Thursday, June 30

why art club rawks

hmm before i start doing constructive things like homework. i wld like to write 10 reasons on why ART CLUB RAWKS (: hahahas its not that there are only 10 reasons. there are practically countless of reasons on why art club rawks but i have to start on my work real soon yeps.

1. Art club ppl are artistic (:
2. We have had and still have wonderful and responsible chairpersons and vice-chairs
3. We are united!! erh currently still working towards this goal. its good to have a vision u see.
4. We learn new things together.
5. We have a beautiful cca tee.
6. We have nice teachers-in-charge hehes.
7. We crapp, chat, slackk and PIA together
8. We have a sense of belonging to art club.
9. Our art room is artistic and colourful~
10. We are not as bad as most ppl think ;)

whatever it is. no matter how others view art club. aiya wad slack cca. no use de.. blah blah blah. the bond and sense of belonging towards art club will always stay and NOTHING can replace art club in my heart <3


fun but tired day (:

whoa today decided to come online in the noon. then try not to come online at night cos i will get carried away with chatting at msn then hafta sacrifice my beauty sleep lalala. today super tired in school cos the past 2 days i only had 4 hours of sleep per day.

wednesday night was piaing for biology test. slept at 1am then woke up at 5am to pia. yep as for yesterday night i was piaing chinese translation project but never bring today. then doing LA yesterday oso. yups. tonight i have a goal and thats to sleep early. yeps. hahas.

but i hafta lotsa things not done. firstly i havent do my bsp hols homework. ahhh. i am gonna start on it asap. then there's geog worksheets which had to be done with info from a website.

then theres maths worksheet exercises to be completed. a few questions only. and theres chem ws but i dunno how to do. and finally physics practical and hols homework.

and i have to double check all the stage coordinating stuff to be done tmr. i hope and pray real hard that everything goes on smoothly tmr. i shall blog about my day and start doing wad i should do.

this morning woke up at 650 am lorhs. argh. was moody in the morning cos insufficient sleep. then reached school at 712am like that. met jess and fran at the sidegate. then walked to clsrm. took books out from locker then did morning duty.

after morning duty went back to cls for maths. mr helmi continued teaching the worksheets he gave yesterday. then he asked mii to go to the board to write the answers. i was kinda blur then kept huh-ing. ohkae. i was VERY blur. sigh.

after maths was geog. stayed in cls and ms pear went thru worksheet 1. then when she went thru till the super chim question which both mii and jh duno the answer then she called 'annabel, answer this question' i was like omg then at a loss of words. then started crapping with help from yl, jm, jh and darren laa. hahas. then i stood for a relatively long time. gosh. bwahaaas then darren started niaoing mii with short forms. booo. he said i bth you then told chongthee to explain to mii the meaning. bth = buey tahan argh

after that went to com lab. i sat alone at the first row again. then kept turning back to ask jh questions. hehes. then ms pear called darren, eugene, jm and mii to stay back to see her after lesson. so we did. she didnt ask jh and kenny to stay back but kenny stayed back. orh. must do ppt for opening house for dhp on 23 july. then yuhan and jh oso got things to do laa. each of us in charge of sth lorhs then darren in charge of collating everything and deadline's next friday. sigh yeps. mii and jh in charge of shopping, salt mine and castle (: 2 person 3 topics lehs. bwahas.

still... GERMANY RAWKS (:

then went out of com lab and saw yl, jh and jess waiting for mii. jh even helped mii take my chem textbook and file from cls le lorhs. thnks darhling =)

rushed to chem lab. mrs phua already started going thru the practical we were going to do. the guys were even later than us lorhs. then mrs phua demonstrating cleaning and using the burette then hafta hold it with the retort stand. got niaoed again. said i was not tall enough to see the reading on the burette. grrr. then jh started laughing. meanie eh >.<

went back to benches to do experiment. super blur at first then jingles and ruth enlightened us (: yipppeees

who says i cant read the reading on the burette lorhs. i CAN okae. hehhs. bwahahas.

after practical went to ask the lab assistant for extra lab stools for tmr youth day concert. then mii and jh dragged the stools up to the hall but the hall was locked for chinese exams. argh so we dragged the stools up to the clsrm lorhs. jh is nice. thnks alot. hehes. after tha we went down to canteen to makan. had fish burger and peach tea.

after that went back to class then to AVT for LA. watched the matrix. some parts very gross lorhs. esp that worm thing and the holes on the protagonist's body. argh. at some parts i was falling asleep. then the gongfu part hahas. slow mo =.=!

we had 2 continuous lectures every thursday on our new timetable. wow cool har. hahas. anyway its not cool at ALL during LA lecture. no air con. super warm lorhs. afte coming out of the avt the air was fresher and even cooler lorhs bwahahas.

then went into LT for hcl lecture. before the lecture starts, i overheard darren or huanglin saying something like art club not gd or sth. i cant rmb. then mii, cecilia and jh started arguing and protecting art club (: wheeee. gave a whole lot of crappy reasons on how good art club is. hahas. ART CLUB RAWKS KAES.

then realised that we were talking really loudly or at least i was then alot ppl looking at us. hahas. exciting lehs. like debate hehehes.

then watched a film on erh shucks i forgot whos that guy. ahhhh. huanglin said he looks like chiak chiang then mii and jh started laughing. really resembles abit lehs. hahas.

then i was struggling to keep myself awake while watching the film. was kinda relieved when the film FINALLY ended. hehes. went out of LT and was heading back to class when mrs kang saw mii and jh. then asked us if we collected the consent forms le ma.

went back to cls then to find chip. chip is a responsible chairperson (: she went around collecting the consent forms. yupps.

then peiyu came over to wait for mii and jh and we walked to bus stop together. yayy. chatted with peiyu on the bus. hahas ah had alot to talk abt. we didnt go out of movies during the hols due to our busy schedule so we will be catching a movie real soon. most probably next week. also hafta catch a movie with yy.

btw forgot to mention in yesterday's entry about hosting students from china nanjing. yeps. i am hosting one of them. they arriving on the 10th of july. theres a briefing abt this exchange prog this saturday for students and parents. i am going with my mom. whoa exciting. i wonder how my new friend will be like. hehes

alright gonna start on homework. cya

Wednesday, June 29

quick blogging

gonna do some really quick blogging kaes before i go off and do my language arts homework. watched jue dui superstar on channel u jus now. whoa. for today's round rite, i support william, derrick and someone whose name i forgot. william has super high self esteem and attractive eyes. hahas. kaes then ya today the guys not bad laa. tmr's the female contestants. yepps.

went to sch and pia bio this morning. i only slept four hours last night. YES FOUR HOURS. my head kept spinning in school today lorhs. argh and yes eyebags. wad else do u expect. hm maybe pimples too. whatever.

did morning duty then went back to class for cme. today cme lesson was interesting. abt dating and the behaviours and precautions to take ohwells. but its like the most interesting cme lesson so far this year. everyone was so interested in the topic. hahas.

after cme was pe. took height and weight. it was the same as the one taken earlier this year. yeps. maybe i gained weight. hahas.

then played captain's ball. i was in the odd number team. bwahahas. peixin super hiong cann. her head hit my hand then she snatched the ball from mii until i sat on the ground. hahas violence lo >.< then i substituted huanglin as the captain then i managed to catch the ball once. then siva asked us go back cls liaos. wheee. pe's funnn

after pe was language arts. lecture and stuff. mdm nora called mii shi min instead of annabel. i thot she wanted to call jingles lorhs. hahas

finally recess came. went to pass consent forms for trip to singapore art museum on friday to jiamin, charmaine and 3i ppl and xiaoyu. then went back to cls and pia bio. i was kinda talking loudly or rather i WAS talking loudly then ppl started shhhh-ing mii. esp jingles and darren. booo. FINE i am loud.

after recess went for physics practical. we redo the practical on sound. was struggling with the experiment. we mis-arranged the apparatus too. i think it was my fault. cos i used pencil case to support the sound guide instead of the wooden thingy provided. hahahas. then i measured the wrong sound sensor too. bwahahas. wj kept 'attacking' mii with the ruler and sound guide lorhs. tsk tsk tsk. ap >.<

it was only the later part of the experiment when we had gotten the hang of it then we started playing a fool. hahas. ohkae. correction. It was MIII who started playing a fool. i held out the sound sensor to jh and asked her what she think of dunmanian idol. then when we reached the part which require the frequency of our individual voices. i started lalala-ing into the sound sensor. i even helped jh to lalala lorhs. wheee helpful me lalala. ohya. before that nic said is hum into the sound sensor to detect frequency then mii and jh asked how to hum. he hummed then we had a laughing fit. esp mii. i cant stop laughing and started crying wow. hahahas

i was apparently LOUD and making too much noises cos darren and jm kept shhh-ing miii. tsk. so meannn. hahas

after physics was maths. remainder and factor theorem. it was fun. but erh kinda complicated at first. cos we forgot how to do the long division of polynomials. but mr helmi enlightened us (:

after maths was school dismissal. but we had afternoon lessons laa. started piaing bio. then went outside 3k clsrm then try to settle the issue of offering cordless mikes for the lower sec youth day concert with geneve, eugene and colin. i was really undecisive abt wad to do. then the others gave ideas lorhs. and finally colin gave a smart idea which ended the sorta argument between four of us. bwahahahas.

then ms loh came into the clsrm and i returned for the bio test. while the three of them went to look for ms yeo. they are nice ppl. hehes. thanks lots (:

bio test was ... ... totally dorts. i am gonna fail thats practically the fate i have to resign too. i gave really stooopid and dumbo answers lorhs. whatever. its over.

kaes this entry is supposed to be short but ohwells. after bio was chinese. erh not bad laa. today is a happy day~~ hahas life is sweet.

but the sweetness will end soon if i dun hurry up and do my LA homework. cos my headache is returning. tata ppl takkaire cos i care (:

Sunday, June 26

my life

guess i should blog sth about my life since i havent been blogging for days. so yupps here i am. hope i am not wasting my life away har. hahas. erh finally managed to complete chem e learning worksheet today. but i have loads and lots of other homework left. HELP.

went for SE concert with yy and yl yesterday. interesting things happened. hahas. mii and yy met at tm then went from tm to bedok to get gerberas for the SE ppl performing and then chiong back to dhs by taxi. hahas. TAXI eh. arent we generous (: but we were almost late. but the concert started late so phew. we were not late. i sorta have some kind of concert-luck or wadever u call it.

