Saturday, June 3

cip at toapayoh. se concert. terrible blisters

yo! i am back from se concert and what can i say other than IT ROCKS TOTALLY MAN! Shu Min rocks too. I feel so happy for her. Hope that she gets a good rest tonight. Her hard work has paid off and yep i love her to bits. i havent seen her for one week since the arrival of the school hols and i miss her to bits cann =D

went to dhoby ghaut for cip. waited for at ymca till 945 before joining the rest at dhoby ghaut mrt stn. went to toa payoh... then erm made balloons opposite mac. i know how to make the nice nice heart flower thingy le. wheee. then erm met alot of seniors and new friends and juniors today which is good good (: the number of volunteers for the first shift was pretty alright but for the second one, ah. Then the comm plus our advisor oso helped in the sales. yep then went to get flowers at around 5 plus... then went home to change then chionged to vch.

i did something very malu. something that typical girls wont do. i bu gu xing xiang then i ... (for me to know for you to NOT know...) super malu. i tried to picture myself in that action... and gosh. terrible. haha.

se concert rocks. i said it many times but really it rocks. that 'yue liang dai biao wo de xin' totally melted my heart and yea if it is played when a guy's proposing. wow. brilliant. lol

hm ya went to find shumin backstage during intermission then bluffed her that we didnt get flowers for her. wahaha. apparently she needed some ways to destress and she decided to get her happiness by making me miserable. she spreaded some really terribly untrue rumours. and yea PLS DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT SHE SAID. use your common sense ppl (:

gave her the sunflowers i shared with seniors from the socrates. then took mrt home. something very funny happened on the mrt. lol from the angle yl and i were looking at, it was super funny.

yes the blisters on the back of my feet were terrible. they are currently watery and they stung badly when i washed my feet jus now. that stupid fila pink shoes or whatever. isnt it supposed to be comfortable? i mean it looks comfortable. erhem. cheat money de ><

yea yea so apparently i cant wear my sports shoes tmr. so i will be turning up for cip in flip flops which are my usual style. ppl whom i go out often with should know (:

yep my last words before i go and paste some big plasters over my blisters,


i finally understand the significance of 'yue liang dai biao wo de xin'.


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