Monday, June 19

Runaway Vacation

woohoo YAY! I finally caught a movie with shumin today at cineleisure! Ok though it was kinda disappointing that we didnt manage to catch 'She's The Man', we wanted to watch that initially only to discover that the whole cinema was packed with only single seats left. And we couldnt have made it on time. So it was safer to watch RV which was at 3.20pm.

Hm the movie is good for laughters but is not exactly excellent. Yep and i mixed up Robin Williams and Robbie Williams. oops.

I want to watch movie again tmr! LOL. anyway will be going to the optician tomorrow... to make angular specs~ wheeeee.

met up with pillar-of-hope jus now for discussion. I bought a cup of milo but it tasted like coffee... and at last I concluded that it is actually horlicks chocolate. yucks. will be meeting up again on thurs.

ah my holidays homework are like crap. and i dont think i can complete them on time. ah movies and homeworks.

ohya. one advice here. Never eat jellybeans when watching movie in a cinema. The reason why i didnt enjoy the movie just now was partly becos I kept trying to keep jellybeans from sticking onto my teeth.

But jellybeans are nice. Just dont eat them in a cinema (:

off to my work. cya.


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