Tuesday, January 31

juehui's birthday


wahaha you are one year older. whoa lao le wor. Dont be sad =P you will still hold the same place in you-know-who's heart =X LOL. ok ok. thats crap. some real privileges you get will be you get to pool legally!, you get to watch NC16 movies, you get to celebrate sweet sixteen!, you erh... get to order people around becos you are older (but this one dont apply to me! :P), you... get to write the number '16' if some application forms require you to fill in your age. LOL. lalala. Anyway you will get a whole lot privileges laa. Dont be too happy yet kaes. These privileges include my endless teasing and bullying lalala.

Wahahas. i dont think juehui reads my blog that often.. but i will make sure she reads this entry!!!

ok enough about that. I just wrote 3 letters and typed an email. I replied Yuen Yin and Yujin's letters and Cheryl's email. I've also filled in an application form for some kind of free hampers from seventeen mag. whee. ohyea i just remember. Someone still owes me my TEENS mag.

I am going to reply the postcards and also write postcards to my mortal... Tomorrow's dhs cny celebration... and the implement of cny games. Ah i dunno if i should look forward to it... but i am definitely keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go on smoothly and as planned. Some unexpected scenarios could just take me aback and result in an asthma attack! Choi! touch wood. CNY lehs lol.

Hmmm i slept at 3 am last night. Went to my auntie's house... and played with my cousins. LOL i clicked with them totally... even better than my brother =P The eldest of the three cousins is same age as my brother... named Ryan. Very intelligent boy who seemed very worried about his psle. I believe he will pass with flying colours though. Second in line is Elinah... dunno how to spell her name... she's very quiet... pretty girl who is very slim... due to her high metabolism. Ah i am jealous. Last but not the least is Javier. A playful and adorable little boy. Beautiful and charming eyes. His eyes remind me of him.... lol. anyway three of them are siblings. All well-versed in english. ah i am feeling inferior.

yea so we stayed at my auntie's house till 3am like that. Hm went home. washed up and slept then woke up this morning at 11am plus upon my brother's warning that my dad's client is comin to visit. She hasnt come till now. Ohmy. I havent taken my lunch and my grandma's nagging so i should get going.

I want to watch lotsa movies and now that i've received lotsa red packets, i am itching to get some items off my wishlist. ah. hahas. happy new year (:

Saturday, January 28

cny eve

Whoa the previous weekdays' workload was too much for me to handle so it's quite natural that I didnt blog for the rest of the week other than monday. According to Chip's tag, it appeared that even though i've changed my style of blogging, the post is still VERY long. LOL. Hope that you wont mind. I guess my style is reorganised but still long =P

I've been sleeping really late for the past few days and my mom's really fed up with that. My work seemed to never get done and completed... and the fact that the CNY games and YLMP project's nearing deadlines are not helping at all.

I've yet to call Janice regarding the collaboration of DHS with HRSS. I've just smsed her and she havent reply. It's like so moronic to talk about project on CNY's eve and in fact, its actually my fault that I didnt call her sooner, like yesterday. But I was tired... all the tiredness piled on me yesterday. and once school ended, I didnt want to have anything to do with studies, projects, responsiblities and duties. Nah reality is too cruel. That was only for a day. All these time-consuming stuff came back to me as soon as they could. They just refused to give me some time to breath. Terrible.

Some highlights of the week:

1. We had HLM kaocha yesterday. I didnt manage to finish reading the notes I printed the previous night. But well they proved to be useless cos they were on the main characters while the topic that jls picked for me was on liu lao lao. Not too bad. I just hoped that whatever I wrote was relevant. jls analysed liu lao lao for us last yr but I didnt bother to find the notes and revise. Ah. Jingles helped me with a few points during the test. Ah thanks loads (:

2. CNY games briefing after flag raising. Ah it was totally messy and impromptu. I didnt know what to brief about. So I just double checked everything with the station masters. It was really messy laa. Ok this is random.

3. On thursday, juehui, charmaine, cecilia and I stayed back to do art club noticeboard. We drew and cut out lots and lots of 'maggots'. LOL ok ok. Ingots i mean. I just like referring to them as maggots =P bleahz. Then yup I stayed till 5pm and I was kinda worried for my HLM test lo. I didnt manage to finish reading the book =X Left 3 chapters but luckily!! I got liu lao lao to analyze. Phew.

4. Then on Wednesday tuesday if I didnt remember wrongly, I waited in school till 7pm plus for my dad to fetch me. It was like so late and I had to wait outside the school gate with a heavy stack of books and a blazer. Hm i think should be tuesday. Yups. Confirm guarantee plus chop. It's on tuesday.

A bit of digression here, my dad just brought his parrot cockatoo back from his office. My wallpaper is that of a jack russell puppy. And my group's ylmp project is with a rabbit organization. And this year's a doggie year (: That sums up to I am starting to be an animal lover =D but one problem is, becos I havent interact with animals for quite some time, I have some fear towards them. I scared they will bite or bark or something laa. Nvm, gimme time and I will overcome this fear WHEE. one more new year resolution: overcome fear towards animals and shower them with love.

5. I went to Parkway Parade yesterday. Hm was supposed to cut my hair at EC shop. But becos that store was temporary one, it disppeared when I went there yesterday. Ah. Erm then i was sneezing non-stop at one point of time argh. Went to hello! shop to ask for recontract for my internet plan. Met Mrs Soh!!! Talked to her... Then I saw lotsa nice nice phones!!! Aw. But I am broke now. And even after I get money from my angbaos I am not going to spend them wholly on a expensive handphone kaes. I will get a few items off my wishlist and deposit the rest in the bank... so that it will grow (: Anyway my dad brought us to TM cos theres another EC shop there. But we reached there at 9 plus and they closed at 930pm so they refused to take another customer. GRR. So we went to Crystal Jade to use the vouchers my mom got. I ordered Chicken and Mushroom Congee. My all time favourite. Plus Soya bean drink. Yummy. Wanted to get my pink Billabong Water Bottle from 77th street but I remembered that my wallet had not a single cent at that time. Pathetic. So I can only wish upon a star.

6. This morning, had some conflicts with my mom and brother. Ate Lor Mee for breakfast. Went for a haircut which costs 16 bucks. ARGH. CNY mahs so double the price but my hair's alot neater now and I dont have to fret about how I am going to style my hair tomorrow. LOL. I am still in a dilemma as to whether I should wear contact lens tomorrow. I've decided on my attire... Some pink pooh shirt and U2 bermudas and pink fila shoes plus converse bag =P sounds bimbotic i noe but whatever. Ohya talkng about the haircut this morning, i trimmed my fringe and it's alot nicer and sweeter now =D

Some things to look forward to:
a) Reunion dinner tonight
b) CNY countdown tonight!!
c) Visiting relatives tomorrow!!
d) Angbaos received!!!!
e) Playing and bonding with cousins!!
f) CNY goodies. Ah must control!
g) DHS CNY celebration.
h) Visiting teachers in GMPS
i) watching of movies?
j) implement of YLMP Project
k) Juehui's birthday! (get her present ppl ;)
l) valentine day gift exchange!
m) angels revealed (angel& mortal games)
n) Art Club Orientation Amazing race!
o) SPHERE Cny celebration with elderly
p) chemistry tuition
q) chemistry test
r) cny noticeboard competition results
s) cny intercls games results
t) my birthday =P

thats all for now! Happy Lunar New Year!!

Monday, January 23

not very good mood. some highlights of the day

Just watched the results for Campus Superstar... Congrats to Clara. WHEE (: Rock on!

Alright the above is on a lighter note or whatever you call it. My feet hurts like crazy and you will know why soon.

I have decided to alter my way of blogging... somehow. I realised, after reading my own blog... yea it's a weird habit but hey why should you care. Anyway yea I realised that I narrated out everything from the start of the school to the end of the school day... and went through the details of every lesson for the day. It's kinda boring. No climax and stuff and I really dont understand how some regular readers of my blog can stand it. LOL.

I hope my alteration of blogging style will better entertain you x)

Some highlights of today are as follows:

1. We finished watching the 'Heavenly Creatures' film today during LA lectures which were the first two periods. The relationship between Parker and Hulmes was too passionate that it sent a chill down my spine. Oh boy. And the part where they conducted the act of murder. Omigosh. They were so cruel and unfeeling. And well they didnt have to show the bloody stuff and all. I was covering my eyes with the 'new' timetable. Ok nvm.

2. After Maths I went to toilet with Shu Min then Ms Chia came into the toilet and asked if we belong to 4J. I was about to close the cubicle door. She said she needed someone to help her carry stuff from the staffroom to the classroom. I volunteered so I followed her to the staff room. Carried a basket filled with Physics Practical stuff. Yep we did practical in class. Ok that was like so random.

3. During recess, I collected my blazer from SC room and changed into my long sleeve shirt. And trust me, I stood in front of the mirror long enough to ensure that I looked ok before I stepped out of the toilet. Dont believe? Ask Shu Min or Shue Ling.

4. Left halfway during CSP to go for SC investiture in the hall. Then we stood at the back of the hall for about 45 minutes. Ms Loh was walking about to ensure that no one felt like fainting. I was on the verge of fainting but lucky I didnt, otherwise it would be like so AA (attract attention). And by the time my upper level council walked to the front of the stage to get ready to go up to the stage. I was already stoned and my legs were numb from the long period of standing. I received my SC badge from Mr Sng and FORTUNATELY walked to my row without overshooting this time. WHEE. The back of my feet have blisters now. WOW.

5. Went to canteen to eat lunch but no one accompanied me and Jia Min finished her lunch already. So I just bought two packets of biscuits and took them to my classroom and kept them in my bag. Then something ridiculous happened. Someone apparently asked politely if I would like to join for a game of bridge cos apparently they were short of one person for a game. I was reluctant at first but joined in the end. So I went to that particular classroom which they were in. Yes I sat down and played. And guess what I get in return for the kindness? A whole nonsensical lot of teasing. NOT FUNNY. Hello? I am doing you a favour by being willing to join in for the game so that you can have a game of bridge. And I am sure that other victim could have gone for his lunch rather than stay back and get teased for nothing. For the first game, you guys won. Yes. But communication was involved. For the second game, my partner and I won it fair and square but you both jokers had some more things to say. Just what is your problem?! Sometimes it doesnt pay to be kind. You got ego people dont have har? You got feelings people dont have arh? It dont matter if I am still angry or not. Why should you even care. Think before you do or say something. Dont do something and regret it or even worst, make people regret doing something which benefit you. And if you get happiness by making others feel miserable and awkward, you are just a plain sadist.

