Friday, March 25

alright liaos

heya ppl. i am alright le la. dun worry abt the entry i posted yesterday kkaes. and most importantly. dun ask mii anything abt it. however deep your curiosity is, just dun ask mii anything abt it. cos wadever you ask will not be answered anyway. yepps. so you might as well dun ask rite ((:

fairytales are such disappointment. euu are not my prince

:( booo

Thursday, March 24


sometimes i reallie get mixed feelings abt euu. mixed feelings which i dun understand and i dunno wad to do. you make me happy one moment and the next moment i wld be telling myself that i dun wan to talk to euu ever again. but after a while. my anger will be gone. and the whole cycle repeats itself. i hate myself for being so forgiving. i hate myself for not being able to substain my anger for euu. euu dunno how much your words can hurt. wad you told mii was not a dream. but neither is it a reality. i wld rather you dun tell mii anything at all cann. cos i noe euu dun care. euu cant be bothered. euu dun give it a damn. euu wont even catch mii when i fall. ohwells. i am on my way. i will take care of myself.

dao dai

wo shou gou le deng dai
ni suo wei de an pai
shuo de wei lai dao di duo jiu cai lai
zhong shi yao lai bu ji
cai ji dao wo ke ai
wo xiang yi lai er ni que dou bu zai

yin gai kai xin de di dai
ni gei de quan shi kong bai
yi ge ren jia ri fa dai
zao bu dao ren pei wo kan hai
wo zai xing fu de men wai
que yi zhi dou jing bu lai
ni lei ji gei de shang hai
wo shi zhen de heng nan shi huai

zhong yu kan kai ai hui bu lai
er ni zhong shi tai wan ming bai
zui hou cai ba hua shuo kai
ku zhe qiu wo liu xia lai

zhong yu kan kai ai hui bu lai
wo men mian qian tai duo zu ai
ni de shou que fang bu kai
ning yuan mei chu xi
qiu wo bie li kai

ni chong shi yao wo guai
man man ji hua jiang lai
wo de yan li que yi zhi diao xia lai
guo qu zhe me jiao dai
ni gai gei de yi lai
bei ni qing shou huan huan tui ru xuan ya

cong wo lian shang de cang bai
kan dao ji yi man xia lai
guo qu tian mi zai dao dai
zhi shi gan jue yi jing bu zai
er wo dui ni de qi dai
bei ni yi ci ci shuai huai
yi jing sui cheng tai da kuai
yao zhe me pin chou gen chong lai

sports meet. wheee ((:

today was the combined sports meet for dunman high, chung cheng high main, temasek and ngee ann. woke up at 545. then reached national stadium at 620. aiyo reach there rite. cannot see anyone. everywhere oso dark dark de. then i stayed in my dad's car until i saw felicia and xiaoyi walking towards the west entrance. then i followed them hahas.

then more sc started reaching the west entrance. then mei hui brief those with gate duties later. including mii. yepps i am in group b2. which means 2nd shift at exit b. hmm exit b is at sec 4 that side lehs. boohoo. nvm. then i sat wid jue hui and watch the events before doing gate duty at er 915. 915 to 11. after that went back to my seat. yepps. then watch events then screamed and cheered hahas. then before cheering competition there was a rehearsal. then i thot was comp then i screamed veh loud lorhs. then realised that rehearsal only. urgh. then after the real cheering comp. almost lost my voice ahhh.

they dint announce the overall winner this year. hmmm. and temasek won the cheering competition. nvm. dunmanians did our best le.

yepps after the sports meet got debriefing for sc. seniors and teachers praised us then did three cheers for sc. after that went to look for jue hui, charmaine, yi ling and yunyin and junming.