that time band concert mii and jh were the last two to enter the hall lol then the door was closed and only opened during the first interval. we were just on time. yesterday we were late by a few minutes and the concert havent start. wheee. i was so worried that i might miss the pieces played by twin. hahas. luckily i didnt.

my twin's a star last night (: in fact everyone from SE's a star last night. well done ppl =)

kaes friendster website is currently lagging. and finally the page has finished loading. my cousin's a meanie. he didnt keep his promise. he promised to write a friendster testimonial for mii last night humph!!! not going to give him the chocolate i bought in germany lalala~ bwahahas.


kaes nvm. so well sch's reopening tmr. i have this excitement inside of mii hahas cos i can see jingle, jh, yy, yl and others almost every day le. then can crap and gossip bwahahas. and even pia tests and homework together. holidays really lonely nehhs. hahaas.

theres bio test in the first week and i havent touch my biology textbook at all. erh wells not literally laa. but i did flip thru it to find answers for the bio ws. everytime i see the bio ws i lost the interest in doing it. hahas for some reasons. i certainly hope i dun start hating bio lehs.

but whatever it is. i still love chem the most. wheee.

hopefully after bio test this week i can go watch 'alot like love' and 'initial d' with haojiemeis. yuppps. wishing upon a star... ... ... lol.

theres youth day concert rehearsal tmr. hope everything goes well and hope that i will be able to perform my duty as the i/c of stage coordinating well enough and not flop the whole thing like i did the previous time. booo. hehes.

receive an email on cpa from yifang last night. erh. i am kinda lost and duunno wad the email's talking about. maybe jingles can enlighten mii.

i duno if i have morning duty tmr. hafta check the sc board.

hmmm. i havent start on bsp yet. i have lots of hw still waiting for mii to complete but whatever.

life is still sweet... and may it remain as sweet forever.

although sometimes when reality strikes, i just wanna break down and cry. hehes.

may life be sweet for you too (: take care.

Thursday, June 23

neoprints ~

whoa this morning tidied and put the stack of chi notes and worksheets into my chi file. Then st arted arranging my neoprints in my new photo album. ya i noe that i am wasting time and i should only be doing this when i have lotsa time to spare which is definitely not now. but if i dun arrange my neoprints neatly then i wont be able to concentrate on my school work. booo thats the weirdo mii laa. anyway jus realised that i have 105 neoprints altogether unless i counted wrongly. whoa isnt that a nice number. hahas. btw i have fallen in love with jamelia's superstar. they played the song during the audition for jue dui superstar on channel u. and they played the song during dunmanian idol yesterday bwahahahas. i dun really listen to english songs. i only got like 4 cds of english songs. two of which are modern love and erh tata young's cd. hahas. sexy naughty bitchy mii. bleah.

yups thats like so pathetic. the rest of the cds are chinese songs lorhs. yups u are right. majority are jaychou's. omg can u believe it jaychou is in singapore. i feel so terribly sad to be stuck at home today and doing my homework. i want to chiong to cineleisure to watch initial d. ahhhh and alot like love. this is so sad cann. my favourite movies are showing at the cinema and i am sitting in front of the computer blogging. hahas

i want to take more neoprints lehs. hahas. my favourite of the neoprints are those taken with cindy, cheryl, juehui, yi ling and yunyin. ohya theres art club too. hahas. super nice. we are united. yups (: artclub rawks rawks rawks =)

hmm let see wad i am going to do today. i am going to complete my part for the chi translation proj then call jh and ask her how we going to collate. and tata a project finally completed yups. i will be starting on my reflection for the germany trip then we will collect as a cls then pass to ms ling. hmm

i will try to do maths and physics today bahs. OMG. bsp. bsp bsp. HELP.

kaes. btw i watched jue dui superstar first round last night. yesterday were the guys contestants. tonight's are the female contestants. and they are going to tao tai 2 contestants. yups. hmm i think i support kelvin. yups he has a great voice though he is blind. really touched by his singing. then he cried yesterday when the judges giving their opinions. jiayou!! hmm the other guy whom i am support wld be that guy who sang 'ai wo bie zou'. he is good looking. hahas. one of the judge super niao cann. say his dressing should sing 'tuo diao' instead. lol

yups tonight's the female contestants. some of them super chio. remember to watch kaes. results will be released tonight at 1130pm. OMG. i jus realised i will be going to my ex-neighbour's house later lehs. how to watch omg omg. ahhhhh. how arh. can i go her house and watch. lols. maybe can ask laa. heehee. i am a tv freak nehhs.

i dont know wad it is
that makes mii feel like this
i dunno who u are
but you must be some kind of superstar (:

Wednesday, June 22

a day in sch. youth day concert rehearsal

hmm slept till eleven today. supposed to wake up at 10am. My grandma woke mii up but i told her to let mii sleep somemore hahas. ya la i pigg cann. had fishball noodles for breakfast. not bad. then karp durian pudding from the fridge. after eating i changed into student councillor white tee and sch skirt then packed stuff and headed for the 158 bus stop beside my flat. was sorta feeling guilty abt eating the durian pudding lol calories... i thot i missed the 158 bus and it was like 12pm already. wanted to leave my house at 1145pm de. then i was tying my hair and taking my own sweet time laalaa. hahas 158 bus finally came and i boarded it. this is like the first time during this hols i am taking bus to school ohwells. i didnt have to go school that often this hols anyway since i spent like 1 week and a few more days in germany.


anyway alighted from the bus then saw yanyu and huiyi. crossed the road together then went to the foyer. chatted there. laughing at the games huiyi they all preparing. lol she purposely making things difficult for the lower sec lorhs. hahahas. jus wait and see.

hmm will our cls tee be ready by youth day? but can we wear our cls tee during sc duty? i doubt so. sigh. i wanna spend youth day with 3j lehs. hahas

anyway ya so rehearsal started with the lower sec concert. i was totally blur and dunno wad to do abt stage coordinating. Super sotong lorhs. i somemore ic lehs. hahas. omg. but fortunately colin knew wad to do laa. then everything was so messy and i got so bushuang and pissed off. dun ask if its by someone or something. i was jus pissed off. then i felt so stressed hahas.

but after a while finally understood wad was going on. hahas. yups phew. must really thank erh geneve, benjamin, ming shuan, shumin, yiliang and colin for their help. THANK YOU PPL (: sorrie laa i was a lousy ic of stage coordinating. heehees.

then after the lower sec concert rehearsal theres the rehearsal for the dunmanian idol. wheee *clap clap. hahas it was at 330pm. then 15 minutes before that i went to 3J clsroom with geneve to get all my files. a big thank you to the sch attendant uncle for helping mii unlock the door and waiting for mii to take my files out. i took about 7 files lorhs. hahas. but i am not going to study or revise. bwahahas.

dunmanian idol rawks. esp the start where zhiwei, li ke, zhang fan and aik siong sing F4's meteor rain!!! omg lorhs. i always faint. hahas F4 is BACK ahhhh. hahas. kaes i need to calm down. then listened to them rehearse and yiliang going on and on and nonstop abt tarot cards. he can really be a lecturer. geneve was listening so attentively that i dunno wad to say. i was almost bored to death lorhs. argh. then finally can go home liaos. took bus 158 with yiliang, mingshuan and eugene. yuppps. thats abt it. going to do chi translation proj now. cya ppl (:

Tuesday, June 21

the production of chi mv

whoa. i or rather we managed to do something constructive today. we completed chi mv. FINALLY~ today's quite a fun day except for the night part, which is now. look at my msn nick and you will noe why. dont ask mii why. pls. thnks alot.

my msn nick : life's not sweet anymore. or maybe it has never been sweet at all
personal msg: sometimes when reality strikes, i jus wanna break down and cry ):

actually the msn nick i wanna add somemore de but no more space laa. then i dun wan take down my blog website oso mahs. so yupps. wanted to add: jus that i am too idealistic

yups reality strikes. jus did. and i seriously feel like crying. i am not going to watch tonghua mv now. cos it really will make mii cry. activate my tear glands and stuff. argh.

woke up at eleven plus this morning. so had brunch as usual lorhs. not really laa. i ate crackers whlie my grandma went to buy mii lunch. started reading 'a walk to remember' by nicholas sparks which yy lent mii. suddenly rmb the book when wj reminded mii yesterday. he said that our LA story outline, the one i wrote, was kinda similar to the book and that the guy is sweet. hahas kaes.

talking about LA project makes my blood boil. i am currently super bushuang. be it something, someone or some-whatever which/who piss mii off. I AM JUST BUSHUANG.

before i go on abt why i am bushuang let mii continue abt my day first kaes.

yups the book was kinda boring in the first part. introduction and stuff. i was frantically waiting and reading for the part where the Landon falls in love with Jamie and then realised that Jamie is suffering from leukemia.

then my grandma bought cai fan for mii. rice with erh yu bing and some pork or chicken. theres green pepper yuckkae. felt super bloated after eating. then erh continued reading the book then finally got ready to meet jh and px at the mrt station. didnt noe wad to wear so jus wear the first thing i found laa. beige tee and op flowery bermudas. typical beach style but who cares.

then i was afraid that i might be late and keep px and jh waiting again so at 1255pm i started walking to the mrt station. yuppps. wore my anklet and heart shaped earrings. casual de laa.

i think i must have walked super fast cos i reached the station at 159pm. pro huh. hahas px smsed to say that she will be late. didnt see jh there yet so she most probably havent reach. went to the toilet then came out. i think i saw my kor using the public phone outside the mama shop. not sure. but i think its him. he busy talking so nv see mii or maybe he dun recognize mii. anyway he is my cousin. i call him kor kor laa.

then went to cheers. looked for chocolate to buy for px's teacher. yups then went to the control station then continued reading the book. then jh came and she looked super apologetic for being late. usually i am the one late mahs. hahahas. theres a first time for everyone and everything. she told mii that i left home veh early cos she called my hse and wanted to tell mii that she wld be late but i already left le. bwahahas punctuality!

then chatted and walked out of the station. saw px walking towards us with a sling bag. she super slim and has super slim arms. ah envious!

then went into cheers. yups chocolate hunting. hahas then we kept cracking jokes that we buy 3 pieces of chocolate then the teacher treated us back lol. kept laughing. in the end we bought a box of dove chocolate for the teacher. px bought dried raisins. jh and i bought the 4 pieces chocolate for 1.95 i took one packet of m&m chocolate, m&m peanuts, snickers and twix. after that we crossed the bridge outside the mrt station to the other side. then it started to rain and i started whinning abt the rain. hahas. and jh and px started to niao mii. tsk tsk.