(NOTE: No names have been mentioned above. And please do not kpo and ask. It's just a moment of today. And I will forget abt it soon as long as no one brings it up. I hope the above contents wont affect our working opportunities or whatever. I doubt you will care. )

6. Jia Min, Jue Hui, Yun Yin and I, together with a few juniors helped to do our CSC noticeboard. And apparently we kept forgetting to bring stuff down to the third storey so I walked back to 4J for about 6 times to get the stuff. Thats one of the main causes accounting for the blisters on my feet. I wore court shoes to school in the morning so I dont have any white shoes to change into. I was rather agitated during the discussion for the noticeboard and I hope that I didnt piss anyone off. I was actually letting out my anger for the previous event and coincidentally there was this topic. Therefore there an excuse present.

7. We finally got started on the board. There were lotsa rusty thumbtacks. And they reminded me of the bad experience in GMPS. I was pinning up Love Nugget Certs at that time on the noticeboard (Refer to the previous entry regarding myself being a Love Nugget Angel). Mrs Constance Tan and KL were beside me then KL suddenly dropped the box of thumbtacks. I cant remember if I was barefooted or wearing socks then but one thing for sure. I wasnt wearing any shoes. I was standing on a chair and when she dropped the box, I stepped down from the chair to help pick up the thumbtack. What a bad choice of action. I stepped on a thumbtack with my right foot. Bummer. Anyway just a flashback.

8. I stayed in the classroom to wait for Shu Min to go to Mediacorp together. FYI, we got tickets for Campus Superstar Live recording today. We were supposed to reach at 630pm and We ate our dinner in school till 6pm. It was 605pm when we decided to take a taxi to Mediacorp. It was peak hour then so one additional buck to the taxi fare. And we reached there at 625pm. We felt abit out cos the people there mostly belong to sports cca. But since we were there. We just stayed to support Clara lorhs. I sat between Shu Min and Sherry.

Sherry has a very loud voice and she screamed even before the recording offically started. I screamed abit then stopped cos my voice havent really recovered since orientation which is like ... bad? I want to go kbox de lo.

So the recording was like normal like that. Lotsa screaming and raising of banner. Saw my friend whom Twin and I addressed as 'the purple shirt guy'. Even Nigel, Xi Jing, Kenny and Hong Yi went. Wahaha. The recording ended at 9pm. Shu Min and I took bus to Toa Payoh Interchange then she took bus 31 home while I headed to Popular to get some stuff for CSC noticeboard CNY deco. I had to empty my wallet to pay for the stuff cos apparently the very last bit of my allowance has been used up for the taxi fare. My mom told me to get some bread for breakfast if I want but the problem is I dont have enough money. Boohoo.

After that went to bus 155 there to take bus home. I waited for like 15 minutes before the bus driver started the bus engine. Hello? It was a bus interchange. Then during that 15 minutes, an auntie beside me bought KFC and she was opening the box to check or sth. The aroma of the fried chicken wings diffused to my nose and I sensed some hunger pangs. ARGH.

I finally boarded the bus at 950pm. Took out my zen to listen. Its battery is finally fully- charged. Then I kept looking out of the window to see where the bus was heading to cos it was my first time taking bus 155 home for Toa Payoh all alone and it was late and the sky's dark. Upon reaching Aljunied Road there, I kept my zen to get ready to go down the bus but instead, the bus turned into Macpherson road and only reached my designated bus stop at around 1025pm. Ah.

My mother was questioning me when I reached home about how I actually survived wearing the court shoes for one whole day. I didnt know how I managed to do it but now that I've done it. I am a heroin (:

Btw while me and twin were having dinner in the school canteen before heading off to Mediacorp, we met Ms Loh and Mr Yeo at the canteen. Then Ms Loh was like telling us to eat quickly cos the workers were fogging the place to kill mosquitoes. I had to squeeze wantons into my mouth to prevent them from being fogged up >< My eating speed has been reduced greatly and my skirt has loosened somehow. I shall not be too hopeful yet. Disappointment stinks.

So today has been a busy yet fruitful yet moody day. Some people are just plain two-sided and deceiving lorhs. CNY's coming and wow. What a GREAT CNY gift that is. Go read up my archives Feb 2005. I received a similar 'present' last year.

But not everyone is a meanie. I received a postcard today and it's the photo of a rainbow in Hawaii. Very nice postcard. I was admiring it and showing off to Shu Min during lesson time. Oh wait. It's titled Rainbow over Waikiki Beach. It's a phenomenon known in Hawaii as 'Liquid Sunshine'. Ah beautiful. Thats one thing I want to see before I die. It was a pleasant surprise and yes I like the postcard very much. Thanks kor (:

Once a meanie, always a meanie. Once a devil, never an angel.
Short-term memory might cure more than a sorry does.
Some people are SO insensitive that I cant believe they exist in this world. How sad.

For today's entry, other than those stuff which were events for today, all those words which might sound unpleasant or hurting, they are meant to be taken with a pinch of salt. They might have been sprouted in a fit of anger with no offence intended. Just some harsh reactions of a teenage girl, like how some people tease others without thinking it through their brain =x

Some random stuff before I end this post, Shu Min did something amazing today. She actually said 'YO!' to someone with the 'hip hop hand sign' and I nearly laughed my head off. LOL.

We were actually motivated after watching Campus Superstar and sang our lungs out on the bus going to Toa Payoh Interchange. Yes it might be out of tune and sound horrific and unpleasant to the ears but who cares as long as we are happy =)

Sunday, January 22


. I graduated from kindergarten.
. My left middle finger got caught in my dad's car door and it was really swollen.
. I cried when the hairdresser cut too much of my hair.

. I juggled Girls' Brigade and Maths Club as my CCAs.
. I was one of the monthly Love Nuggets Angels together with Li Sze & Khang Leng
. I went to Snow City for the first time and left my hat inside the thick jacket I was wearing, only to realise that my hat was missing after I left the jacket in the thick pile. The person there had to help me find my hat. LOL. My chronicles of sotong have already started at that time x)

. I was a Peer Suppor Leader.
. I was the monitress of 2D
. My conduct grade was excellent :)

. I got into one of the dhp classes- 3J
. I joined Student Council.
. I went to CPA camp as a facilitator.

. I went to school for YLMP Project Mentor Meeting Session.
. I got to know that I am the Level 4 Council Chairperson in Student Council.
. I did a sotong act.

. I will have to wear the formal attire for SC investiture.
. I will have to go to school.
. I will have to help Jia Min prepare CSC noticeboard for CNY competition.

. New York
. Italy
. Australia

. Get married and have children.
. Tell everyone I love them
. Go to a third-world country and do volunteery work.

. rollerblades (:
. Lots of clothes.
. Lots of presents for my loved ones.

. my single eyelids
. my slim wrists
. my smile

. my eyebags
. my thighs
. my weak wrists

. moths
. horror movie
. unknowns

. organize a campaign to raise awareness for domestic pet overpopulation in Singapore
. pooling
. go kbox

TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in no particular order):
. I am a gemini
. I love shopping
. I am pretty

. Sleep
. De-stress
. Smile

. teacher
. counsellor
. doctor (gynae, nutritionist)
Ah. How do you mend a broken heart? If that's not possible, then how do you maintain it in the broken heart and prevent it from worsening? The cut is deep, so deep that it cant be seen.

Next, how do you control fate? Or rather can fate EVEN more controlled? I dont have the energy to go against fate, not to even say control it. It's too wild, it's too huge to be controlled by my small hands and weak heart.

Why do conflicts exist? Why do they even get started? And why are consequences always the taste of my own tears? I once did a quiz on conflicts during GMPS prefects' camp. The result is a teddy bear. But Mrs Soh said I should be a tortoise: someone who avoids conflicts at all causes because she/he believes that it's better to prevent than to resolve.

Why do bad things all happen at the same time?

Why is life such a torture?

Why are happiness as short-lived as the sunset?

Why is life so unfair?

Why is fate so cruel?

Why is the adult world so full of ugliness?

Why?! Why? WHY??!!

Life stinks. It's not sweet anymore.

Written in a state of depression. Please take above contents with a pinch of salt. No offence intended.

Saturday, January 21

10 weird and random facts about myself

Rules of the game: post 5 weird and random facts about yourself, then at the end list, post 5 people who are next in line to do this. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "you are tagged" in their blog and tell them to read yours.

1) I have Mottephobia and Cataphobia i.e. I am scared of moths and cats. I have no idea why but I just fear these two creatures. I do not hate them. I fear them. I think kittens are generally cute. I am just scared of fierce-looking ones. As for moths, my house always has moths flying about. As I am a Buddhist, my parents believe that those moths are actually another form of my ancestors, like my paternal grandfather for example. Hm I do believe abit as they always land on the table where we place the joss sticks. But the moths just have this tendency to look for me. Like when I am doing homework they will fly onto my homework. Ah. I think I have the same fear towards butterflies as well but not as much.

2) I learnt piano when I was in p1 or p2. But quited because I had to travel to Katong Plaza or somewhere near Parkway to have piano lessons every week. I also had to go to my friend's house to practise on the piano every weekend. Very inconvenient. But I regret it. I should have persevered. It's becos of my lack of determination at that time, I have no musical talent now. Big Mistake. I really wish to learn a musical instrument now but time does not permit. Hm maybe i can learn from Shu Min or whoever's willing to teach me piano (:

3) I am emotional. Super emotional. I cry easily or rather my tear glands are activated easily. But thanks to my big ego, I seldom and avoid crying in front of people. I am a pro at controlling my tear glands in front of people. But when I am alone, tears flow free and fast. Yea crybaby. Whatever. I have feelings so I cry. I refrain from crying in front of people partly becos I look terrible when I cry. I am not like those actresses in movies who can cry and at the same time look so perfect. Nope not me.

4) I dream about being a bride someday. LOL. yes since young. It's like so beautiful and glamorous to be a bride... Ya la. Being a bride means getting married. So its equivalent to me dreaming about my fairytale. Typical me right, Shu Min? I should really go on a diet soon so that I can fit into my ideal wedding gown. LOL but i dont think my mom will allow me to go on diet now that I kept having gastric problems. Bummer.

