Thursday, June 15

Green Forest, My Home

For the past 15 minutes or so, I was trying to type a sms on my dad's panasonic phone. The sms was regarding my biology project. As we have to interview expectant parents and my dad's gym friend's wife is currently pregnant, I decided to ask if we could interview her. Well I finished typing the message for the first time and asked my dad for his friend's number. Apparently he didnt save it in the hp's phonebook and as I was exiting the 'send?' part, the whole message just disappeared. I tried again for the second time and halfway through I accidentally pressed the RED button. and wow i see the hp's wallpaper again! brilliant. what a GOOD phone! ><

I decided to try again later. That is why I am here blogging. I am supposed to be doing research for biology project and my chem case study. But well i will continue after this post. I watched Green Forest, My Home just now. It was recommended by Cheryl. I am currently watching only episode 1. Just started watching today. Li Wen just sent me the soundtracks. wheee.

I didnt do much constructive stuff today. Except that i started abit on my chinese book review. And erm I just thought of a few interview questions for the biology project.

argh. bad news. holidays are ending soon. And i havent really enjoyed myself, not to mention the pile of holiday homework waiting to be completed. I have concerts to attend this saturday and sunday. I am meeting up for biology project tomorrow and LA project on sunday.

Gosh. I have a lot more to learn about managing time. Alright. Back to my research.

Prince and knight, which will you choose?


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