then i hao bu rong yi hailed a taxi. we rushed onto the taxi cos it was raining. then peixin showed the taxi driver the address then he ap. said he going home liaos so no time then asked us to get down and flag another taxi. attitude laa. wdh. super pissed off.

then finally flagged another green cab. then we boarded it. then px told the uncle that we wan to go to shen me shen me street hahas. mii and jh started laughing then px took out the address and showed the uncle. then mii and jh kept laughing until i cried yups. hahas hilarious lorhs.

then i munching on my m&m chocolate on the taxi. shhh. then chatted and discussed then finally reached px's teacher's office. then alighted. then went into the school.

then yups started doing. not really laa. we were chatting and laughing .talking abt our own stuff. then i was reading my book at some points of time. then finished eating my chocolate. wanted to karp the dove chocolate we bought for the teacher lol. naughty bel (: hehes

then ya. we completed the whole thing at 720 like that. px left at around 7pm so mi and jh waited for the production of the chi mv. super impressed by the effect done. hahas. our chi mv is super cute. are you envious? >.< color="#ff6600" size="5">happy birthday to youu
happy birthday to youu
happy birthday to JOVIAN
happy birthday to youu

stay cheerful, humorous and sehh.
best wishes ~

yups then i oso makan lorhs. after that had mango pudding and green tea. then came online to discuss abt LA. yups negative answer as expected. then reality struck. jingle was right. i had been so stupid and naive. really. i am really disappointed. jus wanna break down and cry. i hate myself for believing and trusting you. and i hate you. dun ask mii who i hate. if not i am gonna arbish u. i was super bushuang just now. and only slightly better now.

but all i can say is that LA filming is gonecase. seem like only mii, jingle and jh care abt LA. and there obviously dont seem to be any KIND soul out there. not that i noe of any. esp some ppl laa. nvm. WHATEVER.

Monday, June 20

scary experience with catty meow =S

was almost late for chem tuition just now. i can always count on my dad to get mii to one place on time. hahas. his driving skills rawk. and i always believe in him yupps he seldom disappoint mii and thats why my dad rawks *beams. hehes

mr lee taught about molar mass and stuff. melissa didnt come today. super lonely lorhs. hahas. then i forgot to bring my water bottle. cos was kinda rushed when leaving house. so yups. mr lee passed the attendance list around. then i was sitting on the right sector super inside. then was the last girl. then this super nice guy whose name i duno walked over and passed the list to mii. wow nice rite. hahas. didnt show mii bushuang face oso. gentleman. yups. good example. hahas

then after tuition went guardian. bought neutrogena mask. 2 for 12.90 lehs. dunno why suddenly feel like buying mask. ya la. fine lo. ai mei can? hahas.

bought Clean and Clear Acne Speed Clearing Gel. pimples are popping out on my forehead and its time i did something. i mean i have been washing my face and applying Clearasil pimple treatment cream but like no effects lehs. utter disappointment sigh bwahahas.

then went old chang kee and bought curry puffs and spring rolls. my mom asked mii buy de. then walked to bus stop and ate spring roll while waiting for bus. this uncle was staring at mii eat. hehhs its rude to stare lo. hahahas. mind ur manners UNCLE~

then bus 80 finally came. boarded it and found a seat. sat down. there is this little girl sitting opposite mii and she kept staring at mii. errr. hahas. she is pretty cute. and prettaye. bwahahas. kindas smiled at her. hahas. then after a while. an indian couple with their toddler daughter boarded the bus then the husband sat opposite mii while the wife sat beside mii then the toddler wanted to sit beside her mother which means in between mii and her mummy. hahas. she super cute cann. then cos near my stop liaos. so i gave the seat to her. she is really cute. hahas.

thot alot of my past this year on the bus. hahas. memories. hmmm

crossed the road then walked to my flat's void deck. then was about to climb up the stairs when this horrible blacky catty jumped from the stairs to my front. ahhhhh. then it followed mii. and i kept walking it kept following. smart laa. noe i got curry puffs. then the uncles sitting at the void deck were looking at mii without offering to help shoo away the cat lorhs wdh. waiting to see mii die arh. then the catty. its black btw. sat there meowing. then it opened its mouth wide. argh. super scary. ahhhh

then i decided to act smart. lightbulb above my head flashed and i walked around the lifts and got to the other side of the stairs. i thot i was able to escape. but who noe that catty strolled over lorhs!!!!! then it jumped onto the bench and looked like its gonna pounce onto mii any moment. then my mom was upstairs at the corridor so i screamed for help. hahas. an uncle was passing by and looked at mii like i am some lunatic. i noe i sound childish but i am really scared of cats!!!

yes when my mother came down, that catty hopped from the bench onto the ground and sough for refugee somewhere behind the bench. yayyy mommy to the rescue. mommy rawks!!

super scary. its obvious that that meanie blacky evilish devilish catty was following mii!!! it kept meowing. arghhhhh. i am so glad to be safe and sound at home. if i ever get killed by the catty which is like 99.999999% not possible, will you remember mii? will you tink of me? hehehes

kaes. whatever (:

so ya. hmm LA filming might have some hopes. yups and i jus thot of someone who will most probably agree to help us. so he will be a backup plan bahs. but unfortunately sacrifices have to be made. well we shall see. was telling jh that she wld most probably 99.99999999% get a negative answer tmr. its not like mii to get all pessimistic. but sometimes being too optimistic can make you get a worse fall which means a deeper feeling of disappointment.

yups thats when realisation struck. i finally accepted it. sometimes you just have to accept it. hehes

alright meeting px and jh tmr at mrt station at 1pm. chi mv. wish mii gd luck.

so ya. wad a scary experience with catty jus now. meow. argh. just a meow sends goosebumps down my arm. i am just so afraid of catty laa. my weakness. i dun hate catty. i am afraid of them. get the difference?

hahahas i just added another point to my criteria for mii prince (:

not that i am all despo laa. but every girl sets a criteria for the guy of her dream mahs. i am definitely not an exception so ya. one of the criteria. he must not be afraid of catty so that he can protect mii!! hahas. but hor

is there even any guys who are afraid of catty? not that i noe of. my dad loves catty. always patting them. i wan them to go away. he makes them come near mii. ahhh HELP.

my brother. even more pro. he makes loud noises with his foot, hence scaring them off as a result. they start to dash and seek refugee and most of the time, they run in my direction and needless to say send mii screaming and shouting and jumping around. mean eh!

so ya. hmmm browsing thru friendster now. just added eldon as my friend. and edited my profile.

argh chem

finally finished typing the 4th part of the chinese translation proj. that means left about hmm 7 more and somemore. whoa sounds alot har. nvm jiayou. jh jia you too kaes (:

finally did something constructive today lols. and i jus completed my chem tuition homework. see... i am a good girl. a good student. hehehes. x)

tried to do the chem e learning worksheets. saw the empty spaces on the periodic table then i thot need to fill in the elements. then i wrote h for hydrogen then read the instructions. sotong mii. hehehes. but filling up the periodic table would be so much easier than inferring which element has wad kind of properties rite. i dun care. i am gonna try my best to do chem worksheets. chem is my best subject so far. and i love chem. mrs phua's nice and sehh. hahas tells humorous jokes and keeps a stern face. but she is nice. really. i love mrs phua. my chem tuition teacher mr lee rawks too. yayys. that leads to the conclusion why i love chem and why chem is so fun. heehees.

i am seriously getting worried about LA, maths and bsp. hahas yes bsp. i have no idea when i am going to officially start on it. but needless to say by this week.

OMGGGG. i just remembered the reflection for germany trip ahhhh. forgetful mii. but maybe the others oso forget. hahas. kaes fine. i sotong cann. hafta give to ms ling for her signature when school reopens. ohwells. one more homework. gosh.

oh ya. geog notes. jh and i both didnt noe need to highlight the geog notes given by ms pear until jm told mii. hahas i am gonna get that done asap. how hard can highlighting a few stacks of notes get. yes except that its a few stack laa. hohoho merry christmas. homework are driving mii crazy. HELP. these few days' posts will most probably be homework. yes mii whining abt homework. ohya not forgetting projects. argh.

i havent develop the photos taken in paris, london and germany. ahhh and i already bought photo albums for them hahahas. this year is a special one. with lotsa wonderful memories, be it in singapore or overseas. yups (:

life is still sweet. and pls let the sweetness stay forever. hehes. kaes. gonna get ready for chem tuition. cya ppl. might be coming online later. but maybe not. hehes anyway take care cos I CARE (: kaes bye.


just read an 'expired' newspaper article on multi-tasking teens. its on 4 june. when i was in germany. YES I MISS GERMANY. esp since the aircon in my bedroom is spoilt. i miss niaoing jh and screaming and chatting late at night with her. hahahas. i miss that disgusting toilet. i miss that cosy chair in my hotel room.

hmmm kaes back to multi-tasking. its hard to name one person whom i know who dont multi-task ehs. i multi-task too. i listen to music, blog, chat, sms, and erh download stuff. but life gets pretty boring without multi-tasking dont you think so. concentrating on one thing. i cant. geminis cant. i get bored and fall asleep. thats why during exam periods i hafta snack as i study. that explains why i gain weight. bwahahahs.

i was thinking if my dad gets mii a laptop. i wld be chatting online, watching tv, eating and maybe reading at the same time. hahas i even multi-tasked just now when i was reading the newspaper article. i had my brunch as i was reading. hehehes. yes brunch. breakfast and lunch together makes brunch. eh thats lame whatever.

maths holidays homework is getting on my nerve and i am gonna get some help. yups if not i will never be able to complete anything. i sorta wish to complete chem and bio today but do you think its possible. i think its not possible at all lorhs. slacky mii well u noe.

but IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. hahas when theres a will theres a way. so ya. optimism!!

i seriously need to complete the holidays homework and chiong down to shopping malls and start shopping and spending money and watch movie. not that i have alot of money to spend. but i, well, need to relax myself and spend potential time with my haojiemeis and erh maybe buddies laa. whatever.

gosh i am going 'whatever. whatever.' yucks. wdh some stupid moskis just sarked my bloood. argh. ever since the aircon broke down, the moskis in my room have been enjoying themselves and feasting on my sweet blood. gosh. itch ehs. grrrr

theres rehearsal for youth day celebration concert on wednesday. i might hafta go back to school tmr or wed to get all my files out of the locked classroom.

so yes. i want to complete my homework asap. HOMEWORK just ruin my holidays. so many things so little time. so i dun care. i want to finish my homework. but eh actions speak louder than words then why am i crapping so much when i should at least get started on something?


my mosquito bites are getting really itchy. guess i am gonna go mosquitoes hunting and start smacking their arse. hahas thats lame.

woohoo theres SE concert this saturday and my darhling twin aka jingle is performing lehhhs. go support kaes (: my twin rawks. music talented. hmmm jiayou jingle!!

alright my whole week is full and i might not even be able to go to 2d04 cls chalet. argh. monday which is today. chem tuition later at 630. i like chem tuition. mr lee's nice and his teaching rawks. wheeee.

tuesday. which is tmr. meeting jh and px at aljunied mrt at erh 1pm. then will be doing our chinese mv using animation. yuppps.

wednesday which is the day after tmr. youth day concert rehearsal in school. i am the i/c of stage coordinating. hopefully twin can go and help mii cos i dunno a single thing abt PA stuff. so yuppps HELP. looking forward to the dunmanian idol rehearsal. the finalists really rawk. yups.

