Saturday, January 21

10 weird and random facts about myself

Rules of the game: post 5 weird and random facts about yourself, then at the end list, post 5 people who are next in line to do this. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "you are tagged" in their blog and tell them to read yours.

1) I have Mottephobia and Cataphobia i.e. I am scared of moths and cats. I have no idea why but I just fear these two creatures. I do not hate them. I fear them. I think kittens are generally cute. I am just scared of fierce-looking ones. As for moths, my house always has moths flying about. As I am a Buddhist, my parents believe that those moths are actually another form of my ancestors, like my paternal grandfather for example. Hm I do believe abit as they always land on the table where we place the joss sticks. But the moths just have this tendency to look for me. Like when I am doing homework they will fly onto my homework. Ah. I think I have the same fear towards butterflies as well but not as much.

2) I learnt piano when I was in p1 or p2. But quited because I had to travel to Katong Plaza or somewhere near Parkway to have piano lessons every week. I also had to go to my friend's house to practise on the piano every weekend. Very inconvenient. But I regret it. I should have persevered. It's becos of my lack of determination at that time, I have no musical talent now. Big Mistake. I really wish to learn a musical instrument now but time does not permit. Hm maybe i can learn from Shu Min or whoever's willing to teach me piano (:

3) I am emotional. Super emotional. I cry easily or rather my tear glands are activated easily. But thanks to my big ego, I seldom and avoid crying in front of people. I am a pro at controlling my tear glands in front of people. But when I am alone, tears flow free and fast. Yea crybaby. Whatever. I have feelings so I cry. I refrain from crying in front of people partly becos I look terrible when I cry. I am not like those actresses in movies who can cry and at the same time look so perfect. Nope not me.

4) I dream about being a bride someday. LOL. yes since young. It's like so beautiful and glamorous to be a bride... Ya la. Being a bride means getting married. So its equivalent to me dreaming about my fairytale. Typical me right, Shu Min? I should really go on a diet soon so that I can fit into my ideal wedding gown. LOL but i dont think my mom will allow me to go on diet now that I kept having gastric problems. Bummer.

5) I fear rejection and loneliness. I cannot stand being alone. It's like the whole world has turned its back on me and it leads to depression. I like the feeling of being loved and knowing that people care (: Rejection... and criticism bahs. I am very sensitive to what people say and I do take it to heart sometimes. And I tend to brood about what people say and worry about what people will think of me. Btw I am two-sided. The inferior side of me is very sensitive towards criticism while the superior side of me cares zlich about criticism. The two sides switch without me knowing.

Alright. The five people I am going to tag are as follows:

Shu Min
Chi Ching
Jia Min

Rules of the game: post 5 weird and random facts about yourself, then at the end list, post 5 people who are next in line to do this. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "you are tagged" in their blog and tell them to read yours. (Note: Cos I was tagged twice... I will play the game twice and tag more people (: )

1) I want to go Italy for my honeymoon provided I am able to find the special someone and get married laa ;) Italy is just so romantic and partly becos of Meteor Garden 2. Shancai and Daoming si went to a part of Italy and it is very romantic. If possible I want to go Paris and climb the Eiffel Tower together too =D

2) I was once a die-hard fan for F4. You know, the guys who gained fame from acting in Meteor Garden. I bought all the F4 merchandise and cut out their articles from newspapers. I bought their pictorial books and CDs. The only thing I didnt buy was their concert tickets =(

3) I like to buy things in pairs. Maybe becos I am a Gemini. Or becos I am just plain greedy =P And perhaps thats one of the reasons why I look forward to when everything comes in pairs (: I have a twin... and we are a pair. And seriously I buy things in pairs. Not all the time. I am not that rich. This is probably one weird fact no one knows about me yet. Now you know (:

4) My current favourite cafe is Cafe Cartel. WHEE. Simply love the cafe and it's a good thing my dad likes the cafe too so my family always go there for dinner =D Hope to go there with my friends one day.

5) I love latte! I dont really like mocha. Too chocolatey for me. Not that I hate chocolate. In fact I love chocolate. I even ate a packet of Time Out chocette last night to cheer myself up after the incident in school. Ok nvm about that. I love latte cos it has this bitter yet not so bitter taste. I've tried Polar and Cartel's Latte so far. Niceee. You know, Li Sheng Jie has this song called Chi Xin Jue Dui and its one of my favourite song. Why? Cos the first line of the song lyrics contain the word 'latte'!!! LOL. Nah kidding. I like the song becos it's about one-sided love and how one is willing to sacrifice for love. LOL.

Ok here's the other five people I am tagging. The names will not be repeated from the above.

yi fang

Yups. Have you got to know me better? =) If you've noticed, the above ten people that I tagged are all girls. Cos according to Eugene, guys wont care about this type of things? Hahas. I dunno. But if you want me to tag you and you are a guy, let me know (: Alright. Thats all for today.

Cheers. Life is still sweet.


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