5) I fear rejection and loneliness. I cannot stand being alone. It's like the whole world has turned its back on me and it leads to depression. I like the feeling of being loved and knowing that people care (: Rejection... and criticism bahs. I am very sensitive to what people say and I do take it to heart sometimes. And I tend to brood about what people say and worry about what people will think of me. Btw I am two-sided. The inferior side of me is very sensitive towards criticism while the superior side of me cares zlich about criticism. The two sides switch without me knowing.

Alright. The five people I am going to tag are as follows:

Shu Min
Chi Ching
Jia Min

Rules of the game: post 5 weird and random facts about yourself, then at the end list, post 5 people who are next in line to do this. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "you are tagged" in their blog and tell them to read yours. (Note: Cos I was tagged twice... I will play the game twice and tag more people (: )

1) I want to go Italy for my honeymoon provided I am able to find the special someone and get married laa ;) Italy is just so romantic and partly becos of Meteor Garden 2. Shancai and Daoming si went to a part of Italy and it is very romantic. If possible I want to go Paris and climb the Eiffel Tower together too =D

2) I was once a die-hard fan for F4. You know, the guys who gained fame from acting in Meteor Garden. I bought all the F4 merchandise and cut out their articles from newspapers. I bought their pictorial books and CDs. The only thing I didnt buy was their concert tickets =(

3) I like to buy things in pairs. Maybe becos I am a Gemini. Or becos I am just plain greedy =P And perhaps thats one of the reasons why I look forward to when everything comes in pairs (: I have a twin... and we are a pair. And seriously I buy things in pairs. Not all the time. I am not that rich. This is probably one weird fact no one knows about me yet. Now you know (:

4) My current favourite cafe is Cafe Cartel. WHEE. Simply love the cafe and it's a good thing my dad likes the cafe too so my family always go there for dinner =D Hope to go there with my friends one day.

5) I love latte! I dont really like mocha. Too chocolatey for me. Not that I hate chocolate. In fact I love chocolate. I even ate a packet of Time Out chocette last night to cheer myself up after the incident in school. Ok nvm about that. I love latte cos it has this bitter yet not so bitter taste. I've tried Polar and Cartel's Latte so far. Niceee. You know, Li Sheng Jie has this song called Chi Xin Jue Dui and its one of my favourite song. Why? Cos the first line of the song lyrics contain the word 'latte'!!! LOL. Nah kidding. I like the song becos it's about one-sided love and how one is willing to sacrifice for love. LOL.

Ok here's the other five people I am tagging. The names will not be repeated from the above.

yi fang

Yups. Have you got to know me better? =) If you've noticed, the above ten people that I tagged are all girls. Cos according to Eugene, guys wont care about this type of things? Hahas. I dunno. But if you want me to tag you and you are a guy, let me know (: Alright. Thats all for today.

Cheers. Life is still sweet.

sc investiture rehearsal

WHEE. I am back blogging, arent you glad? LOL

I havent blog for days cos I was busy like duh. So many things had happened. And i even suffered from mild depression this week. Bummer. And I got TAGGED twice. Once by Shu Min and then by Taxy. So well am I like supposed to write ten (?!) weird and random facts about myself? Are you sure you want to know the weird things about me? LOL. Let me noe by tagging on my tagboard will ya? ><

I am finally charging my darling zen now. Havent been listening to it after the battery went flat a few days ago. Miss it like crazy. Now listening to Jay songs on my laptop- shan hu hai. Its a duet. And obviously it rawks. Jay Chou always rawks =D I just realised that I didnt blog for one whole week and I cant believe I survived that! So where should i begin from ? Why not from today? No no. From Monday ? Ok Monday that is cos I hear no objection. LOL sorrie abt the lameness. Alright I try to recall what happened then.

SHEESH. I cant remember what happened on Monday. Oh no. I remember now!! First two periods were LA lecture in the auditorium. 4 dhp classes together. Last year's lectures only two classes together. Hm not very used to it but its definitely more comfortable in the auditorium ;) Er I think Mr Ken introduced some stuff about Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker if i didnt remember wrongly... Quite interesting lecture. After that was PE. Played volleyball. What can I say other than my volleyball skills is lousy? My skills havent improved one bit at all. My serve or surf or whatever has magnitude. Super high. But no direction. Its always heading in the slanted direction. Oh my.

For Maths we did Trigo identities. One of my favourite! Ah talking about that I havent started any tuition. I am not sure if i should get physics and maths tuition cos the teachers this year, Ms Chia and Ms Lim are quite good. As in I can understand what they are teaching and they are approachable so maybe I no need to spend extra bucks on tuition. For chem, I am not saying Mrs Phua is not approachable kaes. She is one of the teachers I respect most. I love Chem and I hope to become a teacher like her. I might need Chem tuition to keep up my standard. We have homework for trigo identities and I havent done it.

Geography lessons are seemingly a torture these days. I am not trying to be rebellious, mean or anything. But I miss Ms Pear. I shall not comment further. Chemistry. Mrs Phua was absent. So we just did our own stuff like studying for physics. The test was on tuesday. Then we had assembly in the hall. About necessary safety precautions to take against terrorism etc. They gave out awards and I got the cheque for Eagles Award (: There was a SC meeting after that. Many people congratulated me. Thanks (: The rest of the day was spent studying physics. And I was worrying badly about the test. Dont want to flunk the first test. Ms Chia rekindled my interest in Physics. Hm ok laa I have never really liked physics before. It was in fact one of my fears in history. But this year I am determined to excel in it and not disappoint Ms Chia =D

Tuesday. 17 January. First two period was geog. Major boohoo. But I survived it. Two periods for Physics. Had the test. It was easier than I expected but I cant guarantee I will do well. I should never put my hopes too high in case I fall from the sky and land down hard on my butt =P After the test, did work energy power. Interaction period... Hmm I think we discussed our class tee and cny decorations i think. Watched a movie 'tui shou' for HCL. Very nice show. The front part was really boring. Actions with no dialogue. And for someone as talkative as me, i seriously cant stand silence. I can be very quiet but I feel very awkward inside. Chatted with Shu Min during some parts of the movie but we understood the movie's plot. Didnt finish watching it.

For LA we watched Heavenly Creatures. A creepy 'horror' movie. We will be analyzing the movie and the novel I think. Yup and stupid laa. It wasnt a horror movie. Quite interesting in fact... Its about the friendship between two girls with totally opposite personality and the friendship was too close to be permitted... Yea something to that sort. And I actually gave a small scream when watching the film. Thanks to Shumin! There was this particular part where the two girls were placing out photos of their idols who will be gods in their fourth world. Then one of the photos was taken away by one of the girls and then the lighting in the film was dark... then suddenly the photo moved then Shu Min nudged me I stared at the screen then I screamed. Cos the photo was on moving water. LOL so dorts and malu laa. We didnt manage to finish watching the movie but we watched one disc.

After LA was Chem and Mrs Phua's on MC. Aw. Hope she's feeling better now. After lunch break was Maths... Did Congruency I think. Then Biology. I cant remember what we did. Should be some revision on Homeostasis which is what we will be tested on for the test on thursday, together with excretion.

After lessons, we rushed down to 1L classroom for CSC welcome tea party. We were late by 15 minutes. Then hm played icebreakers. Not really a success but it was good effort (: It was not a success cos some people refused to cooperate. Things will be better next time (: I have something to add to my chronicles of sotong. We played murderer and I was one of the murderer. And I didnt know that murderer can die de!!! I was supposingly to be killed a few times but I just ignored the one squeeze on my hand. LOL. Sorrie. my mistake.

Then Ms Tan gave a talk. Then my turn to give a talk. It was really awkward and I nearly let my temper get the better of me. I think I vented a bit but lucky I controlled it. Then we picked our mortal. I wonder who is my angel!! We havent play for class and art club and SC but i am really excited. Wahahas. is one of the events which I really look forward too. Its an occasion where everyone shows their love for each other. Even friends. Not just lovers. And its a tradition to play angel& mortal in dhs. I am sure the occasion will be even more impt to me when I have a special someone to spend it with me but fate has it. hahas. I leave it to fate. I shall just enjoy my freedom of being single currently and treasure my friendships (:

Wow thats a whole lot of digression eh. Ok ok. Erh back to the CSC welcome tea party. After the talk, we finally partied. We ate the chocolate cake which was bought and brought to school by Yuxin. The cake was mostly creamed with only one or two layers of sponge cake. Calories. but i swallowed it down and I punished myself later on. Read on. Erm ohya we sang before we ate. Sang zhen xin ying xiong and dang ni gu dan ni hui xiang qi shui. Then i was super high and was swaying and stuff but not everyone was enthu and it was kinda disappointing. It reminded me of SC and PSB. We were always singing and dancing together? Very wen xin. But the population of CSC compared to that of SC is very small laa. So yup. I really like it when everyone sings together. Like Year1 orientation finale night. Aw. I miss Anzio.

Hm ok then erh we cleaned up. Helped Ms Tan to bring stuff to staffroom. Then took bus home with PeiYu. I didn?t know she had biology test the next day and she actually waited quite long for me at the foyer. Aw. Sorrie!!! I think I apologized for a lot of times already but I still that they were not enough. I feel so mean. Wanna know how I punished myself for being guilty of eating the chocolate cake? I walked home from Aljunied MRT. WAHAHAS. Ok Actually its no big deal and not much calories can be burnt but at least a portion of it was burnt. So I shall burn it portion by portion lo =D

Wednesday. First two period of Physics. Did work energy power. Geog was next. Then Biology. We started on the chapter on Nerves. Then we did some experiments in class I think. Then during recess, JueHui and I went to look for the Year 1 students who have indicated CSC as one of their CCA choices to give them the application forms for the interview. Some malu incidents happened. Why do malu and sotong incidents always happen to me!!??

First malu incident happened in 1A. Ms Ling was inside the classroom. Asked her if I can see the students. Then I think my dialogue had some grammar errors and she was correcting them. LOL. She seemed to be in a good mood then.

Second malu incident: I forgot about the switching of classrooms between 1G and 2G so I went to 1G and asked for the year 1 students only to realize that the class was 2G. Wang lao shi was there at that time. MALU.

Third incident: Went to 1B to look for the students. Wu lao shi was teaching then then I spoke to her in a mixture of Mandarin and English. She requested me to speak in proper mandarin and phew lucky I managed to do it. But it was malu? esp in front of the year1s.

