Wednesday, June 21

LA Proj; School; PP & more

woohoo I had a fun day out today. Alone but great! I dunno why but I was feeling SUPER positive today and I wasnt as self-conscious as usual. Good good.

Just chatted with my cousin, Jean. She went home already. It's been a long time since I last talked to her. Perhaps a few years? Not sure but well the cousins-bond is still there (: I added her and my other cousin who is her brother, to Friendster and MSN so I suppose I will get to chat with them very often soon. Yea it was a nice chat with her definitely! ^^ And i realised that she resembles Candyce from Project Superstar ^^ hohoho~

My dad fetched me to school this morning to collect my LA notebook from my locker. Having a locker is not exactly a good thing, especially during the holidays and for sotongs like me, I tend to forget to bring stuff home. I have already made 2 special trips back to school to collect stuff from the locker which I needed. Have to get rid of my absent-mindedness... issit possible? o.O

Then my dad fetched me to Esso petrol stn to get me my breakfast. I bought 2 mini pastries and... i couldnt resist myself and bought the July issue of Seventeen. I actually didnt want to get the latest issue cos I dont think I deserve it at all since my hols homework are pretty much undone but well Seventeen is so irresistible laa >< I managed to finish reading up on alkanes. Alkanes only... Thats pretty slow eh? Anyway I am still confused about the isomers and naming the isomers part. Someone enlighten me pls.

Then got notified that I had to meet Huang Lin at Aljuinied Stn to pass firewire to her. But before that i went to Giant and Kiddy Palace to check out prices of more baby products. I actually stayed at each place for like quite a long time that the shopkeepers were giving me stares but i dont care. Dont tell me they suspect that i am a young mother? =.-

Yea then i dropped by Adidas and Rusty (is that the shop name?) to check out the tout bags. None of my preference. Sad. Then took bus to Paya Lebar. The sun was so scorching hot that my legs felt this burning sensation when i stood at the bus stop. I was wearing a black art club shirt somemore.

Hm yea then took the train to aljunied and waited at the platform while reading Seventeen mag. Yea then bought a cup of bubble tea for my brother cos today his birthday ma. Talking about that, I walked all around PP to find somewhere which sells sushi.... cheap sushi =S wanted to get them for my brother. but couldnt find any... argh. I realised how much i miss Carrefour.... the sushi sold at Carrefour to be specific. yea never mind i shall get sushi for him tomorrow but its gonna be belated. argh. wad a lousy sister i am.

my neighbour jus came to my house with her grandson... very cute boy boy. i shall go play with him. cya.


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