Saturday, December 31

blogging cos of twin

Just read Jingles' blog and she asked me to update. So here I am. Seriously I am here becos of her =D Dont really feel like blogging and yea I havent blog about the chicken little christmas dinner. Ah depends on my mood.

Woke up this morning feeling ok but my mood worsened in the later part of the morning as I got pissed off with stuff and people. I am currently feeling much better now. I just had an icecream cone before I set off on my diet tomorrow.

I completed the powerpoint for CSC orientation. I wasnt supposed to do it nvm. I enjoyed seeing all those animated pictures. Will be going to Bras Basah Popular again later. I just love that Popular so much. I am going to use the $10-voucher which has been in my a wallet for more than a decade I think... Gonna buy the PS I Love You soundtrack wheee. Catching a movie later with my mom and brother as well- Wallace& Gromit... I want to watch chronicles of Narnia and a chinese tall story lorhs. Boohoo.

My list of new year resolution hasnt been completed and furnished yet. I havent complete my holidays homework and I am not looking forward to school reopening. I havent finish reading hong lou meng. In fact I just started and I am totally lost among the many characters. I totally agree with SM that the book is dorts. Apart from the nice and colourful pictures in the book which I think are very attractive, there is nothing great about the book. Boring, long-winded whatever adjective you can think of.

But hey I am not going to give up kaes. I am going to perservere. I will finish reading it by hook or by crook. But not by Tue i think. Boohoo. Orientation terror. No la its not that bad =X School terror. I dont want school to start. I miss my holidays. I want more I want more. I said I want more!!!

Yesterday was not so great a day. My ren yuan wasnt very ideal. Had amazing race briefing at 9am. I woke up at 8am sharp without hte help of an alarm clock. Washed up and had breakfast before I headed for the bus stop with the big and heavy bag of CSC shirts. I had to take a bus to school cos my parents went to Batam... business trip. Was late for briefing cos the bus was late =P went to LT/AVT. Then at 11am theres sc briefing aka meeting with our new DM, Mr Teo. He's a nice guy... had some sort of heart-to-heart talks with him... as what shumin called it.

Just had a rather heated argument with my brother on what movie to watch. AP guy. So young already so ap lo. I want to watch chronicles of narnia laa!! Whats his problem?

Sheesh my left eyelid kept twitching!! Totally uncomfortable. Younger brothers are such pests.

Anyway I shall continue about yesterday, stayed in school after sc briefing for csc meeting. Asked YL and YY to tabao lunch back for me. My favourite hot dog roll from Polar.

I photocopied the agenda I printed out last night... I stayed up till 2am plus to do it cos I suddenly thought that it would be pointless to conduct a meeting without handouts. After a while.. I saw peiyu coming into the school. I was at the foyer... where can you expect me to go lugging a big heavy bag of tshirts =.-~!

More and more people reached and it reached a maximum number of 9. Ms Tan came and the meeting started. I only ate about 1/4 of my hot dog roll then. And my stomach was having a bad case of hunger pangs expectedly la.

The meeting ends at around 4pm. Ms Tan and I did most of the talking... but there were some group sharings in between the meetings. Took bus home. It was raining cats and dogs. Went home and ate dinner. cos I reached home at 5pm.

Had been having some kinds of pain in my stomach this few days and I nearly vomited last night... perhaps due to overbloatedness.

Argh. Today's the last day of year 2005. and tomorrow its a brand new year...a new chapter of my life but not necessary a brand new better me.

I am still thinking and feeling lousy about how often i had been made use of this year. It hurts lo. and year 2006 also represents (insert number) of years missing him.

I shall not be so pessimistic. Things will get better and life will be sweeter. For now I am going to take a nice warm bath then go out for movies. I dont care le. Since its gonna be a treat from my mom I shall just watch any movie. but i will blame my brothe if i didnt like that particular one we are watching. thats all. happy new year.

btw many people asked if i will be going to countdown later on msn. well i dont go to countdowns. I cant even remember if i've been to any. I dont like to squeeze with people and scream and sweat. Spotlights give me headaches. late nights too. I will just have a quiet countdown in my heart and in my dream, preferably with him (:

happy new year!

Thursday, December 29

fuming mad

breathe in. breathe out. breathe in. breathe out. Count to 10 and calm down.

What the heck laa. I am fuming mad now. ARGH. I must learn to control my temper. And I am controlling. What else can I do with a keyboard other than blogging to vent my anger. 4 more days to school reopen and some many stuff undone. Esp orientation stuff. And I just discovered this morning that I lost my voice... due to an overconsumption of bbq food yesterday and not drinking enough water to lubricate my throat. STUPID.

And apparently some evil people just and still refuse to reply my smses. WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?! My bill's already shooting to sky high and I still take the effort the press the buttons on my phone to pass you some msg... silently hoping that you will be nice and reply me but no I was wrong. You disappoint me. Totally. absolutely. what a loser. LOSER.

I hate being a soloist. I hate to do things on my own. I am a Gemini... Gemini comes in two NOT one. I hate doing thinsg alone. I hate it. I just do.

Call me two-sided. Whatever. Geminis ARE two-sided. Get used to it. if not GET LOST.

I also hate it when people dont reply my msn instant messengers especially when I am telling him or her abt important/ urgent stuff.

Blogging is not helping enough to vent my anger. I am outta here.

Wednesday, December 28

chicken little christmas party =)

I am tired. I want to go and sleep but I cant. Apparently because my hair is wet from bathing... Today is a fun day I must say. Enjoy myself to the extreme or whatever you call it. Whoa. I lived every moment of today and yup I dont regret it =D I am too tired to blog whatever details that took place but they are lotsa fun and humor. LOL. My head is stuffed with too much stuff regarding CSC orientation which Ms Tan had bombarded me through the phone when I just reached home from the Chicken Little Christmas Partayyyeeee. Yep I reached home really late... 10pm but the walk from the mrt station to my house was enjoyable cos I had someone to chat with (: aiya tell u all more tmr laa. I have to go search for my hair-dryer which I apparently havent been using for quite some time and its all because I dont like to use a hair-dryer. Ohno. I am going haywire... due to my lack of sleep I guess. And I am found guilty... cos I ate 2 potong ice cream today. boOhOo. Alright thats all for this entry. Goodnight.

Tuesday, December 27

fun day- artclub& csc (:

yays today is a fun day. Yi Ling& JueHui& JiaMin jus went home... Ok thats like 40 minutes ago but never mind. Went to school this morning at 9am for art club meeting. And I was surprised that I was actually on time this time round =D Had meeting and as usual I kept sidetracking so when Cecilia and Chip demanded that I paid fifty cents as a fine, I decided it would be much better for everyone if I kept quiet. And I didnt pay the fine ;)

Chip bought us souvenirs from HK woohoo. Thanks Chip (:

Anyway after we discussed for a while, JH, Cecilia and I took a cab to Bras Basah to get orientation stuff. A cab you know! I seldom take cab unless necessary. I am a thrify person heh =P

We shopped around. Went to Art Friend then to Art Mark or sth then to Popular. Saw P.S I Love You soundtrack and ohmy. A few songs are by JunYang... it costs 12.95 bucks and I am apparently broke though Ms Tan just paid me this morning for the Christmas Karaoke.

