Tuesday, August 3


yoyo here i am again. btw the you are my sunshine song horz... i learnt it when i was in p1 nehz. ya then sho many years i still remember. wad a good memory i have wow. =) eR ya then erm nth to blog le lehz. oh ya btw i am becoming a mean girl nowadays... i think that the mean girls movie has influenced me lol not reallie la. I think i am becoming bad be cos i am not that good little girl who gets bullied anymore... i am gonna stand up for myself and 'shoot' anyone who bullies or make use of me... I learnt to be tough and hard hearted though i kinda you noe... erm feel sad and sorry and guilty.. budden life is like that... eRm i gtg le.. byebye anyway have you guys heard this year's national song sang by jj lin jun jie? I just downloaded yesterday and i think its sho cool... it is like a pop song.. =) whee you guys should check it out yeah? kks see ya. byebye!

))(( LiFe iS fUll oF cOiNcIdEnCeS aNd sUmdAe tWo PaRa//e/ LiNes mIghT eVeN mEeT~_^


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