Monday, December 25


Yea it's christmas, a very special festival for Christians all over the world. I may not be a christian but I think it's fun spending this special day with your loved ones, sharing the log cake and exchanging presents. I didnt receive any present today but I gave three presents away and yea it definitely rocks seeing the smiles on the recipients' faces.

Went to YQ's house for a christmas party last night. It was fun, singing karaoke, playing mahjong and pooling though Lady Luck's really not on my side then.

Was at my grandparents' house for the whole of today. Ate alot, really alot. I can already feel my wasitline getting bigger ohno. Shopped at Toa Payoh in the early noon. Bought 2 tees and 2 pairs of jeans from Hang Ten. Whee I hope that I can still fit into the jeans after the feasts I had today.

Oh well the remaining days of the holidays would be really hectic... And well most probably before i knew it, the new year would have arrived. I just worked on my list of new year resolutions just now. It's the same old stuff every year I guess just that I categorised them this time round... It has almost become a tradition to break these new year resolutions but I will try not to, otherwise it defeats the purpose of making the list already.

I am definitely looking forward to the new year... new opportunities, new challenges, new friends and new experiences. And I will be seventeen next year. There is nothing that is gonna stop me from looking forward to year 2007. Yea excited is the word to describe how i feel.

Currently watching the 10pm show on channel u. And I am so tempted to go to Italy, Rome! Ah I must definitely go there at least once in this lifetime and I want to make a wish at the wishing well area.

3 other places I must visit this lifetime:
1) Gold Coast
2) Korea
3) Canberra

woohoo all I can do for now would be to dream, dream and dream.

My Schedule for the next few days:

26 Dec: Movie with my brother and his friends, movie with Timuns (YVIP06)

(Yea it sounds kinda spendthrifty to watch two movies in one day, especially since I am so tensed up over money matters these days but well i guess i just would have to have some cheap lunch or not eat at all, I wont die from skipping one meal lah, i have plenty of fats to burn.)

27 Dec: Telematch Logistics Preparation in school, 6 Charity Class gathering (:

28 Dec: Girls' Day out with my beloved sistas!

29 Dec: Some teachers' telematch in school or sth

30 Dec: YVIP06 Afterglow

31 Dec: No prog currently. Maybe it's a day for me to rest at home, reflect on 2006 and countdown to 2007. Ohya i remember now. There may be some kind of countdown party for 4J. Ah ha sounds fun. I've never really countdown with friends before. Usually countdown while watching the countdown party prog on tv.

1 Jan: No prog currently. Maybe a trip to the zoo's fragile forest/ tropical crops and be a student guide (:

2 Jan: Free in the day and noon but will be staying over at dhs campus for the night.

3 Jan: School reopens officially and I am a year5 dhp student!

alright thats about it for now and I may not be blogging that regularly for the next few days or even weeks. Once again,



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