Then we took a cab back to school. A CAB again. And both trips are paid by Cecilia& JH. That reminds me that I still owe them $$$. I shall call JH later. Hm.

Yup so we went back to school with the furry stuff and construction papers. And Chip went high over that bright orange chicken feather thingy. Its super ticklish cos I experienced the ticklishness when Cecilia wrapped it around my neck. BOohoo.

We made the letterings then went on a search for our old art club tshirts. We searched the whole of art club room including that small air-conditioned room but to no avail. In the end, we discovered that the shirts are with Mrs Koh all this while =.-

Before we looked for Mrs Koh, I went to call the Tshirt shop lady who is really nice, to ask if we can collect half the batch of shirts we ordered from her factory. She said nope. Need to collect all the shirts and make full payment. Ohwells. We managed to get enough money then JH, JM& I went to the factory to collect the shirts. She was quite surprised to see us. Cos I just called her to say that we dont have enough money and then the next moment...tadaa we were there to collect the shirts with money!! LOL.

After collecting the shirts, we took bus80 to the bus stop right in front of my house so that we dont have to do so much of walking. It's ok for me cos I was only carrying two poster-sized cardboards but it wld be tough for JH& JM as they were carrying the shirts =P

Reached my house then we started cutting the orientation stuff for csc. Then my grandma bought us chicken rice. Before my grandma's reminder, I even forgot that I havent taken my lunch yet. Ohmy.

We did the orientation gifts and the posters. Chatted and laughed and teased. Yi Ling came not long after... Chatting continued... I kept getting teased. Boohoo. The mention of Cookie just made my blood boil laa ><

My printer's black ink ran out so we printed out some words and JH helped to colour using black marker... then the marker ink overlapped the paper and dirtied my desk's extension. LOL naughty girl ah. Nah just kidding. Dont worry about the smudge (:

Hmmm I wanted to treat them to ice cream but they were in a rush to go home cos its peak hour and the public transport'll be packed like sardine. JH's lucky cos her dad's fetching her home. YL wanted to show us a new fortune-telling method imparted to her by her cousin. It's different from the one me& JH were crazy over in Germany. But there's not enough time so well another time perhaps. I am pissed off by the fact she wants to help me& a particular someone to suan ming. Erhem. No further comments shall be made.

Yup so they left and I packed up. Before they left, we were pasting the purple hearts as the border for our csc posters. It was really fun, trust me.

Ohya. Three of them were lucky. JM& JH collected their csc and art club tshirts. YL collected her csc tshirts. Muhahahas all the tshirts are now at my house. wheee (:

I was intending to do the attendance list for csc now. but I think I've to go to have my dinner. There's Chicken Little's Christmas Dinner tomorrow and guess what. I havent gotten the gift for gift exchange. HOHOHO. Merry Christmas!

Today's a really fun day... too bad we didnt take any photos. I am currently waiting for a sms from someone who usually dont reply my sms. WDH. I detest this type of ppl cos I totall abhor this type of behaviour :P It's like I am such a nice person how can people ignore my sms?!

Gave the three of them the souvenirs I bought form M'sia. It's nth special really cos I didnt really get to shop in M'sia. It's a family outing remember? Now left YY and SM's souvenirs. Btw I saw the photographs taken at the family outing. Sad to say the photos were kinda blur. There is this group photo in which you definitely cant spot me if you see it but dont worry. you will never get to see it. lol. I regretted not capturing some group photos shot with my darling camera. Maybe the results wld have be more pleasant =X But no I am not grumbling about the photos laa. I appreciate the effort that my relatives put in =D cheers! Anyway this year's outing's only the first. There's more subsequent outings... and I might be interested to be in the planning committee when I am much older =)

Thats abt it. I have to go now. Cya people. I might be back later (:

Monday, December 26

halfway thru chi bk review

wheee! I am halfway through my Chinese book review. cheers =D I am so proud of myself. Nicholas just told me abt his blog. Whoa everyone's getting a blog... even my pri-sch friends are having blogs. cool!

Realised that he is now a practising christian. Hm yep follow your heart (:

The new tagboard that I've got is so far quite ok except for the fact that I have to refresh it to see the new tags. Now thats kinda troublesome eh >< boohoo.

I shant slack any longer. I am gonna continue doing my Chi bk report. Woohoo. hey I am really determined to complete it (:

cheers!! Happy belated christmas~


As you can see, I am currently addicted to blogthings quizzes but that's all for today. I know there's some problems with the link after every quiz... well you can find the quizzes i did here:

Referring to the latest quiz i took, I am 80% gemini which is a lot bahs. I am a surprisingly typical gemini... hmm

Went to the Cafe Cartel at TM last night for dinner. The bread there is really delicious. Had an iced latte... which is really bitter according to my mom and brother but the bitterness wasnt much detected by my tastebud. lol too bad. I like latte =P I've always preferred latte to mocha. Cappucino's not too bad la. But I prefer bitter/sour to sweet. I like sweetness but not too extreme. Anyway after having dinner, we toured around orchard road in my dad's car. It was so crowded...

Anyway I've just read twin's blog. She listed out a list of events for year 2006 in store for her. Her list is somehow similar to mine bahs... I feel that I am lagging. I havent make a list of my new year resolutions yet. Ah. Today's 26 dec. There's an art club meeting tmr. Might have a csc meeting but I need to confirm with Ms Tan. My homework's still pretty much undone. Boohoohoo.

Chatted with twin online just now. Ah oh my she actually thought the 'him' in my blog is referring to someone. ARGH. Kinda offended. LOL but I cant blame her. I also had a past with the other him but I do not miss the past (: and that other him does not deserve to be missed and thought me. He dont deserve it cos I am too good for him =D

Ya I know it sounds complicated... him here him there. But never mind. School's reopening really soon. I am really looking forward to CNY. My family has never really celebrated Christmas... other than the fact that it's a public holiday as we are Buddhists. And I was feeling really sick yesterday. Even had a mild diarrhoea. BOOHOOHOO.

This week's the last week before year 2006 begins. I foresee 2006 to be an eventful year... and a year where I will strive for new goals and a better and hopefully slimmer me. I will strive for the best and live every moment. I will cherish everyone worth cherishing and appreciate everything. I will live like I will die tomorrow but I wouldnt eat like I wld be starve forever. I will learn not to give in to temptations and also not to be so gullible and be made used of.

