Saturday, December 30

I am really tired now, practically energy-drained-out already. So dont expect me to blog about the teachers' telematch on friday or my girls-day-out with my sistas on thursday.

Death Note 2 ROCKS. Go watch it alright!

'L' is like so kawaii lah. And Li Wen and I were like so lucky can. We reached Plaza Sing at around 5.55pm after Afterglow (YV06) and reached the cinema only to find a long queue. There were like zillions of people queuing but we joined the queue anyway and in the end you know what? We managed to catch the 6pm show with the best seats! Two seats in the middle and all the way at the back. Someone booked the seats then cancelled the booking. Rocks eh! Deathnote really brings us good luck lah. Or perhaps it's PS' GV. Cos the last time we watched Deathnote 1 with Jess, we also got good seats at the last minute.

Aw tomorrow's the last day of year 2006. Looking back, my 2006 has been really busy... Must do reflection tomorrow then look forward to a new year ahead!

That's all for now! GO WATCH DEATHNOTE 2!

And FYI, if you havent catch Deathnote 1 the last time, you can go watch the Deathnote Marathon, 2 in 1!! woohoo.