OH GOSH. i just remember we are supposed to start filming for LA on wednesday. i got rehearsal from erh 12 to 3pm i think. maybe after that then start filming. but WHO IS ACTING?! hahahas. i am beginning to like captialising the words when i shuang. no offence kaes (: i am just bored yups.

thursday 23 june 2005. initial d BY JAY CHOU and alot like love showing in cinemas. omg omg. but i need company laa. yups whatever see first. yy and yl will be at bsp camp. enjoy yourselves kaes? (=

friday erh whole day of LA filming? our LA film HAS to be completed by today. HOPEFULLY AND PREFERABLY. i think capitalising the words are getting irritating. hahas. anyway. yups LA film has to be completed by today. by hooks or by crooks. lols oh ya and my homework? not possible. but wait


saturday theres SE concert at night. so in the day i wld most probably be piaing homework.

Sunday. i wanna go cycle and blade at east coast. can? hehehes. i wldnt mind shopping and watching a movie.

yups my schedule. so full ehs. so 2d cls chalet how?! hy just asked mii abt it. told him that hw yi da dui. hahas.

btw tmr my brother's birthday. oopsie. havent gotten his birthday present but he dun seem to lack of anything. except assessment books. bwahahahas. i dunno wad to get for him honestly. he only enjoys gaming and nothing else i guess. aiya later go heartland mall and see see. will be going there for tuition anyway. convenience eh.

alright i think i am going to complete chinese translation proj by today and start on it right now right here. yups cya ppl. and pls tag kaes (: muakkks dun miss mi eh. hehes

boring day

decided to come and blog since i am bored. its 7 minutes to 1am. ohwells.

i have been coming online almost every single day. I am kinda addicted to internet and msn chatting or rather i already am addicted, esp to surfing internet and chatting late at night. till around midnight or even way past midnight. i better change this habit cos i will be sleeping my life away the next day. it couldnt be jet lag rite. i dont suffer that much from jet lag. talking about that, let me emphasize once again that I MISS GERMANY.

Germany. kaes i noe. i said i didnt feel like going and stuff like that before going. But i was so fortunately to be in Mrs Kang's grp and able to go to Germany with my darhhlings: juehui, yuhan and cheng meng, and brothers: darren, junming, kenny and eugene.

hahas this is getting weird. why am i suddenly calling them brothers. nvm. friends, classmates whatever. and i REALLY enjoyed myself in germany. the flight to germany was quite interesting i must say. hahas. interesting stuff happened and food kept coming even before the ones i had havent been digested. dar and jm acting all gayish beside mii. and of cos not to forget those niaoing i had. hahas. i didnt really catch much slp on that flight. My neck ached. cos i was resting my head on my left shoulder. argh. ohya. i caught a flu. i was sneezing and using up packets and packets of tissue papers. borrowing from jh, yh and dar. yupps. my nose was so red and it was surprising that my hair dont have static on the plane bwahahahas.

the first hotel we stayed in was nice. the toilet was erh way COOL. hahas yupps. u should see it. its sth like you can see ur roommate bathing when u are brushing ur teeth. cool har. hahas. its disgusting lorhs. anyway i shared the same room at jh. yups and during the second night we were screaming and chatting really loudly. screaming cos of the disgusting mv on tv. chatting cos. we dont wan to waste time sleeping hahas. then we didnt even hear the phone ringing wow. yea u are right. the one screaming is mii laa hahas. who else.

yucks my right foot is numb now. i cant move it. ahhhh. HELP. its TOTALLY numb argh never mind. kaes finally its better now.

kaes let me continue about germany. not going really into details. but the more interesting stuff.

erh the bus trips to museums and castles were always interesting. daidee, bridge, cheat, photo taking, niaoing, playing with piglet etc etc. we always tried to get 8 seats together. there was one day when i was the first to chiong up the bus and grab 8 seats. super malu cann. argh. but i am doing it for the sake of my friends. yups. my haojiemeis and hao brothers yea? lols.

the mountain climbing to reach the castle was nice. except that i nearly had an asthma attack and jh was super worried lols. and everytime someone reminded mii that i was stepping on horse poo i wld start screaming. going down the mountain was much easier. how i wish i could jus roll down. since wj said that i should roll instead of running for 2.4 km run. after the run, i proudly declared that i ran instead of roll and passed the run. lols. whatever. lame. yea i really wanted to roll down but i dont want to end up smelling and looking disgusting with horse poo on my jacket. i screamed a few times too. screaming is just my strength. u noe talent. yups. hahas


everything's gone. only fond memories. and i definitely treasure this memories (:

i have jus edited the movies list and there are currently 4 movies which i want to watch desperately right now. initial d. by my darhhling jay chou. awwww. alot like love. i am watching that i dont care. u dun have to be in love to watch that. ice princess. i wan to discover her fairytale. five children and IT. its cute. little kids are cute. BUT i need company. i need ppl to peii mii watch movie hahas.

so ya. movies anyone? ((:

that sounds really desperate huh. i want to watch movies. but i dont have the time and of cos company. so yups. theres chem tuition tmr. and i am going to TRY to do some hw tmr. its like the last week of the hols. my mom was nagging at mii and my brother to finish all our hw by friday. i was telling her and trying to explain why it is impossible. it just IS impossible. dont you agree.

LA film's a big problem. who's gonna act. the story outline and script are ready. i completed them this afternoon. oh ya. i haven edit the tenses for the story outline but it is considered ready laa. who's acting? hopefully some kind souls out there will agree to help. you will be in for a treat u noe. we are nice ppl (: but no promise yet kaes.

all right. gtg. its getting really late and i think yy's waiting for mii to go offline together. hehehes. cya.

Saturday, June 18


btw to add on to the previous entry, there were violence in batman begins. super loads of violence. argh. hahas. yuppps. i kept preparing to close my eyes lols. and i was gripping my bag. whatever

supposed to meet shumin this morning at erh 10am. then she sms mii at 0908 to say that she wld be late. then i was super tired and had no strength at all to get out of bed then i replied her, suggesting to change the meeting time to 1030am then i continued sleeping. slept until 945am. super tired. dragged myself out of bed then washed up and changed into pink bermudas and black camp tee. hahahas.

then had breakfast. didnt want to eat anything at first. sigh. my dad was nice. he fetched mii to raffles place mrt. wanted to alight at aljunied mrt station then take mrt to raffles myself. hahas. thnks dad (:

shumin was late. hahas so i went Aries to look at necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, toerings and earrings. saw anklets with bells. nice nice. then went to help my grandma top up her ez link. supposed to top up yesterday then i forgot. waited in front of the control station. was reading my teenage magazine. then suddenly started sneezing. who's thinking of mii. hahahas. booo

then saw shumin and we walked to boat quay together. walked to the bridge beside esplanade. super hot lorhs. then saw band members from other schools and ncc ppl there. jingle said they were rehearsing for national day. then she super hyper. started dancing to the music. lols. then sat under the bridge. jh came. jingle went to film buildings. mii and jh sat down and chatted. then jingle came back and started filming us lols. sat under the bridge for quite a while. couldnt proceed to other scenes cos no actors. then finally we decided to change the story plot.

i just finished typing the story outline. its practically like fanfic cann. hahas yuppps. anyway we walked to citylink lorhs. then bought hot dog roll at polar and sat at the tables there to eat and discuss. after eating, i bought an iced latte. jh bought iced mocha. and i saw the chocolate mint cake jh they all bought for mii birthday. hahas super touched.

anyway ya we continued discussing. then jingle played with my hp camera. the more we discussed the faster the ideas poured in. and tata. we had a love story. a sad one. no 'happily ever after' hehhhs. boooooooo

then jingle left at 3pm. mii and jh discussed until 4 plus then we went around looking for props for the film. went to suntec. then i bought a converse shirt. yea the one that i wanted. went to try and its not bad. hahas. even my mom said its nice. thot she was going to scold mii for anyhow buying things. lols.

then jh peii mii walked to the exit and i walked to city hall. hmmm. yuppps busy day. lotsa inspirations. havent decide whos going to act in our film. but ohwells there will be someone laa. the story is romantic. guess i am going to work on the script now. bye.

life is still sweet lalala~ at least for now. hehehehes


hmm spent the whole of today outside. shall go into details later. Shall talk abt yesterday. hmmm wore a black shirt and op beige skirt. meeting jh at city hall mrt at 1230pm. walked to the mrt station at 12pm and it was pouring heavily. yuppps raining cats and dogs in other words. but i didnt care and walked in the rain with a pathetically small umbrella. and i realised that i was the only one walking in the heavy rain. urgh. then i was hugging the shopping bag containing jh's bsp book and trying to prevent my new pink bag from getting wet. i stepped into puddles of water by the road too and a taxi splashed water onto mii when it zoomed past. i was pissed off cann. argh. when i FINALLY reached the mrt station, i chionged to the toilet and started drying my skirt. it was almost totally wet and i think i look awful. hahas. my hair was super messy. i spent abt 15 minutes in the toilet and i was like super late for meeting jh. then waited for the train to come. when i just walked into the train, jh called mii and i apologized lo. my fault. sigh

finally reached city hall mrt and started telling jh abt mii getting drenched hahas. super apologetic cos she waited for around 20 minutes. then jm called to say wj going to see doc and will be late. then we went shopping. looking at clothes and accessories. then jm came and we headed for mac. found empty tables and sat down. then moved over to another table cos the one we were sitting at were not cleared. i bought ice lemon tea and jh bought coke. yuppps. then ya. discussed lorhs. then wj called to say he reached liaos. then jm went to fetch him cos he duno how to come to mac. then he came back without wj cos he said he noe the way. ohwells. then he came. whoa luckily didnt get lost.