I will learn to control my temper and avoid being so moody. I must not procrastinate and will try my best to do things that can be done by today. I will make full use of each and every day and put my best foot in for every assignment and duty given. I will place studies as my top priority and manage my time properly. I will show my appreciation for my friends and family.

Whoa the above is somehow my new year resolutions... jus that they are not in point forms (: Ok thats all for now. I need to go help my mom email something to her client before starting on my Chinese book review. Cya~

& wishing you a merry belated christmas!!!

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yayyys. variety is the spice of life = gemini's motto

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hmm I can imagine myself in that (:

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yays! You know why? Cos my friends rock!

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uh? is there this kind of hangbag? I havent seen one yet.

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cheyy. I thought the results will be something like by what age I will get a bf. bummer ><

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aw. why isnt it latte =D I just had an iced latte at Cafe Cartel last night.

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Sunday, December 25

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new template. new tagboard

hey. wishing you a happy, merry& blessed christmas!!

well as you can see. i've changed my blogskin as well as my tagboard. The mood of my new blogskin totally differs from that of the old one. It's more solemn, sad and kinda depressing har? Fancy switching to such a blogskin during a festive season, bel have you gone bonkers?

Nope I havent. I am still sane and very awake. There is a past which I would want to return to and a him that I tried forgetting. LOL. I sound serious. Ok anyway. if you think my blogskin is dampening your festive mood, then take a leave. I shant send you to the door. This is my blog. my story. my life. Read it if not leave it.

Well, please do not ask me about the background behind this new blogskin. I wont fill you in with the details. If you ask me at msn, I will just reply with a smile. My past is for me to know and miss and for you to not know (: I am not trying to be anti-social here and if I let you feel that I am being an anti-socialist, I'm sorrie.

I shant be that mean. If you really want to know how I feel and why did I adopt this new blogskin, go listen to SHE's new song, Bu Xiang Zhang Da. You might be able to sense my feelings if you are sensitive enough =)

Sometimes ignorance is bliss (",)

Saturday, December 24

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ah ha. thats better. i got this after doing the quiz a second time. The results from the first time was marriage... which is kind of contradictory as compared to one of my previous quizes.

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errrr french?

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erh should i believe this or not?

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well i guess i am stuck with this type of career this life... lol

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yayys!!! santa knows what i want!

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wulala~~ PINK (:

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*beams* (:

Friday, December 23

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phew. hahas. i must specify one thing. 90% girlish is not equal to being a bimbo kaes!

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hm so that means i wont be getting married laa? ><

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this is true... what do you tink ? =)

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this is somehow accurate...

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YAYS. this is ACCURATE!! i love apple pies to bits (:

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AH HA! this is inaccurate!! =P

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What Age Do You Act?

alamak. i am only fifteen laa ><

what kind of food am i

You Are Thai Food
Trendy yet complex.People seek you out - though they're not sure why.
What Kind of Food Are You?

woohoo. sawatika... LOL

my birth month

Your Birth Month is May
Unique and creative, you seek your own path in life.You love change and are able to adapt to any situation.
Your soul reflects: Sweetness, joy, and a complete life.
Your gemstone: Emerald
Your flower: Lily of the Valley
Your colors: Yellow, red, and green
What Does Your Birth Month Mean?

not true!! I dont like changes... ok la some particular changes... =X

How are you in love?

How You Are In Love
You take a while to fall in love with someone. Trust takes time.
In relationships, you tend to be a bit selfish.
You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.
You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.
You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.
How Are You In Love?

aw touched.

i jus read twin's blog and ohmy my name's actually mentioned. awww I am touched... so touched. I am gonna cry.. LOL kidding laa. she dedicated that particular post to this year.... hm i guess i am going to do that too. so much have happened... and i seriously need to commerate them.

well if i cld go back to the past... go back to our past... i think i wld go back... but i will miss everything and everyone now. I've just learnt to live every moment jus recently and i am not backing out on my words... but i miss the past... that i do not deny. If an angel grants me a wish and i choose to go back... if only laa. I am sure i will miss the present when i am back in the past.

i did not live the moment last time... now i dont want to leave that moment. i want to stay there forever. bu xiang zhang da.... SHE's latest song really describes my feelings... i miss the past. i really do. I didnt treasure the moment. i didnt treasure him. hm now its abit too late isnt it. and my heart aches every time i regret. tears flow free and fast. I fully taste the taste of tears.

I thought i will cope being alone but no... but fortunately i had my friends. and i am thankful for that. My angel wings are hurt and yes they will heal one day. jus one day. but the rainbow in my sky can never be found ever since ur departure.

you change. I did not. my heart stays the same.

alamak la i am getting emotional and all.

i'll be ur guardian angel from now on. yes. for now and forever. I was an angel. but i fell in love with u and was sent to this earth to protect u (:

bad day

well I just realised that I havent been blogging for days. But hey I am blogging now (: So much had happened in the past few days. Made new friends... met new people. And now Christmas is round the corner!! woohoo.

Alright I shall start from where I stopped the previous time... Hm I am supposed to continue from where I stopped in the previous post right but somehow I cant remember what I wanted to write... so nvm.

December 19. A monday. It was a CCA day for CSC. Went to school to mass-produce our orientation gifts, make banner for Christmas Karaoke and rehearse skit. We didnt manage to do the latter as there was insufficient actors and the lack of willingness to participate. Ohwells.

Anyway it was pretty much of chatting bahs. And I remember I was very tired that day. Ok I am practically tired almost every day laa FINE.

We had mac for lunch. And we had fun playing with glitters at the later part of the day. So yups. Also interacted with the club members... After the meeting, yy came over to my hse to help me wrap the prizes for Christmas Karaoke. Thats abt it for that monday.

Alright tuesday... 20 december. OOPS. Wait I just realised that the above details supposedly for december 19 is actually what happened on december 15... ahhh. Sorrie abt that...

Ok ok now abt the CORRECT details for december 19. Went to school in the morning for orientation briefing... followed by amazing race briefing. Went home after that. Feeling sick. Had headache. Then at around 3pm, took bus 63 to Beach Rd PeaceConnect to help put up decorations. Gwen, Javier and Yunyin were already there... I was also very tired and sick then. Put up balloons... Blew balloons. Javier was inflating the balloons then they started flying all around when the wind blew... I was holding on to a PINK balloon when it burst right in front of my face. and naturally being a talented screamer, I screamed. Ohya my wrist was feeling painful that day so i was wearing a wrist guard which I kept mistaking for a watch. Alamak laa. So sotong of me. After the decorations were completed, we had two balloons left over, I attempted to be brave and stepped on one of the balloon to burst it but who had expected that the balloon was made of GOOD materials and it did not burst after i stepped on it, instead it expanded and when I least expected it, IT BURST. oh my. and yes I SCREAMED. cos i got a shock. then some elderly sitting nearby were laughing at me. DUH.