After recess was Maths then HCL. Continued watching ?Tui Shou? Shared our opinions about the film. Oh I just realized HCL on that day is 3-period long. The FOURTH malu incident happened during HCL. We were halfway through watching the film when this guy came into the classroom and spoke loudly to the class, ?May I see Annabal please.? ANNABAL?!! Alamak. The whole class laughed. Even JLS. LOL. So malu. I think my face was red lo. That guy was handing in the application form for csc interview then subsequently some more year1 students came and looked for me. Ah. Popular I am huh. Ultimate maluness.

After lunchbreak was E& I. I wasn?t paying attention? Not able to focus on what was taught? The first part was the ?tin can discussion? LOL. I must say that the can is very nice? That?s the only thing I was interested in then.

After that was Chemistry. Went to chem. Lab to do experiment. ShuMin, JueHui and I sat at the last bench. Yays. Love chem. Prac. The prac was quite fun. Mrs Phua looked tired and like she haven?t fully recovered yet. Take care, mrs phua.

Took bus with Pei Yu after lessons. So much to talk about. Decided to go out together the next day. To watch Memoirs of the Geisha! Met Wen Jian at the bus stop and he said he heard that year1 guy called me Canonball. OMG. Then went home to pia biology. Didn?t have a good night sleep. Too worried about biology. I didn?t finish my revision. Ohya and it was Jay Chou's birthday. Happy birthday my idol!!

Thursday 19 January. Ah it was Colin's birthday. Happy Birthday!!! Cool, one day after jay's birthday x)

Early in the morning, my stomach felt funny. Tummyache I think. And it lasted for a few hours lo. Argh. Shu Min and I suspected I got food poisoning but lucky no. Anyway first two period were geog. Argh Interaction period was supposedly to be used by class comm. And they let us do our self study for biology test but Mdm Nora stole it =( Wasn?t able to study Biology. Recess was piaing for Bio lo. Then Chemistry was discussion and exchanging of answers. Then physics, Ms Chia wrapped up the Work Energy Power chapter. Biology test in the lab. Argh I couldn?t finish the test. I mean I attempted all the questions but I didn?t have time to check and I forgot what is the top chambers of the heart called. STUPID.

Then we did dissection of the pig?s eyeball. Super disgusting. There is this black liquid coming out the eye then we the lens got digged out. Some jelly-like stuff. The words on the newspaper were magnified when we placed it on the newspaper. Cool. Then the guys were fooling around with the eyeball. Kenny actually posed with the eyeball? putting it over his index finger. Nicholas kept comparing the eyeball to the edible food. Argh. I didn?t really dissect the eyeball. I just touched it. Soft and sticky. And scary with lotsa fats.

After lessons, went for CSC interviews. The interviews were quite good. Those year1 we interviewed were not bad. After the interviews, went to Orchard with Pei Yu and Eugene. Btw sorrie to Eugene, for making you wait for 1 hour plus in school. Sorrie :S Went to Heeren to buy Colin's birthday present. Ya I know. Buying the present on his actual birthday is funny but we didn?t have time to get it. Bought something from his wishlist and apparently the present is in nicely wrapped in my bag now! Havent give him yet lo. Super belated liaos.

After that me and Peiyu went to Cineleisure while Eugene went off for his Jap lessons. We didn?t manage to watch Memoirs of the Geisha. But we caught In Her Shoes instead. We missed the beginning of the movie but it was really nice. It?s about two sisters and their friendship. One of them was named Maggie in the movie and it was acted by Cameron Diaz. No wonder she looked familiar throughout the movie. I only realized it was her after the movie was over.

By then it was nearly 7pm. Aw. So late so couldn?t shop anymore. Headed back home. Settled CCA stuff till quite late. Wrapped present and replied postcards.

Friday? Finally~ Hm some things happened during HCL. And I don?t think I will narrate what happened. But seriously I was being ap, totally ap then. Wasn?t in a good mood and it kinda affected the morale of the group. But the indecisiveness really put me off. I am not trying to be mean or anything. I know the people involved read my blog. I am just stating what I felt at that point of time and whatever it is, it?s a fact that we have to get the project done kaes. And I apologize if any of you felt offended by my actions at that point of time Cos honestly it was better if I kept quiet and I am glad I did if not I might have sprouted out some nonsensical stuff that might not be pleasant to the ear or to the heart. It helps to be sensitive and decisive.

Anyway after HCL was bio. Did some experiments with our eyes. Went to pass the year1s some stuff regarding CSC second interview again. I went alone. I needed time alone. After recess was Maths. We did frequency distribution. Very fun. I like drawing histograms (: Mr Kiw came in for CME. The girls were told to clip up our fringe. I think I looked toot but ohwells. After that was LA. Split up into our LA groups and did the text questions. We headed to the study area to do it. Couldn?t finish so we took it home to do.

Jue Hui and I were late for Art Club and we were fined one buck each cos comm. Member has to pay double. Boohoo. Discussed stuff for art club orientation. Interacted with the year1 students who came for the interview. There were 5 from Anzio. WHEE. I didn?t take lunch so I kept counting down to tea break which is at 4pm. And I think I irritated Dawn, Vina and Jue Hui with my counting down. Oops =X

I was ecstatic when lunch break finally came. Ate noodles plus wanton. The yellow noodles contain a lot of calories but don?t care laa I was hungry. After lunch, I was bloated but had to run back to Art Room to avoid getting fined again. Me and Jue Hui chionged back to art room only to get a funny feeling in our tummies afterwards. Argh. My horoscope told me that I will have gastric problems this year and I think its true. I suffered from mild diarrhoea when I drank lemonade and lemon-lime juice a few weeks or months back. Then when I am stressed my stomach hurts. Grr. This is bad.

Then we started working on our amazing race. I was very high then? Kept singing cheers and songs. Then yong kit who is not in the comm. Came into our ?office? in the art room. I was high at that time so I started singing awfully on purpose to shoo him out of the room cos no one initiated to invite him out of the room and hey it worked! LOL. What an achievement. Me and Jue Hui also went to the take some cardboards from the drink stall uncle for our amazing race. And the cardboards were like real big. JueHui was a pro at cutting the cardboards. Hahas. Being a part of art club is really great. It totally takes my mind of my worries. But well since they are called worries, its their nature to come back to haunt you. Just like how my worries came back to haunt me. Sigh.

My dad came to fetch me after art club. And it was almost seven. Then hm ya Saturday which is today. Went to school at 9am for service learning project mentor meeting session. My group?s mentors are Wei Qi and Zi Yong from JCs. Discussed and stuff. I was feeling rather awkward and the situation quite tensed and silent. I told you I hate silence. Silence usually causes me to be depressed. LOL.

At ten, I met Shu Min at the foyer then went to sec3 wallless classroom. They announced the departments we are in and I am in Level Council which was my second choice. First was Publicity and Communication. Ah its raining now! Anyway ya I am the chairperson of level 4 which is the oldest post in the whole of level council somehow. I was quite shocked when I learnt that I got into Level council. Some other year4s in the council are Li Hui who is the secretary, Michelle the vice-chair and Colin who is in level council and student welfare. Yup yup.

Then we got into our various departments and sat down? supposedly to interact with one another I think. But my level 4 council was quite quiet. Hahas. I was not very enthu then. Cos tired bahs. I didn?t really sleep the past few nights due to tests and cca stuff and the tiredness piled on me when everything is over. I am definitely not starting my year off right. Oh my. Then Li Hui found teens mag in my bag then she started flipping through it with Zara.

Ohya before that Shu Min was apparently sprouting nonsense to Li Hui. ERHEM Miss Koh Shu Min. Just what do you want?! >< Naughty meanie! Michelle was stoning I think. Colin was reading Daughters of Heaven which is the novel version of Heavenly Creatures. I took out my Gemini 2006 horoscope book. Then Colin borrowed it. Lol. I had HLM in my bag but I procrastinated to read it. Argh. So fed up with myself. What happened to my new year resolution?! Then at some point of time, one of the group started singing birthday songs. We joined in but dunno who?s birthday. Discovered that it was Claire?s and Ming Quan?s birthdays. Happy birthday to Claire and Ming Quan!

Went to toilet with Shu Min and she found this faeces model outside one of the classrooms. It was done by Kenny last year I think and it?s a model of Cecilia?s favourite item in the world, right after Hello Kitty. Then Shu Min was cleaning it in the toilet and even brought it to show the other SCs. The wallless classroom was painted by the lower sec art club yesterday and they left all the stuff lying around. Ah how inconsiderate. The paint can was not covered. Argh.

Anyway after some time, we got into our arrangement for the investiture. Waited very long at the wallless. Then finally proceeded to the hall. Then we rehearsed walking up the stage and receiving our badges from the principal. When it was my turn, I received an imaginary badge and shook hands with Bao Jia who was acting as the principal then. Then I turned back and walked just to realize that I?ve overshot where my department was standing. Super malu!!! Shumin was shouting ?Sotong!? Embarrassing. Then after me was Michelle then Li Hui then Colin. When Colin got onto the stage some people applauded. Dunno why. Then shumin said he nearly repeated my sotong act. LOL.

After a while, we were told that year4 scs also have to be present for the investiture on Monday argh. Means I have to wear that white long-sleeved shirt. I?ve survived it for one year. I will continue to survive wearing it. Cheers.

I seriously need a power adaptor to charge my zen . I cant possibly on the computer every time just to charge it. This year is DHS?s kaleidoscope year and all the music and performing groups have their concerts. Out of 6 concerts I will be going to 5 and the cost amounted to 58 bucks. Ah. How? So much money lehs. I guess I think to survive on instant noodles to save up. I have a whole lots of things on my wishlist as well.

Oh ya here are some quotes from ?In her shoes? movie? if I didn?t remember them wrongly :

Wasabi makes everything better.

I carry your heart. I carry your heart in my heart. (Some more sentences but i cant remember)It?s this wonder that keeps the stars apart.

Ah that?s all for now. What a long entry. I will update on the 5 or 10 weird facts later on. Stay tune. And btw i watched fear factor last night and Allan Wu, the actor was actually one of the contestant or whatever you call it. He super seh and his body build is worth millions of thumb-ups. Just like my dad =D muscular. Tay Ping Hui's not bad too. Woohoo. He didnt win the money. He was so close. He got to the third round and lost by 2 seconds to the other guy laa. GRR. But well he did his best cheers (:

Saturday, January 14

back blogging

woohoo. I didnt come online for a few days le bahs. Ususally I cant resist coming online. But for the past few days, I became smart. I kept the laptop in its pouch so that its away from my sight, thus failing to tempt me. heehee.

