Sunday, November 28

gr8 dayy

heyya. just came back from parkway. ate steamboat for dinner... just right for the weather.. dun you think so? lol i bought some cakes stuff from starbuck... wow the stuff are expensive lorhs. then went popular oso. bought many things... with my own money. sadd... went sembawang to buy cd too yuppp gr8 day... did lots of slacking.. and i played pokemon with my brother's gameboy advance sp. whoa cool. i am hooked on. haha. and i noe wad to buy for my dad's christmas prezzie le! hehehehe.hmmm

yesterday went to my grandpa's hse in woodlands. then nigel suddenly called me at dinner time and asked me whether i wanna go jay chou's concert... he got one extra tix and he is selling to me at less than half price after some bargaining. i was psyched and excited kks. budden i will be sitting alone and stuff. then my mother dun allow. and i have to rush down to the indoor stadium and stuff la. so i rejected reluctantly lorhs. then today sat in my dad's car then the radio kept going on and on about how good the concert is... wad best concert wL... nvm i am gonna get the vcd urghhh anyway wad happened to the extra ticket, nigel? lol

hmmm tomorrow got sc meeting. sc camp is round the corner. yuppp life goes on...i saw this one day educational tour advertisement downstairs just now... whoa cool. i am going worr haha. then got american line dance class. i wan to learn lehhhh. so cool. maybe can blast some fats off... who noes rite... budden i think i will be veh busy so too bad... if i noe line dancing then i can teach the senior citizens to dance when i visit them next time.. .wow total coolness lorhs. hmmm

anyway clara sms when i was at parkway to say that she, weilin, soolin and yanling saw jay chou at heeren. wow i am jealous kks. budd i am even more upset cos i didnt go for the concert. jay and his guards were rude? yuppp not surprising... jay is just the way he is... he rawks this way...

JaY cHoU jUst rAwKs!

and i love him just the way he is wahahahha

okie. sadd la... his concert. urghhh wu yu lun bi leh. wL and i nv go. wad a gr8 fan i am huh..

and toooopid nigel la... never tell me early... or at least sell one more ticket to me so i can go with someone... lyk my friends or cousin rite... anyway.. cannot blame u la. sighhh

wonder when jay will have his next concert... 2 or 3 years down the road bahhh nvm. i will buy his albums la. no biggie. okie gtg le... byeeeee take care.



woww cooll

Fairy tales, your love will be like an imaginary
story, you love to love, you believe you have
only one soul mate is waiting for you some
where in this world and you are sure you will
find them one day, and when you do you will
make them the happiest in the whole world.

Where will you find love?
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hmmm waiting for my fairytales to come true... wad about you ? x)

Friday, November 26

6 Charity'02 gathering... ...

whoa yesterday was a gr8 budd hmmm somehow abit boring day larh. haha we had 6 charity'02 gathering.. yeahh finally a gathering.. thanks to yuxin x)

so ermm i woke up at 9 plus cos i wanna go with my dad for test drive for his new car la. yupp i thot he went out le. haha luckily havent.then i changed. we were supposed to meet at orchard mrt station at 11pm. we are watching movies la.

then went with my dad for the test drive then i karp many sweets from the office hahaha. then my dad made milo. niceee then at 1055 he rushed me all the way to orchard mrt. wahaha yupp so i was late for the gathering. took the escalator down to the control station then saw ting ting. she was alone. then she told me that yuxin they all dao her and walked away. haha then we couldnt find them. so i called them. they said they were at ngee ann city there watching pple play bball.. okie fine. wad a gr8 start for a gathering har? haha jus kidding la. then emily sms me and i thot she was coming for the gathering oso. so we waited for her in front of the aquarium at wisma atria then she sms to say that she is not coming. so we went to ngee ann city and took the escalator up to the so called parade square to find the guys larh. then we saw them sitting at the steps watching pple play bball. then ting and i decided to dao them and pretend not to see them. then purposely walked in front and away from them. haha then they called annabel. haha okie we are lame la. budden who ask them to abandon us at the mrt station huh...

