Saturday, June 17

Sembawang Orchestra Concert

I feel giddy. Must be due to the late nights recently. I really should sleep early tonight. I really have to cultivate this habit of sleeping early if not at least not too late laa. It's not good for your health to burn midnight oil. Well everyone knows that but does reality ever fulfill the need to sleep early?

Eh i dunno what crap i am talking about but ya i am sleeping early tonight. Hm went for the concert at vch just now. It was pretty ok but I spent most of the time thinking about other things rather than appreciating the music. Thats what usually happens when I attend concert. I am not musically inclined. I did take up piano when I was seven or eight years old but hello? that was like years ago! anyway i reached home earlier than most of the concert nights. cos the concert started at 6pm which was like kind of early...

yea and i have decided to leave yoga lessons for the end-of-yr holidays and not now. Schoolwork's gonna be extremely taxing when school reopens the week after the next, especially since the eoys are like only 2 months away. argh.

Going to my grandparents' house for Mini auntie's birthday celebration. I got earrings as presents for her. Think they will suit her. Then will be attending Cheryl's CO concert at night with twin. wheee. get to see her again. I miss her loads lor!!! It's been like almost 2 years since i last saw her and cindy. aw. i am definitely going to look for her during the intermission.

I am gonna catch a movie on monday. I dont care even if i have to watch that movie alone or whatever laa. I just want to watch a movie. I want to catch at least 2 movies before school reopens. The holidays ending too quickly. Time's flying too fast. I havent enjoyed myself enough lor.

I shall complete my chemistry case study homework before I retire for the night. It's been ages since i last exercise. oh my i think i might have gained a whole lot of weight.

the night scenery at singapore river is really nice ~!


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