And if you have noticed, no more midi on this blog. I apologize for that.

Last thursday and friday had been really eventful days and i shall blog about them another time. Sad to say, I've hurt my left wrist again and this time its really pain. My right arm hurt like crazy as well and i think its due to the carrying of titbits on thurs. Bummer.

I shall stop blogging before i get addicted. There are 3 tests next week. Bio, Phy and hlm kaocha. Ah. I love physics as much as i love chem now but the final verdict is still unknown. I have to see my phy test results first. As you noe, i always get disappointed. Everything in this world disappoints me. No matter how optimistic i told myself to be, 9 out of 10 chances i will be disappointed. I even disappointed myself last year by doing badly for my eoys. I disappointed myself each time i hurt my wrist but its not my fault laa. its just super weak and fragile and i cant help it.

So i shant put my hopes too high for phy test. But i just hope that i will be able to pass. Getting disappointed is a total boohoo. and it will totally kill my interest in physics no matter how much i like ms chia as my phy teacher.

Ah ha. So much about phy test. Bio test. erh not much comments. But i jus hope i wil be able to pass it.

HLM kaocha is the one i am worried about the most. I shall get off the comp now and start reading it.

No no. I am going to watch the documentary on Child sex tourism on CNA now. I watched a documentary on Geiko Girls jus now at 1pm. Is geiko same as maiko and geisha? I didnt catch the start of the documentary and i was blur throughout watching it.

ohno. the show's starting. I am off.

here's a really nice fanfic. feel free to check it out.

tata for now. cya days later (:

Wednesday, January 11

quiz time

ah ha its quiz time. I really should be getting into bed and catch my beauty sleep esp when I slept at 12am last night, the latest ever since school reopened. Orientation and amazing race made me real tired so i slept at ten plus with my hair undried therefore resulting in several headaches argh.

here's a quiz i got from shumin's blog... and regardin that game where shumin tagged me... i am supposed to list out 5 weird and random facts about myself. i shall do that tmr if i come online. if not then weekend bahs.

[my name is]: annabel (:
[in the morning i am]: tired =P
[all i need is/are]: joy, laughter, a fun-filled and meaningful life
[if i could see one person right now]: him
[i'm afraid of]: creepy crawlies, thunder, moths!!, some cats and many many more.
[i dream about]: myself living in a fairytale with a 'happily ever after' ending.

H A V E Y O U E V E R . . .
[been in love]: yea i guess.
[cried when someone died]: yep.
[drank alcohol]: yes and i realised that i cant drink at all. My cheeks blushed upon taking just 2 sip of the wine... boohoo.
[lied]: yea. who dont. But i try not too laa.
[coke or pepsi]: none. I dont take soft drinks. Fruit juices please.
[flowers or candy]: soft toys!! lasting& cuddlable& CALORIES-FREE =D

W I T H T H E O P P O S I T E S E X . . .
[what do you notice first?]: Hm Smile and eyes.
[last person you slow danced with]: no one.
[worst thing to say]: vulgarities and criticism
[tall or short]: tall. at least taller than me.

W H O . . .
[makes you laugh the most?]: shumin!! and almost everyone else.
[makes you smile]: him... and everyone... my friends and family in particular (:
[has a crush on you?]: eh no idea.
[easier to talk to: boys or girls?]: depends laa. sometimes boys sometimes girls.

D O Y O U E V E R . . .
[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. you?]: yea and the waiting period is like eternity.
[save aol/aim conversations]: i think my comp save convo but not too sure.
[cried because of someone saying something to you]: yup. totally heartbreaking.

H A V E Y O U E V E R . . .
[fallen for your best friend]: eh ya. big mistake.
[been rejected]: i think so. i used to be a daring girl.
[rejected someone]: yea i think so.
[used someone]: nope. being used: yes!
[been cheated on]: yup.
[done something you regret]: yes. sigh.

W H O W A S T H E L A S T P E R S O N . . .
[you talked to]: my mom
[hugged]: i seriously cant remember.
[you instant messaged]: yunyin and shumin
[you laughed with]: shumin

D O Y O U . . .
[color your hair]: no. it colours itself =P
[habla espanol]: what talking?!

H A V E Y O U / / D O Y O U / / A R E Y O U
[smoke]: nope. never.
[obsessive]: erh ya. esp with idols and colours etc.
[could you live without the computer?]: yes i think so.
[how many peeps are on your buddylist?]: too many to count (:
[what's your favorite food?]: boneless fish soup.
[whats your favorite fruit?]: honeydew, mango, banana...
[what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?]: emotional pain. it takes forever to heal and worse still no one know how painful it feels.
[trust others way too easily?]: yes. and i felt totally disgusted with myself for being gullible.

F I N A L Q U E S T I O N S . . .
[i want]: to live life to the fullest, live every moment, treasure everyone and be everyone's guardian angel (:
[i wish]: that he will be safe and sound and everyone to be happy and healthy.
[i love]: him and all my friends and family
[i miss]: our past and him.
[i fear]: loneliness and rejection
[i hear]: the fan blowing at me
[i wonder]: if true love does exist in this world

i know a few years down the road, he will become a very long and old history. I might not feel the same for him by then. I might have a boyfriend or even be married. But my missing of him will never fade that is. And he is still the last person i want to see if i were to turn blind tomorrow.

I will be his guardian angel, now and forever. Yea my love for him may have faded but i know that i was once in love with him deeply. As long as he is happy, i am happy. Yep.

i am really setting my priorities right this year. and in a way, to set my mind busy so that i wont think about some other stuff i am not supposed to think of. I shall keep myself occupied with cip, csc, art club, sc and schoolwork plus tuition and gmpspb alumni lol. As well as CPA-chickenlittle gathering... anzio gathering anything.

As for prom night, doesnt matter if i have a date or not. wahahas. i am definitely not going to take the initiative to ask some guys or wad. and i doubt any guys will ask me. and the prom nite is not meant for dhp students anyway. wahahas. jus some random thoughts.

year 2006 is a busy and eventful year. I shall keep myself busy and not procrastinate about doing my stuff. I will live life to the fullest and live every moment. Ohya. I have to make sure everyone's safe and sound cos i am everyone's guardian angel.

sheesh i feel like i becoming a little bit bonkers le.

kaes thats about it. stay tune for the 5 weird and random facts about me. i told twin one of them and she appeared to be bewildered. wahahas. i bet u will be too. cya.

Tuesday, January 10

thanks to ppl who gave souvenirs

WHEE. I woke up at 830 this morning!!! WAHAHAS. Isnt it like such a miracle?! SEE.. miracles do happen. And I think this year i might need to pray hard for some miracles to take place in my life =P

Anyway I came online to help my dad check his company's email... And I think i forgot to thank those people who bought souvenirs for me from Thailand and US. Here it goes.

Thanks Shue Ling for that nice nice postcard. I will keep it in my file (:

Thanks Yun Yin for the acorn thingy. Sorry for being slow about realising that the small little thingy is actually an acorn. But once you told me that its an acorn, it immediately reminds me of ... CHICKEN LITTLE!! WHEE. I can see that you really put in alot of effort to wrap that small little acorn. So sweet of you. Dont worry about the size of the gift. Size doesnt matter =D and i like the gift very much (:

Thanks Yi Ling for that pink spiderman ball thingy. WAHAHAS. Really like it very much !! I just amazed my brother by showing him the 'magic' and now he's mumbling beside me about why it is not a powerpuff girl LOL. And also a big thank you for that round pig crystal thingy. AH. I LOVE THAT LOADS laa. It's super cute. and I LOVE PIGS!! Not that i am one, ok la i am a piglet but hey i am working on my diet ok!!! Working really hard!! But anyway, thanks for that piggy.

Thanks to Cecilia for the keychain bought from San Francisco. I chose the one with hearts, moon and stars. lol

Thanks to Pei Xin for the squirrel crystal. Its the same as the pig just that its a squirrel duh. AH to think i actually thought it was a racoon. BOOHOO. ya la once a sotong forever a sotong. I even told juehui they all yesterday that peixin gave me a RACOON =.- I am sorrie. hahas its a squirrel.

Thanks to Wan Ting for the handmade bracelet!! Gonna miss you loads. I tied the bracelet from two rubber-band-look-alike thingy which i got from the candycanes to my bag. Whenever i look at it, i will think of you~! (:

Thanks to Eugene (kor) for the swan crystal. You gave me long time ago during SC mtg during the hols. Thanks alot and I like it very much =D

Hm thats about it. Did I miss out any people? If i did please let me know through my tagboard. HEY PPL. I really like the souvenirs very much. It doesnt matter if the souvenir is big or small, its the thought that counts. Thanks for taking the effort to choose the souvenirs for me or to actually transport them back from that country to Singapore. WHEE.

I am easily pleased wahahahas. as long as what i get are surprises. I love surprises as much as I love... erh PINK? wahahas. yup. and rainbows and stars and hearts.

Ohya. Please kindly let me know what you think about my 'chronicles of sotong'. Whether you think its interesting, funny, lame or whatever. No personal attack please. but i can take some jokes (: afterall i am from 4J- jus joking publications. LOL.

Please tag kaes. I really like seeing tags (: It just brightens up my day. So make me happy laa... tag =D

I just heard these two qian bian questions over the radio.

1) Which alphabet(s) do we love to listen to?


2) Which key on the keyboard is the most charming/ zui shuai?

WAHAHAS. I am not telling you the answers yet. TAG my tagboard and i shall tell you the answer in my next post.

Going out with my mom later. Going to my grandma's house and to causeway point and my uncle's house. YAYS. Gonna get some gifts as birthday presents for some January babies... lalala if your birthday's round the corner, well you may be in for a surprise. eh provided i will be seeing you soon or you are in dhs =D

And I have decided not to procrastinate any longer. I will start reading hlm today again. From the very first page. It has been confirmed that there will be 3 tests next week. Biology, Physics and HLM kao cha. Ah.

It's still a long way before my birthday comes... never mind. A festive season will be here very soon and i can get to see all my uncles, aunties and cousins who went on the M'sia trip. WHEE.

Life. to be worthy of a rational being, must be always in progression.