then cos junming and yunyin and mii going for movie mahs. so we walked to the bus stop. colin was wid jm la. then er we dint noe wad to do at the bus stop. then bus 70 come le. jm and colin just went up the bus lorhs. left yunyin and mii at the bus stop. then he called mii to tell us to take bus 70 or 14 to suntec. ehhs so da nan ren zhu yi lehhhs. humphhh

aiya we went anyway. then er went to eng wah cinema to find them. almost couldnt find the cinema. hahas

then ya. decided to watch son of the mask. then they went to buy the tickets. yepps. then paid colin for the tickets then mii and yunyin went to sanrio shop. after that jiu went into cinema. btw saw julia, kl and shikun outside the cinema. they watching a later show. yeps. the baby in son of the mask veh veh cute lorhs. then my throat was veh uncomfortable the whole time during the movie. cannot cough loud loud lehs. then veh cold. was hugging myself. hahas. oso very hungry then my stomach was growling lorhs. hahahas. everytime watched movie oso lyk that de. after movie then walked to city hall mrt station. then took mrt home. then on the mrt train we were talking abt LA film making. hahahas. yepp yepps. then i alighted at aljunied. went straight to cheers to buy a bun. i was reallie veh hungry. then walked home.

after eating the meatbun i went to bathe. then on comp. then cos veh tired so switched off then went to sleep. from 530 sleep until 8 pm. supposed to wake up at 630 de lehhs. hahas yepps. so ya. btw today sec 3 and 4 sit in the shelter then how come i get sunburn arh. must be when i doing my duty at the exit b bahhs. urghh. nvm slight sunburn only.

alrights. good sports meet. good cheers. good movie. good day.

Wednesday, March 23

tmr's sports meet!

i am still having a slight flu. but thankfully my fever's gone. thanks huishan for the chocolate you bought for mii in m'sia. although i cannot eat them now. hahas.

okae so todae. hmmm this morning woke up wid high fever. AGAIN. urgh. so took the medication lorhs. went to school er. then ya. dun feel well la. after that went for flag raising. then we sat in the drizzle to welcome our friends from thailand for step prog. saw jia min, huiqi, fm etc.

then the welcoming ceremony ate away our cme lesson. sigh. yesterday pia cme until siao then no need present. so qi gek lehs. hahas. then was geog lessons. ms pear asked all of us to stand up then only when you contributed some points then can sit down. then i dun dare to say any answers cos i dunno how to elaborate. then i stand until i giddy then felt nauseous. i told jue hui that i felt terrible. then she told ms pear to let me sit down. veh scary lorhs. i reallie almost vomited. hehes

then ms pear quickly asked the cls if anyone else felt unwell. then after a while she asked the whole cls to sit down lols.

after geog was chi. okae la. huanglin and zhaomi did their presentation. then read the newspapers and ws that jls gave us.

then is recess. pia physics ws. dint take medication again cos thot fever gone liaos mah.

then after recess was maths. helmi taught new chapter. indices. my fave chapter lehs. algebra wheeee got 2 ques quite diff de la. but i understood the solution liaos.

after maths was physics. got back physics test. thankfully i passed. but not that well done. then mrs har taught us on specific heat capacity.

then she dismissed us 5 min earlier cos she had a meeting. then jue hui and i went down to canteen to buy vegetarian beehoon. then charmaine came to find us. yepps. after that went to check sc board for my duty at the sports meet tmr but dun have the list. then went to mrs kang's locker to get the cd that mrs kang asked charmaine to take from her locker. then went back to cls. then ms loh dint come for bio. cos she was involved in the step prog thing. so we kinda slack the whole period. then mii and jue hui went to put her bio proj cd in ms loh's locker and the cls list in mrs har's locker then wanted to go library to return her book but we saw mdm nora entering the clsrm so we ran back. hahas. i noe i am not supposed to run la. budden... nvm.

then mdm nora gave us back our film review. some of us have to redo lehs. and that include me. boohoo.

then she gave us a ws on grammar and vocab mistakes. then did grp discussion. yl's grp approached mii to act in their film. budden i still think its a bit incompatible. actually i am fine wid anything. but i just hope that the film will turn out alright. yeppps.

after discussion then suddenly got thunder. scare me out of my wits lorhs. i kinda scream. hahas so paisehh

yepps yepps. tmr's sports meet. let's hear the dunmanians roar!! wheeeeeee

i noe i havent blog for quite some time so i try to blog abt wad happened the past few days and week kkaes.