Javier burst the second balloon. He was smarter hahas. He used a scissors and popped the balloon with jus a bit of strength then the balloon burst. I DIDNT scream cos I expected the balloon to burst (: bravo.

Walked to Lavender MRT station. Javier was coughing away. Ah he had a cough and he actually helped to inflate the balloons by blowing lo... which is not gd for his lungs... anyway its my fault for passing them a faulty balloon pump. boohoo. sorrie abt that.

Went home.. then settled some stuff for christmas karaoke before going to suntec. Mom's treating me and my brother to watch King Kong. After we bought the tickets then we realised that the movie is 3 hours long. Ohmy. Went to Kopitiam food court to do some stuff for christmas karaoke. Super worried abt the event which will be held on the next day.

At 820, we went into the cinema. My brother bought nachos. I karped from him. He bought a coke too... but i dont drink gaseous drinks so ohwells.

anyway the movie was touching... you noe why its 3 hours long? Because the first one hour was all about building up to the climax... King Kong did not appear until about 1 hour later so you can pretty much expect the front part to be nothing but BORING. Almost fell asleep but no. I didnt.

The civillisation at the Skull Island was very scary. I was covering my eyes with my hands like I did when I watched Constantine =X ok thats embarrassing but they looked horribly scary laa. Bloodshot eyes... messy and long hair... eerie voices... King Kong was majestic and muscular. hahas.

The movie's really very touching. Showed you the 'human side' of a primate. He protected Anna from the dinosaurs despite being bitten by them...He pouted... he ignored her cos he was angry. Very touching show. The guy sitting beside me was extremely excited during the show. He kept telling his girlfriend stuff.... LOL. interesting guy. Anyway the movie's really touching... and there is this particular character in the movie which i hate ALOT. and thats the filmmaker.. i forgot his name but he's crazy abt making money and i hate him cos he threw the bottle of chloroform to King Kong's eyes. I totally broke down at that part =X

Throughout the movie, tears welled up and rolled laa. It's really very touching. and King kong jus died at the end. he jus died and the movie ended with that sickening filmmaker saying 'its beauty that killed the beast' NO. it's him who killed King Kong. He brought him back to the city where he cant survive. He was happily living in his own world... being looked upon as the king. and now in the city, he is a beast... 'the eighth wonder of the world'. Nonsensical nonsense.

The movie ended at 1130pm... and I was feeling terribly sleepy after coming out from the cinema. Particularly cos its late and becos my eyes were swollen from my emotion earlier on. But i think i still stayed up till pretty late cos i couldnt slp... worried abt christmas karaoke. Had to go to sch the next day for christmas karaoke.

ok december 20. the day of the event which i had been planning for the past month. I was in a particularly dull mood cos I was worried... and totally in the no mood for jokes. I brought my camera and laptop to school cos i thot jinghui wasnt going to the event. It was early morning and I was sleepy as usual. Li Bing's godfather, huan jun was humorous and cracking lotsa jokes but i totally dont have the energy and mood to laugh at his jokes, which i usually wld do. I was feeling stressed.

Sang christmas carols. then practised chicken dance... Yuxin and Li Bing prepared this emcees' scripts... actually only li bing preparing laa. Yuxin was SLACKING. Then they left for lunch after paying for csc tshirts. I didnt go out. Asked gwen to tabao. then afer that had lunch in the canteen then my dad and mom came.... delivered the gifts and prizes and souvenirs and at the same time, bring my laptop home cos jinghui turned up. I kept forgetting that my wrist is injured. So i actually carried one of the super heavy bags with my left wrist. ohwells.

After final viewing of skit and briefing, we boarded the bus and our journey to beach road began. Upon reaching, yuxin and javier helped to put up the banner...Then the event began. I shant go into details abt the event.. but on the whole it was pretty successful and everyone participated really actively in it. Took a group photo at the end of the event... then went home by mrt. had another cip the next day so needed to rest.

December 21. Wednesday. I had tuition in the morning. Mr Chiok was late and i waited outside the centre for him for nearly 1 hour. Bummer. My legs ached from all the standing. After the lessons, I waited a long time for the bus... argh. after alighting. i ran all the way to paya lebar mrt... yy called me as i got onto the train and i was breathless.... After waiting for like eternity, i finally reached tampines and yuxin was actually in front of me. We took the same train. Javier and yy was waiting at the control station. Mrs koh was late so yuxin, being impatient, suggested that we go and look for our cip booth first... and so we went... found it. it was pretty secluded... as in no one was there.... then we saw mr qiu rui zao... that guy... in the pool... he was trying to break the guinness world record thingy. then i think yuxin or javier waved at him and he waved back. hahas. then we went to tm to get lunch cos javier and i havent taken our lunch. Went to breaktalk. I got myself the floss bun... Went back to the booth. Mrs Koh was already there, doing stuff on her laptop. Then we asked for her permission to walk around. Mr yuxin suggested to go and look at clothes... then we walked around at the pasar malam. yuxin wanted to buy a bag but decided not to. Then we went to fetch guo rui. After that as walked, we were comparing our skin color. Guo rui was the tanned-est among us... then javier claimed that he is the fairest. LOL. these three guys are an interesting bunch kaes. then they decided to go and play LAN. so yy and i went to tm to walk walk lo. Went to cold storage to get chocolate... ok i am guilty.

anyway after a while, ms tan called me then we went to look for the guys. We waited for around 5 minutes... then they came out and we headed back to the booth. At the booth we discussed cca stuff. it was a discussion session filled with jokes and laughter. I laughed till my tummy ached. The discussion was abt 1 hour long... then we took group photos again. btw ms tan gave us christmas presents and we opened them. mine was a sleeping piglet. thnks ms tan!!! (:

yuxin's a pooh's mug. yy's a cute cushion and both guorui and javier's presents are biscuit-shaped candles. Jinghui and jiamin's presents are with me. Hm after that it started raining.... then the guys wanted to have lunch together. yy and i had to go back for dinner initially... but after being persuaded we decided to have cca bonding session thus we had dinner together at long john. chatted and laughed... guorui told us something i nv knew.... the difference between muscles and fats... and we had two living examples at that time LOL =X javier demonstrated the fact that our skin is elastic. yy and i showed tat we paid attention by laughing. these guys are really very very very funny.....and both yy and i agreed that they are very different from the guys in 3j.

and they have a secret... LOL only five of us get the joke =P so i am not telling. we left after dinner while the guys went for another game of LAN. aw wads so fun abt those games...

