Tuesday, January 31

juehui's birthday


wahaha you are one year older. whoa lao le wor. Dont be sad =P you will still hold the same place in you-know-who's heart =X LOL. ok ok. thats crap. some real privileges you get will be you get to pool legally!, you get to watch NC16 movies, you get to celebrate sweet sixteen!, you erh... get to order people around becos you are older (but this one dont apply to me! :P), you... get to write the number '16' if some application forms require you to fill in your age. LOL. lalala. Anyway you will get a whole lot privileges laa. Dont be too happy yet kaes. These privileges include my endless teasing and bullying lalala.

Wahahas. i dont think juehui reads my blog that often.. but i will make sure she reads this entry!!!

ok enough about that. I just wrote 3 letters and typed an email. I replied Yuen Yin and Yujin's letters and Cheryl's email. I've also filled in an application form for some kind of free hampers from seventeen mag. whee. ohyea i just remember. Someone still owes me my TEENS mag.

I am going to reply the postcards and also write postcards to my mortal... Tomorrow's dhs cny celebration... and the implement of cny games. Ah i dunno if i should look forward to it... but i am definitely keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go on smoothly and as planned. Some unexpected scenarios could just take me aback and result in an asthma attack! Choi! touch wood. CNY lehs lol.

Hmmm i slept at 3 am last night. Went to my auntie's house... and played with my cousins. LOL i clicked with them totally... even better than my brother =P The eldest of the three cousins is same age as my brother... named Ryan. Very intelligent boy who seemed very worried about his psle. I believe he will pass with flying colours though. Second in line is Elinah... dunno how to spell her name... she's very quiet... pretty girl who is very slim... due to her high metabolism. Ah i am jealous. Last but not the least is Javier. A playful and adorable little boy. Beautiful and charming eyes. His eyes remind me of him.... lol. anyway three of them are siblings. All well-versed in english. ah i am feeling inferior.

yea so we stayed at my auntie's house till 3am like that. Hm went home. washed up and slept then woke up this morning at 11am plus upon my brother's warning that my dad's client is comin to visit. She hasnt come till now. Ohmy. I havent taken my lunch and my grandma's nagging so i should get going.

I want to watch lotsa movies and now that i've received lotsa red packets, i am itching to get some items off my wishlist. ah. hahas. happy new year (:


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