yuppps then discussed lorhs. lotsa niaoing and stuff laa. hehhs. suaning oso. btw i bought an anklet while shopping at SIX. nice nice. colourful de.

after staying at mac for a few hours, we walked around then wj had to go home so left the three of us. We headed for the cinema. There was only one movie we could watch and be in time for concert and thats batman begins. i went to buy tickets as usual and that lady didnt let mii choose the seats lehs. she helped mii choose lorhs. boo. then went into the cinema. it was not as dark as the one we watched 'son of the mask' at. bwahahas. found our seats quite easily. the cinema super cold. batman begins is nice... and i rmb one phrase from the movie:

to conquer fear, u must be fear

nice rite. hahas. the movie lasted for 2 hr and 15 minutes. that means we were left with only half an hour to get to vch for the concert. met up with jm's friend, bryan then we ran to the taxi stand outside suntec city. There was a long queue and by the time its our turn, the concert wld have started. so we went and jaywalked to another building and took a taxi. phew

jm and bryan walked super super fast cann. then mii and jh lagging behind. i was wearing low heeled slippers and blisters started to form on my feet. hahas. and rmb, running about in low-heeled slippers do your feet no good.

reached vch. and we were the last to enter. last four. cos after that lady tore our tickets, mrs wong came behind us and told them to close the door liaos. hahas. lucky us ((:

the concert was nice. really. but jh and i were super tired. then at one point of time we were creating shadows with our hands and my bag acted as the screen lols. okae its lame.

jh's dad came to fetch her. then saw a few ppl. waited at bus stop for dad. waited for very very long. then jm's dad came to fetch him and bryan. then after a long time then my dad finally came. i was feeling all giddy at the bus stop. cos i didnt eat lunch and dinner. shhhhh. i ate fries laa. >.<

reached home then arranged time to meet for LA filming today. super tiring day. but not too bad. quite a happy day. i got niaoed. i got suaned. and i got blisters. bwahahas =) life is still sweet...

Thursday, June 16

argh left files in school

this morning woke up very reluctantly at 9 plus. Super tired cann. Cant even pry open my eyes. argh. then changed into art club tee and skirt then did abit of maths before dad fetched mii to school. Went to mrs koh's locker and took out 2 consent forms. one for mii and one for jh. then put in the list of ppl for cip in her locker. then use the intercom and called for mdm nora. then she asked mii to go office to take class register to check for the number for the camera which wj returned. then sth super embarrassing happened. nvm. then students not allowed to access cls register so went back to staffroom to tell mdm nora. then she took the cameras and walked to the office with mii.

on the way she told mii that if need to zoom in when filming, press the zoom button lightly if not the zoom will become blur. then if wan to do close up then focus first then record. then checked the camera and then thanked her. now only left jm's grp havent collect camera. then i went to the lockers outside the classroom. took yy's bsp book out of jh's locker and put into her locker. then took band concert ticket from yy's locker. then i opened my own locker. theres nth impt for mii to bring home. took jh's bsp book out of her locker. then went to open the classroom door. booo. its lock. both front and back doors were locked. and my poor files all inside lehs. shucks lorhs. i cant tidy my biology file now. i cant tidy my chi file now.

now i dunno how to do maths and got no notes to refer to. the notes are in my files which are in the classroom. ARGH. i dunno wad to do now. my fault laa. haiyo. brought all textbooks home but left all files in school. PRO LAA. bleah. bleah. i dunno wad i am going to do now. die le lorhs. hmm. maybe borrow maths notes from jh tmr.

haiya. ohya i think i sorta decided wad to wear to the band concert tmr le. and i am going to bring my new montip bag bwahahas. and going to wear the op skirt which i only wore for a few times. bwahahas. not sure going to wear the necklace or earrings. but most likely earrings.

haiya. super pissed off now lorhs. argh. homework are getting on my nerves. i think i am going to do chinese translation project editing now. argh grrrr.

Wednesday, June 15

the life of a shopaholic

woke up at 1045am this morning. super tired. hahas. then washed up and ate carrot cake for breakfast. yuckkae oily. but i like it. hahas. then watched the show bu liao qing on channel u. quite nice ehs. hahas then reluctantly went to change. Wore a skirt and blue blouse. aiya i dunno wad to wear for the band concert this friday.

then put brochures and foolscap and other stuff in yellow super big tout bag. hahas. took sweater too. cos just now raining mahs. fill water bottle with water. then wanted to wear nike sports shoes de but scared wait dirty it. so wore op slippers instead. walked to mrt station at 1135. meeting jh at 12pm.

then ya took mrt lorhs. pasir ris left 1 min so chiong all the way up the escalator and finally into the train. bwahahas. then reached tampines at 1158am. then walked towards tm and crossed the road. saw jh there le. erhh i was 3 minutes late. sigh sorrie laa. hahas. gimme an award for punctuality ((:

eeeyer the internet connection has some problems currently and the website dun appear fully de. argh now cant download ringtones from the samsung website. wow wow.

anyway mii and jh walked to kfc and discussed abit. then bought the new set meal which is very worth it. i changed my drink to lemonade then that lady gave us this chicken wing which is so tiny that erh. hahas then i requested for a change. hey i am not choosy. jus wanna make our money worth it. u should have seen the chicken wing. its so tiny it wont fill your stomach. lols.

then we sat down and makan. discussed abt brochure and LA. after eating, we did the editing for translation lorhs. yuppps. i niaoed jh. hahahs unintentionally de. really. i just said wad i wanted to say and poof its jus got directed at her. hahas. then we were like discussing wad i should wear to band concert on fri. and if we should have lunch with the guys before LA discussion. ohwells. oops just realised that the phone wire got disconnected from the modem and that stooopid modem is still connecting like nobody's business. guess i hafta restart the computer but wait. let mii finish blogging first kkaes.

then at 2 plus we divided the project between us and we went shopping. took a long time dividing the workload cos jh laa. hahas. keep say i do lesser. hahas then we were laughing and suaning each other laalala. and when we were discussing the lady sitting on my right suddenly dropped her calculator and scared both of us. hahas.

finally divided the work then went to century square to shop. first stop was the shop outside the mall which sells bags. erhs the bags are nice but not my style. hehehes. then we chiong to montip and i bought that flower bracelet and pink bag. couldnt decide whether to buy the pink or black one. then jh said pink one can peii black shirt. erhh okae. hahas. i prefer the pink one to the black one of cos. then jh oso said the pink one you can see like got pattern like that but black one is just plain. lols. yuppps agree. then paid and that lady took out a new bag for mii to check. saw sth like a black stain on the bag then requested for another one. hahahas. hey its my money kkaes. then finally paid and walked out of the shop happily. before paying we were looking at rings. then jh tried on the rings. i didnt. aiya. the design of the rings dun really suit mii mahs. hahas.

then we walked towards the escalator and saw necklaces on the way. nicee. then went to baleno. wanted to find jh's jacket. but there never sell jacket le. booo. then just shopped around. went to kalms. then took escalator to the first floor again. i think i saw olivia with her bf. not sure. but she was wearing the sec 2 level camp tee. dun think she recognize us. she dun even noe us. jh didnt see her lol.

walked to tm then passed by samuel and kevin. they have a sale on blouses. then i sorta peeped into the shop cos we nv go in mahs. saw nice skirts and blouses. shall drop by there another time. then went to esprit to hunt for skirts. no nice ones. stopped at u2. saw a skirt quite similar to the one i wearing at that time. hahas. saw nice tops and sweaters and jeans.

walked to op. we went to the op at century sq before that. saw very short skirts. and nice slippers. bwahahahs. somemore 20% diccount storewide. the shirt design there not very nice. prefer the branch at pp. saw a black shirt which i like the last time i went. hmmm shall go back there and buy it someday.

then looked at jewellery displays outside jewellery shops. saw citigems. i like that shop and the jewellery. cos i like the advertisement on tv, featuring fiona and joanne. yuppps friendship rawks. hahas.

went into a shop selling super ex jewellery. we went to this shop before in germany. swarvoski or sth. the things inside all super nice and of cos super ex.

then we went upstairs to converse. looked at the jacket which jh wanted to buy. then i saw this black converse shirt. its nice. the pink and grey wordings. and the extra small size is like super big. not very big but definitely not the usual xs. didnt buy.went to mini toons next. the salesgirl recommended the limited disney pooh and friends series. all of them wore singlets. or tank tops. not sure laa. whatever lols.

its like u spend 2 bucks in a single receipt then you are entitled to purchase unlimited number of pooh and friends at only 9.90 each. the usual price for each was 19.90. so considered quite worth it. hahas i am actually advertising here for mini toons. i am a member wad. hahas

then i saw another mini sleeping pooh and friends series. this one costs 6.90 each. wanted to buy the piglet but it doesnt look very realistic so didnt buy.

mii and jh decided to buy gummies. i took strawberry kisses, orange slices, gummy bears and marshmallows. jh took about the same stuff. but she took lesser. then both of us went to weigh the gummies to see if theres enough 100 grams. mine was more than 100 grams and cost 1.70 initially then i went to add more strawberry kisses and it became 2.15. hahas. jh super funny kkaes. she kept going to weigh and filling more gummies into her bag and finally she reached a point when her gummies weighed 95 grams. 5 more grams to 100 grams. hahahas.

then i finally decided to buy the limited series of piglet. the 9.90 one. then the salesgirl kinda like brainwash mii and ask mii to buy more cos is limited series then will sold out very soon. but i dun have enough money. jh offered to lend mii but decided not to listen to that salesgirl laa. hahas. yuppps couldnt use member discount card. booo. they have 20% discount storewide for members. i think cos of great singapore sale. until july. still got long time laa.

then erh we decided to go home and meet online at night to do our project. ate gummies as we walked to the mrt station. wanted to go B.U.M to look at clothes de. hahas. but aiya another time bahhs. then kept the gummies in my plastic bag and walked into the mrt station. jh walked to the bus interchange. i was holding 2 shopping bags. hahas and the feeling of being a shopaholic really rawks. hahas. then saw the train heading towards boon lay then chiong inside. hahas.yuppps. stood thruout the train journey. saw weijian at the tanah merah mrt. and another guy from 2F if i am not wrong. he was standing opposite and beside mii. i think he recognize mii but dare not look at mii in the eyes. hahas. am i that scary. i was once psl of his cls lehs. then he alighed at eunos. yupps and mii at aljunied laa.

