Monday, August 28

I had a BAD day

I had a BAD day. Ok not exactly. But definitely a bad start for the day.

I lay down on my bed at 11pm last night but I think I only dozed off at 12am plus. I woke up at 1am to check the timing and at around 3am again to check that I didnt oversleep. Cos I did not finish my revision for chemistry and geography. The two subjects which no matter how hard i study, I still wont do very well. The irony part is that chemistry's my fav. subject.

Anyway when i woke up at 3am, i started waking up every ten minutes or so to check the timing on my alarm clock. I am SUPPOSED to wake up at 4am but well I was too tensed and worried so i woke up at 340am. Cannot sleep ma, might as well wake up and study.

I went to the toilet to wash my face and discovered two big lizards. One was fatter than the other, with a bruised red tail. I have no idea what happened to that poor tail but anyway, yea I saw these lizards. I am kinda phobic towards these creepy crawlies and so I kinda froze but they started moving and I continued freezing. After a while they froze too. Then i realised I had chem and geog to chiong so I turned on the tap with all the courage that I could pluck up and splash my face with water, dried with a towel and chiong out of the toilet, living the two lizards in their honeymoon world.

Next, I went to the kitchen to boil water so that I can have a cup of coffee to refresh myself. A third lizard appeared from behind the kettle. A fourth one crawled out of the dustbin beside the sink. I again, tried to be brave and boiled the water then placed the mug and spoon and packet of coffee powder on the table before going to my room.

10 minutes or so later I walked into the kitchen again and this time a lizard crawled out from beneath the table cloth. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Fifth lizard for that early morning. I washed the mug and spoon again before preparing the cup of coffee.


Anyway I went back to study then my left wrist started hurting badly. Cos I twisted it accidentally a few days ago la but i didnt bother abt it then. This morning it hurt badly. Then I searched my whole room for the wrist guard but I cant find it. I actually wasted some precious time to study chem and geog to find the wrist guard but to no avail. But realisation struck me.

That it's time for me to tidy my room =D

Thats not all. Chemistry paper... it wasnt too bad and the paper's not as tough as last year's but well easy questions do not guarantee that you sure know how to do lor. But still it was a piece of cake....


Just the map reading alone drove me crazy. And I am dumb enough to attempt the question with one part which I didnt touch on during my revision.

Well I am still suffering from after-symptoms of the geog paper. I feel so restless. All my energy and brain juices have been drained out.

One more day. Less than 24 hours. To freedom.

things to do tomorrow (immediately after the last paper):
1. Go shopping and get myself something I like
2. Take neoprints~
3, Watch movie (maybe Akeelah and the Bee? )
4. blog!!
5. think of what to get for teachers' day
6. find out the progress of pillar of hope!
7. work on portfolio
8. listen to fm radio all night...
9. write poetry!
10. Reply letters to my nanjing buddy and prisch friend.

May the next 20 or so hours zoom past in the blink of an eye.

Friday, August 25

Club 183

wahaha i am addicted to blogging. This shall be the compensation for not blogging for the past few weeks.

whoa I just saw this MV by Club 183 on MTV Mandarin channel. LOL these five 1.8m tall guys are hot. Super charismatic when they sing la. Aw. WAHAHA. Though the song they were singing seems kinda senseless. haha.

The first line of the chorus goes 'Oh sweet heart your heart my heart' and ends with 'Oh Baby I am so hot'. Wahaha. Then they started stripping, as in tearing off their shirts in the mv. Har. expressing their masculinity arh.

Duan Chen Feng aka Yan Xing Shu looks really charming when he sings too =D

Ohya I forgot what is the name of their boyband so I went to search on the net. Then I discovered that Wikipedia actually provides information about it too. Whoa this online encyclopedia is POWER cann. Not just science but practically all rounded. COOL!

