Sunday, January 22

Ah. How do you mend a broken heart? If that's not possible, then how do you maintain it in the broken heart and prevent it from worsening? The cut is deep, so deep that it cant be seen.

Next, how do you control fate? Or rather can fate EVEN more controlled? I dont have the energy to go against fate, not to even say control it. It's too wild, it's too huge to be controlled by my small hands and weak heart.

Why do conflicts exist? Why do they even get started? And why are consequences always the taste of my own tears? I once did a quiz on conflicts during GMPS prefects' camp. The result is a teddy bear. But Mrs Soh said I should be a tortoise: someone who avoids conflicts at all causes because she/he believes that it's better to prevent than to resolve.

Why do bad things all happen at the same time?

Why is life such a torture?

Why are happiness as short-lived as the sunset?

Why is life so unfair?

Why is fate so cruel?

Why is the adult world so full of ugliness?

Why?! Why? WHY??!!

Life stinks. It's not sweet anymore.

Written in a state of depression. Please take above contents with a pinch of salt. No offence intended.


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