Monday, August 9

my day

happy birthday singapore!!

i am bored... just now watched the national day parada at home... kinda envious of those pple there at the stadium.. then jj lin jun jie sing the 'home' until sho pop de. I dun listen to his songs. Budden he looks cute and shuai lehz. haha quite hip hop la... then saw shanice from the kids central.. haha she sho cute. Normen's sister oso called Shanice. she oso veh cute. last time i remembered i spelled her name as shaness... omg sho paiseh.

ouch my ear is itching... whos talking bad about me?? haha

its eleven plus le...

i havent complete my sch work

havent started on my tuition hw and i have tuition tmr

wow wow i am sho organized har?

btw i just came across this online diary... it sounds reallie cute although it is scolding pple la...

check it out:

har? flamesonly...

oic they are flaming someone.. wow wow exciting lehz

gtg le byeeeeee


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