Sunday, June 4

cip. balloons. new friends. second-earthquake

I spent less than 1 hour packing for tomorrow's bsp camp which is like really fast. Estimated it to be at least 1 hour. After cip jus now, i went to tm to get some stuff for the camp. Ah i am dreading the camp, not exactly dreading but definitely not looking forward to it. I mean it's like Shu Min and I didnt even go to the camp last year and we just happened to be so lucky and got chosen as camp leaders. Well destiny, fate whatever it may be. But I somehow regretted signing up to be a camp leader. We didnt even know that the camp leaders have to be ex-bspcampers ><

I waited at ymca this morning again to direct dunmanians to dhoby ghaut mrt. I managed to read 2 chapters of my chinese novel during the wait and that can be considered an achievement. esp when I've been going out early in the morning and returning home late at night the past few days. My holidays homework are pretty much undone and yep one week of the holidays has passed so gd luck to me.

we stationed at tampines bus interchange today and the sales was quite good. Even better than what I expected. Got to know another senior from dunman high today during the sales through wenxiang. yea yea. i really made many new friends through this ymca-citibank project which means my social circle is widening. FINALLY~ lol ok nvm abt that but it seems pretty ironic that I only get to know these seniors only after they had graduated from dhs. But it is through service learning that we knew each other. ah fate laa =D people who do service learning will always meet. this is somehow true. i seldom talk to seniors when i was in sec1 or 2. I think seniors are superior so i dont dare to talk to them. that seems quite nonsensical now that i am a senior. hehehe.

three whole paragraphs of my self-pleasing crap, how nice. the blisters on my feet were filled with pus jus now and they have apparently jus dried up. ah bsp camp. i dont wan to go. i dont wan to go. but i cant. I signed up for it, i got chosen and now i have the responsibility to complete it. yes 3 days. i will persevere!

if you have the time, even if it is just one or two minutes, pls visit this website and help 'Feed a Child'. You can make a difference in their lives (:

got to know abt the website through wenjian which is that senior from dhs. not wenjian from 4j. lol. yep yep. how come i seem to be self-entertaining or sth. sigh. i am really not looking foward to camp laa!!!

i came online to blog even though i know i will stay online till quite late. Because i will be away at camp thus unable to blog at all for the next three days. i didnt realise i love blogging so much.

i really need a new camera leh! otherwise i will be leaving nanjing in september with a whole load of pictureless memories which will be like so sad... i like taking photos but you dont see me taking photos these days cos my camera is lousy. The lifespan of the battery is like so short. I charge tonight, tomorrow morning use for 2 minutes then battery flat sign appears. I think I overcharged the battery or sth oops.

through a service learning project i meet so many ppl who share the same passion as i do.
this is somehow like my dream coming true.

hehehe rhymes leh! ;)

ok that was like so random. anyway i think i have become more independent lately... more mature perhaps. lol and i realised that ns is very interesting... got different camps... then book in book out stuff. hmm

i am gonna miss my blog.
i am gonna miss my family.
i am gonna miss my friends.
i am gonna miss my bed.
i am gonna miss my holiday homework.
i am gonna miss 'pillar of hope' ymca project.
i am gonna miss ermmmmmmm my zen neeon.
i am gonna misssssss alot of things.

btw did i mention abt having my second-earthquake at swensen jus now? yep wx, wj, yiliang and i went for earthquake. a regular one this time. and apparently the 'yummy raisins' flavour has wine taste or sth. yucky. i almost got drunk in paris... jus after 2 sips of wine. my face went red and i had to gulp down like a few glasses of water to dilute the alcohol. how interesting ^^

now i am kinda grateful that i am in ip. at least i have more time to commit to the ymca project and go camp... and if i was not in ip, i wouldnt have met so many seniors from dhs and discovered that we all shared the same passion. lol but this gratefulness may not last for long... if i dont start working hard for my eoys. hee.

there. presenting a long and random posts to you (:

take care and miss me. cos i will be away at camp for THREE DAYS! =)


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