after that we went to cineplex to buy movie tickets. yuxin has grown taller... shi kun too. budden shi kun same height as me larh. haha then ying ki and ken tat spiked their hair. their height shot up too. then we decided to buy movie tickets for the incredibles. yuxin oso bought tickets for yong zhi and nicholas as they will be late. we watching the 3pm one. then after that the guys wanted to play cs or dunno wad for one hour. then ting ting and i went shopping lorhs. didnt took neoprints so sadd rite. i saw a niceee and cool sling bag at world of sports budd its reallie ex lorhs. then went to orchard shopping centre then saw jessie and a few dhs school mates. they selling postcards. 5 dollars per pack. i no money then i oso dun feel lyk buying... i wan to buy de la. budden got so many pple selling all over singapore. you see already you oso sian le rite. i kinda lyk rejected jessie la. then told her i will buy from her later after watching the movie. felt reallie bad. then went to heeren. after that nicholas called me and asked where are we. we told him to alight at somerset mrt station then we go and ying jie him... so honoured horr... he was in a formal attire lorhs... cos he came straight from work. yupp

then went to find the guys. went to that cs shop. then they wont there. called them. oh they were at burger king... having a feast. and never wait for us AGAIN. major urghhhh.

went to find them larh. then the guys sat together. me and ting ting found another table in front of them. i ate BK big fish burger and fries and green tea. and that girl who served me was reallie rude lorhs. lyk so bey song lyk that wL. i was so fed up that i accidentally spilled the left over tea by dunno who. and the table and chair and floor all ganna tea.. paisehh la. luckily that lady who cleaned it up was nice.thanks worrr.

after eating.. then we went to the arcade. spent half the time looking at other pple play. then the yuxin changed tokens. and shikun played the arm wrestling game... it was lame lorhs... they challenged a girl and she lost and rubbed her arm.. then the whole fake arm was spoilt kks. lol

then they played the hockey game where you slide a thing from a side to another using the thing... haha i dunno how to say larh. then before they start playing right, shi kun and yuxin were sliding that thing and crashing it into the divider in between the court lorhs. then the pple at the counter were lyk fed up and scolded them. then yuxin actually said that he didnt noe how to play. funny sia. then they were reallie violent thru out the game la. after that went to buy popcorn. i nv buy. nicholas and ying ki bought. yong zhi didnt come. i dunno wad yuxin did with the extra ticket la. then yuxin and shikun super jian lorhs... they plotted to... urghhh shant talk abt it. okie.

then watched the incredibles. very funny lorhs. although i watched before once with charmaine. budd this time i noticed alot of other details which i left out the other time when watching with charmaine cos i think that time was too noisy bah. very funny la. yupp then before the movie still got the funny funny and cute cartoon. haha kinda lame la. abt the sheep and the rabbit de.

jack jack is just so kawaii cannn...haha

then after movie. went to heeren. then walked around. went to hmv. ting ting and i listened to the cds. then yuxin bought she encore. i want to buy... haha. then the guys started fooling around la. felt abit ermm embarrassed to be seen with them... haha =P just kidding la. they are my friends wad haha

btw the whole time we were at orchard, it was raining kks... wad is the problem lorhs. then we were drenched. i think one of the guys got umbrella then they started squeezing themselves under the umbrella. then i oso took shelter under the umbrella and pulled ting ting in. then all the guys walked away and yuxin was holding the umbrella. wahahahha then felt very bad then me and ting ting walked away too.

then erm i think we walked to the somerset mrt station to take mrt home lorhs. it was still raining kks. then shi kun, nicholas and ting ting and me took the side going to city hall then changed. then yuxin and yingki took the opposite side. dunno where is ken tat la. yupp then reached city hall. we chiong to the opposite side. then shikun called and asked whether we on same train anot. lame rite... i think my phone bill gonna cost a lot lorhs. haha

it had been a gr8 day and gr8 gathering... maybe not so gr8 la. 2 girls only. then lyk 5 guys lorhs. pri sch class gathering is always lyk that de. alot of boys. a few girls. the guys got changed la... taller yuppp shuai-er haha

then they all said i nv changed. ting ting oso said that. haha glad that i stayed the same la.

ting ting lyk become fairer. cos she said i tanned-er than her lehh.. haha she oso prettier la. and she is still as slim as before

yuxin arh.. erm taller, tanned-er, shuai-er oso. budd still botak haha. btw after watching the movie rite. we saw this mv on the tv outside the lifts. then the guy in the mv was botak then shikun was saying that that guy was yuxin. and everyone was laughing haha. yuxin oso shuai-er la.. budden still as playful, friendly and humorous as before.

