Friday, June 16

Multi-tasking. Biology Project

I am currently multi-tasking and it's getting really warm argh. I cant stop the fan in my direction cos my brother is in the living room as well... watching some black&white show on arts central. Ah since when did he become so artistic? Must be due to his artclub sister's influence =D thats so random. Back to what i was talking about. Yea multi-tasking. I am currently

emailing interviewees and group members for biology project
organizing msn emoticons (whoa i jus downloaded some really cute emoticons from
chatting with my StarBuddy friend
checking out movie time slots
& reading someone's blog

cool har? Talking about movies, i have just updated my movies-to-watch list on the blog and i realised how pathetic it is. The last movie I caught was Da Vinci Code which almost left me sleeping in the freezing cold cinema. I was not impressed by the movie. More of being disgusted by the bloody scenes. Aw what a disappointment.

And bad news, I am not catching any movies tomorrow. Not at all. Wanted to watch alone but decided against that cos tomorrow's movie tickets are priced at $9.50 and thats close to ten bucks! Nah I am not being stingy or anything but I need to save. Especially when I am determined to get some stuff off my wishlist.

I am still in a dilemma as to whether I should go for yoga classes. Yoga classes are supposed to make me feel relax but now I am fretting over whether I should take up the course or not. What an irony.

Ah back to movies. I like watching movies. and there just so happens to be so many nice movies showing in cinemas now. And I just so happen to not have enough time to watch time. My schedule's packed like crazy. I am not trying to boast about how busy I am but seriously all the projects are eating up my time. Oh I am referring to school projects btw. Not my pillar-of-hope project.

Yea I miss eating nachos. I miss the comfy seats in the cinema. I miss the big big screen. I just miss watching movies. and whee I have a movie date with twin next thursday. There better be nothing last minute cropping up kaes if not i am gonna be so pissed off cann.

Was chatting with Cheryl over smses about being too trusting and gullible. Ah this world is so complex that mankind can hardly understand it. Everyone's so complicated that it is hard to trust hardly anyone. Yea. Alright not everyone out there is a saint but neither is everyone a baddie k. Just be cautious.

And I am super thankful to have friends like Cheryl, Jue Hui, Shu Min, Yi Ling etc etc. They just rock my universe plus galaxy plus world plus venus plus mercury plus earth and whatsoever. That sounds nonsensical but is there really anything on my blog that makes sense at all ? =D

whatever it is i just wanna express my LOVE <3 for my darling girlfriends. Eh as for my guyfriends hor. it's gonna be quite funny to express my friend-friend love here for you. but well if you are my guyfriend, you know you are appreciated =D

So hm met up at JH's house for biology project just now. We were supposed to meet at 1pm but I reached at 2pm. Apparently it was my fault. I am super prone to being late for meetings etc. Thats in my geminian personality. I am born with it. You cant blame me for that. Ya I left the house late cos it was raining and I had my laptop with me. My arm almost broke from holding it on the mrt train. Took bus 29 and I actually alighted at the CORRECT bus stop. It was my first time taking that bus ok =)

Then I made my way according to my intuition to JH's condo and whee I managed to reach there but my clothes were covered with water droplets cos it was drizzling.

Rain and me go together but umbrella and rain dont go together for me. Makes sense? No? Well then it can be guaranteed that the annabel blogging here is 100% genuine Annabel KSM ^^

We discussed about our project but only to spend more time listening to music and digress =/ That seemed to always happen when I do project with my haojiemeis. Guess it's a trend. Whatever. I am loving it (: After a while we went to century square to check out prices of baby products. Cool. That lady at Kiddy Palace thought we were really purchasing the baby prams. Do we look like young mothers?

A funny incident took place as we were walking towards the entrance of tm. It had something to do with the bikini showcase at the cant-rmb-what-shop in front of the newsstand at tm. LOL this incident is only shared among the four of us (:

My laptop is lousy laa. no no. Thats too vague. The network connection is lousy. yea. and I am so hooked on to watching Green Forest, My Home on Go watch it too. Owen's damn cute!

as long as you believe, you will see the green light of happiness (:


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