Monday, January 9

chronicles of sotong

ah I am back from school... first official schoolday of year 2006. Aw the weather's still bad. It's still raining, raining and raining nonstop. Boohoo. Tell me. When will the rain stop?! This morning I dropped by Anzio and talked to them. Felt apologetic that I didnt get any gifts for them yet all thanks to the rainy weather laa. At 7am, I climbed up to the FOURTH storey to meet up my cny comm members for a mtg. Apparently my legs will always stop walking at the THIRD storey. And like what I was telling Shu Min, Jue Hui and the others, our legs' walking limit is only till the third storey and maybe becos our legs have adapted to that...

Anyway yup. So erh supposed to have SC mtg after school but it has been postponed to Thursday. Had lunch with Shue Ling. Bought from the rice stall. Ah that auntie filled my plate with rice and side dishes as usual. I cant finish the rice apparently. After lunch, we took bus home together and ah. Two sotong-ish incidents happened and of cos the sotong involved is me laa. Like duh? But before I tell you more about that, two of my fellow schoolmates have sotongish incidents today. LOL one is Colin. and one is MengShuen. Eh the one about Colin still makes me want to laugh everytime i think about it. but i shant elaborate in case i get accused of being a big mouth =X But hey i had a good laugh in the morning. I am sure Geneve did too. Mengshuen is a sotong cos he forgot to bring the evaluation forms for the amazing race and he claimed that he didnt know about it. Nvm its ok.

Alright now about my sotong-ish incidents. It is super sotong-ish laa. After eating lunch, me and shueling headed to the side gate, in hope that it will be unlocked so that we can get to the bus stop without getting drenched. On our way there, I saw this guy heading to the side gate and i thought he looked like Kenneth from SC. I mean around the same height and some resemblance so I said hi to him. Then he said hi back. Ok. Then i thot he looked a bit unfamiliar so i turned back and looked at him and he looked at me and asked 'do i know you?' That verified my doubt. He is NOT that Kenneth. It was super embarrassing especially when I am a senior in the school now. Ahh. Shue Ling kept laughing laa. argh. ultimate malu-ness.

Then on the bus, i was feeling thirsty after talking to Shue Ling and becos I didnt take a drink after eating the nice nice pork with curry... I took out my water bottle and drank, taking note that the bus had stopped at a traffic but after a few seconds of me sipping from my water bottle, the bus started moving and my hands were jerked so water splashed from the water bottle onto my blouse and nose =.- piangz.

Super embarrassing. I told shueling not to tell people about this event but now that I have announced it here, i guess its no longer a secret. It's embarrassing but it's a moment of my life =D Two sotong-ish events in a row. Shue Ling named it 'chronicles of sotong' wheee. I might collate all the stories into a fanfic one day and title it that. Wahahas. It's like a bit copied for Colin's blog url but theres a comic titled chronicles of duno wad and theres a movie called chronicles of narnia. Aiya so doesnt matter laa (:

I realised today that shumin can be quite dao during lessons. She has this stern look which scares me sometimes. I am scared of fierce people... and people who dont smile. I know not everyone smiles like i do... i smile like every few seconds laa. But when i dont smile i look dao. I was told that i looked dao and like people owe me money like that. I can remember who said that but i am not telling =P My dad's one example. He dont smile very often laa. But i like to see him smile. Wahahas. I like to smile and see people smile. If i smile at someone and he/she dont smile back i will feel very dejected. Really. I am very sensitive and an unreturned smile can be very demoralizing. Or at least for me laa.

So hor i therefore come to a conclusion that if i smile at you, please be nice and smile back at me. If i say hi to you, say hi back even though i might have recognize the wrong person yet again! =D

There is this laminated card on the wall beside me now which reads:

A smile brings inspiration to the discouraged, cheer to the sad and warmth to the troubled. Share your smile, give someone a beautiful day.

Yep! Share your smile. Gimme a beautiful day (:

But hor~!! CAUTION. PLEASE TAKE NOTE. the smile which you return me must be sincere and comes from your heart =) i dont like fake smiles kaes. I know laa. sometimes just to be polite you fake out a smile. Sigh. But at least you take the effort to move some muscles.

It takes less muscles to smile than to frown. (I forgot how many muscles it takes to smile and to frown respectively =X)

Ms Chia is our Physics teacher this year and she taught us some stuff regarding our test next week today. Yays. I like her very much... I can understand what she taught. And she told us that she is a sotong. Wahahahas. My fellow sotong =)

Wrote cards for Wan Ting and Ruth today. They went to 4C.. not in dhp anymore. Ohno wait... I think i forgot to write on Ruth's card... Sheesh. I heard Huanglin or dunno who telling the class to go and sign on the cards if they havent... and i forgot i didnt sign on Ruth's card. Ohno. One more thing up on my chronicles-of-sotong list. How? boohoo. I miss them lo. Though i dunno them every well but they are nice.. Did geog proj... the skit with ruth before. Went to her house. Very nice. She is a very easygoing and cheerful girl...

Wan Ting is my basketball playmate... Always play bball with her during PE lessons. We have mo qi de worr. Did MPP project with her last year. Got to know her during the project de... Very thoughtful and sweet girl. She gave me a bracelet she made herself... Aw. Miss them loads. Maybe i will get something for them =D Let's hope that the rain stops soon so that i can step out of my house to go shopping.

It was freezing cold in school today laa. I am waiting for the fila jacket my mom promised me if i manage to slim down. Apparently i am not doing anything about my diet. I have been snacking on the nice nice cracker my dad's taiwanese client bought for us from taiwan. I tried to share them everytime i snack on them... with say my grandma and brother. Hm. sharing is a good way of reducing the calories consumed. That 1kg i lost didnt come back and I hope that more kgs will say byebye to me.

This year got prom nite lehs. Ok la. I was being suan-ed by some NICEEE kor that no guys will ask me to prom. Nah its ok. I will just spend the nite with my girlfriends provided that they dont zhong sei qing you and leave me in the lurch. My girlfriends are all pretty pretty de wor. So if they have dates for that special night, well i will be understanding enough to just stay at home =P i am not desperate. it's still long long way to go laa.

Yi Ling gave us ball-like thingy souvenirs she bought from Thailand. Jh got a tigger-ball. Shu Min got a eyeball-ball and i got a spiderman-ball. Its something sticky and soft. And when you throw it onto a flat surface it will flatten then slowly raise up. Lent the guys in my cls mine then they started throwing about and dirtying it. then twin is nice... she poured water onto my hand which was holding the ball to wash it. And the water dripped onto my skirt and i looked like i urinated on my skirt. ARGH.

We were told to form groups of min. 4 max.6 ppl for LA documentary making. Me, sm, jh, yl, yy and eileen formed a group then apparently the class wants to draw lots. Ohwells. fate always meddles...

Well talking about smiles right, I remember his smiles. Actually i am sorta getting over him... his departure. losing him. I mean its like Gemini's about communication.We didnt keep in touch for so long that i feel like i am thinking about someone who dont exist. He exists. He always exists. once in my heart, forever in my memories. I know i have to get on with life. He may not be with me throughout my life journey. But i am contented that at least i got to know him.

His smiles are always contagious. His smiles never fail to make me smile. He always scolded me but with a smile. and that smile told me that he dont mean it. He used to smile alot... but slowly his smiles lessened. Maybe because the ugliness and cruelty of the adult world started to burden him. I think he dont smile that often nowadays. I really hope to see his smile again. Just once. He is someone who's hard on the outside and soft in the inside... I saw through him. I saw through his tough outlook. He's not tough at all...

You can never be too generous with smiles. Some people look great when they smile. One example: my dad (: but still girls like me who smile every few seconds still ok laa. If guys smile too often i will get a weird feeling... I dont smile that often actually. I have my solemn moments too esp when i am feeling moody or ap. I can even look grumpy. Ask Juehui or anyone who went on the germany trip. I get really catty when i am ap and i was really ap during the trip. Some parts laa.

Ah ha. Yesterday's charity show. I almost cried when i saw the monk cried. He was really disappointed and devastated when he saw how slow the number of calls was increasing. And he was worried that his uncompleted performance might affect the funds raised. But Singaporeans didnt disappoint him. We are still a generous lot. I called the hotline twice.

I really look up to Ming Yi Fa Shi. Not just becos I am also a Buddhist. But also because community service is my passion and raising funds for charity is a part of community service. He is really a role model. His courage way bypasses that of a normal being. Yea that Mr Khoo who broke the Guinness World Record also has courage but it's a different thing. The monk did it for the local needy. Mr Khoo did it for the pride of Singapore. Yes they are both Singaporeans. anyway no offence intended ok.

The monk really steps out to raise funds for the needy. Durai should feel ashamed of himself. Yea Ming Yi Fa Shi always steps out to do his part to raise funds and not only that. The stunts he did were always the most dangerous and challenging one and they never failed to become the climax of the show. He is really a good role model.

Clara will be performing on Campus Superstar tonight. I am definitely watching it. WHEE. I should be going offline now. I must have some self discipline these days.

Ok something motivational before I go off:

Life, to be worthy of a rational being, must be always in progression.

Sunday, January 8

raining. raining. raining

ah its raining raining raining and raining non-stop. It has been raining the whole day. The sky is dark... the weather is wet but hey I am motivated and inspired =D

I've done some constructive stuff today... like tabulating the evaluation forms for 3E's dhs xplore, copied out the 10-day timetable onto a orange and pink paper then cutting them into a size small enough to fit into the folder in my handbook. I listened to Mayday songs... and I wrote an agenda for tomorrow's CNY games comm meeting though I havent contact the comm members yet. I am feeling tired cos of the rainy season but no i am not going to waste time sleeping. I am not going shopping today, meaning i wont be able to get birthday presents and gifts for Anzio. ohno. Heather from Anzio smsed me and the other SCs and thanked us for their transformation from a stoning class to the most enthu class!!! WHEE. Anzio's my pride. I am SO proud of them.

Cushka's my pride too. Took them for orientation last year. I dont visit them anymore but I do see them in school sometimes. Hm two groups from cushka won in the dhs xplore. WHOA. WHEE. They rawk!

Hm I havent touch hongloumeng for the past week... with the orientation and amazing races as excuses. but right now, I am still procrastinating to read it. Why? Cos I just dont feel like reading it. It's too chim for a sotong like me. And I know I am going to flunk the kaocha. Wah what a good start for year 2006. How? Yea I am motivated. but not to read that book. I cant remember what I read and I forgot where I stopped, meaning I have to reread the book... What happened to my new year resolutions??!!