shikun.. taller (budd same height as me), i think got more tanned than before. he oso lyk more muscular le worrr x)lol he looks cuter. haha budd still as talkative, playful, humorous... now lyk oso more sarcastic horr kept suaning me lorhs wl

ken tat arhh i didnt talk to him during the gathering at all. dunno him very well. budd its obvious that he has grown taller. oso shuai-er. think he is still as quiet as before? maybe to me la. okie haha budden still classmates once rite.

yingki... he went to victoria rite? hmmm taller oso. i think almost same height as me. then erm duno whether he got tanned-er anot cos he last time veh fair de haha. another obvious change is that he spiked his hair. nubbad la. shuai-er oso.

nicholas arh. erm always see him around school de. so still looks the same la. he never wears his spects izzit... ya taller oso. tanned-er la. yuppp. my classmate next year worr haha

as for me horrr i dun think i got change la. since yuxin, shikun and tingting said so. yupp i just wanna say that i am glad to have stayed the same and i hope to stay the same forever.

6 charity'02 rawks somehow...

and i truly hope that more will turn up for the next gathering if there is one.

we were talking abt having a christmas party yesterday. and will there reallie be one... then jiu hafta ask yuxin le. he is the organizer remember? i am not and never gonna organize anymore gatherings. i am tired... truly tired. and i dun think my efforts will be appreciated anyway.. yuppp okie wow... a long entry har.. haha

i am truly looking forward to the next 6 charity'02 gathering, truly and wholeheartedly. i dun care whether my ex classmates have changed or not. i just noe and will always remember that we were once classmates and the wonderful memories and moments we once shared and cherished in our days of gmps and with 6 charity'02, mrs tok, mrs chia, mdm nah and all the other teachers...

yuppp touching har? haha kks... gonna go le.

i just realised something. if you wanna cry openly budd dun wan other to noe that you are crying... you can cry in the rain. no one will noe whether the water droplets on your face are tears or raindrops. i think that will work for me. cos yupp life is nv a bed or roses. mine is definitely not. so i hope the rain will come just in time for my tears when necessary. budd i think the rain yesterday was not necessary at all u noe. haha yuppp.

Wednesday, November 24



my computer has some bigg problems and sad to say its realli infected with viruses. gonna set a lucky day for me to do some disc recovery. wish me luck ya?

I last wrote on 18 nov rite... today is 24 nov. okie i didnt update for quite long la. let me write from 19 onwards. provided i can rmb wad i did on that particular day kks

19 november friday
went to school for sap scholarship interview briefing in the avt.. supposed to be lecture theatre de then changed at the last minute. copied down notes for weilin. cos she didnt attend la. after that charmaine and i went to orchard. then we were lyk walking around the whole of orchard... to find lido. so that we can watch the incredibles.

then walk walk walk... walk until both of us giddy la lol then finally found our dear lido. bought tickets. then i bought nacho and ribena. charmaine bought kfc's whipped potato. then went in to watch. i tell u arhh the show rawks... jack jack is so cute... dash is cool. violet is sweet... mr incredible and the elasticgirl or woman are loving. haha

yupp and tooopid charmaine lost my movie ticket stub!! tooopid better find and return me kks. humphhhh

btw sitting beside me in the cinema was this brother and sister. they look lyk eurasians or wadever budd they speak jap. then they placed this plate of nacho's between them on the handle of the seats la.

then half way thru the show. the sister accidentally knocked over the nachos and spilled the sauce all over the brother. then the brother was crying and screaming and swearing. omg

kinda irritated. then the whole cinema de ren all looking at them lorh. i was terrified kks. then the brother started hitting the sister with his sauce stained hand. and scolding her baka.. which means pigg in jap i think.

yupp haha scary... after that me and charmaine went to far east plaza then after a lot of walking and turning, we got to wisma atria and to heeren. upon reaching heeren, we were as hungry as a wolf. haha then went to eat sakae sushi. charmaine ate this jap french fries with fish cake... haha nah just kidding its the noodles... bigg thickk and elongated!! wahahah

i ate chicken chop thingy with rice la. then got the salad and soup and watermelon. i dun dare to eat the salad and soup... got weird taste. oh ya i oso ate a plate of the crab stick sushi la.

after that shop around lorhh... went to the shop which sell those cute badges... yupp i bought one. charmaine no money... supposed to cant buy rite? i paid for her... so ya she owed me money huh... okie rmb to pay me horrr lol anyway she bought 2 badges.

after that passed thru wisma atria to go to orchard mrt. diane called me. yupp she was alone. didnt get to talk to her. alot of pple mahh yupp thats it.

the incredibles rawks kkks...yuppp reallie cute and interesting... kawaii nehh i watching tmr again. wahahah tmr got pri sch class gathering... rawks sia.