Teeheehee off to my browsing of poems. Inspired to write some of my own already (:

Go listen to FIR's Tian tian ye ye. Sang by Faye and Ah Xin I think? Not sure. I only like their songs. Yep yep. I love mandopop too, very much indeed.

unknowingly on the way to self-discovery

Poetic Post =D

While surfing the net for poems
I came across this
Webpage filled with poems so meaningful
I thought I should share it with you (:

I believe in angels,
The kind that heaven sends,
I am surrounded by angels,
But I call them friends.

- Aizabel Parinas -

bitten by the poetic bug

MOVIES- deprived

Ah finally a post on my blog after such a longgggg time. It seems like zillion years have passed since i last blogged. I am gonna get a new blogskin after my eoys, which will officially end next tuesday. Yippee.

Well well, four more papers before I get the license to freedom. Four more papers then I can lead a more interesting life away from all the wordy textbooks... at least for a period of time. Four more papers to go and I am off to work on my passion.

Wahaha wondering why I am feeling high despite the tough physics paper today? HA. cos i got enlightened. By myself. Composed a self-enlightening poem and I am feeling good now. Not gonna post the poem here YET. another time perhaps.

Have been writing poems lately. HA. my passion for E. Literature is back woohoo! It's a pity that I fell in love with 'Hamlet' only the day before the Language Arts paper. aw.

Just checked out the cinemas' homepages and OMG i am so outdated la. There's so many nice movies to catch and I am stuck in a miserably small world revolving around textbooks, notes and whatever academic stuff you can think of. It's time i get a life... no no not now. I have two predictably tough papers to conquer on Monday.

I shall grant you the permission to scan through this whole long list of movies i am dying to watch and if you are also going to watch the movie, perhaps we can go together =D (only applicable to my friends and family)

1. Akeelah and the Bee
2. Lovewrecked
3. Monster House
4. My Super Ex- Girlfriend
5. Snakes on a Plane
6. Ant Bully
7. The Breakup
8. The Devil Wears Prada
9. Little Man
10. Singapore Dreaming
11. John Tucker Must Die
12. How to Eat Fried Worms
13. Zoom
14. Rob-B-Hood
15. You, Me and Dupree
16. The Secret Life of Words
17. The Fountain
18. World Trade Centre
19. Isolation
20. Pirates Of Carribean! (I just remembered that I havent watch!!)

That's a whole lot of twenty movies but other than the first eight, the rest are still not shown in cinemas yet laa. So after exams I shall concentrate on catching these eight movies =D

From the above my preference for the movie genre can be observed. Yep comedy, meaningful, love, animated (or childish =P)... And yes I dont watch horror movie. I have always wanted to catch at least one horror movie in a cinema but I realised that there's no point in spending money and get scared to death in a cinema. It's not worth it. And watching Ju-On in class last year already scared me out of my wits, what's more in a cinema? I might just faint or embarrass myself and my friends by screaming my lungs out. wahaha. better not risk it. and i think my friends should know better than to ask me out for a horror movie =)

Oh ya! You know the 'Constantine' movie? Wahaha it's the scariest movie I've ever watched in cinemas, other than Anacondas ;)

ha. It must seem weird that I am commenting about movies here instead of complaining about my exams right?

Wo kan kai le =D

It's no point grumbling and complaining cos the papers have already been handed in. Nothing can be undone le. hm think about it.

i am SO movies-deprived (:

Thursday, August 17

exams. horoscopes

exams are so near that they are only 4 freaking days away. ahh. and i come online to do my portfolio. where's justice? aw.

sam lee's singing live at yes933 but i am listening to the stn on the net so I cant record it. Ohman. Sam Lee rocks laa. Qing Ge Wang Zi! Ah. He rocks!

Your horoscope for Friday, August 18, 2006
Put your excess energy into something positive today and you can make a lot of progress. If you fail to find somewhere to place your attention, you could cave to the temptation to gossip and waste your precious time. Mercury and Jupiter make you want to talk--about anything and everything. Discretion and concentration will help you a lot.

sheesh seems like i will have some problems concentrating tomorrow. ah. k i better finish my portfolio and go offline cos I definitely cant concentrate online. cya.

