Saturday, June 17

Yue Ding MV

I was trying to watch Guang Liang's Yue Ding MV but apparently the lousy speakers are getting on my nerves and the video at is blurry and the msn msging alert sound is really irritating.

I therefore decided to watch the MV after I log out of MSN (:

It's 10.57 on my computer's clock and I havent done my chem case study. I am supposed to be sleeping early tonight yea? I shall leave the case study for tmr and i shall have a good night sleep...

And GOOD NEWS. yay my movie date with twin has been brought forward to monday noon. Whee. no more watching movie alone. aiya actually i have never tried watching movie alone before. I wanted to try last time but didnt due to being too hesitant. Yep. But i know there will be one day when I have to watch movie alone... Jus one day. But I hope that that one day never comes. Cos i hate loneliness!

yue ding reminds me of Green Forest, My Home lehs. the promise william made to sophie during their childhood. Only to be turned into a lie by EVIL Susan. Cheryl asked me a question before: Would you want a prince or a knight?

Well my answer is a knight. Prince only knows how to ride white horse and be charming. Ok laa maybe not but thats my impression of a prince. But well knight... its different. he can slay a dragon. He can protect me worr. Anyway i think fairytales are just plain lies laa. To trick the innocent children into believing how perfect the world is. 'Happily ever after...'

But i do wish that i have fairy godmother and i dont mind glass slippers too =D i know i am contradicting what i have said earlier. Thats due to my lack of sleep. alright. thats all for this post. gonna watch yueding MV. cheers ppl. and goodnight!


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