20 november saturday
went to my gu ma's house early in the morning. my uncle getting married. my future auntie very chio lehhh.. slim slim de very photogenic too x)

yuppp went to my gu ma's penthouse in simei. then back to her old house in simei oso. then my uncle and future auntie jing cha to the elders la. then got tang yuan eat haha... my other auntie's son very cute... called javier. his eyes very big. he somemore spiked hair lehhh... my auntie spiked for him. he is only 5 years old lorhs. his eyes very bigg and bright. shuai ge nehh

yupp then after that attend the church holy matrimony. javier was the page boy. haha very cute.. then got buffet. the buffet got this chocolate cream puff. rawks sia... very fast let pple take finish le


21 november sunday
morning wake up.. watch tv. do a bit of homework. then at night 6 plus. go to sheraton hotel for my uncle's wedding dinner. i wore a beige colour skirt and black sleeveless blouse and low heeled slippers.brought my camera along too. haha

then erm when we reach there my uncle and future auntie were still in tee and shorts... they havent change yet hahaha they were rehearsing lorhs

then after that pple started to arrive. many relatives say wad i grew up le lorhs and blah blah blah. then dinner starts. the food rawks. and got this colour spotlight. cool lorhs. my little cousin was lyk so happy haha.

after that erm got chocolate to bring home as gifts. yupp then the wedding got show video and photos of my uncle and future auntie.. cool sia. yuppp... sheraton hotel rawks... so nice and classy... whoa budden i think sure very ex. the wedding dinner is in the ballroom btw =)

22 november monday
today got games day SPHERE CIP. budden not i organize one... is gwendoline and xinying organize one. not reallie games day. just a simple tea session. yuppp talked and interacted with the elderlys. they were reallie friendly. haha then they lyk so eager to get prizes lyk that. yuppp sang songs played games.. .totally enjoyed myself la. jiamin oso got go with me x)

23 november tuesday
which is yesterday... i went for my interview. yuppp reached le then went to cafeteria. after that went to interview room then realised charmaine went in le. haha next is me. very scary kks i tell u. nvm its over. then after that went to my dad's office. surf net and slacked there. my mother's pc abit sort sort oso. the colour display got prob... then cant change oso. then cannot watch vcd. sadd man

24 november wednesday which is today larhh
woke up at 815. supposed to go sch to find mrs wong and ask her abt the sequence for concert... then reached school at 9 sharp. i am punctual haha. wore my class tee. yupp then went staff rm to find mrs wong. she came out then talked to me for less than 4 min then i went home. lucky my dad got wait for me. and back home i am here... typing lorhs... later going with my junior to pri sch to get psle results. haha so exciting mannn

tomorrow got pri sch class gathering lehhh. so excited. i hope nth will go wrong. anyway this gathering is not i organize one.. is yuxin organzie one.. yupp so well...

whoaaa jie lun's concert is this saturday!! exciting har? sadd lorhs i not going.

this saturday 12 pm got meteor rain lehhhh f4. i thot they disbanded le lehhhs... nvm haha this time one is meteor rain debut. new series. not meteor garden get it? yuppp if you lyk f4 then watch lorhss if not you can just switch off your tv. in case you get frustrated and take up a hammer to bash your tv. that wld be so sad yeah? haha okie okayyy i am crapping. wadever laaaa

____gonna conquer those fats and shedd the kilos...___

or rather ____gonna blastt off those fats and shedd the kilos ;) (x

fats and calories... blast off! haha

sadd la... fats and calories love me. wahahha sadist yeah

okie gtg go le... gtg accompany junior to sch le... byebye

goodd luck to those getting psle reults today...

come to dunman high kks? i will be waiting for u xP

Thursday, November 18


i think i want a laptop lehhh haha. then i can bring it whereever i go. i type until my wrist pain liao. now wearing wrist band hahaha lame la.hmmm i think i going offline le bahhh yuppp see ya


heyya...right now using my dad's laptop to type this entry. my computer went bonkers... bet its another of the virus invasion! lol wadever.

