Sunday, August 8

yO yO

finally just completed my maths... my eyes veh tired. wearing contacts mahz. I still havent got a chance to wear it to sch cos i always sleep veh late. not good for eyes. And i just check out =a blog. wow wow that 'person' 's english is sho good but too bad that it didnt use it to good use. It used it to shoot pple off manz. wow wow. Sho civilised... fIrst time see such a 'civilised' animal... making my jaw drop. wow wow. = O


hMmm eRm oh ya.. i realised that i am quite fat.. haha i am always fat la. gonnna jian fei!!

Tonight ish xi ling men final episode worz. so exciting ... Then got fireworks at esplanade but not sure whether going anot lehz. My uncle and auntie going... my cute little cousin oso going sho my mother maybe going... as for me.. i am still not sure.

I havent listen to jay's latest cd yet.

Btw he appeared in the Life! yesterday. wow wow sho cool de lo. He talks like seh seh de. He said he is male chavinist and that when he has a girlfriend he will use their photo sticker as the album cover page... wow wow. thats sho cool and seh lo. Hmmm i LuRvE jAy!! wheee bUddEn got too big an age gap la. nVm i shall just admire him and be his die-hard fan forever... I have all his cds you noe... not reallie all la... but those main ones. =) wheee jAy.. jia you!!

hMmm i havent have my lunch... hungry now. fOOd... i wan foOd!

just now from morning until 1 plus... i kept sneezing and using whole lot of tissue papers. Its was a reallie bad flu but now i am alright... rainbow after rainstorm



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