22 december. thursday. Dry run for amazing race. went to school then junru's my partner... yup. not much can be revealed abt the game... but well one thing for sure. its a good way to slim down (:

23 december. Friday which is today. sec1 registration. i was at the 1j registration counter. it was a fun and fresh experience.. saw a few students from gmps but apparently they dont recognize this very old senior of theirs. wahaha this yr's cut off score is 258.

today is a bad day... i lost my voice due to some reason which is not so convenient to announce here but some ppl knew already... and i burst my blister on my cutting it when i wheeled my chair around. boohoo. now my wrist is hurting from all the typing.

my mom collected csc shirts from the manufacturer jus now and they are really niceee... slept for around 3 hours jus now. very tired. was feeling sick in school. hyperventilating lol and loss of voice... sheesh i cant sing now!!!

tats all. going to my grandpa's hse... and will be seeing the photographs taken at the M'sia family gathering woohoo. gonna see how the photos turned out like. Hope there's no embarassing shot of me.... and and and. christmas' round the corner. will be sending ecards to lotsa ppl tmr. cheers.

and and and 1 Jan will be a very special day. for me to noe. for you to guess (:

PS: CSC members, there will most probably be another csc final meeting next week. We have to prepare for orientation. and pls bring $9.50 if you havent pay for the tshirts.

Sunday, December 18


yoohoo. I realised that I am quite disciplined these few days. Not in terms of diet YET. but hey i am working hard kaes. Cos twin and I have a MARVELLOUS plan. For us to know for you to guess but well dont bother guessing cos we might not tell you the plan =D

Hm the disciplinary that i am talking about is that I wake up earlier these days. No more 11am or 12pm. Every day is 9am and I dont have an alarm clock to wake me up kaes. Instincts (: No matter how early or late i sleep i try to get up early. Rise and shine...

Went to that big big popular at Bras Basah Complex yesterday. Ah my paradise... So many books. So many stationery. Bought lotsa stuff... Mostly my stuff.. Bought an wireless optical mouse for my laptop. I am using it now... Not very used to using a separate mouse... It's blue in colour... miniature and really kawaii nehh!

after that we went to plaza singapure to have dinner at Cafe Cartel. My favourite cafe! There was a long queue but we joined it nevertheless... after waiting for like eternity.. finally we got into the cafe. Saw a senior from dhs working there but she dunno me. hahas.

Eh i think i gtg. Meeting yy later to pass decoration stuff to her. I shall continue my post later. Cya.

ps i am dying to change my blogskin... I like Twin's blogskin. And I just realised she had uploaded a photo of herself on her blog. LOL. she looks like she wants to seduce ppl worrr.. =X

Saturday, December 17


stupid la. I am struggling to do my physics tuition homework while hammering and knocking of -who-knows-what is blasting of my ears. WDH. Irritating. Hammer what hammer la. This is one thing bad about staying in a HDB flat. Somemore the irritating sounds are disrupting and ruining the jaychou music i am listening to right now. WHAT AN INSULT.

My laptop's music system and speakers have some big problem la. Cannot play CD without skipping some parts de. I cant possibly send it for servicing now when it's such an important part of my daily life right now. So genius me transferred the music to my zen neeon... then play it from there. lalalala.

Holidays are ending soon but my schedule still has so many things on. Next week's filled with activities then its christmas then lalala school reopens and tadaa orientation. Whoa i am actually taking a sec1 cls for orientation next yr (:

Anyway going out later... meeting yy tmr to pass deco stuff to her. Monday has full-day sc orientation briefing in school. Tue is my christmas karaoke... pls let it be a success and not let all our hardwork goes down that big hollow drain kaes.

Wednesday is the tending of our cip booth at tm. Come and visit us kaes.... Support dhs sphere (:

Thursday might have dry run for sec1 registration. going out with Chicken little to prepare for christmas dinner. might have to postpone chem tuition but i shall leave that to when jh comes back la.

friday... hm sec1 registration lo. saturday... christmas eve. sunday. CHRISTMAS HOHOHO.

Monday... maybe going to kbox with haojiemeis. or shopping or catch movie. or maybe i should forget all that... need to pia hw. Tuesday might have 3j cls outing... No one tell me anything yet. Wednesday is the official christmas dinner for CHICKEN LITTLE. Aiya I jus like to type CHICKEN LITTLE in caps lock. It jus looks nicer.

Thursday is 29 dec... most probably deal with cca stuff la. See... whole schedule packed liaos. I should be glad that I am still surviving NOW. I cant tolerate any more stress and work.

I still havent blog about my shopping trip to j8 with shumin and yy. Neither have i blog about cpa camp.

the shopping trip to j8 with twin and yy is basically jus to go there and watch campus superstar initially...It was super crowded and warm... so many ppl... teenagers in particular... definitely will meet with some old friends. Saw a whole group of dhs girls... most probably there to support clara bahs. Saw my pri sch best fri. Hm I didnt greet him. Neither did he greet me. But anyway... i can recognize him anywhere de bahs. I miss the old times.

Anyway if you happened to read my blog which... is most probably impossible... well i didnt greet you is not becos i look down on you or whatever kaes. Jus that too long nv meet you then dunno how to react... yup. anyway it was nice seeing you again... and yea are you still smoking? ok i shant be kpo and you will always be my best friend (:

Ok i am like talking to myself but doesnt matter. Hm we only watched for a while then went shopping. Wanted to catch a movie but no nice movies... then shopped around lo. Went mini toons, my all-time favourite shop. Bought a piglet handphone keychain. Super CUTE.

After that we went to orchard. Wanted to watch movie but oso no movie to watch. Then went to kbox. got myself a membership but we decided to go there another day cos no room liaos.

Like that only lo. yup i really should get back to doing my work. Bye...

Tuesday, December 13

chicken little outing

I just had my dinner... after I came back home from the library. Went to get some books for my chinese book reviews. Borrowed 4 chi. 2 eng. teehee. went out with yunyin and twin today but i shall talk about yesterday's chicken little outing first kaes.. in case i forget about the details soon... now that I've mentioned that, I realised I havent blog about CPA camp. hehehehe. By the way i apologize for the moody post this morning. I was super moody that tears rolled down my cheeks. BLEAH. What can i say except STUPID TEAR GLANDS (: I am ok now.

So yup had chicken-little outing yesterday. Yups we are abit gan chiong la cos just departed from each other last friday... Last friday was finale night of CPA camp. The best night ever. Cheering and everything.

Ok before i digress to talking about the CPA camp. So hm I was sorta the outing organizer... together with jun pei, wayne lim and doreen... ok I was more of the coordinater bahs. Anyway, I woke up early for some reasons i cant remember... then started packing and stuff... we were meeting at 12 at dhoby ghaut mrt. Hitched a ride from my dad. teeheehee. He was supposed to fetch me to the mrt de but well... if he hadnt give me a ride, i wld have been late. Very late. Arranged to meet doreen at Kallang MRT initially but sorrie abt the last minute change =S

Hm so upon reaching dhoby ghaut, I took the escalator down and saw Wei wei. He was peeping into the arcade or sth. Then i called him and we headed to the northwest line together. Well both of us didnt noe where it is so i acted smart abit then tried to find and alas i saw wayne lim and vijay. Then more ppl started reaching and we proceeded to the cinema to get tickets for the 1pm chicken little movie. Wayne Tan was still in school but he watched the movie already so wld be joining us for lunch instead.