Anyway my diet has offically started... I have no idea when is the exact day it started but I managed to shed off one kilo after running about around Singapore for amazing races. And from then, fearing that the kilo will come back to haunt me, i started to eat less... and I kept drinking sour stuff. I drank lemon-lime juice from Mac on friday night after orientation finale night and a lemonade yesterday during lunch. And the acidity has resulted in my tummy feeling funny these few days.

I lost my voice and so I cant sing. But i still sing just that it sounds alot awful-er. My voice is funny. I can still talk alot and even scream but my voice sounds funny. Dont tell me I've lost my unique and sweet voice. AW =P

I want to update some stuff on my wishlist but I wanna switch off the laptop soon cos I have been spending the past hours with it on and music blasting out from the speakers. Well I will switch it off after i send a quotation to my dad's client.

Hm I want to get a water bottle... I saw some nice ones in a shop at TM. I want a pencil case... saw a pink one at one shop in citylink mall. I want a cordless phone cos i dont like to talk on the phone with restricted movements. I want more wristbands particularly for my left wrist. ARGH. I have to live with wrist bands and wrist guards from that fateful day onwards. aw. I am sick of the black Nike wrist band which I am wearing right now. Hey if you are nice and want to get a birthday present for me this year, maybe you can get me some nice wrist bands... =D

I have started wearing a watch since last december... cos I came to a conclusion that if i wear a watch on my left wrist then people who are thoughtful enough wont grab my wrist and spoil my watch. Thoughtful and wise people like JueHui... Yesterday juehui held my forearm beside the watch... whee. But if you are someone from my clique or my good friend or classmate or whatever, and you grab my wrist accidentally or without knowing it, its ok. I wont hate you. But well for some people who have just said something which i considered to be very offfensive and inconsiderate and then grab my wrist with my watch, wahahas. good luck.

yup yup. and if you see me wearing a wristband on my left wrist, please do not think that i am trying to act cool or whatever. I dont see the need to act cool. And it's super uncomfortable to wear something tight and sweat-absorbing on your wrist.

All above contents are not supposed to be offensive. So do take those words with a pinch of salt =D I know that people who read my blog are nice people =)

Tag on my tagboard when u visit. i will reply c:

Saturday, January 7


i just typed a long post... and poof everything is gone except for a quiz... argh. this is getting irritating. how how how. I am fuming mad now. so i am not going to type out everything again! ahhh irritating lorhs.


some quizes:

Your Hair Should Be Purple
Intense, thoughtful, and unconventional.You're always philosophizing and inspiring others with your insights.

erh purple hair?! dorts. no thnks.

You Are a Natural Beauty!
You're the kind of beauty that every guy dreams about...One that looks good in the morning - without a stich of makeupThat's doesn't mean you're a total hippie chic thoughYou have style, but for you, style is effortless
What Type of Beauty Are You?

dehh. natural beauty?! like real.

You Are Artemis!

Brave, and a natural born leader.You're willing to fight for what you believe in...And willing to make tough decisions.Don't forget - the people around you have ideas too!

What Goddess Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life (and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.


Your best match is a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius

Why? You crave excitement and playful banter
Only an Air Sign can match your wit - and keep you on your toes
As for fun, an Air Sign guy will show you plenty? with tons of surprises
Just be sure to introduce him to some new playful experiences as well!

What Sign Should You Date? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life (and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

hm but air signs are fickle... ohwells.

You are a Playful Date

Your dating philosophy?
"Fun first, romance later"
You rather scream on a roller coaster...
Then stare in to some guy's eyes over dinner.

Guys to look for:
Men with humorous profiles and quirky interests
Sure that business suit guy may look boring...
But if he likes snowball fights, give him a try

What Kind of Date Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life (and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

yes. definitely prefer screaming to staring esp when i dont have beautiful eyes =P

You Are Pistachio Ice Cream
Funky. Surprising. Wild.
What Flavor Ice Cream Are You?

what is that?!

Your Element is Earth
Your power color: yellow
Your energy: balancing
Your season: changing of seasons
Dedicated and responsible, you are a rock to your friends.You are skilled at working out even the most difficult problems.Low key and calm, you are happiest when you are around loved ones.Ambitious and goal oriented, you have long term plans to be successful.
What Element Are You?

wahahas. I am an Air sign and my element's earth...

Your Scent is Pumpkin Pie
Warm, comforting, and a bit old fashionedYou've got what men want - believe it or not!
What Scent Are You?

i think i did this quiz before but nvm...

Your Ideal Marriage Proposal Is
After dinner at your favorite restaurant, at the spot where you first kissed.

yups yups. romantic nehh. aww.

Thursday, January 5

orientation tee got stolen laa wdh

Went for Level 3 Amazing Race today. Well I shall talk about it later. We were given happiness hearts to cut again. And I am not cutting it yet cos I am not happy at all. You will know why very soon. And just a warning, this post is going to be long and in a grumpy tone... some vulgarities might appear here and there though i hate them as much.

On a happier tone, I shall try to talk about yesterday first. I didnt blog cos I was too tired. Aw. It was a fun but tiring day. My dad fetched me to school in the morning with the art club tshirts and a box of CSC door-gifts. Shue Ling and Shu Min helped me to drag the stuff up to Level4. Whee. Thanks so much!

Ok erh I shant go through every single thing that happened. But anyway we took the sec1s back to class after flag raising for administration by form teachers. 1A was delayed due to some stuff and we were late for band performance... 1B waited for us outside band room.

After band, we went to LT for CO performance. They were very ri qing and welcomed us... or rather the sec1s warmly. Saw WanTing, HuiShan, HuiYi, PeiYu and YiLiang. Then they performed... and I realised that Clara from 2d04 is a zu zhang aka section leader. Hahas. Surprising. Then when the percussion section played their piece, i was startled by the loud noise like how I always get when the thunder roars.

After CO, we went to the music practice room for SE performance. Whee twin's cca. There was some human congestion... Alright. The following is a continuation of my 'Chronicles of Sotong' LOL. I didnt take off my shoes cos I didnt intend to go into the room as it was too crowded but twin asked me and the other SCs to go in. Then i just stepped into the room unknowingly that I didnt take off my shoes for we werent suppose to wear shoes into the music practice room. Ah =S

SE performance were cool... they kept playing Twin's favourite song... Jingle Bells. Wahahas. After that we went to the music room for choir performance. Yes here is the scary part aka climax. I've no idea why but they decorated and turned the room into some sort of haunted house. We were welcomed by KangQi and Brandon wearing scary masks. (I didnt know that it's tem after much later laa duh.)

We took off our shoes and went into the room... then someone (I cant remember who) warned me that there's someone inside the cupboard which my back was facing... so i quickly turned around so that I faced the cupboard... Then suddenly and unexpectedly, someone jumped out and I... screamed. Right in that room... yes the room... enclosed with four walls. You can imagine how loud the scream was and how embarrassed I was... esp when the other SCs of 1A and 1B were just beside me laa. Ultimate embarrassment. boohoo.

That guy's Louise laa... Dawn's classmate. His face was powdered and I actually moved back a little when he came over and talked to me. He attempted to strangle Yao Lu. lol. Yao Lu's a brave girl. She was not the least bit scared lorhs.

The room was darkened and we couldnt see who was singing but I think I saw YunYin. Yups after that went to canteen for break.
After the break, we went to the UG exhibitions. Went to Guides&Scouts. then to NPCC then SJAB. After which was the performance by the various UGs. For the Guides&Scouts exhibition, it was very nicely done... and their efforts can be seen. Then saw KengHoe and he was like crapping to some sec1 boys. Then Timothy was doing some weird stuff laa then i kept laughing. Whee I like NP's fancy drill. Always look forward to it during orientation. I've like watched it for 3 years? hahas. Very nicee... esp when the drill is in pace with the fast music. whee. Anyway... SJAB and Guides&Scouts performances were impressive too. Well done (:

After that we went for lunch. Ah thats when I was pissed off. I am not going to elaborate on that. But I lost my appetite and ate really slowly so in the end I threw away like half box of rice. After lunch all the Year4 students including CCA ppl and student councillors were summoned to the auditorium for an important talk by the principal. After that we went for the clubs&societies exhibition. EDS was first but they werent ready when 1A& 1B reached the classroom... So we motivated the year1s to cheer... Not much enthusiasm then. Went into the classroom for EDS introduction& performance... They didnt have much time to present cos over-run. We proceeded to the next classroom which is IT'em Club i think. Their exhibition was very IT... like what Colin said. Hahas. Quite simple but IT laa. The SCs sat on the chairs... then mine was stacked up in three. So I was feeling tall then. I really was MUCH taller ok. Just that it's very scary cos I dont know when the chairs will topple and collapse. Choy! ><

After IT'em club was Chinese Society... They rushed through everything and were pretty organized... I was impressed... They used every single minute... Well done... and they put our timing for the exhibitions back into order so no more over-running. Thanks loads!

After that was Air Rifle Club. Hmm I was leaning on the door and couldnt really hear what the person was introducing... Proceeded to the next which was Wushu. We wasted quite some time walking into and out of the classroom. But the performance was good... Leanne very sehh wor.

Next was.... ART CLUB. Wheeee... We waited at the door for quite a while cos the other class havent leave completely yet. Cecilia and Chip introduced... Then Dawn made use of the time to paint 'Art Club' on my right forearm... Yay. Art Club rawks.... Next was CSC. Whee. CSC rawks too. Gwen did the presentation. The powerpoint was done by me... hahas yays. Then got photo presentation... Saw my photos appear quite a few times and it was like so errrr dorts laa. HuanJun said in sarcasm about me being photogenic >< meanie. lol

After that we went to the hall for the performing arts concert where parents of the year1 students were also invited... Watched the concert thrice le. I was i/c of it last year somemore. Lotsa hard work organizing it. Talking about that reminds me of the orientation skit... hahas i was the i/c oso... so-called 'director'. Rehearsals were always fun and ended with laughters. Ah ya. I got to know Shu Min, Eugene, Colin, Shue Ling they all better during the skit de lo =D

Anyway back to the present... When the concert was about to start, a parent sitting behind me started to ask me about the school's CCAs etc. She is Yiping's mother... and Yiping's from 1A... the class I am taking for orientation.

