Sunday, June 25

Lunch; New School Term

I just had porridge for lunch and am currently preparing to work on my biology ppt. School's reopening tomorrow, which marks the end of the 1-mth long june holidays... I did not exactly have a holiday... been working and working.. otherwise slacking and slacking.

My holidays homework ah. nightmare. keep talking about them but not doing them. brilliant. I shall try to do what i can today...

i am not looking forward to the start of the new school term. Not when all the movies which I want to watch are starting to show in cinemas. Not when my homework are pretty much undone (duh!). Not when I havent catch up enough with my haojiemeis and old friends. Not when i am not even ready to pia for eoys. Not when I am still unwilling to part with my new hobby -- daydreaming.

So many things so little time!

tomorrow shall be and BETTER BE a better day.


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