Hm. After buying the tickets, I kept them... cos my bag was very big? Ok went to the arcade and checked out those 'catch-soft-toys' machines... Then the guys played daytona racing. I took part in the second round and ohmy. It was totally exciting? It was definitely exciting. I am super lousy at daytona de... then the guys were like telling me to relax and all then help to tilt the steering wheel abit... LOL good thing i didnt have an asthma attack hahas.

We luckypicked our tickets. I took the first seat... followed by Sungeetha, Doreen, Junpei, Vijay, Wayne, Yun Dan, jerrold, wei wei and rainer. The movie was really cute... and it actually delivers a msg... something like do talk to your parents when u have problem or whatever... and parents always love their children... the kids dont have to earn their love. awww. LOL oh ya! And i didnt expect such a cartoonish movie to actually contain abit of romance in it!! chicken little and ugly duckling...

After the movie, my head was spinning somehow then i nearly missed a step while walking down the stairs inside the cinema itself. boohoo.

Hm met up with wayne tan then went to eat lunch. Was walking to the Long John Silver restaurant outside PS when Fathi called rainer to say that he will be joining us. so we walked back to ps then went to the long john silver restaurant inside ps but it was filled with ppl. We headed for pizza hut after vijay suggested it. We sat around a very long table... then ordered the food. three big pizzas, 3 jugs of pepsi, two side dish, 3 garlic bread and 1 ice lemon tea for me... cos i dont drink gaseous drink. thank you.

We took quite a long time to decide what to eat... cos everyone was like 'anything anything'. hahas. when the pizza came, everyone ate. I ate 2 slices... one seafood one hawaiian. Love the hawaiian pizza to bits. Then chatted also. The guys were obsessed with handphones... then fathi was going around taking photos of each of us with his mms camera hahas. I sat opposite vijay at the table. Sungeetha and yun dan were beside me. After eating, we took group photos... the photos are very nice.. colourful!! Went out of pizza hut then we thanked vijay for the treat. It wasnt meant to be his treat. We were supposed to pay for our own =X

After that we walked to another shopping centre whose name i dunno. Park lane or sth arh? On the way they commented about me wearing bermudas and flipflops and said i looked like auntie ><

The place has pool, arcade and LAN games. Wanted to pool but not everyone's 16 yet... including me which is like so sad la. Still got 5 more months lehs! Argh. Then the guys played 1 hour of LAN while the girls loitered around in the arcade... I played daytona then I finally am able to drive without drifting to the side and banging into the wall. Thanks to rainer and doreen for their guidance (:

ohya I didnt noe rainer is sec 3 this year! He looks like a sec 1 boy =X Then played puzzle bobble and the game where you have to press 3 buttons, red blue and green. Super lousy at that game. After playing for a while... which is quite a few hours... we wanted to have dinner together but in the end decided to go home... so we walked to the mrt station. realised that some of us actually stay quite near each other. Wayne stays a few blocks away from me only... i forgot which block though. Yun Dan stayed around Aljunied also but i forgot where. ohno. short term memory syndrome!! Anyway so next time we can meet up together before going to any outing lo. woohoo.

The chicken little outing was a success. I am so glad... There will be another outing soon. Christmas dinner... woohoo. I am one of the organizers... lol. there will be the exchanging of gifts yays. My favourite. I LOVE SURPRISES (:

just received an email from fm... woohoo there's a 3j cls outing!! finally~~ Hm i shall blog about my day at j8 and orchard later... cya ppl.

strong girls dont cry.

Strong girls DON'T cry. I WON'T cry.

who understands how i am feeling. who actually knows I am suffering.

no one understands.

perhaps no one even care!

PLEASE. let me be a child forever... I dont want to grow up.

well if thats too demanding... then at least let me stay at CPA camp forever...

away from all these troubles and woes. THANK YOU.

Tuesday, December 6

cny comm meeting, day out with twin, trip to parkway and toa payoh

It's late but I am still gonna blog. Went to parkway today for tuition. Well I reached there like one hour before time so I went to NTUC Fairprice supermarket to check out the plastic plates for CSC orientation. And they were way too expensive... and exceeded our budget apparently. So I went to Mac and get a regular lime lemon juice or lemon lime juice before settling down there and brainstorm about CSC orientation gifts. The choice of drink did not determine my mood for the day. Today's a great day. Wonderful indeed. It's my darling mommy's bday as well as that of my many other friends.

Went to the tuition centre 10 minutes before time then Allan was chatting with two of his students. He told me to go to the room to settle down first. Then the guy, one of the students he was chatting with, asked Allan if I am JC 1 student. Woohoo. I look like JC 1 student?! Whee. I am mature eh ><

Tuition was not bad. but the atmosphere was abit tense when no one speaks up... pretty awkward so I talked more than I usually do during tuition classes today. Like what my mortal mentioned in the postcard this year, when everyone keeps quiet and the situation gets awkward someone has to speak up.

I am quite determined to return to my usual talkative self. Anyway more on that later. After tuition, I headed over to the Parkway shopping centre and that particular shop where my brother spotted that nice pretty multi-purpose cushion as a bday present for my mom. Helped him buy it. Then headed over to the Cake History shop to get a bun to munch on. I am always hungry after tuition lessons la. Walked and munched then finally reached Popular. Began my investigation on the coloured cards... I spent like quite a long time in Popular... deciding on which packet of coloured cards' more worth it. Bought coloured tapes as well.

Ah then I went over to the Parkway shopping mall again... cos I had asked my dad and mom to come and help me pay for the souvenirs for the Christmas Karaoke. Bought tupperwares for the elderly... Hope that they will like it. As there wasnt enough stock at the Parkway branch, we headed to Toa Payoh branch to get the remaining tupperware. Bought siew mai at the famous Tiong Bahru Bao shop... Yummy (:

Mom went to Bega to try some blouses. I was waiting for her when this salesgirl asked if I wanted to try a cute blouse. Then she picked a skirt to go with the blouse and into the fitting room I go. I bought that skirt a few weeks ago at Jurong Point. Wore it to the er miniature 3J outing. The blouse didnt suit me... Too tight fitting and uncomfortable. Not to my liking... My mom bought a blouse from the shop though.

Came home then makan lo. My dad bought durians. Yucky calories.

