Friday, June 2

busy week!

ah finally blogging. Came online to do some research for my second physics reflection. Gonna finish it by today. The past few days have been really hectic...

Had the sales of donation tickets last sunday at toa payoh. It was great. Other than the 1hr wait alone at dhoby ghaut mrt to direct latecomers to toa payoh. Upon reaching toa payoh i had the shock of my life. lol ok ok thats kinda exaggerated but its a fact that i was shocked to see wenxiang there. The sales was pretty gd but there were no 4j ppl in the afternoon shift. Then we discussed at mac. Had mos burger for dinner and went to swensen for 'earthquake' upon special request of wenxiang. reached home quite late.

There was CIP with elderly to Qian Hu Fish Farm on Monday. It was pretty ok except for the long, warm and tiring wait. My moodiness and unenthu-ness did not help at all. Rushed to paya lebar to meet Jason, Sun Lu, Mr Chua and the publisher... for our project. Then had a discussion before heading home. Postponed tuition to the next day cos super tired...

Tuesday. went to art club camp in the morning. played captain ball. Felt so senior... playing with the juniors. hehee. I played for 3 consecutive games i think. whoa. Went to pack files outside staff room for bsp camp. Then went to ps before going to hci for bsp camp leaders meeting. Then from bukit timah i chiong to tuition. apparently i discovered that the journey from bukit timah to the east is around 50 minutes, inclusive of the bus ride to newton mrt. And surprisingly I was on time for tuition =D

Wed. art club camp from morning till afternoon. the finale was abit the dull. But the comm members and i really appreciated the efforts put into the skits and dance etc. Yep. and i love the cookies given from chinyi and gang! I got kinda emotional as the camp ended. No tears but there is this kind of yi yi bu she. I felt sad. I am gonna miss art club loads... and I LOVE ART CLUB FOREVER!

yesterday. had physics viva in the morning. touched up on racial harmony banner in artroom after that and worked on my mozaic piece. Then i headed home. Did the first physics reflection. then went for dinner and an event management workshop at ymca. met weiqi and weiming there. there were quite a few groups from hci, not surprisingly. the workshop ended quite late.

apparently all the late-coming-home have gotten on my parents' nerves and they finally showed their unhappiness yesterday. ohwells. i hope that i can prove to them that i am old enough to manage my time properly.

but seriously working with jason, sun lu and those professionals, i can feel myself maturing... becoming more of a thinker and such. yep. i dont have the fear of speaking up anymore, whether to guys or girls la.

right now i am looking forward to bsp camp and it being over so that i can concentrate on my schwork and of cos that ymca project. i hope that there's no whatsoever post-bsp-camp activities. my holidays too packed =P

there's like so many movies i wanna add to my movies-to-watch list but nope i am not updating it yet. so what if i update? with my packed schedule the most i can do is dream abt them... daydreaming has sorta become a part of my life these days... even during physics viva... cos the waiting time was too long and the question was too short i spent a few seconds daydreaming before snapping back to reality LOL. i hope that i get a passing grade for physics viva...

have to go out for LA meeting later... and i've spent like so many minutes of my precious time blogging. ha you should be grateful blog-readers (:

no one understands. but i hope you do.


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