22 march 05 tuesday.
er nth much happened bahs. bsp was kinda boring. ate medication in sch. veh sick. felt veh cold in sch. then helmi was niceeee today. hmm then at night pia cme project.

21 march 05 monday.
er cant rmb wad happened in sch. after sch went for chem tuition then forgot to bring sweater then veh cold. then got high fever. then took bus home. yepps.

20 march 05 sunday
hmmm fell sick. morning woke up temp chao ji high. went to see doctor. got flu, cough and fever. and that stupid doctor was sooooo pro cann. he noe that i have a fever without taking my temp wid a thermometer. ohwells i bet he dun have any thermometers in his clinic. lousyyyy pia hw oso.

19 march 05 saturday.
er jet lag. then shu min came to my hse to do bio project. we did on human cloning. yepps. dint reallie complete. but i pia on sunday. yepps

18 march 05 friday.
reached singapore at 1130. jet lag.

14 march 05 monday to 17 march thursday
was in paris. had a gr8 tym wid my hao jie meis and friends. partying. games. chatting.
paris = city of unforgetable memories. good and bad la. yepps. good ones include climbing up the eiffel tower and seeing mona lisa painting =))

10 march thursday to 13 march sunday
london rawks. prince william. prince harry. woohooo. london eye. big ben. national gallery. natural history museum... all the partying too.

the best parts of this journey into beauty wld be getting to bond wid my friends. and looking at cute guys. hahas. and of cos not forgetting shopping. yepps =))

yepps now back in singapore. i realise that i miss london and paris. i want to go on the london eye. i want to climb the eiffel tower again. i want to shop for more chocolate. and i want to spend more time with my haojiemeis.

but of cos. i cant deny the fact that i miss singapore. the food here. the familiar places and the dearest faces of my family and friends here. yepps. i am gonna go honeymooning in london and paris. woohoo. hahas... yepp yepps. kkaes gtg eat dinner liaos.

Friday, March 18

back in homeland

hiii ppl. i am back in singapore. just reached at 1130 after a 15 hour flight. woohoo. extremely tired. and havinga terrible headache. totally terrible headache. dunno wads wrong lorhs. had a gr8 time in paris and london i guess. yepps. bought lots of souvenirs and stuff. esp chocolate. yayness. hahas. spent alot lorhs. saw lotsa cute guys you noe. wheeee. i got influenced by taxy and dawn liaos. hahas. kkaes i shall blog another time. need to rest. terrible headache. jet lag. very very tired. homework and project untouched. wow. wish me luck. cya

Wednesday, March 9

fun dae

woohoo. london and paris. wheeeeeeeee. will euu miss miii when i am away? hehehes

well. today is a fun dae bahhs. er morning do duty. then first period is cme. hongyi's grp presented on christianity. yepps. then after that is geog. played the stimulation game.

its erm. fun but quite boring yeahhs? i was in the megaty family with jue hui, yiling and fang ming. then hongyi and eugene were the police la. then er jun ming and kenny were the loansharks aka rent collectors. then the rest of us divided into diff families. got 4 families altogether then june and ruth were the mncs.

then they veh ke lian lorhs. we were supposed to produce shoes designs and stuff laa. yepps. then loansharks so mean de lorhs. extort money. rate go higher and higher. btw ms pear was the self appointed gov. lols. yepps. then got to do reflection as homework .

after geog is chinese. then jls asked kenny read the passage then kenny called nicholas. then they continued calling until er wenjian then wenjian called junming then junming called on shumin then shumin called on miii lorhs. omg. then got one word i kept forgetting how to read de. urghh

after chinese is recess. er pia physics in class lorhs. then helped darren to fold this big big crane. hahas. in the end was destroyed by shu min and charlene i think hahas.

after recess is maths. helmi kept asking me questions. now that he noe my name. hahas. then asked me to pick one of the guys behind to do the maths question on the board. called on darren cos he put the sweet that he found on the floor into my pencil case lorhs. so mean de. eeeeyer wait got ants.

