Saturday, June 17


One more thing to add, i didnt have to sign in as a visitor when I entered JH's condo cos that security guard recognize me... LOL i am such a frequent visitor cann =P otherwise i must have looked too nice to be a baddie ^^

alright i am tired and i want to sleep. there's concert tomorrow and I'll be having dinner outside. whoa should I go shopping? I went shopping today but it wasnt very convenient when I had to drag my laptop all over tm. Went to sports-related shops and you can see the World Cup craze everywhere. Everyone's getting football jerseys and whatever-you-can-name. Yea cool and there's definitely a big price to pay ;)

I am really tired and I am going to sleep. Shall catch up on my Green Forest, My Home tomorrow. And I better get some homework done.

too-good-to-be-true. HAHAHA.


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