Friday, June 23

Green Forest My Home; The Little Girl

Bummer. YouTube is currently doing some repairing work on the site and I couldnt continue watching Green Forest My Home Episode 6. I am kinda addicted to the show now... cos the story plot is getting more and more exciting. Susan is getting more and more bitchy too. William and Owen...

I was tidying my bag late last night when I saw the two packets of tissue papers which I bought from a little girl and her mother at Tampines Interchange yesterday. I was walking into the MRT stn with bk and sl to take the train to Pasir Ris when this little girl stood in front of me and said 'san bao tissue yi kuai'. I cannot really hear her saying that cos her voice were kinda muffled. Then in her hands she was only holding two packets of tissue paper. She just stood in front of me, with puppy eyes. I hesitated for awhile before taking out a 2-dollar note and gave it to her. She looked at the note happily before running back to her mother. When her mother saw it she looked at me and said 'Thank you' in Mandarin. I smiled and walked away. I couldnt bear to ask for the change.

I am not trying to make myself sound noble by blogging about that. But that incident really struck realisation upon me. Especially when i was heading to downtown east with my fellow P.O.H teammates to watch Sesame Street Live. There, I saw happy children with their parents, all excited about seeing Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster and all other Sesame Street characters. I was excited too =\ I was sitting up straight all the while during the show =X But thats not the main point.

The main thing is that different people have different fates. We had one extra complimentary ticket last night cos bk wasnt going for the show. If only we had the time to go back to Tampines and invite the little girl and her mother to the show. But that would deprive them of the money they can earn during the 2 hours.

That little girl was really very adorable. I think she is about 4 to 5 years old. I really admire her courage, daring to approach strangers to help her mother sell the packets of tissue paper. And she seemed pretty contented with the 2 dollars.

Sheesh i am tearing. Nah it must be those tears left after watching Green Forest, My Home. Fancy me getting all emotional over something like this. But seriously the girl is so adorable that my heart melted just thinking about her. Her innocence... her courage. Aiya kids' innocence never fails to melt my heart. My heart is not even frozen in the first place, how to melt =P

Think I have to get back to doing some constructive stuff. I have to email Ms Tan the application form for a fund grant by 1.30pm. And I just saw the CSC Logo in her email. Well... I dont think it is suitable.... It was definitely good efforts but well... improvements can be made (:

" I cannot do, all the good that the world need; but the world need all the good that I can do"

PS. this applies to both you and me! Let's make a difference!


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