Then Huan Jun came halfway through the concert and passed me this big box filled with CSC orientation stuff. Ms Tan told him to bring to my classroom for me but being a meanie, he brought it to the hall to me personally cos he wanted me to suffer. Boohoo. Then after the concert I carried the big box and gathered 1A. I guess I must have looked pretty helpless... cos quite a number of people including ShueLing and Colin asked if i need help. LOL. Thnks! But i still lugged it to 1A classroom... It was heavy... actually not that heavy but i dunno laa. The weight cannot be defined.

Then we debriefed and cheered outside the classroom. Helped to shift the tables back then headed to the hall for debrief... yes back to the hall again with that big box in my arm! Then i carried it to 4j classroom to get my bag... then realised my dad not free to fetch me back home from school so i left the box in the classroom and took bus home..

Today's amazing race or rather DHS Explore's fun... My morning didnt start out right so I was quite ap and all... but slowly my mood got better... and by the time we returned to dhs to report i was in a happy and chatty mood. Then i was very talkative laa. Even more talkative during debriefing. Ah I missed my group already. It's been a fun day. My partner is nicee... Angela... Got to know many people today. Including some seniors like Angela. Then near the end of the briefing, i was arguing with the E1 and E3 facils about the tabulation of the evaluation... In the end everyone took a part of the stack but i will be totalling up the sum or whatever.

Me and shumin were playing childish games at the bus stop. then on the bus we exchanged happiness hearts... chatted with this senior whose name i dunno...

Hope that my good mood can sustain... but it failed to cos when i reached home i realised that my orientation tee which i just wore yesterday got stolen by some unknown idiotic people. My grandma hung it at the corridor like she always does and poof. its gone. I was so fuming mad lorhs. My mood's better now. Slightly better. Twin's lending me her shirt cos tmr she wont be present for finale night. Yays. Eugene's nice too... he offered to exchange his L-sized shirt for a XL-sized shirt which was extras. Thnks thnks. My twin and kor rawk laa!

Thats about all. ohya. NEVER NEVER insult anything which I hold dearly to my heart... including people. These 'things' include:
a) My family
b) My friends
c) My schools (pri, sec...)
d) My CCAs which are currently art club and community service club
e) My teachers

etc etc etc.

If you are close enough to me to joke about them, i am fine with it. But if you've only known me for like one or two days and you start to shoot your mouth off about the above. You're going to be in my blacklist for sure. Seriously... then if one of my friend insulted my other friend, well I am not sure what i will do cos this really depends on my mood at that point of time. But whatever it is, i think its better not to risk it.

since i am feeling better now... i shall go cut the happiness hearts now lalala. and maybe go on a mission to kill all those irritating blood-suckers mosquitoes in my room cos they bit me last night... terribly. I slept at 10 plus cos i was super tired then i woke up at 130am like that... cos they bit me till my legs itched like crazy. argh. thats about it. bye.

E2 rawks!

Tuesday, January 3

what kind of candy i am2 plus sotong story

I present to you... the quiz of today... What kind of candy am i?

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Very popular, one of you is not enough.
What Kind of Candy Are You?

I thot i took this quiz before... but somehow the results is different. nvm. I am having short term memory like twin... but seriously... my memory's deteriorating as the days go by. This is bad.

Ohya. This morning at about 630am, 2 big sotongs went into the dhs compound and headed for their classroom which is supposed to be sec4j. One of them is originally a sotong who thot that her friend will be much less blurrer than her. However, there are some unforeseen scenarios in life and both the sotongs ended up outside sec3j classroom.

Conclusion: 1) That supposedly-not-a-sotong has become a sotong as well.
2) Sotongness is contagious. Beware... cos the blogger of this post is one ultimate sotong and she is the original sotong in the above story and her darling twin is the other sotong. *beams.

I see people giving me the you-are-so-lame-till-i-got-nth-to-say look. Hey! be more optimistic and look at the positive side laa.... Dont you think i am innovativE? and that my essay-writing skills has improved greatly =D

orientation 2006 day 1

woohoo. I am having a not-really-like-sore-throat-but-sth-like-sore-throat type of sore throat now. I was busily clearing my throat last night but today during year1 orientation I could scream and squeak when I saw Darren early in the morning. LOL

Alright. Yup thats what this post will be about. Javier just asked me about the ps i love you sountrack i bought. LOL yes I really bought the cd because of that guardian angel song. And hey i love it to bits. Kept playing it again and again. Why? Cos it reminds me of him. Ap laa. Somehow the songs I hear nowadays remind me of him. Even that year1 level song, Zhi Zu by MayDay. Ah.

Anyway today's Day 1 of orientation. The usual you can expect. All the year1 students were very... SUPER quiet. But that was the beginning. Well they are just shy laa. Btw we call them year1 students because they are in dhp and will not be taking o'lvls.

Icebreakers and making of identities was quite of a mess and i nearly screamed till my throat tore. I remembered when I was in sec1... I was as unresponsive and super duper quiet. Why? Cos I was traumatised on the early morning of first day of school. I was a girl with super low self- esteem then.. i still am now jus that the only difference is my self-esteem goes up and down, up and down like the stock market. Yup nvm about that first. Talkin about my first day in dhs, it was a traumatising experienced. My dad fetched me to school as usual. I was feeling super uncomfortable in that ultra-big blouse and long skirt. My fringe was long so I tied it back and i looked like an ahma. But thats not the mainpoint.

I was at the foyer with so many PSLs at that time. Then I approached one, putting up a brave front and asked him/her (i cant rmb) how to get to my classroom which was 1D at that time.

He/she told me to follow a PSL in front of me to my classroom instead of accompanying me there. OH MY. Imagine how traumatised i was kaes. I know its no point digging out my history and trying to investigate who's that ap PSL or whatever. But yea. the mainpoint is when one is in a totally new environment... he/she needs time to adapt. Take now for example, I am a noisy person. Ap at times. Nosey. Bimbotic or whateveryoucallit. But hey I've grown out of that period of quietness though i still indulge in my quiet moments sometimes...

Anyway i dont blame the year1 students from being so quiet on the first day of school. Wo shi guo lai ren. I understand the feeling. Even though I felt like a failure, but hey i enjoyed it. YOu know what? One of my new year resolutions is to live every moment. So even if i tore my throat from screaming and motivating the class to cheer, I treasure it. I appreciate having the pleasure to motivate the class... Wheee hey i sound noble dont i?

LOL. Alright. tomorrow shall be a better yet busy day. There's cca exhibition and i have TWO ccas plus sc duty... So i guess you will see me running about like a lunatic. Dont laugh cos I am living that particular moment. And you are definitely wasting your time if you watch me running about and think that i must be crazy. You can really spend the time doing something else (:

Cheers. Anzio ROCKS.

Sunday, January 1

what kind of friend i am

You are a Fun Friend

You're the one who keeps your group laughing
And you've always got an idea for something fun to do
The party's not complete without you
And you wouldn't miss it for the world

What Kind of Friend Are You?

I am a fun friend...

You Are the Peacemaker

You are emotionally stable and willing to find common ground with others.
Your friends and family often look to you to be the mediator when there is conflict.
You are easy going and accepting. You take things as they come.
Avoding conflict at all costs, you're content when things are calm.

What number are you?

Number 9. I am the peacemaker =D

Your Life Path Number Is 6

You have a strong sense of responsibility: you must feel useful to be happy.
The main contribution you make is that of advice, service and ever present support.
This is the Life Path related to leadership by example and assumption of responsibility...
Thus, it is your obligation to pick up the burden and always be ready to help.

The Life Path 6 is one who is compelled to function with strength and compassion.
You are a sympathetic and kind person, generous with personal and material resources.
Wisdom, balance, and understanding are the cornerstones of your Life Path.
Your extraordinary wisdom and the ability to understand the problems of others is apt to commence from an early age...
As a child, you easily spanned the generation gap and assumed an important role in life early on.

While you may assume huge responsibilities in the community, you life revolves around the immediate home and family.
Most with Life Path 6 are the positive types who willingly carry far more than their fair share of the load and are always there when needed.
You are very human and realistic about life, and you feel that the most important thing in your life is the home, family and friends.

The number 6 Life Path actually produces few negative examples, but there are some pitfalls peculiar to the path.
Avoid a tendency to become overwhelmed by responsibilities and a slave to others.
Also, avoid being too critical (of yourself or of others).
The misuse of this Life Path produces tendencies towards exaggeration, over-expansiveness, and self-righteousness.

Imposing one's views in an interfering or meddling way must be an issue of concern.
The natural burdens of your number are heavy, and on rare occasions, responsibility is abdicated by persons with this Life Path 6.
This rejection of responsibility will make you feel very guilty and uneasy, and it will have very damaging effects upon your relationships with others.

What Is Your Life Path Number?

Life Path Number 6 am I.

i think this is pretty accurate since it derives from my birth date... yea i feel like a slave to some people sometimes... when there's no obligations present. boohoo.

You Are a Chihuahua Puppy
Small, high strung, and loyal.You do best in the city with a adults - young kids could crush you!

What Breed of Puppy Are You?

I am a Chihuahua puppy!!


Your Love Number is

You tend to be a stubborn lover, holding your ground in every argumentYou take your time falling in love. You aren't the type to lose perspective.You are loyal (to a fault), and you require the same loyalty in your sweetheart.At your best, you are a wise and inspiring partner - who sticks around.

What Is Your Love Number?

Love number is 1 !


Your True Birth Month Is January

Easily jealous
Loves children
Rather reserved
Highly attentive
Likes to criticize
Needs close friends
Ambitious and serious
Smart, neat and organized
Hardworking and productive
Loves to teach and be taught
Quiet unless excited or tensed
Sensitive and has deep thoughts
Knows how to make others happy
Searches for the greatest romance
Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds
Romantic but has difficulties expressing love
Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses

aw. january. why not may? =

You Have Fantastic Karma

You are a kind, sensitive, and giving person.
And all your good deeds will pay off - if they haven't already.
But you're not so concerned with what you get in return anyway.
You have an innate caring nature - and nothing can change that!

Fantastic karma.

ok thats all for today. tata for now. Bye (: Tomorrow shall be a better day... for today's not really good. Except that I went to watch Chronicles of Narnia movie with my mom and brother at Princess Cinema... Haiya should have gone to watch a digital one... the sound effects wld have been so much better... =D

PS theres something wrong with the code but I am not gonna spend time to find out the cause. It's especially time consuming. Yups thats that. And I am off to catch my beauty sleep.