Poetic Mood

I came across this poem done by a friend of mine. Think it's really nice and so decided to share with my blog-readers here.

For couples who had an argument, big or small, during the course of love.

One Miss?

Who was I actually waiting for?
I had you not on my call list.
I?ve never known that you exist.
Not even when I open my memory backdoor.

I guess you ought to know something,
My prince in shining amour is you.
You are my angel with wings,
Please believe me that I love you.

I?ve long given love a miss.
I?m simply allowing my heart to rot.
But who am I to deceive with this?
Perhaps only myself, perhaps not.

I wish you can give it one more shot,
Don?t remain in this state of decay.
I know I?ve hurt you a lot,
But now my love?s for real, not for play.

I can?t lie to myself anymore,
We can?t be like the us before.
Just see what?s left of us,
Our relationship has bitten the dust.

It?s a pity to see it all end now,
To you, it may be an all-time low.
To me, it means our love revival,
You know, I need you for survival.

Your hand used to be on mine,
Making our fingers intertwine.
But I know all?s an illusion,
Nothing more than a mere deception.

I will brush my fingers against your lips,
Letting you taste my fingertips.
I?m certain it will never happen again,
This whole journey has caused me endless pain.


Thursday, August 10

At my dad's office

Yo. Currently blogging on the computer in my dad's office. It's on dial- up connection so the internet is fairly slow but its ok. At least I can surf the net.

And I made a big discovery. This computer can read chinese! Whereas the desktop at home cant. How sad.

Took my laptop and modem to an office at Playfair Rd or something to check up the network. Was told that there's nothing wrong with the wireless internet configuration cos the problem lies with my laptop.

I knew it! Stupid laptop. It's super lag laa. Argh. Sometimes I wish I have enough money to get a new one but no. it's too extravagant this way. Anyway the laptop was bought in June last year. So perhaps I shall just send it for servicing. But hey servicing needs money also k.

I have tuition later at 3pm. All the way to 6pm. Cos I combined the lessons in two days. then I can save the time and money for one trip down to the centre.

Was looking at the samsung homepage for mobile phones... then checked out the m1 homepage to see when I can upgrade my hp plan. I can upgrade the plan now but I need to pay an extra 100 bucks on top of the promotional price. Oh gosh. 100 bucks. I can buy many things with that so I shant spend the extra money and shall only get a new phone (preferably a samsung, pearl white one) when I get back from Nanjing.

Ah how I wish time can fly all the way to the nanjing trip and skip the nightmarish eoys. If only I have a universal remote control to fast forward it. Thinking about it again, I think better not. When you think you are in control of things, well there is someone controlling you as well. I like the way my life is currently and there's simply no need to fast forward it otherwise I will miss the precious moments of my life... like admiring the fireworks (;

Anyway do catch the movie 'Click' if you have the time or when you simply need a break. Cos it rocks. It makes you laugh your arse off then leave you thinking about it. Yea it may be a comedy but it's rather thought-provoking, at least for me. Watch it if you're xin fan (troubled) too. And the rating should be NC16 instead of PG. LOL. Watch it and you will know why. I shant be a spoiler =P

yep alright. tomorrow's the third day of Singapore Fireworks Festival. And Saturday's the fourth and the last. I dunno if I am going down tomorrow but I am definitely going down for the one on Saturday with YY. It's by the French team and it's musically choreographed so I suppose it's gonna rock! Get down to Marina Bay or Esplanade to capture the splendid sight of fireworks.

Life's not that dull in Singapore. There's plenty of activities to brighten up your life. And I think that all these moments shouldnt be missed just because of the upcoming eoys (: You can study hard and play hard too (but maybe the results may not be as good. hehe)

Hm back to my physics past-yr revision paper. tata for now.

like fireworks, you light up my life.