then maths got hw somemore lorhs. helmi asked me, fm and huanglin to bring to london and do. so that will rmb him and the class. hahas.

after maths is physics. went thru worksheets then test. aiya die le la. dun wan to talk abt it. the test was considered to be easy but need to see you noe how to do anot.

after that went to eat zai beehoon. yummy. chatted wid jue hui and peiyu. then went back to class for bio. got back test. er got pass la. but not up to my expectations. budden wad can i expect when i am so slack. ohwells.

then was language arts. mdm nora scolded us. then my grp did discussion on the shots we are using for the film. the discussion progressed veh well hahas. yepps i contributed ideas too. wheeee after that chatted with ying qing and jue hui at the foyer. on korea and other countries. then yq's dad came then me and juehui went canteen to buy bandung to drink. yepps. after that my dad fetched me. reached home. bathe and eat dinner. yepps .then watched tv and packed for the europe trip.

so excited lorhs. bud oso scared. yepps. leaving singapore. goin to a foreign country lols

bon voyage to miiii. byeeee ppl. must miss miii horr =)

Saturday, March 5


hiii. just finished watching jay's qi li xiang album's mv. i havent watch since i bought the jay's concert cd. hahas. then last LA lecture. darren's grp intro that they adapting their film from the mv. then i realised how much i was behind time. then just now watched lorhs. cos bored mahs.

yepps. i like all the mv. esp ge qian and yuan you hui. both the actress inside the mv veh chio lorhs. hahas. wai po is oso good. jay is so filial lorhs =)

yepps. just updated my friendster profile last night. i think its so nice lorhs. hahas. i copy and paste here.

ohwells. nowadays life is lyk so stressed and hectic wid projects and tests. but i am still so slack. i still wants to watch all those nice nice movies. but no time to watch and no one to watch wid. thats lyk so pathetic rite. anyway. i just realised that i always veh enthu and loud during art club de lehs. hahahas. dunno why. just feel so comfortable wid my hao jie meis during art club. then we are veh united lorhs .wheee. i lurve my haojie meis!! hahas. we rawk.

i can be quite enthu and cheerful la. juehui said i am noisier than last year. thats okae. budden i have serious mood swings sometimes lehhs. dunno why. hahas. i hope i dint hurt anyone wid my mood swings. yepps. i hate loneliness to the core. i need friends and loved ones around me.

ohwells life. wad is life. life is when you live life to the fullest? life for a teenager is studies and friendships and love. falling in love and out of love. wad is the definition of love? something complicated yet magical. something not essential but desired by many. Wad is life without love? And how do you love without finding the right one?

follow your heart. find true love. create your own fairytale.
___but i dun even think my fairytale exists.
so where am i going to find my 'happily ever after' ?

comfort miii. show miii euu care. when i call ur name
will euu be there? - bearbear hug hug

reality is cruel. they ruin dreams and desires.
i am on my way___ to accept this fact.
the cold has already sat in before the autumn fairytale can begin...

take care cos' i care =))
[I am a geminii]]**
best wishes. *[[ 04032005 \\ ][coPyright][

hahas so nice rite. i dunno why la. but i feel that i am currently in a state of depression. over sth lorhs. i want to watch movies. so that i wont think too much.

and i think i caught a cold. omg. sadness. better get well soon.

gtg so physics ws le. and watch xun yi cao.

the physics ws need the notes that mrs har gave lorhs. and my notes are wid jun ming. grrr.

later going out to buy stuff for europe trip. cya ppl

Friday, March 4

art club sec3 = united


hahahas. todae hmmm. a good and happie day. except for bio test and another thing la.

so well. this morning was supposed to wake up at 5 to study bio de. then only woke up at 635. hahas.

then reached sch then pia bio lorhs. then got duty. then first period bio test. sigh. praying hard that i will pass. pray wid me will euu hahas

after bio was chem. then chinese. listened to liang wen fu's songs. veh nice. =)) abt love. friendships and life. he rawks

then is recess. charmaine juehui and i chatted lorhs.