btw yesterday got 2D gathering.... half of the class were present though haha. its so fun lo. let me relate wad happened okie?

wednesday 17 nov 2004
i went to sch at 1230 for my sc meeting... wore class tee and skirt cos i lazy to bring clothes to change afterwards mahh. then the meeting with mrs chin, shi hui, bao jia and hu ping... ya then meeting lo. yupp then half an hour later at abt 1310 lyk that, i left the sch. i boarded bus158 and alight at kallang mrt then take mrt to city hall. supposed to meet shi xuan there la. then eerrr shi xuan was late. haha she kept apologizing in her smses to me. budden she was late becos she helped jing ci. i understand de. so dun worry la. haha okie then we walked thru the raffles city shopping mall... then the whole stretch of shopping mall then crossed the bridge then went over to suntec city. then we just walked around lo. bought auntie anne's sour cream and onion. shi xuan oso bought. then she bought le then rmb she cant eat sour stuff haha blur girl. then we walked around. then went into kalms. wanted to buy the me to u bear keychain. budden decided not to. gonna buy another time.

then errr we went back to city hall mrt. speed walked all the way back cos we were late. took mrt to marina bay. saw the rest of the peeps at the err wads that call.. the place where you walk out from the mrt la. haha okie. ya grace yan ling dianne soo lin they all all there la. then oso got normen, weekiat, zhiheng and yujun etc. then erm we went out of the zha men thingy. then sat on the floor and chatted la. then the guys will kicking the ball and stuff then there is this officer who scolded them thru the pa system or wadever haha.okie then we kinda lyk scold the officer la. were pissed off waddd i mean he nearly dampened our happie mood u noe. okie then aaron came and we walked to the bus stop.

at the bus stop we wait for lyk dunno wad seems lyk eternity lo. then grace they all playing cai quan. quite fun la... budden i nv play haha. then bus come le. i sat with grace on the bus then continued chatting lo

then reach marina bay then alight.then went arcade. then i was wearing sch skirt mahh then faster went toilet with grace and took off my skirt.... i got wear shorts inside budden my shorts sux kks. its big and ugly and plain wadever.

then went to change coins. then i didnt noe the arcade is use singapore 50 cents coin wan wad... then the auntie at the counter was lyk so bey song lo.i am very very pissed off. grace was pissed off too.. i totally was not in the mood for arcade games after seeing that auntie's face.then watched yanling danced para para then soo lin played the drums so coo lo, then i played daytona la... yupp then when no more fifty cents coin i never go and change le. cos i dun wanna kanna pissed off again.

then we went kite flying. me and soo lin shared a kite. the guys continued to play in the arcade.

kite flying was so fun lo. and soo lin and i were such pros kite flyers haha...we fly the kite then for a period of time.. the kite was free in the air kks...then there were some tangeling stuff haha. took lots of photos and videos wid my camera. yupp then zhiheng and normen were so lame lo. they actually attempted to climb to the clouds using my kite's string... urghhh haha

then err soo lin and i had a hard time winding the string too cos we let go too much then got tangled with other pple's kites la. then errr oh ya...toooopid zhi heng and normen lo. i let them hold my kite then my kite got tangled with another person's kite then dunno wad happened then the string snapped. my kite flew to the tree nearby and took a nap there. while the other person kite got snapped and flew to the grass. lol i was so sad lo..

and weilin used her kite to attack me lo!! hahahaha

then they oso played volleyball and soccer. then nigel they all came. and it rained... we ran to the buildings for shelter then went for steamboat dinner lo... yupp

dinner was okkkkayyyy laa... the light had some prob though. i sat at the chicken soup table... beside audrey. then i think i ate alot and drank alot. sure got gained weight. budden i think i didnt reallie enjoy dinner though...errr yupp then i lost my piggy 'dunno leh' badge lehh urghhh

then went to the field to... not fly kite la. at night lehh... to play sparkles. then we were lyk throwing the sparkles lyk meteor lyk that lo shiok.. then we played chasing the ball game. guys vs girls. i dun think i got participated cos i didnt run around hahaha then nigel suggested some dumbb and childish game dunno wad titititititi then wad tootootooo one. wad a genius rite hahahahaha then my dad came then i long bang audrey and weilin home lo. yuppp grreat day... had lotsa fun.

