reserved me. i dun wan i dun wan.

i noe i have daoed many ppl the past few days laa. i ran out of energy and enthu-ness get it. i am tired. seriously tired.

as the saying goes, every day is a lesson learnt.

izzit even true for me?

oh ya i just remembered i have signed up for this cip prog on valentine day. going to spend valentine day with the elderly. haha maybe its not every girl's dream to spend a valentine day this way. but at least its meaningful. anyway the cip is for chinese new year celebration laa. i have dreams too. i dreamt of spending valentine day with my mr right. its every girl's dream. lyk duhhh.

but we have to do the right things at the right time. I cant possibly just grab any guy out there to spend vday with me right. lol

let love find me. i am not finding love.

i shall talk abt something more happy laa.

yay i am gonna have a baby cousin soon. wheeee

alright. oh ya today is panda choo weilin's birthday!!

happy birthday panda!!!! shen ri kuai le!

tomorrow's eldon's birthday and i havent gotten anything for him.

yupps life goes on.

Love like you have never been hurt before. noe the meaning of this quote? dunno? then you have to read chocolate books. yupps

When wonder and love become as indispensable to you as foundation and blush, you will become the most radiant woman in the world - Sarah Ban Breathnach

Thursday, January 13

sick busy enthu =)

didnt blog for a long time le. very busy. sec 1 orientation so fast passed le. now its back to lesson time. i miss cushka. they just rawk lorhs. cos they are kuai le yu. haha the symbol of cushka tribe is a fish bone mahh. lol

well today woke up at 640. then reached sch at 710 then did have time to visit 1c. so sadd lorhs. dad dropped me off at the bus stop outside dhs. then i walked in thru the sidegate with yvonne. then she was telling me abt this sc meeting on cny la. yupp. then went to my class. put my bag. then slack then went to carry out morning duty lorhs. aiya life is so boring i shant carry on.

ok well. erm i just realised hor. after i joined sc. i became very enthu and noisy. jue hui thinks so too. lol so is this good or bad arh? i hope its good la.

i got cough and flu now lehhs. later visiting doctor. dunno sick for how many weeks le. sighhh.

yuppp so life goes on. 3j05 is not as bad as i thot. yupp and cushka rawks ks =) take care ppl.