supposed to help my grandma top up her ez link card. then inserted the card into the machine and inserted 5 dollars. then realised that minimum top up value is 10 dollars and i dun have enough money le. cos shopping laa. felt kinda guilty. sigh. but the card still has around 3 bucks. so decided that i wld help her top up on fri when i go out again. yuppps. saw teenage magazine at the stall outside mrt station. bought it. jaychou on cover page lehhs sehh. put the magazine into the montip plastic bag.

on the way back i stepped into a puddle of dirty rain water and a few dropletes splashed onto my montip plastic bag. was kinda worried that the new pink bag that i bought will be dirtied. but luckily it didnt get dirty and i was wearing skirt instead of jeans. then reached home. first thing i did was took a tissue paper and wiped the plastic bag. went to wash my feet after that. then munched on gummies. fattening har. never mind. was reading thru chem textbook halfway. on periodic table. then suddenly rmb that i bought teenage magazine. opened it and flipped thru. then went back to reading a few chunks of words in chem textbook. then brother finished gaming and i am here blogging. hehehes. okae. thats abt it. i am going to restart my computer. tata for now.

sudden realisation

hey i just realised that my blog is a picture of a girl and boy flying kites. bwahahas. i love to fly kites. lol. fine laa. i am slow. hahas. but awww. hahas. i really just realise lorhs. sudden realisation. bwahahahs. tonghua. fly kites. woohoo ((:

Tuesday, June 14

married life....

yesterday during chem tuition, mr lee told us abt his wife who gave up her career as a teacher to look after his three children. yupps. he had left the decision to his wife de.

whoa just now after yl left, yy, jh and i were talking abt how many children we wld want to have after we get married. bwahahas. yy wants at least 2 children, jh wants at most 2 children. ehs for mii arh i forgot wad i said. but i think is at least 2 issit. hahas. then we want our first child to be a girl. bwahahahs. GIRL POWERR~

and i was thinking if i wld give up my career to look after my children or child. whatever. hahas. hm wld i? that wld have to depends on my occupation. teacher? doctor? writer? poet? celebrity? bleahhh no way. i noe!! shopaholic! yayyynesss. lols boo i am getting dreamy har. how much can a shopaholic earn. nah wrong question. how much does a shopaholic spend. hahas i am getting lame. whatever.

okae come on be serious bel. hehehehes. geminians can be journalist or writer cos they love to gossip. hehehes. really mehs? i dun gossip. lols you believe? they can also be linguist or language teacher, television presenter, dancer or comedian. in conclusion any kind of work that requires communication and salesmanship.

bwahahahs.. oh ya just now i was telling yy and jh that two ppl long long ago who were born on the same day as mii were actor and dancer. so who noes. i might become a celebrity. hahas then their facial expression was expected laa. hey it doesnt hurt to dream does it. hahas and i realise that i daydream alot nowadays.

so yupppps busy busy busy. actually i am retyping this. cos the whole chunk just disappeared to i dunno where. goshh.

hmmm tmr having lunch wid darhhling juehui at tm then doing chi project. after that i gonna dash to montip to get the bag and bracelet which i wanted to buy long time ago. then maybe drop in to op, u2 or esprit or any shops that sell clothes cos i wan to buy clothes. woohoo catch a movie perhaps. nahs. not enough time. shopping rawks anyway.

btw my anklet broke. i didnt do anything to it. it just broke. i think its becos i took it off too many times then that stooopid hook thing rust then broke. lousyyy >.< but it only caused 7.90 laa. i wan to go SIX to get more. hmmm earrings definitely. necklace ehs. i am still admiring and loving the one i bought in germany. hehehes. anklets yuppps. i need a new one cos my right leg felt kinda empty. i dun mind bracelets too. hahas. rings arh. i dun have nice fingers. my fingers are short and fat. hahas but i dun mind nice rings. but i think its hard to find one that fit my fingers. i tried wearing yuhan's ring during the germany trip and guess wad. the whole ring just slipped off my finger when i held up my hand. lols. short finger. shorter distance. yuppps. hahas.

ni hui ji de wo ma. hui ji de hen jiu ma? xiang qi wo shi yi ding yao kai xin worr. yuppps.

true happiness is helping your loved ones achieve happiness. i am gonna discover fairytales for my haojiemeis. yuppps tong hua. erh for my tong hua arh. dunno la. whatever. hahas.

dance practice

yy, yl and jh came to my house for chinese presentation discussion aka dance practice. lols. walked to mrt station to fetch them then chatted on the way. got niaoed. boo. hahas. then practised dance and sang songs. talked laughed chatted niaoed. hmmm then yi ling hafta leave cos she got shangyin. then we discussed then played fortune telling and daidee. played with love calculator too. the results given was like so erhhh dorts. hahas then taught yy how to play daidee. then played a few games. everytime i lost they cheered my cheer. hahahas bwahahas. btw juehui brought her camera's memory card then i loaded her photos into my computer. yuppps

gosh. homework and projects. tmr meeting juehui for chi project. thurs might be meeting for erh chi mv project. fri meeting for LA and theres band concert. there is also cpa meeting. meeting for LA filming on saturday. argh.

hmmm life goes on... yuppppps.

Monday, June 13


had chem tuition just now. went back to that place which i was once very familiar with. hmmm the sense of belonging lols. i saw a girl sitting in front of me towards my right. then i was hesitating to make friends with her. very long nv make new friends le ma. bwahahas. then i pass the attendance list to her. then i smiled then asked her if i could share her notes cos i nv bring and there. i made a new friend. wheeee. her name is melissa. nice to meet you melissa ((:

woohoo. then chem tuition was interesting today. copied notes and learn new topic. mr lee enlighten us too. told us abt his past and stuff. money's not everything. happiness matters the most or sth like that. true friends are those who will be there for you when you need them. yuppps a friend in need is a friend in deed. in this world, you can only depend on yourself. i am enlightened. really. thanks mr lee =)

i finally settled the art club cip thingy. three cheers for bel. bwahahas. the number of ppl kept not tallying. was getting fed up. hahas. and finally thanks to my quite limited patience i got it tallied. yuppps was discussing with jia min and about to send emails. but decided to send it tmr bahs. yupppps. spc job har. hard work lehs. hahahas

now discussing with yy and jh and wj abt meeting for dance practice and LA discussion. argh. busy busy busy. still got art club cip ahhhh. and not forgetting homework.

buy mii kit kats ppl. i need a break. hahahas.

though i think i have been slacking alot already. but still. STRESSED.

argh stooopid aircon

yuckkkkaeee. the aircon in my room is hopeless. cannot be repaired and needless to say has to be discarded and replaced. argh

just helped my mom to type out some stuff abt dad's biz. whoa. i could actually help with the biz. hehehes. typing. trained by chatting at msn. bwahahas.

hey i gtg. have chem tuition at 630 later. see ya. tagg ppl. tagg. hahas.


i seriously have no idea wad i can crap abt and i might have to log off anytime cos the repair man's coming to repair the aircon in my room. hopefully i will be able to feel the cooling weather in germany and maybe even dream abt germany bwahahas.

so yea. wad can i blog abt. i have currently run out of brain juice. no more liaos. i only feel like going shopping with my haojiemeis and buddies. the ppl are here to repair the aircon. byebye


clothes. i need to buy more clothes. nice clothes. pink clothes. i need more bermudas and tee. i wore my black tee and op red bermudas to cls outing. my typical style of dressing. i actually wore bermudas and tee when i was in germany for one day. typical style of dressing for a day at the beach har. but i always dress like that. skirts. hmmm maybe if i am going for concerts. jeans. hm my jeans are super long. look at my photos taken in germany. and if i wear those jeans in singapore i might look like a lunatic or sth. bwahahas.

i wan to watch movies and shopping. i am on the verge of become desperate to jus chiong to the shopping malls and watch a movie. then go shopaholically. hahahas.

feel like blogging. addicted in fact.

hm i jus feel like blogging. erh in fact, i might be addicted to blogging. so what can i blog abt. inspirations. come inspirations. bwahahas. ohya. my fanfic's dead. havent been updating for a very long time.

had another inspiration for fanfic yesterday or the day before. hahas. but i dun think i have the time to start another one. and its not good to start things without completing it. yi bu zuo er bu xiu.

i seriously dunno wad i should blog now. jh told mii to organize a cls outing for 3j. but i dun have the authority. i noe i should like erh start practising cos i am spc of art club, together wid jiamin and charmaine. hahas. but still i dun have the authority in cls. maybe a small outing for my good friends will do. then if organize for cls then no one turn up chaoji malu de.

i wan to go ecb to cycle and feel the sea breeze. maybe even rollerblade. i wan to go tm to buy my montip bag and bracelet. hahahas. shopping.... if i were to choose between shopping malls and beach rite. i really dunno which one i will choose. hahas. i will choose erh both. yupppps. i am getting bored at home. i miss my friends. i miss jelly, honey and mermaid. i miss yy and yl and jingles. i miss everyone. bwahahas.

making of ic

this morning super pissed off. got woken up by my brother. stepped on my bed and caused a great impact. arghhh. hahas last night very late then sleep. cos hair still wet. hm. wanted to continue sleeping this morning but pissed off so might jus as well wake up laa. my left eye was super red. argh wheres my eyemo. bwahahas. its much better now though =)

then ate biscuits for breakfast. the biscuits rawk bwahahas. then got ready to go out. was tying my hair when my grandma said if my passport photo cannot then must take at the ica building. then i decided not to tie my hair. but a tiny bunch of hair was sticking out like it was rebonded the wrong way. gosh. last night couldnt sleep. kept thinking abt some things laa. then tossed here turned there. hair of cos messy rite. argh. then attempted using water to flatten it but erh wasnt much of a help. so just leave it. then walked to bus stop to take bus to the ica building. kept trying to straighten my hair at the bus stop and on the bus. yuckkae. was flipping thru my horoscope book on the bus. today is a good day. yuppps but i am not doing anything which my horoscope book says.

reached and alighted at the designated bus stop. then crossed the road. reached the ica building. went to the reception counter then that lady said my ic photo maybe cannot. cos too much erh negative space? or whatever laa. then i was scolding that uncle who took my ic photo for mii. argh. 7 bucks lehhs grrr. then number was b188. waited inside the room or whatever. then my turn. that lady is niceeee. she held my thumb and turned it left and right. hahas. super excited lorhs. its exciting seeing your own photo and thumbprint in the computer. then i signed my signature. my hand was shaking. then i kept smiling. bwahahas. i finally made my ic. wheeeee. i am an adult bwahahas.