okie back to the present.

thursday 18 nov 2004

woke up at 820.. supposed to go to sch to help with the tying of sec 4 grad scrolls. then i woke up with a sore eye. and i feel warm and cold and i kept sneezing. urghhh then i sms hui qi and told her to help me tell aik siong that i cant go to sch. then i decided to go to sch cos i need to find mrs wong and asked her abt the concert thingy... for the sec one orientation. i am in charge la. then went to sch. felt totally sick. i was late by abt 3 minutes budd aik siong was even later so nvm... haha then went into the conference room to help. thenerm got to noe cheryl and meixuan err i think. then after that went round the sch looking for jing hui and pauline cos mrs george and mrs ho wanted to see them. and i cant find mrs wong. mrs koh and jiang lao shi came to look for me though... art club stuff. i feel so busy. then ms tan... said that mrs wong left already. i was lyk oh no.. my proposal how...okie then took bus with hui qi and mabel. din feel well so din go out with them. reached home then watched tv ate lunch and surf net. yupp

tmr got sap scholarship briefing.... sighhh why lyk so busy lehhh... nvm wahahha this sat and sun is my uncle's wedding.... whoa so exciting. get to wear nice nice skirts and clothes.

talking abt that... the christmas prom night thingy... another 2D gathering la... i cant go how??? i got orchard rd tour lehhh cannot dun go la cos i am the organizer with jia min. how... i wanna go prom nite la... somemore is formal party lo so cool....izzit possible to change to another day? sighhh sadd man.

i think i am gonna chopp off my hair. maybe tmr. hmmm

Saturday, November 13

right here waiting

heyya... been online for quite a while le... have been playing neopets ever since.... my tooopid dumb dumb elephante. i buy roller blades for her horrr then she play then she clumsy clumsy fall down and broke them... then she accused me of giving her a spoiled toy... urghhh dumbo lol. btw i noe the song title le!! and i am listening to it for the dunno how many times... meng shuen told me that the song is titled : right here waiting by richard marx... wheeeeee rawks mannn... nice nice and romantic. =) sehhh

Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx

Oceans apart day after day
And I slowly go insane
I hear your voice on the line
But it doesn't stop the pain

If I see you next to never
How can we say forever

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

I took for granted, all the times
That I though would last somehow
I hear the laughter, I taste the tears
But I can't get near you now

Oh, can't you see it baby
You've got me goin' CrAzY

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

I wonder how we can survive
This romance
But in the end if I'm with you
I'll take the chance

Oh, can't you see it baby
You've got me goin' cRaZy

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

wheeee i lurve this song as much as i lurve Only Love by trademark ... or maybe even more lo. this song rawks wuha haha romantic song and romantic atmosphere... lol

yupp later going out bahh... btw watched the champion yesterday.. aiya i watch every episode de.. lol qi yuwu so shuai... and that yilin so jian mannn i hate her. how dare she... so competitive for wad... lost friendship and love... still want no. 1. siao one. nth is more impt than friendship and love and relationships lo. wads so gr8 abt no.1 ?bleahhh xB

well well anyway... i just bought the girls rock wallet.. pink de!! same as pei yu =) yay! lol its nice.. budden i put too many things inside.. become abit fat le lol. then i still got a pencil case.. shall change it when the new year comes... 2005... yay i will be 15... sadd la sure gonna be stressed... budden oh well

heyya i am looking forward to christmas.. i hope 2D have a christmas party... wheeee

and chinese new year... i wanna angbaos. lol

okieeee and i think i am getting panasonic x70. i decided after visiting this website... it might not be a phone with alot of functions budden no phone is perfect... so i shall just accept it the way it is

yuppp budden i might just change my mind anytime de worrr lol.

