Sunday, August 1


today i woke up at 10 exactly... den i realised that my watch was not on my wrist... so i searched up and down and finally realised that i didnt even wear it the night before =.= lol den i watch tv, guess guess guess. Then i watched the show after that on channel u den i do my hw lo. I just returned from Meng Shuen's mother opening ceremony of her hair salon. Got buffet den the fruit tart veh nice... ya den erm next time wh0ever wanna have a hair cut or wadever go her shop kks... hahax advertise for her. Ya then i just came back from there lo. Anyway do i look like a jap?? Looks like mehz? I dun think so lo okie la maybe i am fair thats why. I am gonna get tanned kks...

I have just fallen in love with cyndi wang's 'ming tian jian'

How can love lose to time?
I cant hear anymore
I thought it will never change
Our usual 'see ya tmr'

Letting go of your hand
Returning to the starting point
Heart will be broken
But it will heal
I will learn by myself to walk out of the past
All the best to tomorrow...

sadness.. this song ish sho sad

Anyway i just found out that love and steading ish sweet...


not that i have a stead now la... NEVER kks

At least not now when i am in dhs.

Maybe wait until jc la...

My friend have a stead

then its like wah sho cool...

I got crushes before la.

But its only one sided so it tastes salty!

i like sweet feelings worz...

tian mi mi... wheee

Its the guys duty to give flowers to girls and

Its a girls privilege to receive flowers from guys... hahax

okie i shall talk abt other things...

ErM next next week art club having flag day...

yay finally!!

going orchard i think...

Then anyone has any idea abt the heartware network thing outside takeshimaya this month?

Tell me kks if you noe...

eRm oh ya.. tmr going for national day celebration.. sphere thingy.

Sigh this week got 3 tests lehz den national day celebration.

Who is going back gmps on friday?

I am definitely going back.

I miss gmps.


btw anyone have michael learns to rock the 'take me to your heart album'?

I think the songs are nice

the henna still on my hand lehz how arhz?

tmr dunno will get scolding anot worz


oh ya next friday those peepz going back to gmps you all wanna play cball?

I can bring my volley ball lehz... =)

veh long neber play le.. =(

[d0eS LuRvE tAsTe sWeEt, sOuR oR sALtY? I dUnNO bUt I hOpE It tAsTe aS sWeEt As cHoCoLaTe.. yUm yUm]


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