Tuesday, June 20

Green Forest My Home ; Motivation

Just finished watching Episode 3 of Green Forest My Home and I cant decide if I should continue watching it. Actually I am watching it to keep my mind of my worries for studies. I totally lack the motivation and drive and thats something to be worried for.

Especially when school is reopening in less than 1 week's time. I dunno what's wrong with me.

I managed to complete the chemistry worksheets on oxygen just now. Then attempted to work on the prelim papers but I realised that I dunno how to do the questions =
and my passion for chemistry... somehow it ceases to exist anymore :(

aiya despite my love for chemistry i have never been able to excel in it. so well... i shall find some ways to perk myself up. Will jogging help? I am not sure but there is definitely this need to burn the excess calories from eating my brother's chocolate birthday cake.

when there is life, there is hope.


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