//wo ai two dee oh fourr foreva n eva...
\\wo ye ai jie lun foreva n eva =)

____right here waiting...
_______ and waiting....
f0r my dreams_____
______to c0me true....

Friday, November 12


i am boredd. just went to my auntie's house.. she preparing for her son's wedding. wheeee its so exciting u noe! shant go into details... so yuppp life still goes on bahh. i am still the fat, plump and greedy bel. believe me. i will nv slim down. and never get tanned. saddd rite... nvm. i noe. =P xD

then went causeway point.i finally bought a pair of nice nice slippers to match my skirts... yay man... i bought at bata. not badd la.

i cant decided which phone i wanna. went to the hello shop just now... i wan e600c budden sighh... then panasonice x70 veh gd... somemore got jay lol. budden i dun reallie lyk the cover. nokia 6230errrr dun have the flip cover larhh sadd man. sony ericsson got one veh nice... cam veh gd and it costs 900+ siao arh? i not that rich. somemore its not flip de.

you noe horr there is this song which i heard in my dad's car last week when i went for my ex-neighbour's daughter wedding. its a song when pple wedding always got play de... budden i dunno the title... the chorus is sth lyk this bahh:

wherever you go, whatever you do, i will be right here waiting for u.....

its nice.. believe me. and its romantic and sweeet lol. tell me the title if you noe.

i am sorta in the 'wedding' mood le... haha nah of cos i am not getting married. not of legal age... budd neither am i attached. who wants a fatty huhh xP

gonna concentrate on my studies in the years to come. everything comes after studies, family and friends... lalalala~

right now... i am concentrating on wad hp to get...

and i want to cook!!! oh man when can i use the kitchen ahhhhh

try my enche kabin if you have a chance... it rawks kks... as long as you gimme sufficient time to fry it.

coursework practical that time the marinate i did was gr8 lo... then i didnt have enough time to heat the oil. i put the chicken pieces into the oil when it wasnt hot enough... then the chicken pieces sorta absorbed the oil and turned slogggyyyy. i learnt a lesson. haha

i wanna cook spagetti and maybe try to bake a cake successfully bahh hehex.

wish me luck xD

Thursday, November 11


just came back after playing badminton with my brother... oh man lo the game of badminton ish lyk kinda badd lo. dun wanna talk abt it lo...

anyway its just so unfair lorhss.. just so unfair lorrhs. i am not telling why so dun ask me.

this morning wake up at 1015

1015 lehhhhh

means that jay chou show has already passed 15 minutes... i was kinda fed up lo. fed up with myself for waking up late la... then faster wake up wash up and watch lo. jay rawks no matter one. okie then breakfast was not gd too...

on the whole a bad day for me so fair... sadd man

yesterday went tm to watch princess diaries 2. its kinda boring at the begining... only the last part better but not as gd as the princess diaries 1. i nearly fell asleep. oops haha.but i was eating popcorns la.. i kinda feel that its not worth it la. yuppp nvm

then errr shop around bahhh

yuppp holidays are lyk so siannnn. my brother is lyk so happy though his hols havent even started. why? becos he has a brand new gameboy advance xp. and me? just facing the pc, tv and homeworks. urghhhh i feel lyk working... but on the other hand, i dun feel lyk working... lol wads my problem? i have no idea. has some big problems i cant log on to it oh man. i wanna play ultimate bullseye laaaaa. urghhhhhh

Wednesday, November 10


heyya... later going to watch princess diaries 2!! yuppp... this morning wake up then ate beehoon... omg its fried beehoon lo... fattening sia. okie then i came online lo... its gonna rain lehhh how arh?

btw i dunno which hp i wanan upgrade to lehh... i mean i wanted samsung e600c at first... budden clara told me that not gd de... always hang and stuff... so i crossed it out... erm then nokia 6230.... it has alot of function... has the classy look... ermmm okkkaayyyy la... budden i wan a hp that can flip open de ;)

then next will be the motorola... i dun think its gd. so out it goes. cos yanling has a motorola phone and it gets spoiled after being dropped onto the floor... LG phone.. i dun have much of an opinion. sony ericsson erm i dun think there will be chinese language available. the latest nokia phones are not that nice looking.

last but not the least will be panasonic... i think panasonic rawks.. haha cos jay chou is the spokesman. wahahha jay chou rawks too. i personally think that panasonic x70 is quite nice worr... haha yeahh its nice and quite cool... budd i dun lyk that clock thing on the cover... hmm but i think i will most probably get panasonic de lo...if not jiu nokia lo. sadd man... i cant make up my mind. okie i shall stop my crapp on phones.

hmmm so excited man.. later going out. i wanna watch so many movies... but there is so little time. anyone wanna watch shark tale with me ? haha errr still got yesterday once more... and some other shows. i am madd abt movie la. i oso wanna watch the forgotten... budden i have a weak heart la lol. kidding. i am excited... budden the sky is lyk overcast and its dampening my excitement so bad de lo. i hope the sun comes out soon. i still have to walk to the mrt station de lehhh. i dun fly okie.

yeah man i am looking forward to jay chou's coming to singapore soon... wheeeee this thursday at 10am got his show... yeah qi li xiang rawkss... must watch horr pple.. channel 8 =)

Monday, November 8


hi pple... i didnt blog for one week... okie i shall recollect wad i did the whole wk when i didnt blog kks...