then went to the cafeteria. nth nice to eat. so called home to ask my grandma buy food for mii to makan. took bus home. i alighted at the bus stop in front of my hse. my mom and brother taking the bus until my dad's office. yuppps. then came online once i reached home. was sneezing at the bus stop in front of ica building and on the bus. someone thinking of mii? hahas. btw that reminded mii of darren telling the rest of the ppl during cls outing yesterday that i already started to sneeze and feel cold when i was at changi airport on the night when we were departing singapore. hahas. nth wrong to wear jacket there mahs. the airport is cold. hehhhs.

then darren, jm and eugene started cheering the analbell cheer. wow. hahas. darren forgot how to cheer it at first then eugene and jm taught him. bwahahas my fan club. clap clap ((:

i was uploading my germany photos to imagestation when that stoopid website indicated that it is temporary unavailable due to ongoing improvements to bring us better services wow. caused mii inconvenience lorhs. hahahas.

hm i wan to go shopping. i am definitely going to watch ice princess and my darhhling jaychou's initial d. anyone wanna watch? 23 june. bwahahas.

i am confused. i really am. but i will keep on waiting. till the day when our fairytale will officially begin. my life rawks cos you are here.

well have you ever wondered what life and the world will be like if you were to be in a coma? will you be wondering if anyone actually visit you? if i were to be in a coma, i wld be thinking back abt my past. bwahahas. my childhood and lotsa stuff. i wld also be wondering if my friends and family wld be there beside mii asking mii to wake up, showing mii the concern they never showed when i was conscious. hahahas. and wld my crush visit mi? not that i have any now laa. but for example only.

and have you ever wondered if you were to go blind one day, who would be the last ppl you wld request to see? or if you were to die one day, wad wld u wan to do and meet. life is unpredictable. you take things in your stride and cherish and appreciate everything and everyone. i hate regretting stuff which i did or never do.

sigh. life. wad is life. gosh i am thinking too much. i really should be doing hw. hahas. everyone has a past. when you look back at the tears you will laugh. but looking back at the laughters you will cry. i cried. hahas. nah last time i mean.

yuppps. life is still sweet... memories are definitely the sweetest. like the memories in germany. jh and i were talking abt how we missed germany. i miss the weather. cooling. then can exchange jacket every day. bwahahahs.

in conclusion i miss germany. i miss london and paris. i wanna go italy.

the trip to london and paris was kinda rushed. then didnt really get to appreciate things well. hahas.

life goes on. waiting for my fairytale to begin... ... ... ... waiting and waiting. do i sound despo. i am not feeling despo.

Sunday, June 12

class outing

had 3j class outing today. hm fun and nice. considered successful bahs. just that i felt really uncomfortable during dinner at the beginning.

thought that i was going to be late. cos i got ready only by 4pm and left my house only at 405pm. i chiong all the way to the mrt station. cos huanglin told mii in her sms not to be late. i dun wan everyone waiting for mii mahs. i am not that da pai. hahas

then scanned by ezlink card and took the escalator up. was searching for marina bay on the panel but couldnt find. super rushed lorhs. quickly called yi ling and asked her how to get to marina bay. phew. thnks to yi ling. then i was like super scared. cos the train to boon lay just went. then hafta wait for another 5 minutes. argh. punctuality bel!!

okae then reached city hall. took the escalator down and finally the train to marina bay. the mrt station was like so quiet and eerie. hahas. then saw yi ling, yunyin and huishan. phew. finally safe. i was not late. i was on time. exactly 430pm. the rest were late. hahas was nearly out of breath and very warm. tried to cool down. ohya kenny came oso. then waited for the rest. was torturing and close to damaging my horoscope book. bwahahas. then saw darren, yq and socky. then erh nicholas and jm came. then huanglin. and finally kiang gei. then we walked to the bus stop. along the way got ppl giving out leaflets and recommending their steamboat. then can take their van to the stall laa. hahas. that lady offered 2 free champagnes lehs. but we rejected. bwahhaas. laalala

reached there then the guys wanted to split as in we go separate ways then meet at 630 at the bus stop. then mii, yy and yl chiong to that shop which sells kite then i chose one and paid for it. then i was abt to jay walk across the road when darren reminded mii that i was in singapore and not germany. ohwells. i am still in lala land cann. btw i had a weird dreamt yesterday. i dreamt that i got lost in a foreign country. shouldnt be germany. should be india or sth. then erm i... wanted to call for help but the whole tour group i can only remember someone's hp no. by heart. yupps its weird. hahas but i think i didnt noe how to use the telephone in my dream.

anyway back to reality. so i crossed the pedestrian crossing laa. reached the field then started flying kite. i didnt noe that i am quite talented in kite-flying lehs ((: okae bhb le. hahas. then the guys played soccer. huanglin they all oso bought a kite. then yq and socky sat on the grass and chatted and helped us look after our bags.

then flew kites lorhs. yuppps. the guys helped oso then oso played la. then they having soccer match there. the soccer ball nearly landed on my face. goshh my face was diagonally in front of the metal pole of the goalpost. then our kite snapped. i wanted to go to the shop and buy another one. then a kind uncle gave us a kite. with no tail. quite difficult to fly it cos no tail to catch the wind. nic and kenny were helping us wid the kite. hahas. but we had fun laa. then yy and yl went over to the shop to buy another kite while i wind the string.

then the kite they bought was sorta faulty. couldnt balance cos the string controling it was not the same length. then we were struggling with it. and finally we decided to detach the tail from the new one we bought to the one that nice uncle gave us. yuppps. and we succeeded. the kite flew super high kkaes. then the guys and yq and socky went over le. we still flying kite. then we let go of the string until no more liaos. yuppps. then huanglin called us. then we quickly rushed over. cos they waiting for us. then when we trying to pull back the kite it got tangled with another kite. then mii and yy untangled it and yl wind back the string. then we chiong to the steamboat stall. super paiseh cos we very late. hahas.

found huanglin they all. ya then very paisehh jiu dui le. then at first sat at the table dunno wad to do. then the guys started spreading butter on the hotplate. then helped lorhs. though i think i didnt do much laa. hahas. only cause more trouble. then the oil splattered onto mii a couple of times. someone, i forgot who, passed mii a plate of fishballs and stuff then i reached over to take it when oil splattered onto mii. i jus dropped the whole plate onto the table and 3 fishballs flew out. hahas. super scary. two fishballs landed on the floor. one landed in my bowl. goal!! hahas

then the guys started cooking the erh live prawns. super scary and cruel. yy, yl and i were screaming. then yy grabbed my wrist. lols. we screamed very loud. then finally we went to take cooked food to eat. i also took 4 meatballs and a whole bunch of noodles. then ate the food. then went to buy drinks. super ex kkaes. 1.30 per can. pokka green tea for mii and yl, lemon tea for yy and jm, coke for erh hy and sprite for kiang gei.

then continued watching the live prawns being cooked. then there was this particular prawn which was super poor thing. tortured until ... .... felt so sorry for it. but its will to live is greatly admired by all. ohya. i cooked a piece of chicken meat. hahas. its abit burnt. kenny placed it on the hotplate in front of mii so i jus flipped and turned it lorhs. no one tried it though. guess it looked inedible. ohwells. then played truth and dare and secret no. game. i zhong twice. hahas. the dares that darren thought of were dorts. took truth for both.

while playing, my brother came over and disturbed us. my parents went there to have dinner. then shun bian fetch mii home. after playing went arcade. nv play. wanted to play daytona. then the other girls took bus 400. the guys were still in the arcade. yy's parents came then yy and yl went off. i went home too.

hmmm yuppps. thats all. cls outing is fun. hahas.

trip to grandpa's hse

just came back from class outing. will elaborate on that later. yesterday went to grandpa's hse. my cousin, the bday girl, didnt go. so didnt get to pass her her present. hmm ate noodles and lotsa veggie. hahas. realised that veggie is nice and ... HEALTHY ((:

mini auntie bought ice creams. those nice nice ones u noe. so i decided to treat myself to a strawberry one. my cousin, kai ting took the vanilla one. cant remember if my brother ate any. hahas. yupps its yummy. my baby cousin, hui xuan, was looking at her sister licking her ice cream lols. xuanxuan's really cute. my mom kept saying that she looked like mii when i was a toddler. hahas. cousins do resemble each other sometimes. my relatives said that i resemble my auntie, except that i am chubbier. hahas. fatter laa. hahas.

then went to causeway point to shop. went to popular and bought photo albums for my photos taken in london, paris and germany. though i havent develop the photos yet. yea yea i am kiasu cannn. hahas.

bought a pink piglet bag or sth. looks like a pencil case. whatever. its piglet. hahas. then went down to mac but i didnt eat anything. its late. and supper's not good. but my grandma ate. hehes. then i called my dad to tell him that we were at mac. then he told mii to go up to the arcade. i went up all by myself. i took the escalator instead of the elevator. and well u noe my sense of direction is terrible when i am with my friends. but fortunately friends were there to guide mii laa. in conclusion, my sense of direction is totally hopeless when i am alone. yupps. i nearly got lost i think. cos the escalator all very complicated de ma. then all the shops close liaos. super quiet and eerie. was so relieved when i saw timezone. bwahahas.

my dad was playing with that elfin cupid machine again. and he caught a mickey mouse i think. then i went to exchange for a pooh. super cute de. last one lehs. hahas. then many ppl crowding around, looking at my dad catching soft toys. hahas. then he caught a tigger too. wheeeee. two more soft toys to add to my collection of pooh and friends. now left eeyore le. and i have a few poohs. hahas.