Yesterday was a fun day... But I had a bad start in the morning. Woke up late... I was supposed to attend a CNY comm meeting in school at 8am and I woke up at 740 am. Then there's a traffic jam like the previous time at the road heading towards Nicoll Highways and Mountbatten Road. Dad said cos they were constructing roads or something ahead. Ah. That means I have to head for school earlier next time and indirectly that means I have to wake up earlier. BOOHOO.

I was late for the meeting as usual and I didnt expect so many ppl to be at the meeting... Mrs Tan was there too. As I headed for the lounge in the staffroom, I missed a step at the door but lucky I landed on my feet. teehee. There wasnt enough chairs so nice Amelia shared hers with me. I couldnt get what they were talking about at first. But it was my fault cos I was late. More of my alarm clock's fault cos it didnt ring. BOohooo.

I listened to what the others had to say for most of the meeting. Didnt feel like speaking up. And then suddenly tadaa I become the IC for CNY games ?! I dunno why but i think my communication skills and er public speaking skills are like totally zilch la. I know that Geminis are supposed to be like perfect communicators or whatever. Yes I do communicate very well with ppl I know like my friends, teachers and family. But I tend to get nervous around ppl I am not very familiar with... like teachers whom I dunno very well. And I will leave my sentences uncompleted. Aiya never mind. I dont think you will get my point but I know I need to brush up on my speaking skills (: cheer on for me. Anyway our games comm discussion was pretty ok. Jus that its really tough to brainstorm for games for dhs... esp the seniors... like me? wahahas. Yeps and the guys cos the dunmanian population muhahas. you should know. Majority girls la. Just take our games comm for example, 6 girls 2 boys. But only Colin was at the meeting cos Roy's overseas... Split up the work... and all then I will be collating the proposal and theres a meeting next week.

Went out with twin and Geneve aka lightbulb for the day. Went to Suntec. Lotsa teasing, talking and giggling on the way. I was the major victim of the day la. I shall not elaborate on that. For more details, pls ask Shu Min and Geneve and if they tell you anything, I am gonna stitch their lips =x nah I am not that mean.

Bought tickets for Aeon Flux 2.10pm. Then shopped around. Sent Geneve off at the station then me and twin headed to carrefour to look see look see. Then went for movies.

Aeon Flux was ok... but I kinda felt that we should have watched Zathura instead. Dont get me wrong. Aeon Flux is a great movie.. Great effects and all... and not to mention the bloody parts. The part of the film when Aeon digs for the bullet in the lead actor's shoulder then stripping off the top layer of the skin to seal the wound. OMG I was covering my eyes like how I do when I watched horror movies... The girl beside me was hugging her boyfriend. How I wish I had a teddybear with me at that time LOL

Anyway it was a great movie... Just like Matrix... but its a bit too chim for my comprehension. You know sotongs like me have difficulty understanding chim movies LOL. hey but i understood the movie at the end ok. So I am not a bimbo cos I have a brain for understanding. wheee. I didnt really like the movie ending though. They did not account for what happened to the Monicans. The Superfunkies gave it 3 stars out of 5. Ok so its not that fabulous. But well, its not too bad either. So watch it and rate it yourself.

I am looking forward to watching King Kong, Cry_wolf, A Chinese Tall Story and I Not Stupid Too.... I am watching King Kong with my brother i think >< We saw a part of I Not Stupid Too before Aeon Flux started... and twin and I was going 'omg' cos that li3 chuan4 lui4 has become alot more shuai wor.

After the movie, we shopped around and went to Raffles city. Not much stuff. Then we went home... Great day... and yummy sushi. We had a cheap, tasty and healthy takeaway lunch (;

I am tired so bye.

Friday, December 2

bitten by moskkiisss

ah argh grr. I just got bitten thrice by a mosquito... Tsk tsk tsk. Listening to FM 88.3 now. Zhang Shan Wei's Er Fen Zhi Yi's playing in my earpiece now. Nice nice (:

Woke up at 830am this morning. Then my uncle gave me a ride to Dunman High before heading to the office with my mom. I got into his car at 850am lo and 10 minutes is enough to reach the school on the dot at 9am, even more than enough if my dad drives cos he speeds laa.

But that stupid traffic jam at the road leading to Nicoll Highway and Mountbatten Road caused be to be 7 minutes late for our CSC/CIP meeting lo.

Hm discussion was like usual lo. Ideas started pouring in, asked questions, clarfied doubts etc etc. After that Miss Tan left cos she had something on. Walked with JM and YL to the bus30-bus stop. Their bus came and I was left alone at the bus stop. So ke lian lorhs.

Then bus 158 came. Boarded it and saw my angel... lol Pei Yu... then we started talking talking talking... Libra and Gemini just have so much to talk about la. Jealous har? >< Then she told me she's going to Geylang East Library so I decided to be a nice girl and accompanied her to the library... hehehe She accompanied me to the library the previous time mahs.

I found four books altogether. Love stories... My favourite... hehe romances with twists and twirls... then eventually 'happily-ever-after' endings. woohoo. When we finally went to loan the books I realised my card has already reached its loan quota so I cannot borrow any books at all... aw. But PY was nice... She could borrow one more book so she helped me borrow. Wheee.

Headed to Mac for lunch. AH I know. I am guilty la. I just ate Mac hm four days ago... Boohooo... I dont feel like going jogging today lehs. sigh sigh sigh. I can only pray hard that my metabolism rate burns calories fast enough.

The book I borrowed's titled birthday girls by annabel giles. Wahahas (: I've always liked books with my name inside... or by authors with the same name. Teeheehee. This annabel giles is a tv and radio presenter and an actress wor. See multi-talented de. LOL

Yep I know there's another woman with the same name as me... She is popular as well... Annabel Chong. Heard of her? A famous porn/sex star. I dont wish to comment on her la. Just that she is such a disgrace to my name and my horoscope. Hehhhs And hor her birth name is Grace Quek kaes.

In gmps, I have a senior called Annabel Koh too... She's in the same class as Sidney, Timothy they all... currently studying in Cedar Girls'.

Aiya. I love my name la. Do you know that my name has significances actually? I've discovered two so far this morning, with the assistance of Jia Min. Here...

B.E.L means Bringing Everyone Love
OR Believing in Everlasting Love (:

actually there's another one.

Be Extra Lorhs

But thats not valid... and not accepted by me. hehe.

I went to register for tuition a few weeks ago... Then when I told my to-be tuition teacher my name, he said something like my name sounds like one who gives great impact de. I take that as a compliment la. hahas cos he is a nice guy.

'Annabel' originates from France... and means grace and beauty... I am quite thankful that my parents or rather my godmother gave me this name... at least I dont have to crack my brain and drip all the brain juices to think and adopt a christian name for myself. I have a christian name but I am not a christian. I am a Buddhist (:

Some people spell Annabel as Annabelle. I dont mind actually. And at first I thought Annabelle looks nicer... maybe cos of the 'belle' at the back =P lol so I asked my mom why she didnt add a 'L' and 'E' for my name. I was told that Annabelle is too long la. I agree now.

