Sunday, June 11

happy and yummy day out with dad and mum!

haha what an unique title for this post. yep i went out with my dad and mom. Went to Causeway Point, then to Uncle's house then to grandparents' house then to toa payoh. Ate lotsa food. Bought some stuff which are kinda off-budget but well, my dad and mom rock. haha i feel loved (:

there's camp ERCI tmr. whee i am looking forward to it. It's a Service Learning camp mah. Will also be making new friends from other schools. ah my social circle's widening at a rapid rate.

Alright. There's a Shaolin outing tmr... But i cant go. cos of the camp and tuition at night. There's a bspfacils outing tmr as well but i cant go too.

Ah bsp camp. I didnt realise it but i am actually suffering from some kinds of withdrawal symptoms. i miss the facils i miss shaolin i miss camp! I jus remembered how i went on and on abt the lectures at the camp when i met up with Pillar Of Hope for the workshop at ymca last friday. Sigh. camp's over. life goes on. but the memories stay forever. I will never forget the friends i made... the facilitators! Shaolin! everyone! I love you all!!

feeling very tired now. i was out for the whole day lor. shopping and eating. shopping and eating. shopping and eating. still feeling quite bloated. oh no. wait tmr cannot fit into my sch skirt =S i shall start abstaining myself from consuming meat since my digestive system is not being very efficient.

Yesterday's cip was pretty good. I didnt contribute to the sales cos wasnt feeling well so sat down at mac. there was competition from another two groups doing flag day but it was ok. Jason's friend, Yang Hao, was a good helper. And that means i was pretty slack =X i wrote a blogpost in my notebook on the mrt train. i shall post it another time cos i am feeling really very tired now.

yep. k i better go and catch my beauty sleep. Cya!

PS to Shaolin. Enjoy yourselves at the outing!!
PSS to bspcamp facils. Enjoy yourselves at the outing!!

love your life. cos it's worth it (:


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