then after recess is LA. mr ken nv come. mdm nora came. then er did presentation. me and jessalyn went up to present. so paisehh. dint noe wad to do. hahas. after LA. got cheering rehearsal in the hall for upper sec. then i cheered until no voice. hahas.

then went to toilet to change to art club tee then meet up wid the rest then go canteen to makan. bought pasta... eeee yer cold cold de. charmaine's whipped potato oso. so disgusting. eeee.

then rite. i helped charmaine to put the plate and utensils back to the stall la. then i put the western stall's utensils into the cai fan de lehs. cos jue hui and i had been eating from that stall the past few days ma. then i faster grabbed the utensils and put into the western stall's bin. omg. so paisehh lorhs. hahas. so malu de. omg. so embarrassing. hahas when i told the others. they were laughing hahas

after that took bus to singapore river. for photojournalism. my group got 8 ppl. hahas then we go to boat quay. to take photos. jia min was our photographer. woohoo. she rawks lorhs. all the pictures she took were so nice. then went mac. thot we veh slack. but andy they all there le lorhs. hahas. btw tingxu is ap.

i ate the nugget student meal wid cecilia and dawn. changed coke to ice lemon tea. then we were talking veh loudly hahas. jia min kept shhhh-ing us. then after that went back to that underground tunnel to assemble. on the way back. took lotsa postcards. hahas free de. then dismissed from underground tunnel. walked to clarke quay mrt. then take mrt home. on the mrt journey rite. chattted alot. hahas. bond together liaos. yepps

then dawn and vina went bugis to watch howl's moving castle. wanted to go but decided not to. sighh. my movies.

todae rawks.

art club hao jie meis: jue hui, jia min, charmaine, chi ching, dawn, vina and cecilia.


unity! all the way


Happy birthday to Jia Min and Jia Li !!

btw anyone wanna watch howl's moving castle and a series of unfortunate events? hehehes

oh ya. 6 more days to the europe trip. excited. but cant bear to leave singapore. hahas

Tuesday, March 1

niao-ed day

hiii basically today is not considered a bad day. neither a good day. cos kanna niaoed until veh cham. hahas.

today reach sch later than usual. then nv go for sc contact time. then went for duty then er was waiting desperately for the half-day announcement lorhs. but to our utter disappointment. there is no such announcement. sigh

then first lesson was chem. mrs phua let us do corrections for our ws then watched the video on newater. last tym mrs george let us watch before le.

then is geog. went thru the factors for the silicon valley and car assembly case study. then copied notes. then is biology. dint noe got practical test lehs. failed le. sigh

then is recess. me and jue hui went to canteen. bought honeydew then went back to class. junming and darren niao me laa. hehhs humph. felt veh irritated lorhs.

then is maths. so scary de. mr helmi asked me go to the board and do the ques using the general formula method. and he noe my name liaos. omg hahas. actually he is not as bad as i thot la.

yepps. then is bsp. lu lao shi talked abt the population in china lorhs. yupps. after sch, put books in locker then packed bag then went to foyer to assemble for the trip to jurong island. then dint eat lunch. so hungry.

the bus trip to and forth from jurong island were totally giddyness lorhs. the bus is so jerky. and the route is lyk so slimy. omg. kept having headache. cant even take a nap. i cant figure out how kenny they all can slp until so soundly. hahas

was so ecstatic when the bus finally reached the sch that i practically chiong down the bus. that can be said to be one of my happiest moment in my life. and the bus can be said as the jerkiest bus i have ever taken lorhs. urghh

then at the chemgallery jm and darren kept calling me names. meanie meanie meanie. dumbos.

then jue hui and mii went to canteen to buy food. i bought too much. then cant reallie finish eating. left alot of soup oso. then went to take bag then went home. dad fetched. then reached home. watched the sun wukong show. lols. abt the birth of the evil one. lols. zilan fairy so wei da. hmnmm

rite now still slacking. listening to cyndi's songs. yepps.

i just realised i wan an ipod mini. hahas.

and i cant decide to go germany, usa or kl lehhs.

and i going europe liaos. dunno can go anymore countries. sigh

alright. homework time. cya ppl.