Tuesday, December 12

Suddenly feel like going to Fish & Co... I have never eaten there before... But may be going there for lunch/dinner real soon. And the problem is I am feeling really fat now. I had fast food both yesterday and today. Long John Silver yesterday and Mac today. Feeling kinda sick of the fast food already la. Not to forget the financial and psychological burden it's giving me.

Attachment at Sunlove Day 2. We gave them colouring pages to colour then did occupational therapy with them after lunch. And it rained heavily again when we were leaving the home.

Yawn I am tired and bored... talked to Li Wen on the phone for half an hour jus now. So much to talk about. And I made the photo that twin and i took together during Fish Leong's mini concert the wallpaper of my hp. Suddenly miss my close friends very much...

It has been a long day. It's really energy-draining, both physically and psychologically. I am really curious about the work that an occupational therapist does hmmm. I think it's definitely not an easy job... challenging perhaps? But sounds interesting.

Have been reaching home at around 6 plus this two days. Really hope that I can reach home earlier then maybe go jogging? hmmm depends on my mood and energy level also. Such things always unpredictable. But one thing predictable would be that the number on the weighing machine will keep increasing... :(

thats about it for today. shall go read up on horoscopes and other stuff online. cya.


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