Thursday, June 22


yea burnt lotsa calories today but I am not as slim as Fiona Xie yet. ohwells.

I am tired. My legs are tired. and i shall not blog further cos I am falling sick. yea. I just popped a dried-up blister on my right foot.

well well remember abt my weak wrist? now i have a weak ankle. gosh. dont think i want to spend another 20 dollars on ankle guard... i will think about it.

today's been a fun and long day. I've learnt many things abt publishing books, laughed and smiled till my face muscles cramped, relived my childhood memories and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Fruit Salad Jellies from The Natural Confectionery & Co simply rocks!

I shall end here cos i am currently sneezing non stop. Take care of you own health ppl~!

i want to live at sesame street... cos it's the happiest street ever lalala~!


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