You know during Maths Olympiad and those Australian Maths/Science Competitions, you have to shade the alphabets of your name vertically down the rows. Shading Annabel and my surname and the hanyupinyin of my mandarin name takes a lot of time kaes. There are 16 letters altogether. and 2 more letters do matter.

I used to not appreciate my name... I gave myself nicknames like Elizabeth, Alice, Yuki, Janice blah blah blah. But now I appreciate my name to the fullest. I love it in fact. Actually I have a liking for names starting with 'J' and 'A'.

'A'... cos my name starts with 'A'. Since primary 1 till now right, my register number in class will always be the first few... In Primary 1 and 2, my register number was 3 if I did not remember wrongly. Then in primary 3, it was 6 and in primary 4 it was 5. Then in primary 5 and 6, it was erm 3. It was 2 in secondary 1 and 2 and this year I finally got to be number 1! (: lol

Register numbers dont matter. Grades do.

Ok I shall now conclude for this post. Four words. I love my name (: Yeps. And I love being me. The noisy, loud, giggly, talkative, at times moody, bad-tempered, temperamental, ap or even bimbotic girl who has a passion for community service and a great love for rainbows, winnie the pooh and many more.

Teeheehee. Although I like Pooh very much, I feel like changing my template cos I am getting bored with the blogskin.

Ah I am off to doing some constructive stuff and contacting my tuition teacher. Thats all for now. Take care and cheers. Appreciate your name and live every moment...

(Bel)ieve in yourself =D

Thursday, December 1

what scent am i

Sheesh I am totally addicted to quiz-doing... But I have to put aside this addiction for a while... Miss Tan just called me regarding the service learning project ahhh and my holiday homework. I dun wan to die a tragic death... so i better get some work done today. And I shall now present to you the last quiz of today... tadaaaa

Your Scent is Pumpkin Pie
Warm, comforting, and a bit old fashionedYou've got what men want - believe it or not!
What Scent Are You?

ohno old fashioned?

ahh I miss the malaysia trip and germany... aw. really feel like heading to the malls right now lo. what a bummer to stay at home... with a whole load of stuff waiting to get done. ah. help. it's a new day of a new month. 1 december.... Chicken little's in cinema now! I suddenly feel like going to Kbox karaoke and singing my lungs out. Ah CSC orientation and christmas karaoke. I am keeping my fingers cross that things will go smoothly....

Listening to Shakins Steven's Because I love you. Aw nice and sweet song. One of my favourite love songs.

what hat am i

Your Hat Personality Is A
Newsboy Cap
What Hat Are You?

woohoo this is cool and true!! That time we brought our Nanjing buddies to Jurong Point to shop then we went to Chamelon... and i tried on this wig with a newsboy cap woohooo YL they all said i looked nice... bwahahahas. Hm maybe i should get a newsboy cap one day... without any blonde wig of cos (:

how girlie i am

You Can Hang With the Guys and the Girls
You've struck a good balance between girlie and laid back.You can keep it casual but when you dress up, you are as girly as the next girl.
How Girlie Are You?

what can i say. ohwells

what kind of chocolate am i

You are White Chocolate
You have a strong feminine side with a good bit of innocence thrown in.Whether your girlish ways are an act or not, men like to take care of you.You are an understated beauty, and your power is often underestimated!
What Kind of Chocolate Are You?

Erm I am white chocolate but i prefer milk chocolate ;)

what city do i belong in

You Belong in New York City
You're an energetic, ambitious woman.And only NYC is fast enough for you.Maybe you'll set yourself up with a killer careerOr simply take in all the city has to offer.
What City Do You Belong In?

woohoo New York (:

what kind of bikini i am

You Are a Classic Bikini!
You are the type of gal who looks good in almost any bikini.Going for the understated look, you don't need a flashy bikini to turn heads.
What Kind of Bikini Are You?

LOL i dont wear bikinis.

am i obssessed with my looks

You Are a Down to Earth Doll
You're good looking and you realize that looks matterAnd you also know that it's your inside that really shinesYou do your best to look like an A-listerBut you devote most of your time to being a well rounded hottie
Are You Obsessed With Your Looks?

this quiz results deserve lotsa DOTS.......... =.- but the part where i am down-to-earth is quite true lol

what style of jeans am i

Skinny Jeans
You are classy and a bit formal when it comes to your personal style.Your look is feminine and well put together - and never trashy or too trendy.
What Style of Jeans Are You?

errr I dun really like skinny jeans cos i dun have skinny thighs >< I prefer bell-bottoms :D

what kind of sandal i am

You are Flat Sandals
Casual yet flirtyYou look great in a simple top and jeansYour look is approchable and cute!
What Kind of Sandal Are You?

yups. I prefer flat sandals (:

What does my fav. outfit say about me (:

What Your Pink Outfit Means
Unsurprisingly, you are very sweet and cute.But you're also a bit of a tease - and not that innocent.Shy but sexy, you're an alluring mix of contradictions.
Designer match: BCBG
Signature accessory: Tortoise shell sunglasses
What Does Your Favorite Outfit Say About You?

woohoo pink... see i dont act cute kaes. i am cute naturally =P lol jus kidding la.

What does my fav. outfit say about me (:

What Your Pink Outfit Means
Unsurprisingly, you are very sweet and cute.But you're also a bit of a tease - and not that innocent.Shy but sexy, you're an alluring mix of contradictions.
Designer match: BCBG
Signature accessory: Tortoise shell sunglasses

woohoo pink... see i dont act cute kaes. i am cute naturally =P lol jus kidding la.

what element I am

Your Element is Fire
Your power color: red
Your energy: hot
Your season: spring
Like a fire, you are full of power and light.A born leader, you easily draw people toward you.You are full of courage and usually up for anything dangerous.You have a huge ego and love to be the center of attention.
What Element Are You?

woohoo ran shao bah.... LOL

what flower i am

You Are A Lily
You are a nurturer and all around natural therapist.People see you as their rock. And they are able to depend on you.You are a soothing influence. You can make people feel better with a few words.Your caring has more of an impact than even you realize.
What Flower Are You?

huh lily? Unexpected eh.

what do guys like abt me

Guys Like That You're Fun
You're the type of girl guys brag about knowingThat's because you're cool, funny, and laid backYou're smart enough to know how to be one of the guysBut flirty enough to know how to make them all want you
What Do Guys Like About You?

hur. 'smart enough to know how to be one of the guys' ?? o.O lol

My celebrity star twin

Your Celebrity Style Twin is Paris Hilton
Sassy, sexy, and totally hot!

errrr dorts...
I thot mine was Alicia Keys... ><