Thursday, June 8

back from bsp camp

i am back from bsp camp. finally~ i am both happy and sad about it. bsp camp was very much a emo-rollercoaster ride for me. but well i am glad that I am back home and working on my holidays homework and ymca project. I actually miss working on 'pillar of hope' during camp~!

Nevertheless, i didnt forget about my blog during the camp. I actually wrote out a few entries to be posted here. But not now. The next time I come online perhaps.

Checked my tagboard jus now and realised that wenxiang and 2 of my shaolin members have tagged. haha i have replied the tags. i am puzzled about how wx managed to tag when he is supposd to be at camp, and how did jeanne and vera get my blog url. haha nvm about that. shaolin's gonna have an outing and wheee i am excited!!

shaolin was basically my 'pillar of hope' and strength during the camp =D ya shaolin's my group name laa. and we have a really cool and chim grp cheer wor. they gave me their grp's flag and a letter which really touched me. I didnt really do much cos they were pretty independent on their own. And I actually found someone who shares the same birthday as me from the group ^^ working with the facils from nygh, hci and dhs were great. sss's hostel's food is wonderful. the mini cornetto's fantastic and last but not the least... the chocolate cake for the facils rocks! the finale night was fabulous. The dance item was successful although i think i made a fool of myself. haha yea and the mass singing session was HIGH~ everyone was high. the campers. the facils. everyone!

ah i got so excited jus talking abt the camp but ohwells its over. hm there's a workshop at ymca tomorrow... gd news is that 'pillar of hope' will be going as a complete 4-member group. welcome to the team, wenjian! (:

i am gonna get started on my chinese news article report. but before that i shall email the contact list to my shaolin members. love them loads. cos they rock!

vision without action is a daydream; action without vision is a nightmare...


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