1 nov 04 monday
yay!! two di oh four chalet worrr... i took mrt to pasir ris.. met jeannie at the mrt station. then met yanling on the mrt haha... then yan ling and i went to shop at white sands first... shi xuan was late humphh haha then shi xuan finally came then we go eat lunch. after that go tm and back to pasir ris. the rest came. then we took bus to the holiday bungalow... then errrr i cant really remember wad we did...budd i noe we watched the scary movie 3... its a lame and pornn show kks... very funny too. on the whole the day was extremely fun i didnt stay overnight. mother din allow

2 nov 04 tuesday
i woke up late lo. was supposed to meet shi xuan at dunno wad time then quickly sms her to change the time. wahaaha i am a piggy lo. i sleep wahah then finally went to pasir ris mrt to fetch shi xuan. joey was there so my dad oso long bang him. go chalet then oso watch movie, play black jack... eat eat eat. the custard buns that my dad bought rawks man i love it... the only prob is that it is fattening wahahah then we slack all that lo... fun day too. oh then at night we watched the champion then after that i hafta go home le... cos the next time i have sc camp... sadd man. was going to cry when leaving the chalet lo. somemore my dad fetched me so early de... okie okie i should not complain

3 nov 04 wednesday..
student council camp... quite fun and enjoyable la. i was in grp 1. grp leader was sophia... from guides so is shi xuan they all senior. she veh nice... then my grp members:
wynne... [so fated one.... that time psl camp i oso same grp as her worr hmmm]
errr kenneth.. [sec one de. quite reserved la but is nice]
wei yan [i reallie have no idea that she is weiting's sister... i just thot they look alot alyk lol blur me]

yepp thats all bahh

then got mr kiw's talk on role model quite interesting... i copied down notes worr lol and mr kiw actually called meng shuen xiao dong xi wahahahha

4 nov 04 thursday
second day of student council camp...
errr oso veh fun la. at night we have buffet wheee then N night then veh fun lo yupp... and mrs george sang !! =)

5 nov 04 friday
today is more of debriefing and activities veh fun too

6 nov 04 saturday
err went to school for sc committee meeting... went to the conference room for the meeting... ms loh and mrs chin treated us to time-out chocolate so nice rite.. budden i merely ate 2... heyya i am fat enough kks wahahha after that uncle and mummy fetched me then we went to grandpa's house

7 nov 04 sunday
which is yesterday la. went to science centre....with mummy, brother and his friends then i went to the omni theatre. watched 2 shows... one is the roar. lion of kalahari... that one was more of a love story kks... go watch it wahahah then the other one is on the forces of nature... erm honestly its quite boring. imagining me watching both shows continuously. i nearly died of boredom wahahah i oso went on the morphis movie ride... my brother was screaming real loud at the beginning. i was so fed up then i pulled his hair hahah i only had one hand to do so. my other hand was holding on the bar... the simulator or wadever was shaking real hard kks. haha

after that went to the eco garden.. i was screaming away. there were lots of insects and my brother and his friends were lyk scaring me lo... dumbos. urghh i saw 2 lizards... lots of dragonflies and one big fat catepillars... urghhhh

after that went home and checked pc for the posting... i was posted to three jay oh five ahhhh... nobody from 2D same class as me lehhh... nicholas same class as me though... nvm my class's pple quite nice i think

8 nov 04 monday...
finally back to the present. went to sch just now for cip sphere discussion with jia min and miss tan. quite successful la. ms tan kept saying that we are experienced hahaha... then cheryl sms me that she was in the sch audi. wanted to meet her for lunch but i went home first. so oh well.

came home slacking. my brother's classmates came and play games with him lo.... yepp i still got a proposal ahhhhh have to hand in by 5pm.. wish me luck man. kks