Saturday, June 11

list of movies

whoa doesnt that long list of movies make you think that i am like a movie freak. hahas. out of the whole list i had only watched madagascar and the pacifier. wow. actually i just type out all the current and upcoming ones into the list. when i have the time i will try to edit the list and only show those that i really want to watch kkaes ((:

woohoo tmr might have 3j class outing. but no news from huanglin yet. looking forward to seeing everyone again. yuppps. kkaes tata. really gtg.

more blogging

blogging rawks. and i am addicted to it currently. so i shall blog more. btw did you happen to come across any bulletin on friendster regarding a story abt a mother who only had one eye? hmm if you havent check out the following. its really touching. and believe it or not i cried after reading it. i have no idea why i am getting all emotional and stuff. but well i jus did laa. it doesnt help when i watched tonghua's mv after reading the story. only made my tears flowed faster and free-er.

from friendster:

my mom only had one eye.i hated her... she was such mom ran a small shop at a fleamarket.she collected little weeds and such tosell...anything for the money we neededshe was such an embarressment.there was this one day during was field day, and my mom came.i was so embarressed. how could she dothis tome? i threw her a hateful look and ranout.the next day at school..."your mom only has one eye?!?!" ..andtheytaunted me.

i wished that my mom would justdissappear fromthis worldso i said to my mom,"mom.. why dont you have the othereye?!if you're only gonna make me alaughingstock,why dont you just die?!!!"my mom did not respond..i guess i felt a little bad, but at the sametime, itfelt good to think that i had said what i'dwanted tosay all this time..maybe it was because my mom hadntpunishedme,but i didnt think that i had hurt herfeelings verybadly.

that night...i woke up, and went to the kitchen to geta glassof mom was crying there, so quietly, as ifshewas afraid that she might wake me.i took a look at her, then turned away.because of the thing i had said to herearlier, therewas something pinching at me in thecorner of myheart.even so, i hated my mother who wascrying out ofher one eye. so i told myself that i wouldgrow upand become successful.cause i hated my one-eyed mom and ourdesperate poverty..then i studied real hard.i left my mother and came to Seoul andstudied,and got accepted in the Seoul Universitywith allthe confidence i had.then, i got married.i bought a house of my own.then i had kids, too..

now i'm living happily as a successfulman.i like it here because it's a place thatdoesntremind me of my mom.this happiness was getting bigger andbigger,when..what?!who's this?! was my mother.....still with her one felt as if the whole sky was falling aparton little girl ran away, scared of mymom's eye.and i asked her,"who are you?!""i dont know you!!!" as if trying to makethat real. iscreamed at her," how dare you come tomyhouse and scare my daughter!""GET OUT OF HERE! NOW!!!"and to this, my mother quietly answered,"oh, i'm so sorry. i may have gotten thewrongaddress,"and she dissappeared out of sight.thank good ness... she doesnt recognizeme..i was quite relieved.i told myself that i wasnt going to care, orthinkabout this for the rest of my life.then a wave of relief came upon day, a letter regarding a schoolreunion cameto my house. so, lying to my wife that iwas goingon a business trip, i went.

after the reunion, i went down to the oldshack,that i used to call a house...just out ofcuriositythere, i found my mother fallen on thecold ground.but i did not shed a single tear.she had a piece of paper in her hand.... itwas aletter to me.

my son...i think my life has been long enoughnow..and... i wont visit Seoul anymore...but would it be too much to ask if iwanted you tocome visit me once in a while?i miss you so much.. and i was so gladwhen iheard you were coming for the reunion.but i decided not to go to the school....for you...and i'm sorry that i only have one eye,and i wasan embarressment for see, when you were very little, yougot into anaccident, and lost your eye. as a mom, icouldntstand watching you having to grow upwith onlyone eye... so i gave you mine...i was so proud of my son that was seeinga wholenew world for me, in my place, with thateye. i wasnever upset at you for anything you did..thecouple times that you were angry withme,.. ithought to myself, 'it's because he lovesme..

'my son... oh, my son...i dont want you to cry for me, because ofmydeath.

isnt it touching? very touching rite? didnt it touch ur heart and make tears well up in your eyes?

btw i realised how i cld cry when i watch tonghua's mv. you noe that part when the girl passed out and guangliang carried her outside the concert hall to get help or sth. she said sth like 'will you remember me? will you remember me for a very long time? when you think of me, you must be happy kkaes?'

yuppps this is the part. hahas. when you are dying and you know that there are ppl who will think of you and miss you and remember you for life, you will feel contented. yesterday was that show 'tong yi wu yan xia' final episode. haiyang went into a coma after falling down a flight of stairs i think. i miss that part cos i was refilling my water bottle. then its like everyone got worried abt him and kept asking him to wake up. they showed the concern and care they nv showed when he was conscious. sometimes human beings just hafta huai nan jian zheng qing. dont you agree? hmmmm. just when you thought the whole world has turned its back on you, why. there might be just one person who still cares and has always cared for you. hahas. or maybe many ppl care. but you neglect them.

in this life, there are lotsa reflections to be done. yuppps. i gtg. byeeee. going shopping and grandpa's house later. tata. tag my board kkaes. its kinda stagnant liaos. take care ppl. well cos i care ((:

finally back blogging ((:

i am finally back to blog officially bwahahas. hmmm my msn personal msg is 'the sweetness i will never get. i am on my own. erh or at least on my way ((:' currently. hehehes. sweetness. wad sweetness. i am not sad or despo or anything. see that smiley face at the end of the message? yepps i am glad to be on my way. whats not mine will never be mine. i once thot... ... but hmmm illusions. but at least i have the memories. i am contented. at least i felt the happiness once. i am satisfied hehehes.

hmmm finally managed to upload all the photos taken in germany last night. finepix kept having problems and i was worrying that all the pictures might disappear. so kept checking the memory card again and again. took 484 photos this time. much lesser than that london and paris trip. but i didnt delete those not so nice photos. so yuppps. and the photos taken this time round were hmm considered to be much nicer bahs.

later going to my grandpa's hse. today's my younger cousin's bday. gonna get sth for her later.

happy birthday darhhling xinhui ((:

just came back from market. went to take photos for my ic. yuckkae. i jus dislike taking passport sized photos. and if on monday they dun approve my photos. erhh i am gonna... er whack their butt. wahahas. nah just kidding.

that photo for the ic gonna last mii for a lifetime lorhs. yeppps.

i miss germany. i just miss germany. i miss jelly, mermaid and honey. hope they miss belly too. hahas. i wan them to cheer that annabel cheer. booo. hehes. i miss them. i miss the salt mine. i miss the grand castle. i miss the nature and greenery. i miss the hostel food. erh maybe not really. i miss the dragging of luggage. i miss the cooling weather. for your info, the aircon in my room broke down argh.

i miss the flight. i miss the playing of bridge, daidee, cheat and heart attack. i miss the appetiser, main course and desserts. i miss the packed lunch. i miss the hotel rooms. i miss the WC bwahahas. i miss the fortunetelling game. i miss the photo taking. i miss not being able to decide whether to buy the souvenirs or not. i miss the nice nice tulips and roses and gerberas. i miss the cheap yet yummy ice cream. i miss the graceful swans. i miss jh's jacket which made mii look like i wan to act mature. i miss the horse carriages. i miss that little boy and little girl whom we met at the amsterdam airport. i miss the slides at the salt mine.

awww i just miss everything. but everything is gone. leaving the memories behind. hm. i treasure and cherish everything. i really did. and i am glad i did =)

everytime i return back from a trip i wld think of what i wanna do and where i wanna go if i can go to that country again. hehehes.

if i can go london again, i wan to go on the london eye and explore covent garden again. i want to buy more chocolate at mark and spencer and drink more hot chocolate though its fattening. hehes. i wouldnt mind watching phantom of the opera at her majesty's theatre again. and i must get the souvenirs from that gift shop there.

if i can go paris again, i wld like to go to the louvre and versailies again. then i wan to mount eiffel tower again but not alone laa. hahas. with my friends of cos. then i wan to lie on the grass and admire the wide blue sky. yepps. then i wan to stay in that 4 star hotel which we stayed in during the trip for one night only. boo. hahas.

if i can go to germany again, particularly those places that i just went to, hmm i wld like to buy myself a bouquet of flowers. tulips, roses or pink gerberas laa. hahas or hopefully some kind ppl wld buy for miii. hehehes. then i wld like to go to the jewish museum and dachau memorial camp again. and of cos i wan to tour neuschwanstein again. yuppps the king' s castle. and i wan to reach the castle in a horse carriage. so at least i wont face the risk of stepping on horsie's poo. hahas. and i wan to go back to that ice cream shop opposite our hostel to buy more ice cream. maybe some 20 scoops. yes and that salt mine. erh not really looking forward to wearing that white shirt and pants which made us look like mental patients but well the tour is fun. hahas.

if i have the money hahas i want to travel to more countries. eg. italy!!! erh maybe i shall save that for my erhem. hahas. i wan to go to tokyo, australia, korea, hongkong etc etc. yuppps. travelling rawks ((:

Thursday, June 9

tarot cards

check out the tarot cards of your zodiac. i am not sure whether its relevant anot. but if i am not wrong, there should be more tarot cards than zodiac signs. cos the sun does not belong to any horoscope laa.

horoscope - tarot card
aries - the magician
taurus - hierophant
gemini - the lovers
cancer - the chariot
leo - fortitude
virgo - the hermit
libra - justice
scorpio - death (regeneration)
Sagittarius - temperance
capricorn - the devil
aquarius - the star
pisces - the moon

yupps just read laa. no need to totally believe. just for reference yeah?

tarot card: the sun

The Sun Card
You are the Sun card. The light of the Sun reveals
all. The Sun is joyful and bright, without fear
or reservation. The childish nature of the Sun
allows you to play and feel free. Exploration
can truly take place in the light of day when
nothing is hidden. The Sun's rays fill you with
energy so that you may live life to its
fullest, milking pleasure out of each day. Such
joy and energy can bring wealth and physical
pleasure. To shine in the light of day is to
have confidence, to soak up its rays is to feel
the freedom of a child. Image from: Stevee

Which Tarot Card Are You?
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Wednesday, June 8

back in singapore

i am finally back in singapore. reached singapore in the afternoon yesterday. managed to catch some sleep on the plane so didnt suffer from any jet lag. but... got sore throat.

germany trip totally rawks. its so nice and fun that i am starting to miss it.

its as fun as the paris/london trip laa. hahas. dun compare cann..

i miss germany trip.
i miss playing bridge, daidee and cheat with darhling juehui, yuhan and chengmeng.
i miss seeing them during breakfast every morning.
i miss having juehui as my roommate.
i miss sharing the same room as the three of them at the hostel.
i miss the debriefing every night.
i miss the packed lunches.
i miss the niaoing.
i miss the ice cream.
i miss looking at the nice nice tulips, roses and gerberas.
i miss carrying the luggage up and down at the hostel.
i miss the football game machine.
i miss the annabel cheer.
i miss the sec 3 dhp phototaking.
i miss the swans.
i miss all the historical talks.
i miss shopping for chocolate.
i miss the pressure on my ear when the plane was taking off.
i miss everything
i miss youuuu. bwahahhas

aiya i miss everything. going to cry liaos. nine days of memories. fond memories. yuppps. everything has become history. but this time i dun regret that much. cos i cherished that nine days. i really did and i still do. i miss the horse carriage. i miss the laughters and joy. i miss the castle. i miss the mountain climbing which nearly cause my asthma to start. bwahahas. i miss everything.